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Found 15 results

  1. There is a little place right by the Penzoil and Mr. Wash in Arlandria/Del Ray called Silpancho's House. They have a small Bolivian menu- the menu on facebook has their daily specials, but then they also have some other dishes, including saltenas, pupusas, wings and cheesesteaks, chicken cheese steaks, and about 5 other entrees- that I just can't remember the names of, but there are pictures and etc here: https://www.facebook.com/silpanchoshouse/ We got a beef and a chicken Saltena. It was good, although the pastry seemed just a tad over baked. I would rate Pan American Bakery ab
  2. I got this for carryout today at Cinthia's Bakery II on Columbia Pike. The pleasant staff was drowned out by this overcooked leg of lamb, served with a couple quarters of baked yucca, and white rice. But, Cinthia's ... exists (mostly as a Latino wedding-cake bakery). I've had the baked goods in the case a couple of times before, and there are stronger places on Columbia Pike (it's a very low bar).
  3. Needing to kill an hour or three while getting my tires changed at Hillbrook Automotive {where Mr CHoi runs a fabulous old fashioned garage with great work at great prices}, I walked to ChiMc about a block away. However, while entering the parking lot I noticed La Cachambina in the corner and thought I'd go check the menu. It had a lot of dishes I was unfamiliar with and I decided to have lunch. Good call.I enjoyed a belly bomb of a lunch for less than the price of a plate of wings and legs at ChiMc. I had noticed the food truck parked on the service road in front but never put the rest
  4. Hi Rockwellians, I just got back from a trip to Peru and Bolivia and I am now in search of the delicious Bolivian treat- saltenas. Are there any places in the DC area that have them? More specifically in MD? They are like empanadas but with more sauce and even more delicious. Thanks all!
  5. A Bolivan bakery has opened up in my 'hood, replacing the sketchy Asian bakery next to the new Wild Chicken, and got a nice writeup in the WaPo here. The info: 3900 Pickett Rd. Fairfax, VA 22031 703-978-8021 Tues-Sat:10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sun: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Has anyone gone yet? Can't wait to try it out, especially the saltenas!
  6. (That would be either Tutto Bene or Pike Grill.) Tutto Bene. Thanks! It was the place that made me say "hey, I want to try more of these..." I've seen the sign for Pike Grill but never made it there. I will soon, though.
  7. I had dinner the other night at Victor's Grill on Lee Highway, an Argentine joint. My companion and I shared a parillada, enormous amounts of barbecued strip steak, pork chop, chicken, black sausage, and intestine, along with copious salad, rice and french fries. All accompanied by Argentine beer. I had the cebiche appetizer, which may have been the best thing of all. Or maybe the fruity/cream dessert. The service was very attentive, and nobody corrected my Portuguese-accented Spanish. It is not an elegant restaurant, but it is an honest place, and the meat, while not up to RTS standards, is t
  8. Twinsdaddy's post piqued my interest so I went on a doughnut mission. Milan Bakery & Miss Doughnut (7167 Lee Hwy, Falls Church) is in a small strip just down the road and on the other side of the street from Elevation Burger. Most of their yeast and cake doughnuts were standard varieties, but I did see a sign for pumpkin doughnuts in front of an empty tray. I also saw a sign for saltenas on the counter which sounded interesting, but that tray was also empty. There were other baked goods in a glass case. I bought (and tasted) five doughnuts: glazed, Bavarian cream, double chocolate, to
  9. Teo's Bakery (which served some pretty decent Bolivian snack food) has closed. I noticed the dreaded "brown paper" over the windows a few weeks ago. I often saw workers there, sitting in the parking lot and having their lunch - Teo's filled a need, and it's too bad it's gone (it was in the same tiny little strip shopping center as Sweet Rice).
  10. There's something about driving back from St. Mary's County with three teenagers that made me want a beer, so before I even made it home, my mind began rambling about this evening's methodology: head home, have a beer, then grab dinner, or head straight to a restaurant for a beer *and* dinner. As is so often the case, traffic on I-66 dictated my plans, and I began heading home. But I didn't. I sidewinded through back roads, thinking about Pizza Pike. But it turns out that "my" Pizza Pike - El Pike in Seven Corners - doesn't serve pizza; rather, they have, and have always had, the best salteña
  11. I don't see that Sibarita is mentioned in the forums anywhere, and as I had a really enjoyable meal there the other night I wanted to mention it. Apologies if my search-fu is simply lacking today and I'm duplicating. Sibarita is located on the south side of Washington Blvd just down from 10th/Pershing in Arlington. It's a relatively small venue; a little bar with some seating in the front, and a larger dining area in the back. We were a party of four that grew to six and had the entire back of the restaurant to ourselves, sadly, though it did appear that there were a couple of parties that
  12. Caveat - I have never been to this place, the only thing I have tried are the Saltenas and they were brought to a DC United tailgate a couple weeks ago by one of the employees (may have been the owner) But, I can say the Saltenas were one of the best things I've tried all year. I've never been to Olney...not sure I ever will...but I would go to have these saltenas again. Little smaller than a baseball, golden brown, insanely juicey (like dripping down your arm juicey), delicious. Anyone in the Olney area? You should go and report back. http://elantojitoinc.com/index.html 18068 Georgia A
  13. Llajtaymanta is the only other Bolivian restaurant that I've been to. Washingtonian had this: I had the duck at Llajtaymanta (IIRC, just salted and fried - no breading or other seasoning) and it was pretty good. Their empanada is a like a deflated football though (in size and not very good).
  14. The El Charrito Caminante thread reminded me -- I don't hear much about nearby Don Arturo's on Washington Blvd. How is it?
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