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Found 14 results

  1. This Sunday, I will be attending a chocolate tasting event at Bar Clavel in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore. This seems like something that the members of DR may find interesting. I also learned that same event will be presented at Epista in District on Monday, Aug 13th. I tried finding a link for the DC pop up ,but it is not listed in Eventbrite. Ill need to do a little bit more digging to find the details , or you can go to Espita website and find out more. I imagine they would have some information about the event. The quick glance at the event, attendees will taste pre-Hispanic cold water base cacao drink, chocolate truffle, and cacao seed. I have learned that the chocolate source from La Rifa has been featured at the most recent pop up of Noma that was held in Talum, Mexico. Little fun fact I like to throw in about the event. I made an attempt to research more about La Rifa, but nearly all of the resources are not in English, and exceed my HS AP Level of Spanish. But seriously the event involves learning & tasting chocolate in a backdrop provided by Clavel. No further convincing needed, IMO. If you happen to attend the event in Baltimore, Clavel will be holding a market of sorts in their newly expanded dining room from 11-4 featuring Baltimore artisans, and art and pottery being sold by the members of Clavel's family. From what I understand, several members of Clavel have traveled to Mexico and have collected all sorts of pottery, and art so I imagine the selection to be eclectic. The items sold at their market will be cash only. So if you are looking for something to do on Sunday, you are welcome.☺️ Intrepid guide, kat
  2. Hello DonRockwell.com food connoisseurs, the chocolates must have been too good for words to describe for Meaghan I came across this forum browsing the web and am glad to see that artisan chocolates are well represented here. We are excited to join the group of excellent confection makers in the Washington DC area. We will provide a devine selection of hand-made chocolates. The production team is european trained and we carry a lot of tradition with our name. You can learn more about us and what we do on our website (see signature). We are starting production in September - you will be able to sign up on our mailing list on the homepage, if you want to be one of the first to know the actual date. Shortly we will also feature more nutrition information and health aspects of chocolate in general from our own nutrinist Alison Sturm on the homepage - there is a big buzz going on about this in the US and we think it is important to educate us and our customers. Feel free to ask us anything you like via the contact form, email or here on DonRockwells forums. We will service your needs in wholesale and retail business. To serve you we will set up a web store for the upcoming season, so you will be able to conviniently order online as well. Greetings & looking forward to post a lot more on here (we cannot wait to explore the DC dining experience) Wilhelm Wanders, Master Pastry Chef & Chocolatier
  3. I predict this dessert of Zora's will become a vegan standard, and an instant classic. Rather than repeat what I wrote here, I'll just refer you to the comments section of the recipe on food52.com. Zora just wrote on Facebook that the dessert has become a semi-finalist. I had no knowledge that this dessert even existed until three nights ago, and Zora has no idea I'm writing this. My comments on the website reflect genuine enthusiasm for this impossibly simple, impossibly rich, impossibly chocolatey masterpiece.
  4. Noted chocolate fanatic "Scott" of dallasfood.org fame alleges in a series of exposés that from inception through 2009, the Masts were peddling remelted commercial bars as their own bean-to-bar products. At that point, having established momentum, the Brooklyn-based hipsters apparently tried to make a shift to legitimate in-house production from bean-to-bar, with disappointing results. It is unclear what goes into their current bars, but their labeling has shed most of its origin information, leaving behind a disputable company history. What kind of people would have the audacity to start another Noka-type fraud, post-Noka? "Celebrity Hipsters Reportedly Sold Remelted Commercial Chocolate" by Tony Cenicola on vanityfair.com
  5. I'm doing a presentation in Italian class Monday on chocolates and chocolate shops in Turin (aka Torino). It seems unfair to show slides of chocolate candy and not bring some in to share with my classmates. Does anyone know whether any chocolate shops in the area carry chocolates from Italy, and particularly Turin? I'd love to find some gianduiotto , a chocolate hazelnut candy. The teacher also asked me to cover bicerin, a drink made popular in Turin that layers espresso, hot chocolate, and whipped milk or cream in a small glass. Bonus points for anyone who knows if there's anywhere around here that carries it. I found a NYT article published during the 2006 winter Olympics that discusses the drink and mentions that "One of the few places in the States offering bicerin is Laboratorio del Galileo in Washington, where Roberto Donna, the chef, spikes it with rum and serves it as a predessert. It's his most requested recipe." I wonder if there's any chance of seeing that at the new Galileo.
  6. Ivory Coast cocoa bean farmers tasting chocolate for the first time. (Skip to the 5:56-long video after the first paragraph.)
  7. We don't seem to have a topic that focuses on chocolate bars. Mr. lperry is an enabler, and he frequently brings home various chocolate bars for me to try. Right now I'm working on a Green Earl Grey, 100% organic, 60% cacao bar from The Tea Room, and it is simply delicious. The bergamot reminds me of the intensity of Fortnum's Earl Grey tea, and it has been paired with a fruity chocolate base that works beautifully with it. He also brought me a Maté and Cacao Nib bar from the same maker that I will try when I need a caffeine jolt. What have you found that is wonderful?
