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Found 13 results

  1. Thanks Don for letting me start this topic. I've never seen myself as a baker, but in the past oh, two years or so, I have been baking everything from biscotti to bread. I know that I've learned so much from the DR community with regards to cooking, so this forum is sure to provide insight for me and others. This weekend, I make Almost No Knead Bread from Cook's Illustrated (subscription needed, but you can find the recipe via Google). Friday evening, I spent a whole 5 minutes making the dough. It sat covered on the counter overnight. Saturday morning, before I headed out to the markets, I kneaded it 10-15 times and allowed it to rise a second time. When I got back home, I blasted my oven to 500 degrees, along with my Lodge dutch oven. The bread was lifted into the dutch oven via parchment paper, and then covered. Once in the oven (now at 425 degrees), it baked for 30 minutes with the lid on, and then another 20 minutes with the lid off, until the inside reached 210 degrees. The bread is pretty amazing, considering how little you do to it. A bit of beer gives it nice flavor, and the crust is the best part, I think. So there you go, I'm a bread baker! Who knew?
  2. How is the Trader Joe's pizza dough? I have been thinking about buying some but I am always hesistant b/c I am not sure how long it is sitting in the cooler. I usually buy my dough from Vace.
  3. A lot of folks around here go out to HH on a whim, I tend to bake on a whim... I recently tried out the Apricot Walnut Bars from the April issue of Gourmet. Quick and easy, just make sure to bake them long enough. I underbaked mine a bit (I wanted to sit down to dinner) and they suffered for it. Yesterday, I made of a batch of Pate a Choux from an interesting recipe I ran across few months ago. The recipe includes a bit of sweetened, condensed milk and makes the tastiest puffs I've ever eaten. Not sure if the difference is noticable once they are filled, but they are quite irresistible straight from the oven. To stuff the puffs, I made two batches of coconut filling. One batch was made as written from the recipe JoeH posted in the "Coconut Cake" thread and the other batch made using unsweetened, dried coconut instead of fresh coconut. As much as I wish it did not make a difference (cleaning fresh coconut is a pain), the filling made with fresh coconut was considerably superior to the one with the dried coconut. And I am still on a quest for the perfect yellow cake. I had been following a thread on eG where they were looking for one, but it has fizzled out and I am not satisfied with any of the recipes posted. However, I have two new recipes to test and plan to make at least one of them this afternoon. What are you all baking these days? --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Grilled Peaches (xochitl10) Páte Brisée (ktmoomau)]
  4. Does anyone here remember ShoeBox Oven and her pães de queijo? Well, I had some tapioca flour on hand and decided to try baking some. Ends up they are very easy to make, lend themselves to many variations, and the dough, portioned out, freezes and bakes beautifully. They taste best when about 5 minutes out of the oven. I think my freezer will never again be without them.
  5. Is anyone else watching this? They did a season opening double show last night. It's charming, and I love the technical section of it. I can't understand about a third of what's said by the various bakers due to accents, but love it nonetheless. I'm less of a baker than a cook, myself, and enjoy watching the trials and triumphs of the contestants.
  6. Pita bread (you'll never want to buy grocery store pita again)
  7. Here are two photos from a Pain de Campagne that a friend baked for me this morning at 8AM. I'm not a baking expert by any means, but I think that, for an amateur baker, this is a remarkable loaf - it's made with sourdough starter that's two-years old, and has a wonderful crackle on the crust, without much of any transition into a very moist mie, with the moisture very evenly distributed throughout the entire slice (which was cut directly from the middle of the loaf). It's a pungent sourdough, with a strong flavor that's complemented by the slight char. The inside is slightly darker in color than I was expecting, but not much. Do we have any baking experts out there? If so, can you tell anything pertinent from the pictures? My only comment (and it's an observation, not a criticism) is that this is a surprisingly moist loaf, but it's not unctuous; it's almost "wet," although not to a fault by any means - bites without crust are almost reminiscent of wheat-based injera to some extent. I really like this bread, and I think a little salted butter or blackberry preserves will make it better still. Comments welcome (and no, I did not bake this bread - I wish).
  8. Acme Pie Company Pies. OMG!!! YUM. Acme Pie Company Website and article about Acme and the chef in ArlNow This is the 2nd time I've had a slice of an Acme Pie that are now available at the Java Shack. It left me in tears of delight...and especially today on a cold, damp and dreary day. How perfect with the Autumn brew coffee today at Java Shack. Today I had the apple cranberry. Perfection. Scrumptious crust of perfect proportions and thickness against the firm slightly tart and sweet apple cranberry mixture. Dang I could have scarfed down an entire pie today. These are terrific. Acme is distributing their pies in a number of outlets and their website and the article describes how to get a hold of them.
  9. This is ... incredible. You just have to hope you don't get one shaped like a hand.
  10. anyone out there bake bread? if so, what types? where do you get your recipes? any secrets? i have been baking this weekend; and have been making a rustic boule, mostly white flour, but some whole wheat flour. my secret is the la cloche i bought at william-sonoma. it works. really. beautiful crust.
  11. Having an discussion and would love to hear educated guesses by this educated group viz the following questions: 1) What percent of people who "cook" seriously, "bake" seriously? Some people are definitely big bakers, and you rarely see them spending hours reducing a stock, spatchcocking a chicken or smoking home-cured bacon. Others -- like me -- spend a lot of time on the range top but - while they can bake competently in a pinch -- just don't see it a a primary focus. I suppose there is a third group that is culinary ambidextrous. Given a free Saturday afternoon, they're equally likely to embark on a bouf Bourguignon or a batch of brioche. Just for funsies, what do thing the distribution of fairly serious home cook (defined these days by someone who cooks their own food for a pot-luck or bake sale rather than going to Trader Joe's)? 2) Among bakers, what would you guess gender ratio is? More men, more women, or roughly equal numbers? Thanks.
  12. "La Meilleure Boulangerie de France" segue - hilarious. Shows from "La Meilleure Boulangerie de France" on channel M6.
  13. There is a new gluten free vendor at the Middletown Farmer's Market (off of Rt 40A, between Frederick and Boonsboro). Casey Sisters Sweets https://www.facebook.com/CaseySistersSweets makes only gluten free breads, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc. The selection changes each week and they are available for custom work. The market's hours are Thursdays, from 3 to 6 pm. http://www.local-farmers-markets.com/market/2262/middletown/middletown-farmers-market Disclosure: I know one of the Casey sisters through L'Academie de Cuisine. She is completing her externship at Tabard and training under Pastry Chef Huw Griffiths. I have personally tried and enjoyed her gluten free pastries. They taste remarkably close to conventional wheat products.
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