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Found 15 results

  1. Overall a good impression on a lovely Saturday night at Denizens. Outside they have a large patio with picnic tables with seating for 200 people. The vibe is urban beer garden. Inside are various rooms over two stories. To be honest, most of the offerings they have on tap right now aren't really in my beer wheelhouse, but the Lowest Lord English-Style ESB was solid, perfectly fine to quaff on a late-summer night. The veggie burger with cheddar was actually pretty tasty and the fries were on the thinner match-stick side. The patio was busy all night, but it didn't feel crowded. They certainly seemed to be doing good business. I've sampled a couple of their beers now, not sure I would rank them in the top tier of DC area breweries, but they are probably squarely in the next tier down and put out a solid product. If it wasn't such a trek out to Silver Spring, I'd be back more often.
  2. Solace Brewing is a production brewery in Loudon County, way out! It's just off 50. We basically always had a tap for Solace. Given we tapped sixtels, we ran through a lot of brew and they were really high quality. I had to take my car intot he dealer to get a recall fixed and somehow I thought I was fairly close by. So after a very long drive, I found the modern, industrial meets wood tap room fronting a small brewery. The very pleasant beertender gave me the list and told me about a tasting flight of 6. I told her that I had lucy Juicy and Hops out Suns out at home, just give me your choice of 6. She asked me a few questions to narrow down the best choices. % of the 6 beers were really super and the 6th, which I asked her to include, just didn't fit my mood rather than I didn't like it. The best was the Kevik, which is a Norweigan farmhouse brre. Never having been in a Norwegian farmhouse, I can't say but it was delicious. They Brew a very nice hazy IPA and strong IPA as well. The wit was great even if not my favorite style. The Blue Duck was hugely grapefruity. The ancho chocolate chile stout seemed bland but it was the 6th beer. The flight was $15. The taproom is large, very high ceilings with a long bar and a few high top tables. Noisy. They hae a few pinball machines and video games. No food is offered but they have a rotating set of food trucks which park right outside the front door. But the truck was not ready to serve food at 5pm, but looked like they would be ready momentarily. The food trucks are listed on their website. There are a lot of breweries that get a lot more press. But y take on the DC and close in VA breweries is they do a few thins really well but they have some just OK brews and some clunkers. Hellbender and Port City are my favorites. But honestly, Solace blows them away. They are partnering with the Hilton Brothers to reopen the Mad Fox space. It iwll be great to have their taps available closer in. I wish them well. You can get some of their beers at some Trader Joe's at very good prices. There were several styles at Bailey's Crossroads.
  3. Looks like they're planning a November opening for Mad Fox Brewery on W. Broad St in Falls Church. From the Washington Business Journal's Missy Frederick:
  4. The Bruery which hails from Orange County, CA, is about to open their east coast hub in DC at Union Market at some point this month. If you haven't heard about the Bruery or their beers, they are known for making "big" barrel aged beers, wilds and sours. Although they are currently available in local stores, most of their more rare offerings never make it to the retail channel and are sold through their website/clubs. Their Reserve Society is now open for new members and will allow you to pick up your allocations at the DC location. Definitely worth checking out. Membership gives you first crack at getting your hands on their most rare beers such as Black Tuesday or Chocolate Rain. I have had the joy of drinking Chocolate Rain, it is a beast of a beer, clocking in at 19.6% abv. Although the beer is such a beast in the ABV category, it is exceptionally smooth and balanced, there is a good amount of sweetness to balance out the abv, it drinks like an 8% beer, and has so much flavor going on. I am not generally big on the liquor barrel aged big beers, but this is something special. If high abv liquor barrel aged beers is not your thing, perhaps Flimishmish is. Flimishmish is a tart blonde which is aged on apricots in oak barrels. The result is nothing short of amazing, with a refreshing natural apricot flavor coming through. It is one of those beers that I dream about.
  5. And another one bites the dust, as (formerly) locally-owned Houston craft brewery Karbach is acquired by AB-InBev. Locals are taking the news hard (myself included). Kevin Floyd from The Hay Merchant and Underbelly was out fast, announcing they would no longer carry Karbach products, and would be selling their remaining stock at a steep discount. Of the Houston brewers, Karbach has become my go-to (especially Love Street during our long, hot summer), but I imagine I'll branch out a bit more now. Bummer.
  6. While not located in Philly, or really even near Philly, Troegs is a good ending point to a day at Hershey Park, located a mere 5 minutes from the park on the same street. They have great beer (and if you are lucky they will have an interesting beer from the scratch series on tap), and really really really good food. The tasting room/dining area is impressive and big. The bar is huge. They fill growlers and crowlers of anything on tap to take home. towards the left side of the bar is the ordering for the kitchen. You place your order, they give you a pager, you find a table, get drinks and wait for the food. I had the lamb falafel, served on naan, which was really interesting, served with a harissa chutney and tahina. It was one large "falafel", which was a mixture of lamb, and perhaps chickpeas and a side of thick hand cut fresh fries. It all worked well together. My wife got the seafood roll, which was chock full of shrimp and crawfish in a light mayo sauce--think lobster roll, also served with a side of fries. The highlight of the night though was the grilled cheese, which was made with 4 types of cheese, sandwiched between two huge/thick slices of brioche, served in a bowl with tomato soup on the bottom. Cheese oozed out the edges with a caramelized crispy cheese on the cut side of the sandwich. Top the food off with a nice beer, and it is a great cap to a really fun day at the park.
