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Found 21 results

  1. College Park Senegalese restaurant Koité Grill has expanded to Silver Spring, opening in the former home of Abol Ethiopian Restaurant at 8626 Colesville Road: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/silver-spring/koite-grill/
  2. In this post, I justifiably poked fun at the sports media for proclaiming every "next great thing" as "The [X] Jordan" - Harold Miner was "Baby Jordan," Tamir Goodman was "Jewish Jordan," etc. Len Bias could have been the next Michael Jordan, and was quite possibly the only player I've ever seen in my life who was *that good*. Like when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, I remember exactly where I was, and exactly what I was doing, when I heard the news of Len Bias's tragic death - the two events happened only six-months apart. To young people today: I realize it's premature to even infer such a thing, but Len Bias was one of the greatest college basketball players I've ever seen. When he was drafted by the Boston Celtics, and then died from an overdose of crack cocaine, none other than Red Auerbach (who said he'd been planning for *three years* to draft Bias for the Celtics), said the city of Boston had not been so shocked since the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Larry Bird, who had urged the Celtics to select Bias, and who had uniquely made plans to attend the Celtics' rookie camp to work with him, said, "It's horrible. It's the cruelest thing I ever heard." At 6'8", Bias was bigger and stronger than Jordan, and had everything you could possibly ask for in someone of that height. He had no weaknesses that couldn't have been fixed in short order, and when I'm in my old age, I will be telling this same story. Len Bias had all the tools he needed to be one of the greatest basketball players who ever lived. It isn't so much that he would have been the *next* Jordan; it's that he would have been Jordan's primary competition: Just as we had Bird and Magic, we would have had Jordan and Bias - he *was* *that* *good*. "Remembering Len Bias 30 Years After His Death: 'He Was It.'" by Cindy Boren on washingtonpost.com
  3. I read the WaPo article about this place Friday and, since I was working from home that day anyway, and am on the hunt for Shaanxi-style food, ran there to get carryout before the storm hit. The place is brand new (the sign for the old eatery is still up), and although not fancy is clean and looks nice. The menu isn't that large, it seems mostly the "burgers" rou jia mo and noodles. The service was very friendly, and we quite enjoyed the food we had. The noodles were all strongly flavored (a good thing, imho) with noticeable heat without being too spicy. the texture of the noodles themselves was average, not particularly chewy, and the noodles had less vegetables in them than the pictures in the post. We had: --Liang pi noodles--different than the ones I remembered from Xian (which seemed to have a more sesame based sauce, and more vegetables) and even from the picture in the Post-- these were noodles coated with a red/orange spicy, slightly creamy sauce, with a few things that looked like croutons tossed in (they were soft and chewy). spicy and flavorful. --Hot oil noodles--These are quite similar to Peter Chang's grandma noodles, but--and I can't believe I'm saying this as I love the grandma noodles--these might be even better. the slightly chewy texture of peter chang's noodles is better than texture of the noodles here, but the flavor here was stronger, with a slick of vinegar or some dark sour sauce at the bottom that was great. --mung jelly in spicy sauce--these were broad noodles of mung bean jelly tossed in a not-too-spicy but flavorful sauce. the texture of the jelly was great--the ribbons were much more noodle-like and flexible than most of the jelly I've had, but they still absorbed the flavors and retained heat beautifully, which was perfect for a snowy afternoon --pork rou jia mo--I didn't try this but heard it was less strongly flavored than the noodles and quite greasy, but still good overall. One nice thing--many of the noodle dishes can be vegetarian, and they even have a vegetarian potato burger. Overall we really enjoyed the food and will definitely be adding it to the carryout rotation.
