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Found 10 results

  1. Former Hill Country pitmaster opened up his own place in Bloomingdale. Overall, I think it's very welcome addition to DC's mostly weak bbq scene. Hill Country style prices - not a $20 slab kind of place. But the meat delivered on my first visit. The brisket was delicious (requested the fattier side) and the pork ribs were very good. The meat stood on its own, all the better since the sauces (served on the side) were underwhelming. Baked beans were so so. Hush puppies were really good. Be prepared to wait while they get the operation humming. I went shortly after opening when it was empty and it took almost ten minutes to get my food. And I've heard they get really backed up during peak hours. It's primarily carryout but they have four stools for eating there. All in all, good bbq and worthy of a return visit. "Chopped Brisket and Pork Ribs at DCity Smokehouse, Now Open in Bloomingdale" (with menu) by Jessica Sidman on washingtoncitypaper.com
  2. After a soft opening on Sunday afternoon for friends and neighbors The Red Hen officially opened last night. Menu is not on the website yet, but Washingtonian has a scan. We were hoping to walk down right around 5:00, but never made it out the door; it was apparently packed (as expected given the neighborhood excitement for this place). Early Comments I've read so far are very good on the food, so-so on the value (although no cocktail is over $10, so hooray?). Portions size comes up most, but there are lots of small plates. We're very much excited to try it out. Has anyone been yet?
  3. Spark is a restaurant located on the border of NE and NW DC. I don't know what neighborhood it's in, but it's in a gentrifying neighborhood. You have to hunt for street parking, which was plentiful at least in the morning, before the restaurant opened at 11 a.m. I ordered some jerk brisket ($17) and some smoked bone marrow ($16). I'm not sure how the brisket was "jerked," but it was moist and well seasoned (but definitely not spicy-hot). It's a change of pace from Texas BBQ brisket (but not a superior product to Hill Country/Texas Jack). I don't know why I keep ordering bone marrow. I've never been a fan of bone marrow, and I don't need the fat (it is 84% fat). In this case, an order consists of 3 halves of bones and 3 pieces of grilled bread. Something to cut through the fat probably would've helped. I should've ordered some fried bread instead. And I wish they have salt fish.
  4. Rustik has been open for a little while now, but we just made it over for the first time on Friday evening. After a little jaunt at the Shaw Dog Park, we took the pup to the patio at Rustik. The patio has about equal the amount of seating as indoors, but on such a nice evening we did have to wait a bit. Service was slow and in attentive, although to be fair, other tables looked like they were getting better service, so it may just have been our waiter that was not quite with it (had to ask for our orders twice, rarely came by the table, app came out same time as entrees, no pen brought with the bill, etc). We "started" with the cheese and charcuterie plate (miti blue, drunken goat and soprasetta - $10), which came with a small bowl of honey, a few olives and a dab of mustard along with 4 small pita points. We could've used a bit more bread because the cheese and meat were generous services, but we made due. Since our pizzas came out at the same time as the cheese, they weren't piping hot when we got to them, but were still tasty. The crust is pretty thin and crispy, and I generally prefer a bit more to it, but it is from a wood-fired oven I believe and has some fresh (if sparse) ingredients on top. I had the Christina ($12 - pears, goat cheese, prosciutto, rosemary) and the +1 had a Vegetable Special ($12) that was topped with all manner of things including potatoes, beets, carrots, green onions, etc. His was better than mine. Mine definitely needed more of all the listed ingredients. It just didn't have enough of any to really come together. The menu is about 6-7 pizzas and a couple of alternative sandwich and salad options. They also have movie nights on Mondays where they show classic choices (Princess Bride and Wedding Crashers have been two recent ones) inside by their bar. I didn't get a drink but I think they have a decent craft beer selection. As with some other area restaurants, I'd recommend it if you're in the area, but I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way. I do like the dog and patio option though!
