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Found 13 results

  1. I thought I'd throw this out there after reviewing some year end activity. This past year the Professional Bartending School provided bartenders for over 130 parties, events, weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, etc. We don't aggressively advertise or market this service. The school doesn't charge for the service. We will connect you with our graduates and you pay them direct. We are currently in contact with over 1,000 graduates ranging from people with over 10 years experience to new grads. We have suggested hourly rates. Many of our grads already work for caterers, so you get the same personnel who might cater your event without the overhead charges. Hosts have hired our grads for bartending, serving, barbacking etc. We have staffed events with one to 12 bartenders in the past year. This year we additionally staffed up many caterers for the holiday season, with some having started their hiring as early as last summer. In past years we often last minute or over a rush two weeks would staff holiday parties and busy December weekends full of parties with up to 100 grads per weekend. While party season is dying down with New Years this is a year round opportunity as we always have available graduates for any events. You can contact us at http://bartending-school.com or see pictures of grads at our facebook page http://facebook.com/ProfessionalBartendingSchoolDC, Phone number is 703 841 9700 and the contact email for our placement director is PBSPlacement@gmail.com
  2. After posting a note in the Help Needed Section: http://www.donrockwell.com/index.php?showtopic=18472entry212478 about our ability to staff catered events, Don suggested I post here about the Professional Bartending School. He added that many drive by our location (w/ its large signs) on Wilson Boulevard and don't know who or what we are!! LOL..(so much for "brand recognition") So here is a little about the Professional Bartending School http://bartending-school.com : 1. We are a hands-on 40 hour, state approved bartending program. The business has been around since 1968. 2. Our group has owned/operated it since the mid 1980's. 3. Relative to about 100-150 bartending schools around the country we are pretty old, pretty consistent and pretty large....not to mention impeccably clean and respected within a sort of snarky "industry". 4. Our program consists of 10 classes in which we teach many drink recipes, opening to closing and customer service functions for bartenders, deep instruction on alcohols, mixes etc, an additional program on "alcohol management" (how to deal with drunks, potential drunks, how to identify fake ID's, etc), and give job placement assistance. We have extensive hands-on practice, which is used to get people efficient and knowledgeable as bartenders. 5. Everything is hands-on with a fully functioning built out bar, all equipment, double speed racks, two large professional ice machines, etc. The one thing that is fake is the alcohol. We use water and colored water to simulate the colors of alcohols. (works well). In 40 hours the students literally make/practice thousands of drinks. 6. We teach efficiency, and practical ways to develop bartenders and try and teach from an owners perspective. 7. We are not a training ground for advanced mixology nor craft bartending. Some of our grads are some of the craft bartenders in this and other regions. They arrive at this status through subsequent personal development and additional learning. (More power to them) 8. We have Very extensive Job Placement Assistance on behalf of graduates. In the last couple of years we've been able to confirm our grads landing about 1200 bartending jobs/year. Nothing else comes close to that in the DC region--not remotely close. 9. We reach out to up to several thousand bartending employers (everything from the ugliest crudest bar/club you wouldn't want to send your worst enemy to --to the regions finest fine dining. We have had some of the region's most revered restaurants hire from us over the years. Our placement services are free to the food and beverage industry. 10. Currently I believe we reach out to around 1,000 or so grads, recent and past who stay in active touch with employment opportunities. We could probably reach out to a couple of thousand more if need be. 11. We are able to reach out to grads with extensive experience if required and can work with F & B employers in many different ways to satisfy staffing needs. 12. Of note: if anyone has ever read anything about bartending schools and the commentary they get (often from people who claim to be bar managers) our school has gotten thousands of people jobs and we specifically have responded to and targeted certain niches in the big industry. Now here is why I responded to the Help Wanted request referenced above for catering suggestions. We provide up to thousands of graduates to caterers. They staff many of the caterers, both well known and little known throughout the region. (By example, Ridgewells, which still hires many of our grads, used to visit on site to recruit.) We direct provide bartenders for parties, catered events, weddings, special events, corporate events, birthdays, bar mitzvah's, funerals, charity events, you name it. The school does not charge for this service, nor do we tack on overhead charges. Since many of our grads already work for these caterers, you can get people at "probably" below catering charges, who might have been staffing your event anyway....Its a good deal. All costs and pay go directly to the bartenders/staff who work your event. We arrange for these people to work the events but do not get involved in contractural agreements concerning the staffing. 13. We do have staff and graduates who are "experts". My expertise probably falls on the "quantity side" 14. Oh yeah....we earn our living by providing that 40 hour program. New classes start every week. Our phone number is 703 841 9700. Our job placement line is 703 841 9757. Placement email is pbsplacement@gmail.com Main contact email is info@bartending-school.com Cheers: Everyone.
