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Found 17 results

  1. Morgan and Addison were the former chefs at Maydan. For some reason, they thought they could do some research and just open a Caribbean restaurant. That restaurant happens to be Bammy's, located between Osteria Morini and Agua 301, in the space formerly occupied by Whaley's. Twas a Sunday afternoon after a Nats game, so the area is pretty crowded. And many people were just there for drinks. They have a dinner menu and a game day menu. They were serving both - I was gonna leave if they were only serving the game day menu. We started with Pimento Fried Chicken and Mac Pie. The chicken was boneless and mildly spicy. I don't like boneless chicken. The mac 'n cheese was loaded with black pepper. One kid liked the chicken and detested the mac 'n cheese, the other was vice versa. I wouldn't bother with either. Next was Goat Curry, Shrimp Curry, Chana and Cole Slaw. The curries scorched my kids' taste buds. This was really annoying. Neither was labeled as spicy and I've had curries all over the Caribbean and they're not generally spicy. At least I enjoyed the shrimp curry, very tender and coconutty. Nothing else warranted a revisit.
  2. Yeah, both good choices. I've worked in Falls Church (just over the line) for 14 years so I know both of those places well. Caribbean Grill has OUTSTANDING side dishes -- their yuca is superb, and their plantains melt in your mouth. While their chicken is very good, I've often just gotten side dishes for lunch. This was actually my first time trying any of the eateries in Lee-Harrison (other than Dogma for my pups). Pietanza looks interesting too, but also a bit pricy. Then there's Sushi-Zen. Any 411 on either of those? I'm guessing "Oriental Gourmet" is as bad as you'd expect from the name?
  3. Grace Nwaeze, a Liberia native doing business under the name of C&G Group LLC, will open The Republic Garden at 8402 Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring, the former home of Lina's Diner and Bar: "New Restaurant / Bar To Feature Afro-Caribbean Cuisine" by Mike Diegel on sourceofthespring.com
  4. Doing the cruise thing and would like to eat one meal in a room smaller than the Astrodome. Any suggestions in Nassau or Freeport? Doesn't have to be formal, and local style would be ideal, but would consider other cuisines. Given the choice, I'd rather have a home-style meal cooked by the owner of a small place than a focus-group tested meal cooked by someone who works for an LLC headquartered in another country. TIA - Jay
  5. Spark is a restaurant located on the border of NE and NW DC. I don't know what neighborhood it's in, but it's in a gentrifying neighborhood. You have to hunt for street parking, which was plentiful at least in the morning, before the restaurant opened at 11 a.m. I ordered some jerk brisket ($17) and some smoked bone marrow ($16). I'm not sure how the brisket was "jerked," but it was moist and well seasoned (but definitely not spicy-hot). It's a change of pace from Texas BBQ brisket (but not a superior product to Hill Country/Texas Jack). I don't know why I keep ordering bone marrow. I've never been a fan of bone marrow, and I don't need the fat (it is 84% fat). In this case, an order consists of 3 halves of bones and 3 pieces of grilled bread. Something to cut through the fat probably would've helped. I should've ordered some fried bread instead. And I wish they have salt fish.
  6. Big change to report. Caribbean Plate is under new ownership. The new owner is the Muffin Man from Maryland (La Plata? Lanham?). ( He was very nice.) The menu is totally different - more Jamaican offerings. No more saltenas. No more black bean soup. The owner said he plans to add his famous muffins to the menu,
  7. Planning to check out the outdoor market at Union Station tomorrow and looking for recommendations. Does that location have the same menu as their Georgia Ave location?
  8. New Jerk Chicken place opened up, "Dat Jerk", in Waldorf. Jamaican chef and owner, they are from California. The website is very professional - not too many businesses in Southern Maryland are that savvy. It's a jerk chicken fast casual, modeled after Cava Grill/Chipotle/etc. You pick your protein - jerk chicken (mild or spicy), curry chicken, jerk pork, beef jabobs (not a spelling error - maybe they mean Jamaican kabobs?). Two sides (rice and beans, red beans, plantains, vegetables, few other things). I saw them using legit wood charcoal in the ovens. The place smelled heavenly. Got lunch for my medical assistant and the locums physicist. I got the spicy jerk chicken. It was basted with a scotch bonnet pepper jerk sauce. Tender dark meat chicken, excellent seasoning, and that sauce was spicy. I got some on the side and burned my mouth off. The sides were fantastic, I don't love plantains, but these were tasty, caramelized, and soft. It was empty, but I think they do decent carry out business. It's a good concept. They should open a few more, add some Caribbean beers, Red Stripe, and I bet it would kill it in DC.