  5. I'm a little surprised there isn't a thread on this place yet as we have a few members who live in the neighborhood. Pretty much everyone I have talked to about this place really likes it, but unfortunately I am not seeing eye to eye with them. The first time I went I picked up the Create Your Own Calzone with tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, and fresh mozzarellla. I don't know if it's the conveyor-belt-style oven or the overuse of pizza flour but the texture and surface of this was all wrong for me. It was cooked but had very little crunch outside of the very end of each side. The abundance of pizza flour also gave it kind of a "sandy" crunch with each bit that was not at all to my taste. Nothing so bad that I wouldn't eat it again but definitely not worth the calories for me. I talked to a couple neighbors about this and they were surprised and told me to give the regular pizza a chance a week back. I ordered a small Eckington with added prosiciutto (the more pork the better when it comes to average pizza IMO). What I got was a $15, somewhat small pizza that had the same issues noted above. Again, I don't know enough about pizzamaking to specifically identify how they could fix these problems, but at this price point they have to. It's not good enough to be $13 for a pretty small pizza with what I feel are middle of the road ingredients. http://www.baciopizzeria.com/
  6. DC City Smokehouse folks are opening Wicked Bloom Social Club nearby at 1540 North Capitol St, NW, DC, on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. Washington City Paper also says:
  7. Wow, no thread yet? You guys are slacking...... To go along with the fantastic coffee shop down the street (where I spend a decent amount of time on my weekend days), Bloomingdale now also has a really good neighborhood bar where I can spend a good amount of my weekend nights. No offense to Rustik, who deserves respect for being the first to step out and open a bar in a gentrifying neighborhood during difficult economic times, but they have always missed the mark during my visits (overambitious food and stale draft beers). Enter Boundary Stone, a small but comfortable competitor not 100 yards away whose strengths are well executed, simple food and a small but carefully selected list of draft beers. The fare is typical pub grub in the nicest possible way; not fancy or contrived but familiar and well seasoned. If you're looking for something a little elevated from burgers and wings, they have proper entrees which revolve from week to week depending on what they get from their suppliers. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the Carrot Fennel Soup and Braised Pork Shank were a few weeks back. They were much better than they needed to be, if that makes sense. I don't know that this place is a destination spot like Big Bear for residents of DC, but it appears that it has become that given how crowded it has been every time I have been there. Selfishly, I want to keep this place to myself and the other residents of Bloomingdale, but I think it's great that it has gotten some positive press and has done a good deal of business in it's opening couple months. Another very positive step in the right direction for neighborhood.
  8. Kochix is a tiny little, mainly takeaway (there are two bar stools and a counter) Korean fried chicken joint in that opened up about a month ago in the space that used to be Arthur Treacher's. As far as I know this is the only Korean fried chicken in DC proper (Is that right?). On our first visit tonight we got a medium combo order (7 wings and 4 drums), half spicy and half sweet soy, and a bulgogi. In texture, the chicken is closer to American style wings than what I've come to know as KFC through Bon Chon (comparisons to Bon Chon are going to be inevitable with this place, and that's not going to work in their favor) -- the skin gives way with a slight crunch, but nothing like the crispy "shell" Bon Chon provides. The glazes feel like they were applied outside rather than integrated into the batter, if that makes any sense. Both flavors are sweeter than the Bon Chon equivalents, and the spicy is not as spicy. These are not bad chicken wings on their own merits, but again, it's just very hard not to make the BC comparison. Bulgogi was downtown steamtable variety lunch spot quality (is there a name for those places? the sort that have 50 different lunch options, from southern bbq and collard greens, to sushi and bulgogi?)
  9. I really like the espresso at Big Bear Cafe, although I mostly drink it as a machiato. It is Counter Culture Coffee, same roaster as Murky's. First and R Street NW. My favorite coffeehouse in DC. Simple, friendly place -- dark wood interior, LOOOONG espresso bar, huge windows, good sandwiches.
  10. Aroi Thai Sushi Bar Coming To Bloomingdale by Prince of Petworth. They lost me at "Thai Sushi". I am hopeful, however, we need another good place to eat around here other than Boundary Stone.
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