  7. Astro Lab Brewing announced the brewpub will hold its grand opening this Friday, Oct. 19, 2018 from 4 p.m. to midnight at its location at 8216 Georgia Avenue: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/business/astro-lab-brewing-grand-opening-set-friday/
  8. I'm sure you know this, but others may not: Manor Hill Brewery is based right there in Ellicott City. The Marriner family also owns Victoria Gastro Pub, and will be opening another restaurant, FoodPlenty, hopefully later this year.
  9. Brewers Art's dining room a couple of weeks ago had gone downhill since the last time I went. And the service was excruciatingly slow. It was somewhat early in the evening in the dining room, and there were only two other small parties there, yet it was almost 45 minutes before the first courses arrived. Our waitress must have been going up and downstairs a whole lot - she looked frazzled. The haricot vert and tomato tartare concoction was mushy green beans and diced hothouse tomatoes. My shrimp salad would have been returned even if I'd received it the day before. I requested the lamb cassoulet off the lounge menu, which, granted is not usually done. I had to hunt for the few bits of lamb, and they were dry and tasteless. The black-eye peas weren't bad. I didn't know at the time that there had been a change in the kitchen. Maybe that's why. And if you eat in the bar or the adjacent lounge area, expect a serious amount of cigarette smoke wafting by. It's in a beautiful old townhouse, and it has got awesome home brew. I'd go just for that. And they make really good rosemary garlic fries too.
  10. Baying Hound Aleworks is a small independent nano-brewery in Rockville, Maryland. The brewery produces small batch beers and uses only the highest quality ingredients. Our beers are unpasteurized and contain no additives or preservatives. Instead of forcing carbonation, Baying Hound ales undergo a secondary fermentation and are conditioned under a controlled environment. The origin of the name "Baying Hound" is a tribute to my dearly departed bloodhound Marmalade. She was my brewing hound, always at my side and careful to clean up any spilled malt. When she died, I wanted a way for her to live on and be remembered. Tours and tastings are available on Fridays and Saturdays by appointment.
  11. My son and I decided to check out 7 Locks Brewing at their opening last week. The brewery is in a warehouse at 12227 Wilkins Ave in Rockville, MD. They do not serve food (but I believe they will let you bring something) and they plan to have a rotation of food trucks there. I am not a beer guy, but my son is and he was as impressed as I was. I worked through a flight of about 8 beers, two of which were nitrogen beers. I liked the coffee stout better as a nitrogen beer, my son preferred it in a normal configuration. The folks there are very nice, love to talk beer, and put out a pretty good product. I hope they do well, this is a definite plus to what is available in Rockville.
  12. Although not food (google Monk's diet), it is important to note that Flying Dog Brewery now can serve pints for consumption on site, and they have built a really nice outdoor beer garden.
  13. Good thing that Starbucks retains lots of lawyers to prevent anyone from mistaking beer for one of their products. Exit 6 Brewery and Pub responded to a cease and desist letter in the finest way possible (Humor, lots of humor and pathos, and don't forget, a check for $6).
  14. There are the Sweetwaters, the Gordon Biersches, the Capitol Cities, the innumerable bars with the same Dominion ale on tap. And then there is Shenandoah Brewing Company. It’s a small operation located in a strip mall just a few doors down from Nick’s country western nightclub (which WILL kick you out for bringing your beer onto the dance floor) near the Van Dorn metro station. The Post ran an article last week on brewing your own beer here, but I head over more often to pick up a few mixed six packs or fill a growler. They always have half a dozen or so beers on tap at their small corner bar (sometimes even a cask), they serve decent chili with some nice bottled hot sauces, and they’ve got a foosball table. The place smells like fresh beer in a tangible way that’s the polar opposite of the cleanser and mildew smell of brewpubs. Check the fridge near the end of the bar to see what’s available to go – they’ll have their core range (Big Meadow Pale, Old Rag, White Water Wheat) and some stuff they’re just playing around with. A few weeks ago I picked up a truly disconcerting Chocolate Donut Stout, an elusively sweet rye beer, and some of their very expensive and phenomenally rich Millennium Stout. You can buy a half-gallon growler jug for $6, and get it (or an empty growler from another brewery) filled or refilled for another $6. Overall they tend to shy away from the amped up hops that are so pervasive in American craft brewing today, focusing more on the malts and roasted flavors. I’ve only seen these beers on tap or in bottles a few places in the area, most notably at Dr. Dremo’s where they supply all the beers under the Dremo’s name (though it’s worth visiting the brewery to taste them from clean lines). While I don’t think their overall quality level is quite as high as Dogfish Head or Allagash, they’re exploring some pretty unique brewing styles and they present a great alternative to many recently maligned area brewers.
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