  8. Having been under construction for what seems like eons, Locolat Belgian Chocolate has opened in Adams Morgan. I stopped by and had some delightful treats this afternoon. The chocolate covered meringue was delicious! I loved the meringue but the chocolate was even better, dark and rich. I also had a version of the "kit kat" which blew me away. My only complaint was its size, too small! Surprisingly the iced coffee was great! They are serving a brew from Beligium. What I didn't try included the cakes which look amazing! I look forward to visiting the cafe again, but hopefully not too often! So, others on the dr.com board must to make sure it remains in the neighborhood! Right now they are figuring out their hours. Tonight they are going to stay open later than 9 p.m. to see what the interest is. Glad to take one for the team!
  9. Short answer: Microbes in your gut "Dark chocolate might pack a double positive punch for our health"”thanks to the microbes that live in our gut. New research suggests that beneficial bacteria that reside toward the end of our digestive tract ferment both the antioxidants and the fiber in cocoa."
  10. I am just trying to get an idea from the resident wine experts regarding the pairing of chocolate and wine. We are working on a project involving the pairing of different wines with our chocolates.We are hoping to develop new flavors of bonbons that might be paired with certain varietals. I have done a fair amount of online research on the subject, along with the obvious tasting on my own. There seems to be mixed opinions regarding what goes with what, and whether you can pair chocolate with dry wines (red and white). Pairing with sweet wines is a no-brainer, and I know that can work on various levels and flavor profiles. I am more concerned about the drier wines. I would just be interested in what others might have to add regarding the topic based on their past experiences. Thanks in advance! -jason
  11. Someone was handing ot little chocolate bits. Ecuadorian 72 percent. Like I know what that means. It was good, but it tasted more like a cooking chocolate. It sounds as though they will have tasty bites, and cooking ingredients. Probably very chocolate obsessed. They have been open two weeks (which makes the opening the last week of 2006). The location is in the space that was formerly Sticky Fingers (vegan) Bakery, below Florida, on 18th Street NW. Sticky Fingers has moved elsewhere. I wish the chocate guys good luck in this location, it has terrible Feng Shui. Has anyone with real chocolate knowledge tried their products?
  12. Stratford University, Woodbridge Campus, Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry (Share Our Strength) Saturday, June 1st, 10am-3pm 14349 Gideon Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Contact: Jordan Lichman, 202-277-8307, jlichman@stratford.edu WWW.STRATFORD.EDU/BAKESALE This is no ordinary bake sale! Our sweet stuff will be prepared under the supervision of Stratford University Chef Instructors and Alumni including those with experience at the White House, Ritz-Carlton and Inn at Little Washington, and even Chef Peter Brett, who was just nominated for Best Pastry Chef in the DC Region by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington. These Super Stars will be working with their Stratford Students to help us acheive our goal of raising $5000 to help end childhood hunger. All of the proceeds will benefit Share Our Strength programs to end childhood hunger. WWW.STRATFORD.EDU/BAKESALE Please donate now! Maximize the value of your donation by pre-paying to fill your $20 or $40 box of pastries. You can print your donation record and pick-up a luscious box of pastries (selected by you) on the day of the event. Of course, you can purchase individual items like any bake sale, if you choose not to 'Donate Now'. · Donate $20 using the "Donate Now" Button: Receive a $20 box of Pastries* · Donate $40 or more using the "Donate Now" Button: Receive (2) two $20 Boxes of Pastries* *Pastry Boxes must be picked up on June 1st at the Bake Sale. You select the items to fill your box with. Every cookie sold and every dollar donated can make a huge impact. 1 in 5 Children in the U.S. does not have enough food. $1 can help provide a hungry child with 10 healthy meals. $46 can help connect a child to meals all year long.
  13. Not sure how this place has escaped notice on dr.com given it's a candy seller that traces its roots to 1866! Until earlier this week, every time I'd ever been to Silver Spring it had been either an in-and-out to Ray's or the AFI theater or passing through by car on the way to or from somewhere else. I'd noticed the Velati's sign before many times driving by but, walking by this week and thinking twice about that 1866 date shouted from the sign, I had to check it out. A very nice woman inside was a great storyteller and happily shared the entire history with me when I asked. Founded in Richmond by Italian immigrants sometime before the Civil War. More than 100 years in downtown DC (9th and G NW) until uprooted for Metro. Then sold to Woodrow & Lothrop. Finally, following the department store's bankruptcy, acquired from the Velati heirs by the family that now owns it and operates according to the original recipes right in downtown Silver Spring. More info on all this here. In addition to the woman who talked with me about the brand and products, I also met a wonderful new candy maker, just graduated from the pastry program at L'Academie de Cuisine. The production area is in the store and clearly visible behind the counter and candy cases at the front. Finally, the caramels. I tried and brought home a few "sugary" and a few "chewy," plain and with nuts. The chewy are visually and texturally more akin to the caramels sold elsewhere with shiny surfaces. The sugary are similar to a fudge consistency but also caramel so less of the workout for one's jaws and easily melt when eaten. These caramels are made with a small number of simple ingredients and, without any preservatives, have limited shelf life. No doubt many others whose families have lived here many decades know and love Velati's.
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