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Found 8 results

  1. I enjoy the coffee bubble tea at Song Que, the little carryout deli associated with Huong Que (Four Sisters) in Eden Center in Falls Church at Seven Corners. They have a variety of flavors, mostly fruit, including avocado (unexpectedly refreshing and tasty). AND they are VERY generous with the Bubbles, which are nice and gummy and chewy. (hmm, COFFEE bubble TEA - well maybe it's not tea, but it's a bubble drink, or as one of the merchants at Eden Center describes it: "jelly gumdrop fruit drink" - either way I love it!) --- The following posts have been split into separate threads: Ten Ren (Gastro888) Yami Yami (turbogrrl) Cornerstone Cafe (synaesthesia) Jumbo Jumbo Bubble Express (porcupine) Bubble Dip (goldenticket) Capital Teas (Pat)
  2. On my way to Bread Corner last night, I passed a "Coming Soon" sign on one of the storefronts of the new building where the old Bank of America was on North Washington Street, near the XLB place. I. Cannot. Wait. Kung Fu Tea is the one of the closest I've had to Taiwanese milk tea or bubble drinks in the states, and I usually make a pit stop to one of their New York shops when I do get the chance to trek up there. They not only offer bubbles, but also offer Wow milk (or you see it as "punch milk" in Chinese), slushes, jellies, mung and red beans, and the likes. I don't know how they flavor their teas, though, as I usually get the milk tea. When I visited their site this morning, it listed a "Coming Soon" for a place on Heritage Drive in Annandale too. Although I am now slightly worried about Jumbo Jumbo Express, I hope the two can co-exist. Kung Fu Tea 275 N Washington St Rockville, MD 7895 Heritage Drive Annandale, VA
  3. I heard about Snap on washingtonpost.com's Going Out Gurus blog and was curious to see how the crepes and bubble tea tasted. For those who may not know, bubble tea is a drink that originated in Taiwan. You have a choice of tea base (black or green) and you can add milk (or not) and various flavors (ex: mango, passion fruit, green apple, etc) and then the fun part - gummy bear like tapioca balls at the bottom that you slurp through an unusually large straw. Bubble tea's this great paradox of drinking and chewing your beverage at the same time. If you've never tried it before, start with the plain milk tea and work your way from there. The store is located off Thomas Jefferson Street near the Barnes and Noble. It's a small, cute little storefront with a patio in the back to sit and relax in. (Oddly enough, it SHOULD have a restroom since it offers seating but the owner said there wasn't one and directed us to Barnes and Noble instead) OK, I could go on about the menu and the decor but let's get down to it: the bubble tea bit ventworm nuts. Bit them and spat them out. The drink was somewhat watery, no milky creaminess present. Worse yet, there wasn't much of a tea taste to the drink. There was a faint aftertaste and that was about it. The bubbles were overcooked, mushy and somewhat slimy. And worse yet, they were skimpy with the bubbles. Normally, you should have a layer of bubbles that are two to three bubbles high. We got one layer - that was ridiculous. It wasn't a horrible drink - it wasn't undrinkable per se. It just wasn't done well at all. (I know there's a thread about complaining in restaurants but how would one handle this? Basically telling them their entire product line is not executed well? That would be really arrogant of me if I did that!) As for the crepes, I've never been to France so I don't have a "golden standard" to compare them to. However, I've had some fantastic crepes in Greece (of all places) that burst at the seams with generous fillings in a well cooked thin crepe that was lightly freckled with brown spots (are crepes supposed to have a bit of brown?) Where to go for a decent bubble tea? The one place in the area that does a good job is Ten Ren's Tea Time in College Park. They also serve a green tea noodle dish with pork and tofu that's sublime. Good dumplings, too.
  4. I found out about Bambu on yelp, actually, when I was looking for pho places this past weekend. Since it was a few doors down from Rice Paper and kiddie-corner from Song Que, I thought it was a good time to try. The shop is small, with very minimal seating (a few chairs and benches). The interior is much like a frozen yogurt shop but more zen-like. It just has chè, cold and hot coffee/coffee-based drinks, and smoothies here, which was a great way to end a meal. I got a green bean, grass jelly, coconut milk chè ($4) and it was good, but a tad on the sweet side for me. I would definitely come back to try the other options.
  5. There's a newish bubble tea shop in Alexandria, Bubble Dip. I haven't been in, but they offer a variety of drinks, cupcakes, cookies, and other goodies. Looks like they opened in early May, and are located on the same block as Trattoria da Franco (300 block of S. Washington).
  6. Bubble Mix got sold, and reopened between semesters as Yami Yami. They still have good bubble, and also offer a few sushi rolls and salad bowls- typical college fare. I prefer their bubble to the CPK Ten Ren- I will frequently go to TR for food and around to Yami Yami for bubble.
  7. Given the unseasonably warm weather, I decided to try the bubble tea at the Barracks Row Capital Teas today. It was a nice day to sit in the courtyard. I'm not sure what the event was at the Barracks, but I encountered a motorcade on the way over and was serenaded by the Marine Corps band as I drank my tea and read a book. The tea I ordered was the featured flavor: blood orange pu-erh. They have another half a dozen or so standing flavors. I had tried the hot version of the blood orange at the outside urn and wasn't sure about it. The staff member I was dealing with assured me that it's really good iced, so I went ahead. It had more flavor than it did hot. I thought the bubbles were good--firm and kind of gummy and chewy, but I don't have experience with bubble tea that enables me to give an expert opinion.. The mixture seemed a little too sweet to me, but I don't typically consume sweet drinks. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet, so someone who likes a moderate amount of sweetness would possibly think it was fine. I believe they sweeten with agave, but I didn't confirm this. The amount of milk seemed good, but it could have used more ice. The serving was very generous. A small was $6.25 ($6.61 with tax).
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