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Found 5 results

  1. "Ntozake Shange, Who Wrote "For Colored Girls," Is Dead at 70" by Laura Collins-Hughes on nytimes.com
  2. Looks like the sister restaurant to Pasta Plus, Mare e Monte, closed awhile ago. When I lived in Crofton (just over the Anne Arundel County line from Bowie) I used to go to TJ Elliott's, which is owned by the same people who own the original Ledo's in College Park (the Marcos family). They make pizza using the original Ledo's recipe. I don't think I ever had anything there other than pizza, but I used to enjoy it. The rest of the menu looked like standard Italian fare. I heard about a bakery in Bowie that was supposed to be excellent, The Cakery, but I never had an opportunity to try it. Other than those two places I can't think of anywhere else notable in Bowie. Elsewhere in PG County I used to go to the Italian Inn in Landover Hills (I'm not finding a good site to link to). Again, I mainly went for the pizza, also Ledo's-style, which I used to enjoy. Again, the rest of the menu looked like standard Italian fare. I'm from Rhode Island, and both TJ Elliott's and the Italian Inn reminded me of the mom and pop Italian joints that are legion there. ETA: I can't believe I never went to Jerry's during the 2 years I lived in Crofton! I live in Silver Spring now, so I can still go, but it used to be right down the street.
  3. Rip's is a good old-fashioned wayside inn, located on the east side of Rt. 301 south of the BaySox stadium. It is connected to a package store and has a small motel out back in case you feel like a quick lie-down after your meal (or get lucky at the bar). It's not going to win any culinary prizes, but they make very good meatloaf, Maryland crab soup, etc. They have classic sides like beets, stewed tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cole slaw, etc. Last time I was there I think I had a crab cake special, and it was pretty tasty. Prices are amazingly low.
  4. Just a crabby note. After wanting to try it for a long time, I finally made it to Jerry's Seafood in Lanham for lunch today. I tried the "Jr." version of the crab bomb, with slaw and (today's special) green beans on the side, preceeded by a cup of crab bisque. The crab is coming from Venezuela these days. Of course, the ChesBay season doesn't open until April 1, so that's to be expected right now. Based on Joe's comments above, however, it probably continues indefinitely. So if you insist on local crab, beware. The bisque was really fine. A thick and sherry-tasting cream sauce with crab perched on the top. It all went down well. Let's not talk about calories here. And they bring you quality oyster crackers, Waterman brand if memory serves. The crab bomb (junior) was as I've heard it to be. Broiled/baked not fried, with in excess of a cup of pure crab meat I'd say, with very little filler and that more sauce than bread. Served in a metal oval baking dish straight out of the oven. A nice crust formed, and the whole thing tasted about a crabby as could be imagined. One can only wonder what it would be like with the local product. The sides were good too--the slaw was crunchy and not too sweet, and the beans were remarkably buttery, soft yet with a bite. On the whole, a good nearby place to satisfy a crab cake craving. Not cheap. The bisque was $7.50, and the junior bomb was about $25. The full size bomb is closer to $35
  5. My wife had planned to go have dinner at East Moon Asian Bistro in Kingstowne with her friends, and suggested that I take my brother here for sushi while he's in town. A friend had recommended it to her. It wasn't bad, but I won't be in a hurry to return. As soon as we sat down, the servers were upon us asking if we were ready to order. I assume that's because they're right next to the theater, and have people coming in before movies. We had an assortment of sushi, and my brother also had the drunken noodles. The sushi was cut in large pieces, larger than I prefer, but fresh. Tuna, yellowtail, and scallops were slabs of tasty meat, but were two or three-bite pieces. The rolls were more normal sized. The sweet shrimp were served with their heads tempura fried, crunchy and fresh-shrimp-tasting. Spicy tuna roll was OK, but could have been spicier. The eel in the eel roll tasted a bit old. My brother said the drunken noodles were good, but very oily. Overall, it was all acceptable. I just can't think of a reason to fight the crowds near the movie theater there. If you're already there, you could do worse.
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