  3. I want to start this thread in order for experienced diners to offer up helpful ideas for bartenders. Speaking for myself, and I believe speaking for others, the diners on this website (and I remind people that our members are 25-30% industry insiders) have a deep-seated respect for bartenders, and can use this thread to communicate helpful hints to make tricky situations easier. What I don't want this thread to be is a finger-wagging "shame list," full of "Thou shalt not" commands designed to be passive-aggressive venting. The overwhelming majority of diners here have a genuine compassion for our bartending brothers and sisters, and can use this to suggest things to create win-win situations for all involved. Most of these types of lists in other publications are of the form, "10 Secrets Your Bartender Doesn't Tell You," and are designed not only to be click-bait, but also to make the diners feel like shit about themselves. I want none of that here, although I would love to start a reverse thread titled, "Advice to Diners from Bartenders," with the same spirit of mutual respect as its goal. I could probably think of fifty things to rattle off, but I'd rather do them one at a time, so that they can be discussed and absorbed - maybe some of them aren't even valid points, I don't know; but hopefully, with an attitude of mutual respect and admiration, we'll be able to accomplish quite a lot here. I'd like to start out with one thing that's small, and relatively unimportant, as an example of a single issue that most people might have differing opinions about. The issue is, "When Happy Hour ends at 6, and it's 5:50." All the diners are possibly holding a separate menu, and people undoubtedly try to put in a big order at 5:58. I can see where this could be annoying from a bartender's point-of-view (especially when it's 6:05). A couple of thoughts from my perspective: * In general, people don't like being lied to, but this is one particular instance where it might be best for the menus to announce the end of Happy Hour 15 minutes before the restaurant actually wants it to end, i.e., the "real" ending time would be 6:15 PM. This will make customers feel like their bartender is doing them a favor by "sneaking in" one last order, and might even result in a bigger tip. Diners really appreciate gestures such as this - just have your staff sworn to secrecy! * Clear and concise communication is always best, and I personally like it when a bartender traverses the bar, collecting up all the Happy Hour menus at 5:55 (or whenever), and clearly asking, "Are there any more Happy Hour orders?" While this may err on the aggressive side, it's for the best, as it leaves customers no wiggle room, and clearly establishes that Happy Hour is now over, while giving diners one, last chance to order three beers for "those friends who are about to arrive." (Yeah, right!) * If the bartender is swamped at 5:53, make sure to give everyone one, last chance to get a drink order in, even if it means going over. It always amazes me how bars clear out when Happy Hour ends, so I guess people in general can be pretty cheap. I like to arrive about 15 minutes before Happy Hour ends, so I can save a couple bucks on my first drink (which I tend to enjoy by itself), but then I have the luxury of an empty bar afterwards. Note to diners: While I don't think it's required to tip on the full price, I do think it's important to remember that this is these people's livelihood, and adding something extra may mean more to them than it would mean to you - but again, this would be generous on your part (then again, the world would be a better place if more people were generous). If you're wealthy, keep in mind that they probably aren't, and they've been working to please you. * If it's possible, have your cash registers set up so that it's physically impossible to enter a Happy Hour item after the witching hour. This gives the bartender an "out" without looking like a creep. Also, if possible, set up the registers to allow an override for emergency situations - but when that happens, make it look like a big deal by calling the manager over to unlock the register, etc. Make sure the diner knows you've broken the rules in this one, particular situation. I can't think of anything else about this particular issue - if any bartenders have any "dos or don'ts" for diners, that would be an excellent chance to quote this post, and put the response in a new, "bartenders-to-diners" thread. If you don't know how, just say so, and I'll do it for you - it's simple when you know how (then again, so is brain surgery). Cheers, Rocks
