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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone tried the recently-opened Fresh Baguette in Bethesda? The pictures on their Facebook page look great, for whatever that's worth.
  2. Anyone else had the pleasure of trying a Maison Kayser in NY or elsewhere? These places are going to kick ass. The baguettes are considered the best in NYC, and pastries -- financiers, eclairs, tarts etc -- are killer. http://maison-kayser-usa.com/
  3. This place has been open for about a year, across Annandale Road from Anthony's. I stopped in for the first time yesterday for a quick lunch. The website shows it is a chain/franchise, and the Falls Church location is the only one in Virginia. The menu is divided into two sections, European sandwiches and Asian sandwiches. Plus they have a selection of house brand coffee beans, macarons ($1.99 each), a variety of pastries, and a sign that says they make fresh baguettes every hour. The outside signage says open 24-7-365, but signs were posted inside that they're going to a 7 am. - midnight time schedule now. It was a little later than standard lunchtime, but I was the only Caucasian person in the place. A couple of Hispanic blue collar guys picked up orders, and the rest of the clientele was Asian. You order at the counter and there's plenty of seating. The menu was a little confusing, but the gentleman working the counter was very helpful, asking first if I wanted European or Asian, and then if I wanted a hot or cold sandwich. I said hot, and he listed the numbers of the hot sandwiches (the menu board showed the various meats/ingredients per sandwich) to help me narrow it down. I went Asian with a basic pork banh mi and some iced tea. The sandwich came out very quickly, and I thought it was good. The baguette was nicely crusty on the outside and not too spongy on the interior. The ingredients were bright and looked & tasted very fresh. The marinade on the pork was a little sweeter and more forward than at DC 50, and they used a moderate amount of mayo instead of a big glop, which I prefer. The iced tea was made with green tea. For $7.20 all in, a tasty lunch and fairly priced. I think I would give it a slight edge over DC 50 Sandwich on this particular day, mostly due to the very good bread.
  4. My wife and I will be in Adams Morgan for the first two weeks of April (course for her job). We're hoping to get suggestions on local spots. Some notes which I hope help give useful advice. We'd prefer only one or two fancier meals...more hole in the wall, ethnic gems preferred. We're in our early 30s and have no eating restrictions. We're coming from Chicago (so we have great Mexican, Central Asian and Thai where we live currently). Willing to travel anywhere that public transportation goes within 50 minutes. Willing to travel for great croissants and baguettes. Thanks in advance!
  5. FINALLY! I was in Arrowine just now buying some cheese. The A-Team was working, with the entire store buzzing due to an expiring Groupon. At the register, I noticed some baguettes in a paper wrapper that looked unfamiliar to me - I grabbed one. A few moments later, while Perry (our own Beerboy_999) was ringing me up, he turned to a young woman putting baguettes into the baskets, and said, "Do you two know each other?" We both politely shook our heads, no. "Well, you should," he said. He introduced me to Carolina Garcia, owner of LeoNora Bakery which I didn't even know existed until about 45 minutes ago. We talked for a few seconds - "I'm not quite sure if this is a baguette or a ficelle," I said. Her friendly smile belied an underlying confidence that cannot be faked. "Yeah, they're a little smaller than what they had before," she replied. Afterwards, I went and picked up my Muffuletta from The Italian Store, then drove home, threw the bags on the counter, and took out the baguette. I broke it at about the one-third point, and immediately put it to my nose. My instant impression was, Saltine cracker. I put it down, then took one more whiff, and got the unmistakable scent of long-rising dough. I didn't need to taste it; visually and texturally, I could see that this bread was what I've been searching for. Here it was: finally, a good, locally produced baguette. The consistency of the bread was outstanding but not flawless - the crust was perfect; the mie could have used about 10% (but no more than 10%) less doughiness - today is a rainy day with 100% humidity, and I'm pretty sure that matters. Perfection or not, this baguette is all I need to know that LeoNora Bakery is a noteworthy artisan baker, right in the heart of Arlington. To state the obvious: get them now, before they become too popular, because the quality isn't going to get any better than this. Cheers, Rocks
  6. A lot of bakers make good bread that I like. The sourdough and the rye from Atwater, the Pugliese from Quail Creek, even the some of the corporate artisanal stuff from Pain Quotidian. But I am increasingly convinced that there hasn't been a decent baguette in this town since before the Bread Line got sold. The other day I broke down and bought a baguette from Marvelous Market and it seemed as good as anything around. It's all edible. It's none of it memorable. You know what I need: a rich brown crust that audibly crackles as you tear through it, enveloping a creamy, bubbly mie that taste of yeast and heaven and the finest flour. And, speaking of heaven, coming back from the morning errands to a crispy little ficelle smeared with sweet butter and enclosing sliced of hard salami or saucisson sec, washed back with a rustic red wine is pretty close, as well. I don't think they exist at all any more. Any suggestions? (Anyone suggesting Bonapart Bakery will be shot, by the way). --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Fresh Baguette (Rhone1998)]
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