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Found 10 results

  1. We don't make a big deal about sweets anymore, for health reasons, concentrate more on meat and vegetables. In addition to the traditional roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes, g,reen beans and salad, I think we'll smoke a goose. My husband's family had a tradition of a roast goose but every time we tried it, it was like a fat bomb went off in the oven. But googling about, it seems like smoking a goose would drain the fat slowly. Hmmm. Maybe also smoke a duck? How about you? What are you up to?
  2. Ice and other stuff at Gaylord National Harbor. I made brunch plans for this weekend at National Harbor but have not pulled the trigger on tickets for Ice. Too damn expensive. I went years ago and thought it was fun for maybe 30 minutes at the most. Lightup Fest at One Loudoun. I drove past it on the way to Charles Town. Not sure whether the food or acrobatic shows are good. Light installation art in Georgetown. I'm taking the kids this weekend. ZooLights. We go every year. The lights don't change and the food around the area just isn't all that good. May pass this year. Anything else?
  3. I know it's just shy of Thanksgiving but could y'all chime in where one could go for a festive atmosphere to dine on Christmas Day? Looking for places that are richly saturated with Christmas decor, and lights. The brighter the better. I know several families that will be heading to the District, as well as Baltimore, to celebrate Christmas and are looking for something spectacular! I am thinking that a bunch of hotels will be serving dinner on Christmas, but since I have not lived in the District for some time, I am out of the loop. Food is a factor, but honestly I am just looking for some place festive. If the hospitality delivers, the food will taste better if not solid. Thank you as always for any recco's you may list. Elf, Kat
  4. I should have posted this long before. Given the current political climate, I know there are people who are no longer comfortable at their family gatherings. Might people with extra space/food be interested in getting matched up with members with similar political and food leanings? Some of the most stress free holiday meals I've attended were potlucks with friends. We can probably squeeze 2 in for Thanksgiving, but since we're Jewish, we're happy to host for an alternative Xmas day dinner if people are interested. Ours is a non-smoking, meat-eating cat-free home, with extremely liberal politics. We don't care what your religion is as long as you're tolerant, love good food, and don't reek of perfume or patchouli (makes me sneeze like crazy). All normal food allergens are present. I have a crustacean allergy but people can bring food with them, just label it please. Standard poodles present, dog hair tumbleweeds are not. We will try really hard to work with your pronouns; our chowpup is transgender (and how'd he get to be 18 already?).
  5. Thank you to all our members, and Merry Christmas to everyone. If anyone is alone, sick, or just plain lonely today, please write me, either via PM, or by emailing donrockwell@dcdining.com. If you're in crisis, please call me at (202) 630-DINE, and leave a message - I'll call you back as soon as I possibly can. You're never alone as long as I'm here. "Love" can have many connotations, and I want you all to know that I love you very much, and for those of you who are suffering today - for whatever reason - I would be honored to have the chance to help you. Cheers, Rocks
  6. Recommendations for dining on Christmas Day in Old Town? Have been unsatisfied with everything apart from Charthouse past years.
  7. I really enjoyed the conversation around pumpkin beers that we have had for the past few months, and I thought we could just carry this into the new line of seasonal beers, the Christmas Ale. My first Christmas Ale was probably Delirium Noel, and as opposed to Pumpkin beers, I was instantly in love with the style. It was malty and spicy, and was somehow a perfect drink on a cold night. This was close to fifteen years ago, yet I still get excited when the Christmas beers start trickling onto the shelves. I went to Total Wine this week to put together my first Xmas beer collection, and here's what I picked up. Christmas Ale - St. Bernardus - This is the brewery that supposedly makes the same recipe as Westvleteren, but without the secrecy or cool monk backstory. I don't think I've ever had any of their beers, but am excited to try this one. Santa's Little Helper 2013 - Mikkeller (link to 2012 bottling) - Mikkeller is the gypsy brewery owned by to friends from Denmark. Each of their beers is brewed at someone's else brewery, some with collaboration and some just by Mikkeller. Here's the wikipedia page for more info, Mikkeller. This is a Belgian Dark Ale, so I'm assuming it's close to the Delirium in style. Delirium Noel 2013 - Brouwerij Huyghe - And back to the beginning for me. I hope this lives up to my memory, since it's probably been five years since I've had this. My memories of it are of gingerbready goodness with some orange peel and cloves. I wonder if the craft beer explosion and the amount of amazing beers available now will relegate this to the back of the pack. And finally I have two localish stouts that I've been aging for a year that I'm interested to try against this year's batches. I've found that I like my stouts, especially the high alcohol content ones, with a little bottle age. It mellows them out, and really brings the flavors forward. Gingerbread Stout - Hardywood Park Craft Brewery - This beer is what put Hardywood on the map, scoring a perfect 100 from the Beer Advocate boys (and a 96 from the field). I was able to get one bottle from the 2012 offering, but rumor around Richmond is that they upped production and it should be a little easier to find this year. So I haven't had it yet, but am very much looking forward to it. Silent Night - Mother Earth Brewing - I'll admit that I had a bottle of this a few months ago, and it blew everyone away. Unfortunately I didn't take any notes and don't really recall what people really liked about it. I do have another bottle of the 2012 batch, and hopefully I can get a 2013 bottle to compare it to. I know everyone has their favorites, so I'm hoping we can have another conversation in this thread about this season's offerings. Happy Drinking, Eric (And Yes, I get the irony of VikingJew loving Xmas ales, I just haven't been impressed with the Potato Latke Porters out there.)
