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Found 7 results

  1. [Please don't hide this hidden gem in "Multiple Locations" because it might be the best restaurant in Tysons Corner!] I had lunch with two colleagues at Nordstrom Cafe today, and I can't recommend it highly enough. This place is knocking out some of the best food in Tysons! First off, it's a cafeteria style, where you get in line -- and it can be quite a line at noon -- and order at the far left, pay at the far right, and the food is brought to the table when ready. There was an affable chap out front handing out menus and plenty of gratis tastes of today's fare. Inside, the decor is nicely not cafeteria-ish and there is comfortable seating for 100 or so. Ah, but the food....wow! Today I enjoyed the best bowl of she-crab soup I've eaten in a long time, if not ever, and the salmon salad nicoise was an amazing rendition. The she-crab soup was loaded with crab flavor and was really rich with cream and aromatics. I would order this soup over an over again. But let me pause to laud the salmon salad. Everything was perfect, and the roasted potatoes stood out with yummy caramelized crunchy surfaces. The salmon itself was cooked perfectly, with caramelized surfaces and a medium rare center, and it was melt-in-mouth delicious. I looked around the dining room while I was enjoying my food, and I was watching some beautiful compositions coming out of the kitchen....and a lot of empty plates returning. Notwithstanding the cafeteria style, service was excellent, from the gregarious greeter to each server along the line to the cash register team to the servers and the managers. This is a well staffed operation, and whatever gets emptied on your table is cleared in seconds. Oh yeah, and at the register you can get wine by the glass, or beer by the bottle. I went about some mall business after lunch, and on my way back to my car I passed the Cafe again. I grabbed a Margherita pizza to go....you know, in case I got hungry on that long ride back to Springfield. I ended up eating half of it before picking up KN Jr from high school, and he ate the rest. He typically complains about anything that doesn't come from McDonald's, but I never saw him eat half a pizza to fast. Since Inox and Michel closed in Tysons, I think this cafe can go toe-to-toe with Nostos, Shamshiry and Chef Geoff's when it comes to quality of food. I encourage some of you to check it out.
  2. Heyyyyyyyy everyone!!! Sorry I've been gone so long I've been traveling!!! I also have been trying to do some new things with the food game such as using online less and doing restaurants when I see them rather then doing only pre research on everywhere I go!!! Don't worry I'll be doing both but I want this to feel like an indigenous effort rather then me seeing something on a food blog that someone else found etc. Anywho Khao Kang. This resto has been written about a bunch including in the nytimes and is by no means unknown. Food is cafeteria style and it isn't really like a sit down resto. Nevertheless, this shouldn't turn you off as I saw them pretty consistently bringing fresh food out and about!!! Food is Issan as I recall and I by accident got like all pork dishes. They were quite nice spicy as they should be well flavored and the whole bit. They also have like all those thai desserts and juices including a fave of mine: Thai Ice Tea!!! BUT the question is whether it is better then the others. I would say it doesn't quite reach the heights of a som tom der (in Manhat I know but I am looking at the full scope of thai over here!!) for instances but it is a nice place with good food that would be especially good if one were needing a quick sorta meal. I would say go to this one and you will be quite satisfied.
  3. Rice 'N Noodles at 22nd & G, NW, is closed, done in by some sort of real estate deal. In terms of economic and social mix, it was the closest I've seen in these parts to Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros. Construction workers, business people, hospital personnel, GW students, professors and even President Trachtenberg were liable to be sharing your formica. Cheap eats from seven or eight cultures were available, including Central American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino and African American. Everything was available hot -- and HOT (i.e., caliente y picante). I particularly liked the seafood soup, the rice & beans, and various permutations of gyoza. The language behind the counter was Spanish; behind the cash register, Korean. Mixed populations tended to talk to each other. It never busted your wallet. I don't know another place like it around DC.
  4. Soooooo I finally made it out to Ganesh Temple's Cafeteria after wanting to go sometime. I was repurposing after finding Gui Lin Mi Fen to be under renovation or closed (the guy couldn't really explain what was going on). It was for the best though as this place was truly one of the most memorable adventures I've had in a long timmeeee. It's this nice canteen serving nice Dosas and other Indian veggie dishes out of it's cavernous complex. The place is pretty big especially compared to the slumped wooden houses that surround it. They have it all inside: the wedding hall, prayer space, the canteen and MORE!! It was almost otherworldly seeing this massive Hindu temple in the middle of a random part of Flushing. Any who the food is quite nice and while I am a bit weaker in my Indian palate (didn't grow up eating it in the way I did other cuisines like Chinese) I would rate this place very high. Not only do they have a wide variety of dishes, particularly in dosas, that often one doesn't see BUT they have a whole slew of other dishes as well to quench your indian veggie appetite. I went with the Mysore Masala Dosa which was quite delectable and had the perfect amount of spice (I do love spice and could've handled more but this spice complemented the flavors well rather then overpowering them). I also should laud the price to quality ratio. I don't think a single item (admittedly I forget some of the spelling/names so forgive me dear rockers!!) was over 7 buckaroonies which in my book is a steal for the quality of these dosas. Sooooo between the very cool visiting the temple experience and the food I would say make the trek out here!!
  5. I guess this will verge into off topic, but Nat Geo cafeteria is at present unguarded, cheap, and sometimes delicious.
  6. Arena Stage has a new home in SW DC, not directly across from the fish market. Real name: Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater (!). Dinner at the cafe there, Next Stage by José Andrés. I think this production, Oklahoma, is the first production at this building . Someone thought the menu of the cafe should tie in with the current production. I will let the idea of José Andrés drawing inspiration from the traditional foods of Oklahoma speak for itself. State Bird Wild Turkey Noodle Soup free range wild turkey, carrots, onion,celery. At least the noodles were added at service, so they didn'y get mushy. Chicken Slaw Salad spinach stuffed chicken, shredded cabbage, cheese and buttermilk and herb dressing. OK, but too cold. 36-Hour Short Ribs slow cooked in a red wine sauce. Probably the best thing on the menu. Potato Puree with American Idaho potatoes (!) Yes, well ... Oklahoma Succotash black-eyed peas, okra, squash and bacon. Good or inedible, depending on likes or dislikes of ingredients. Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese filling. Plenty sweet. half-bottle 2007 Catena Merlot ($28) (!) Umm.... I will leave the review of the theatrical event itself to someone else.
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