  4. Great news for University of Maryland students: our own Ferhat Yalcin, ex-GM of Corduroy, is opening Fishnet at 5010 Berwyn Road in College Park. For many years, Ferhat and I have kicked around concepts, and he has finally found his perfect location. Fishnet is planning to serve about four types of grilled (or deep-fried) fish with 4-5 homemade sauces to choose from. Most of these will come as sandwiches, and there will be some other things such as calamari, mussels, and yep - a lobster roll. He's planning to run specials such as soft-shell crab sandwich and a whole grilled dorade platter (influenced from Corduroy). Maybe fish tacos in the future, and there will also be side dishes offered. No alcohol because he's too close to the school, but homemade lemonade, small-batch sodas, and the best news of all: delivery. Look for an August opening, in time for the 2011-2012 school year. Congratulations, Ferhat! You've worked hard to get this going, and it's finally coming into place. Nobody deserves this more than you do. Cheers, Rocks
  5. I grabbed lunch here for the first time today, think it's been open for a little over a month. I haven't been to every taco joint in the district yet, but the first visit here beat every visit I've made to Taqueria Distrito Federal. I had the lengua, the carnitas, and the fish taco (daily special; tilapia). The lengua had a nice crust on it, which I've not had on lengua in the past and made for more of a roast pork belly mouthfeel, and the carnitas were properly fried and chunky, not pulled pork. The fish was not overcooked, although the fish taco as a whole had more of an earthy chili funk to it than the brightness of a Baja-style fish taco. The spiciness of the base tacos was fairly mild. They have a nice selection of salsas on the table to fix that, though. I believe the tortillas were homemade, just off the griddle. A bit apt to crack but still flexible enough to do the job, great flavor, and with the correct number of two per taco. My wife's al pastor huarache was also delicious. Taqueria Habanero on Yelp Jon
  6. From the owners of Northwest in College Park, this place is essentially Cava or Chipotle with awesome tasting Chinese ingredients, made into a "burrito" in a pancake or as a rice bowl. I can't find a website but this Diamondback article describes it pretty well. "College Park's Latest Chinese Restaurant Has Build-Your-Own Meals" by Julia Lerner on dbknews.com My lunchmates and I covered 3 proteins and 6 "side" ingredients, and other than general agreement we would skip the raw garlic next time, all were tasty. I had lamb, spicy sauce, eggplant, and bean sprouts. The lamb here is "lamby" (don't say gamy) much like it is at Northwest; I don't know what cut but it's awesome. They also have a Jones Soda fountain, which I haven't seen before. I don't drink much soda but Green Apple Jones from the tap? Sure.
  7. "Naismith Hall of Fame Finally Does Right by Lefty and Votes in Driesell" by John Feinstein on washingtonpost.com Brian Magid's Facebook Status regarding the announcement Pam Driesell's Facebook Status regarding the announcement Some insider trivia: The Driesells lived right across the street from Springbrook High School in Silver Spring, MD - I went to school with Pam since 5th grade (when they moved up here from Davidson, NC), as well as Chuck (who played for Maryland), but here's the really esoteric, insider trivia: Their house was literally right next door to the family of Harold Solomon. who is the only tennis player from Maryland ever to be ranked in the World Top 10 (excluding Fred McNair in doubles) - the Solomons (with son Harold, and daughter Shelley) were, as incredible as they may sound, the best-of-the-best in terms of Maryland Tennis - now, having been next-door neighbors (although I think the Solomons might have moved to Florida before the Driesells arrived in the early 1970s) these two families can perhaps boast the only next-door homes whose family members are in the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame (although my former tennis coach, rival, and friend, Gil Scheurholz, who was ranked #1 in the United States in the 35-and-over division for several years, has a father *and* a grandfather who are both in as well - if you ever go to Camden Yards, look on the wall - they're both in there, and I assure you that Gi III deserves to be also - he is the most devastating tennis player I have ever faced in person; not the best, but the most devastating).
  8. I grew up reading about Anthony "Jo Jo" Hunter in the Sports pages, watched him win the MVP Award in the 1976 Capital Classic, and then had season tickets to the University of Maryland games, where he was a minor star, but never reached his full potential. Sometime in 2007 - "Set Him Free! - The Jo Jo Hunter Story" by Ryan Thorburn on dcbasketball.com Jan 16, 2013 - "The Comeback" by Dave McKenna on grantland.com Is this true?! If so, why haven't I heard *anything* about it? The only reason I found it is because I was doing some research to start a thread about Hunter. I'm not sure I believe it, because I can't find anything else about it, anywhere. Can anyone verify that Jo Jo Hunter is still with us? I would NOT assume the above link is true, as I cannot find *any* confirmation of it, and the local basketball community would have chimed in. <--- NOT true Notice also that the numeric date on that website says 5/23/2017, but the written date says April 23, 2017 - given that I cannot find anything else about it, this almost looks like one of his friends was playing a joke on him (maybe someone beat him in one-on-one on that date, and was taunting him?) More importantly, note that Hunter was absolutely not born in 1962 - if he played in the 1976 Capital Classic, he was born in the late 1950s: I can promise that he's older than I am, and I was born in 1961.