  8. Unlike Thanksgiving, which is always a foodie ordeal, Christmas is generally relatively low key. Younger son Nick's birthday is on the 23rd, we always have a feast Christmas eve, so by the time Christmas Day rolls around we are kind of partied out. This year, even more so, because younger son is dating a woman whose family is in Charlottesville, so they will celebrate Christmas here on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day in C'ville. Today, Christmas Eve, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, gravy, and braised little onions, the family version of old reliable. Some kind of green vegetable, I am leaning toward escarole, others are suggesting broccoli. Might compromise on broccolini/asparation. Will attempt gluten free brioche again, this time with Thomas Keller's recipe and his Cup4cup flour. Tomorrow, older son can have leftovers and I will roast a duck. Nobody but me and my husband like duck, but what the heck, it's a three rib roast beef, 8 pounds of beef, there will be lots of leftover roast beef, etc. What are your family traditions? Or, are you doing something different this year?
  9. Anyone know of a good list of what restaurants and bars are open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? For instance, I know the Passenger is closed Christmas Eve, but Hogo and Mockingbird Hill (for instance) will be open, and on Christmas Day Ragtime opens at 8 PM. This year I'm sans family for the most part over those two days (parents are visiting over the weekend, brother will be at in-laws Xmas day, and I'm working the 24th and the 26th) so I'm hoping to get out of the house and have some fun. (To be honest, I'm quite looking forward to it.) EDIT TO ADD: I do know of Washingtonian's brunch list, but most of those aren't up my alley. I did just see this on DCist: http://dcist.com/2013/12/restaurants_open_on_christmas_day.php
  10. On December 6 - 7, 2013, The Campagna Center will hold the 43rd Annual Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend and Parade, in partnership with The Saint Andrew's Society of Washington, D.C. and the City of Alexandria. A tradition that honors Alexandria's rich Scottish heritage with a variety of activities to ring in the holiday season, the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend generates much-needed financial support for our programs. The event is consistently ranked by the Southeast Tourism Society as one of the top 20 events in the South and regularly draws nearly 30,000 attendees. Activities include: A Christmas Marketplace featuring unique holiday gifts. Apply To Be A Vendor Here Heather and Greens sales with wreaths and garlands to fit every budget. Coming soon! Deck the Halls with Santa children's party. Purchase Tickets Here The Taste of Scotland, which begins with Patron Pub, a complete top-shelf tasting menu that includes various rare scotches. Purchase Tickets Here Annual Parade with pipe and drum bands and representatives of over 100 Scottish clans. Apply To March Here Annual Holiday Home Tours. Purchase Tickets Here The Campagna Center, Alexandria's leading not-for-profit organization, equips children and families with a comprehensive set of tools they need to thrive and succeed. Since 1945, we have served the community by offering a range of programs that foster a dedication to learning among children, youth, and adults. Over 1,700 children and families took advantage of our services on a daily basis last year. I happen to be the Events Donation Chair for the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend, and our two other major fundraising events. I know many of you get asks all the time from very worthwhile charities to make donations. I would absolutely love a donation to one of our events if you would be interested, donation big or small, monetary or in-kind. This is an organization that has been in Alexandria providing critical services to the community for almost 70 years, all the money raised at this events goes back into their programs. I can send you the information about the publicity you get for giving a donation, please just PM me with your email address. And a big thank you to some of the members on here who consistently support the Campagna Center.
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