  4. I just got back from a short vacation in Berlin. While there, I discovered (again) that one of my premier pleasures in life is sitting at a bar, whiling the time away while chatting with bartenders/bar managers who (1) are friendly and charming and interesting and fun, (2) have the time and inclination to chat back, when not busy,* and (3) know their **** inside and out, serve (or recommend) consistently delicious drinks, and -- as a bonus -- are unabashed cocktail/wine/sherry/what-have-you geeks. The kind of place where the people who work there are enthusiastic about what they do and enjoy discussing their craft -- and, here and there, parceling out complimentary tastes of cool things -- or various other topics with semi-random customers who take an interest. There are places with people like this in D.C.: Bill and the entire bar staff at Tail Up Goat; Sean and Nate in particular at Room 11; Chantal at the Reading Room when she's not slammed; a few people at Lapis, Barcelona, Bar Pilar (although I've also had strikingly bad service here recently), and Ripple whose names now escape me; and of course Gina, Adam, Owen, and a couple of others back in the day when they were regularly behind the stick at a place I frequented. But I'm sure I'm forgetting, overlooking, or not aware of some places that fit these criteria, so: who are the cocktailiers/bar managers/bartenders in D.C. who are most likely to enhance your bargoing experience by their combination of skills and personality? I'm especially interested in places that (1) are in D.C. proper and not too far from public transit, since I'm thoroughly carless; or (2) I could plausibly walk into on a random night and sit down at the bar with minimal wait or advance planning (so not places like The Columbia Room, Dram & Grain, or Rose's, or The Red Hen). Thanks. *The proviso of "when not busy" is especially salient in this city, since my sense is that the really good bars (and really good bartenders) get jam-packed here even on an average weeknight more often than certain other cities with a denser, more variegated craft bar culture,** and I'm certainly not going to be that guy who tries to make small talk when someone's got six orders to fill. **(I probably spent about 9 hours of my 2.5 days in Berlin just hanging out at the bar of Pauly Saal chatting with the barstaff -- all three of whom were absolutely awesome, and absurdly credentialed -- on a Friday and Saturday night, and the room was never more than a third full, and for much of that time I was the only person at the bar itself. Also great Berlin bar experiences in this vein: Rutz Weinbar and Twinpigs.)
  5. Blueridge Restaurant Group is thrilled to announce the opening of the Stanford Grill at 2000 Tower Oaks Blvd. in Rockville/Potomac, Maryland this September. We are accepting the following positions: Servers Bartenders Line Cook Pantry Chef Sushi Roller Prep Cooks We are accepting applications in person at the Stanford Grill located at 2000 Tower Oaks Blvd. 20852, Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturday 9:00 to 2:00pm. we are also accepting applications at our sister restaurant Copper Canyon Grill at 100 Boardwalk Place Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Monday through Friday 2:00 to 4:00 PM. We will also be hosting Open Houses with immediate interviews and start dates. On August 11 through August 12th we will be hosting an open house at the Copper Canyon Grill 100 Boardwalk Place, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 between 2:30 and 4:30 PM. On August 18, 2015 through August 20, 2015 we will be hosting an open house at The Hilton in Rockville, MD 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 between the hours of 2:30 and 4:30 PM. The ideal candidates should possess the following: Attitude- Optimistic, enthusiastic and service oriented Intelligent - You should be able to think quickly and comprehensively learn our menu Adaptability and availability- You should be able to thrive in a fast-paced, team oriented environment. We offer a variety of shifts however flexibly is the key * Restaurant experience is a plus but certain positions are open to candidates of all backgrounds. **Note: We will also be accepting applications for our other locations, Gaithersburg, Downtown Silver Spring, Glenarden and Columbia, MD.