  9. I watched Albert King all 4 years in college. His freshman year was Hunter’s sophomore year. The entire team underperformed. King and the team improved in subsequent seasons. But he clearly was overhyped—-as are many players out of high school. The Lebron’s and Jordan’s come around very infrequently regardless of what the writers write
  10. This one is in the running for strangest location. Turn in to the Seven Springs Apartment complex on Cherry Hill Road, drive back past several high rise buildings until you reach the large central pond/rec center, and look for the apartment building facing the pond that has a neon "OPEN" sign in one of the small windows at the garden level. This is the "mall" for the large complex, including a convenience store and this small Jamaican cafe. We parked with no problems in the nearby parking area, although a sign at the complex entrance says that permits are required. The cafe consists of maybe half a dozen small tables, a counter with stools along one wall, and a large sofa presumably for folks waiting for carry-out. There is a glass case that seemed to house a small selection of baked goods - late Saturday night, they were down to lemon cake, but I think they sometimes have various cupcakes as well. The menu is relatively brief but wide ranging. They have a selection of breakfast items including both standard fare such as pancakes as well as jerk chicken omelets and ackee & saltfish. The lunch/dinner menu includes several jerk options, oxtail stew, cow foot stew, several varieties of wraps, pasta with a Jamaican twist, and salads (including jerk chicken salad). There are multiple vegetarian options, including pastas and stews. The service was extremely friendly. After placing our orders, we were given small mugs with complimentary samples of an off-menu multi-bean soup which was very tasty. Our dishes came out a short time later, delivered in person by the chef. I ordered the jerk chicken with sides of plantains and curry cabbage. The chicken was very juicy and tender with a flavorful sauce, mildly spicy. The curry cabbage was on the spicier side with a strong curry flavor; the plantains were thinly sliced and were cooked differently than I usual - possibly roasted or baked? I also tried a small piece of a friend's sweet and sour chicken, which seemed to be fried chicken in a tangy sauce, not dissimilar from what you might find at a Chinese restaurant. The jerk style is different here than at, say Just Jerk (which has a big grill) - there, you get a quarter chicken that is very distinctly grilled. This chicken here was more tender and with a clarity of the jerk seasonings but less of a strong grilled taste. There are a number of interesting items on the menu, so I will probably be back to check out more of them (hmmm, oxtail stew...), the full menu can be found on their website: http://www.unforgettableflavors.com/ The cafe is closed Sunday and Monday. Bathrooms are in the hallway, you will need to ask for a key. There was also a writeup last summer in the Washington Post, which I completely missed as it was in the Going Out Guide.
  11. As a Terp, I spent a lot of time eating at a place called Ratsies on the corner of Route 1 and Knox, I believe. It's a pizza joint -- decent 'za, calzones, etc. I think I spent the majority of my time there devouring something called "Fried Balls"...not sure I actually liked them -- just liked saying I ate them. (to be clear, they're fried dough with powdered sugar -- not some weird sorority task)
  12. Bubble Mix got sold, and reopened between semesters as Yami Yami. They still have good bubble, and also offer a few sushi rolls and salad bowls- typical college fare. I prefer their bubble to the CPK Ten Ren- I will frequently go to TR for food and around to Yami Yami for bubble.
  13. I didnt know PitaPlus was opened whenever i stop in at the greek place next door Pita Plus is always closed and it has an abandoned look. How do the gyros at Greek Deli Express compare with Pita Plus in College Park?
  14. When I was a student at UMCP, we would sometimes walk a little up Rt 1 to Jerry's pizza, which as I recall was next to a tire shop. Now that section of Rt 1 in College Park alternates between seedy old liquor stores and shiny new high-rise buildings with retail on street level. NuVegan is located in one of these newer buildings, immediately adjacent to campus, and entertainingly direct neighbor to a burger joint. This is the second store in a mini-chain, with sister location Woodlands Vegan Bistro on Georgia Ave in Columbia Heights. The menu has a short list of entrees (always available), a long list of cold sides (always available), and a short list of hot sides (rotating availability), plus a few sandwiches. There are also smoothies with four different bases (almond, soy, hemp, or rice milk). Many of the entrees are vegan versions of non-vegan dishes, such as mac 'n cheese, lasagne, burgers, fish sandwish, and fried chicken. I am neither vegan nor vegetarian, and I am not inclined to eat fake cheese items, at least not where cheese is a central ingredient (lasagne, mac n cheese, grilled cheese). However I do sometimes enjoy fake meats, so I chose the "chick'n" tenders and a side of "mushroom medley". The chick'n was actually pretty well done, not completely identical to real chicken, but the texture was pretty close and the flavor was even closer. It would have been nice if the chick'n tenders were served with a side of some kind of sauce, but oh well. I think this would be a good choice for a non-meat-eater who might be jonesing for some fried chicken. The mushroom medley however was really subpar. It was described as a cold dish of "buttons and portobellos infused with a light oil dressing". Instead, it was at least 60% bell peppers swimming in an oily lake of what seemed like some kind of salad dressing (Italian maybe?). Any flavors were completely overpowered by the dressing, it was way too oily, and ugh, bell peppers. My vegetarian companion ordered bbq tofu with a side of broccoli. This was giant pieces of tofu again swimming in a thick lake of bbq sauce (I didn't try it, but it looked similar to Kraft bbq sauce) and large florets of plain steamed broccoli. NuVegan has counter service with odd seating. The tables in the center of the restaurant are high, round, and on the small side. Each table is surrounded by built-in tiny stools. Perhaps the uncomfortable seating is meant to deter college students from loitering for hours. Anyway, I think the main strength is in some of the meat replacement items. Non-dairy shakes/smoothies (did not try) can also be good for those with dairy issues. However, this place isn't going to end up in my regular semi-local rotation, unless eating with others who have serious dietary restrictions. Their website says: "Our Mission..... Become the motivating force that sparks a movement towards global awareness by redefining the perception of vegan cuisine.", but I'd rather they focused on good tasting food.