  9. If you spend any time just watching the door of Sweet Mango, there's a constant stream of humanity continually passing through: school kids, EMT workers, policemen, construction workers, loiterers, parents- pretty much the entire neighborhood of Petworth, it seems. Most of them are getting takeout, though there is a nice roof area upstairs. The smoker starts up early in the morning, blowing the sweet smell of jerk chicken over the streets at a constant rate. The jerk doesn't have a searing heat, but it does have a really nice complex flavour. They don't only have jerk chicken, of course; there is brown stew, and curry chicken, and oxtail and goat sometimes. The beef and chicken patties aren't made on site, but they're darn tasty. The meals come with a huge portion of rice and beans, with cabbage and veggies on one side. It's incredibly filling food, and amazingly affordable. Oh, and for people looking for an interesting variety of root drinks, they have those- some home-made, some not, and other things like sea moss. Nick and I went and stuffed ourselves silly last night.
  10. Just had a wonderful goat roti yesterday at the DC outpost of Rita's West Indian Carryout on Georgia Avenue (I hear the original is in Tortola, BVI). Roti, curried potato, pepper sauce and goat curry.... aaaah! I also tried a drink called mauby (described to me as Trinidadian iced tea), which tasted somewhat like I imagine a cinnamon RedHot would if it was made into a cold drink; stimulating yet refreshing. According to my Trinidadian friend, mauby is a plant native to the West Indies that is said to be beneficial to the circulation. The 'Carryout' in the name is somewhat misleading; there is a seating area in a room up a few steps from where you order and pay. Quite plain (upon entering I had a flashback to Zorba's upstairs room from many years ago), but very serviceable and immaculate. (Since we drove by the Islander on the way to Rita's, I asked my friend how the two compare. She said that the Islander serves Americanized versions of Caribbean food, but Rita's is the real thing.)
  11. I ordered take away at this small but friendly restaurant in an otherwise dead-looking strip mall in Upper Marlboro. I can't speak to anything more than my vegetarian roti, but if the rest of the menu hits as well as this did, it bears further investigation. The portion was enourmous for $10, with freshly sauteed vegetables (half-dollar sized slices of zucchini, summer squash, and carrots along with potatoes and diced onion) in a moderately spicy curry sauce. I was pleasantly surprised at the freshness, as most of my other Caribbean take out experiences have involved food taken from a steam table. The roti itself was thick, flaky, and moist (probably made with not a small amount of butter or lard).
  12. Fascinating article in the WaPo this morning on police siezures, which indirectly references The Shack. Not sure where this should be posted since it deals with the former tenant, Smoking Rooster's.
  13. This is the kind of place I enjoy writing about and I really hope this place does well. Its located on University Blvd just north of Main Street. Its located in the basement of one of the shops facing main street and I for one am glad I stopped in on Saturday night. After a day's worth of yard work I had no desire to cook and didn't feel like picking anything up from Wegmans so I figured now was the time to check this place out. There are a few tables inside but it is mostly a carry-out business. We had two of the meat pies, which were flaky and just spicy enough to get your attention. Also tried was the ox-tail dish which was good, but a little salty. The highlight of the evening was the brown stew chicken which was very flavorful and moist. Both the ox-tail and chicken were served on rice and peas which looked a lot like red beans and rice. The dishes were also served with stewed plantains which my son loved. I looked forward to bringing the leftover chicken to work for lunch today but was sadly informed that my wife and I beat me to the punch yesterday. Parking is a bit of a chore here but the food is good and the prices are cheap. I am definitely adding this one to the regular rotation.
  14. As reported in the Wheaton Patch Island Hut has been open for a few weeks. I had seen the "coming soon" signs, and also noticed when driving by last week that it looked like it had finally opened. No chance for me to try it out yet , however. Please post if someone else gets a chance to check it out. As ethnic as Wheaton is, I think this is the first Caribbean restaurant.
  15. In late October, Metrocurean posted a blurb re: the soon-to-open Jin. As I drove by the other night, it definitely looked open. Alas, the web site is temporarily out of service. Has anyone had a preview? Jin 2017 14th Street, NW
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