  6. Bastille is currently accepting applications for the following positions for our new location. We will be moving into our new home at The Asher building at 606 N Fayette St in January and we are seeking qualified, out going candidates to fill these important roles. We will be located 2 blocks from the Braddock metro line which services both the Yellow and Blue lines. SERVERS: Candidates must have at least 1 year previous full service restaurant experience to be considered, wine knowledge - Open availability is preferred. Summary of position: Provide the guest with a wonderful dining experience and exceptional service, while maintaining the standards of Bastille's management. BARTENDERS: Candidates must have a minimum of 2 years bartending experience in a full service restaurant to be considered - Open availability is preferred Summary of position: Provide the guest with a wonderful dining experience and exceptional service, while maintaining the cleanliness and professional appearance of the bar and providing guests with beverages from our wine, beer and craft cocktail programs, while maintaining the standards of Bastille's management.. BUSSER/FOOD RUNNER/BARBACK: Please be able to meet the following criteria: -Have flexible schedule and be able to work days, nights and weekend's -Must have previous full service restaurant experience in these positions -Be professional, efficient and outgoing -Must be able to communicate to guests and co-workers Interested parties should email employment.bastille2.0@gmail.com.
  7. To all those employers: The Professional Bartending School is an excellent source for employers. Our employment services are free to employers. I just noticed that Ridgewells/Purple Tie hired at least 15 graduates for the Holiday Season, plus additional events. We did a blast for them in mid August. I think they are pretty well staffed up now for the holidays. Our placement services do not charge for accessing our grads. We don't "do contracts" We do have a current data base of about 1300 graduates who are looking for employment, from parties and special events to part-time and full-time employment. We are expanding that. Employers of all sorts throughout the DC metro region (and beyond) use our services ranging from looking for part-time to full time bartenders. The grads range from new to some with over a decade of experience. They received a 40 hour hands on program, TAM alcohol management training, and customer service training. We don't claim they are the best bartenders in the world. We know that. But they are great for training. We are fulfilling a request now for an "artisan" bartender/manager who will uptrain a grad or two. Best way to contact us is through our job placement services: email at: pbsplacement@gmail.com or call for our job placement manager, Fatima at 703-841-9757. We also direct staff special events, catering, parties, etc. We can screen graduates for you. We can blast out emails to a large volume of grads. We will shortly be able to screen by geography. We are expanding the contact list as our total graduate list is well over 10,000 in the last decade, although we have no idea how many are currently or would be willing to bartend. Any questions or comments? I'll be happy to respond. Dave
  8. looking for... host staff sous chef waits bartenders PM me here or email to eat@dinoinshaw.com
  9. The Wine Kitchen is expanding into Purcellville, Virginia and we are looking for a few more key staff members to join our team. Currently we are in Leesburg, Virginia (since 2008), Frederick, Maryland, (since 2011) and opening this July in Purcellville, Va. in a phenomenal restored farm house with fantastic views from the second story. Assistant G.M. - 5 years minimum restaurant experience and a strong desire to work with local farms and help create menus, wine lists and a friendly staff. Experience with Micros, sustainability, wine knowledge and a penchant for success is what we're looking for. Exec. Sous Chef - 5 years minimum cooking experience in a full service restaurant and the ability to lead in the Chef's absence. You will be given great responsibility and a huge amount of growth potential so be hungry, vigilant and ready to make a lot of our guests smile. Line Cooks, Servers, Bartenders, host(esse)s please also apply. Emails to thewkleesburg@thewinekitchen.com will all be answered and interviews will be done as soon as you are ready to meet. Please include a current resume or current job history and check us out at www.thewinekitchen.com or on facebook. thank you, Michael
  10. I was pretty stunned by this. Its occurring right now. We were contacted by a pretty large, significant, name bar/restaurant for bartending staffing. In this example we are filtering leads and resumes for the establishment and will pass on leads to the operators/managers/ownership. We can perform more tasks or less tasks with regard to supplying candidates. We can filter for people with a lot of experience or less, contingent on your needs. In any event we reached out to both old/experienced grads and newer grads via direct email to our large base of graduates. Six minutes after the email went out we had 13 resumes for the 2 or 3 positions. That is a lot and that is fast. I scanned the contacts. Can't vouch for most of them but I know one is a very competent, efficient, effective, and friendly bartender and has done very well over the last few years. Really a stunning response. and for those professionals out there...we provide these placement services free to the employer. you can check my sig on the professional bartending school, contact me direct through, DR, or contact our placement manager, Fatima at pbsplacement@gmail.com (oh my...as I was leaving I saw that we had 47 grad responses to the opportunity). stunned me. that is a lot of responses.)