  15. Next to 7-Eleven and across the street from the main shopping center in College Park is a little flourescent-lit Chinese restaurant called China Cafe. It's dirt cheap and you order from the counter, but the food is really pretty good. I got turned on to it by the City Paper food critic last semester, and they're able to do a damn fine job with their food for the prices they charge.
  16. Located in the same strip as Marathon Deli, Krazi Kebob is one of the better options for a quick bite in the area. Basically the same layout as Chipotle, but instead of tortillas you get a burrito wrapped in freshly cooked naan. You have some similar ingredients, like rice, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and corn, and sour cream, but also chickpeas, lentils, and different chutneys and sauces. Fair warning, some of the ingredients and sauces are extremely spicy, so ask if you aren't (or are) a fan. For protein, you can get chicken tikka, steak, falafel, or paneer. Everything is good and comes together well, particularly the naan. There are also burrito bowl, nacho, and naan quesadilla options.
  17. When I was a student at UMCP mumble years ago, Route 1 in College Park was a wasteland of bad pizza, worse Chinese takeout, and sticky-floor bars. Applebees and IHOP actually raised the bar when they opened, or at least that is what we thought at the time. I've avoided that strip of Rt 1 since I returned to the area a few years ago, preferring the plethora of options further north in Beltsville. Somehow ended up at Pho Thom for dinner earlier this summer, directly across Rt 1 from the CVS shopping center and neighbor to Ovo Simply Veggie. The space is fairly small - a few 2 and 4 tops near the front door, then a line of benches along the wall heading to the back, with a single row of tables fit into the narrow space. The decor is probably more upscale than the median for CP, although there is a largish tv mounted at the front of the restaurant. Service was basic but attentive. The menu includes pho, but aside from that appears to be primarily thai. I haven't tried the pho (which I can get in Beltsville easily enough), but I did try some of the thai options. On my first visit, I had the Yum Squid spicy salad, which was better than I expected - the squid was tender, and the dish was spicy (I asked for extra spice) and had clear, well-balanced flavors. I had a small taste of my friend's Pad Kee Mao - it seemed pretty decent, not as good as Nava Thai but in the upper 25% on my personal pad kee mao ranking scale. Had pad prik on my second visit - personally would have ditched the bell peppers, but it was otherwise good enough. If I want thai without driving all the way to Wheaton, or when stuck in CP for some reason, this may become a go-to.
  18. Organized by the College Park Community Foundation, we are having a beer and wine tasting here at Fishnet. It`s been great to be part of this neighborhood. They have such a great support for local businesses. Here are the details and the link: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/581558 A Taste of Spring The Board of Directors of the College Park Community Foundation invites you to "A Taste of Spring," a fundraising event featuring a unique array of beer, wine, and fine food selected by celebrated local chef Ferhat Yalcin. A Taste of Spring Sunday, April 6, 2014 4:00-7:00pm Fishnet @ 5010 Berwyn Road College Park, Maryland Sample from a spectrum of wines, beers, cider and the chef's special menu of appetizers. Connect with friends and neighbors while supporting charitable projects in the College Park community. The event will also feature a prize raffle and a survey of guests to award the distinction of Best Wine and Best Beer of the evening. A Taste of Spring is brought to you by the College Park Community Foundation, Fishnet, and the Berwyn District Civic Association. We are also celebrating the successful 2013 change to Maryland law that allowed Fishnet to obtain its license to serve beer and wine, boosting economic development in the historic Berwyn neighborhood. The 21st District delegation to the Maryland General Assembly - Senator Jim Rosapepe and Delegates Barbara Frush, Joseline Peí±a-Melnyk, and Ben Barnes - sponsored this new law. Business sponsorships are also available. For more information, please contact Richard Morrison at rmorrison@collegeparkfoundation.org. Please note that 50% of the ticket price is tax-deductible.
  19. We need a part time person (couple full or half days) to work in our kitchen. You will be directly dealing with whole fish, doing prep and some other things. There is a growth opportunity here if you like our work(we need to like your work, too). Please send your resume to info@eatfishnet.com Thanks,
  20. Not a cart, but 14th & U seem to be the happening cooridor these days. ChiDogos. (have not tried, but Vienna Beef dogs Chicago-style are the best, right?)
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