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Found 6 results

  1. Co-worker is raving about this place...anybody been? Emphasis on fresh seafood. Website 829 Frederick Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228
  2. Hangari Noodle Company appears to be ready to bring house-made Korean noodles this weekend to Hanoori Town, the cluster of restaurants a few doors down from the H Mart in Catonsville. As I have been told, the owner/chef has been in the restaurant business for more than 20 years in LA, including a hot restaurant in Koreatown called Hangari Kalgooksoo. The new Hangari Noodle follows the concept of his current LA restaurant -- focusing on two types of noodles (kalgooksoo and mil myun) and serving them in a variety of broths and sauces. This sounds like a cool addition to the Rte 40 corridor -- noodles that are rolled, cut and boiled only after you order. I hear soft opening on Friday, then public opening as early as Saturday.
  3. Alright, got something delicious for y'all. I was running around all day doing errands and whatever and ended up hungry as hell in the Catonsville area, I've seen this brown and beige halal food truck parked in the same spot for years( in the Walmart parking lot up near route 40 and rolling.) but never stopped in. Decided what the heck, pulled up and hopped out into the rain and ordered up a lamb kabob which came with salad and that rice with the raisins an carrots which I have no idea what it's called. Nine bucks and I was told the best news ever from a food truck with no line, "be about 10-12 min" . So I get my styrofoam box and chow down, the rice is perfect, salad is crisp and the lamb is amazing, tender and charred and juicy, like 6 big chunks. It came with two cups of sauce, one raita and one I thought was a chutney of sorts, wrong guess. It was spicy as all hell, but made it that much better. You gotta check these dudes out, they have beef kabob chicken, butter chicken, gyros, and for the hell of it cheese steaks burger subs and ice cream treats. Although I didn't get one it was nice to see the good humor toasted almond.
  4. My first introduction to pho was here and of course I thought it was fantastic. Then as I branched out and learned about other, better places I stopped going. It just was not my favorite anymore. The broth tasted weaker and fake, and the menu was weird having Vietnamese Chinese and I forget what other style of cuisine. However I recently returned and am very happy I did so. Now it seems the menu is purely Vietnamese, and vast. Of course plenty of pho options with I'm pretty sure veggie broth for veggie pho and chicken for chicken. They also have the broken rice dishes and vermicelli dishes like bun bo xao, but it's the bun bo hue that I've been back twice for. There's a duck soup as well. The bun Bo hue is a fantastically large portion with big chewy noodles and not the most authentic I guess but it has brisket, pork pate( like the ban mi) and a seafood meatball. Fiery red broth and cabbage and shisho to round it out. It comes in one size(big ass) and I think is around 9 bucks. Maybe it's under new ownership or chef? Dunno since it's been years.
  5. Linsy's Store in Catonsville is a casual Mexican restaurant where the tacos match anything around here. Evan Brown of Portalli's gave me a gift when he told me that the guys who work in his kitchen swear by Linsy's when they want Mexican food. Now, I can share the gift with you. These are ideal tacos. Soft, pliable tortillas with corn flavor. Savory meats -- a little char to the barbacoa and a nice grill on the chicken. Then talented fresh toppings -- cilantro for flavor, a cooked green onion and sliced radish for crunch, and a fiery green salsa to squirt on yourself. Linsy's sits on Rte 40 in Catonsville. Until Evan, I had driven past dozens of times coming home from H Mart. The market is hidden behind a Popeye's franchise. The restaurant is hidden in the back of the store. You need to search the place out if you like R&R Taqueria in Jessup or Tere's Latin Market in Ellicott City. I love both those places, and Linsy's are just as delicious. Different kitchens. Different meats and garnishes. But this was a perfect lunch of two tacos and horchata that they ladled from a pitcher into my cup. You can't beat fresh tacos. The flavors pop off the plate. The salsa alone would have made the meal. They have basic chicken, beef and pork tacos, although they didn't have pork when I visited. The Spanish menu also lists tongue and options that translate into "ear" and "assorted." I can't recommend this enough. Even if you don't love this as much as I do, you can eat for $10. Linsy's offered a full Mexican menu with counter service. They had a range of dishes from small tacos or tostadas to full meals like grilled pork, seafood soup, enchiladas, or al pastor shrimp. They do breakfast. I ate lunch on a Sunday, and the six tables were full of kids and families. While you're at Linsy's for tacos, check out the other business nearby. Patel Brothers is an Indian grocery with vegetables, rices, spices, and other Indian items. Next door is Paradise Biryani Pointe, which I added to my "to do list. Biryani is an Indian rice dish, and the menu has a bunch of dishes that are new to me.
  6. Only mention of it I found on the board was this post answering a question about local butchers and it does cover a lot. Basically its a small shop that I've found is very knowledgable about the meats and offers some pretty decent prices (in my experience) for some very good meats. They ship all up and down the east coast and they are a big kosher distributor, although I don't know if they've ever had it in their retail shop. But if you ever need a good order of any cow or pig product, this is your place. http://www.jwtreuth.com/
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