  11. NEWTON'S TABLE, one of the most celebrated new restaurants in the DC area (Washingtonian Top 100, Bethesda "Entree of the Year, " Urbanspoon "Top 250 Hottest Restaurants in the Country"), is hiring IMMEDIATELY for Servers and Bartenders/Mixologists. BEFORE READING ANY FURTHER: FOR SERVER POSITIONS, YOU MUST POSSESS MINIMUM TWO YEARS FINE DINING EXPERIENCE for all positions. Do not waste our time or yours if you do not have this. To be clear, fast-food, grocery stores, snack bars, coffee shops and fast-casual and mid-casual are NOT THE SAME THING as fine dining. We ONLY want the best of the best. We also have a complete expectation and demand of personal accountability, pride in your work, and a very strong performance ethic. Do not respond if you are simply looking for a "job." We have set a standard here of something completely different, and will not lower those standards. We want people who are going to invest in us for the long-haul, and we shall do the same. In a culture of bare minimums becoming acceptable, we seek excellence and pride in performance. REQUIREMENTS: --All must be polished, engaging, personable, and possess excellent English skills; strong tableside manner, passion about hospitality, solid and ever-growing food and wine knowledge and a focus on teamwork are a must. --Servers/Bartenders: Strong food and wine knowledge, command of briliant tableside service, and wildly passionate about your craft. Multitasking and a deep-seted pride in hospitality are essential. Must be hard-working, self-reliant, and a team player. Know that this is an environment where everyone does everything, and teamwork is critical to what we do. Be prepared to work in an environment of endless possibility and immediate reward/accountability. For bartenders, must have extremely strong cocktail knowledge, organizational and multi-tasking skills, and a terrific, engaging personality. Experience in managing a beverage program a plus. Full flexibility of schedules and a long-term investment with us expected and required for all positions. Give strong consideration before replying if you are the right person, as we are only considering the cream of the crop. Interviews and guest stages will be scheduled immediately. We seek someone looking to make a long-term investment with us, as there is the potential for advancement as our company grows. Please respond with a resume, no phone-calls or walk-ins, please. Interviews, stage sessions, and hiring will be immediate.
  12. We are seeking friendly, service-oriented team members with the love for Food and Wine for the opening of our French Bistro in the heart of McLean Virginia. Accepting applications for the following positions: * Line Cook * Garde Manger * Server * Bartender * Hostess A positive and adaptable attitude is required. You will be trained by our standards - leave bad habits behind. We produce great talent, if passion lies with you. We offer competitive wages and great opportunity for advancement within our restaurant group. Resumes are accepted by fax (703.356 1701) or by replying to this ad.
  13. The Black Rooster Pub (1919 l st. NW) is looking for energetic floor staff. We have been a family owned and operated bar for several years with a laid back attitude, and great customers. Several full time shifts available starting in a few weeks. Past restaurant experience is not required, but suggested. Please contact us at Blackroosterpubdc@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
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