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Found 15 results

  1. If you are in need of a place to meet between DC and Baltimore- my favorite lately is House of India off Snowden River Pkwy in Columbia. I have only explored the veg side of the menu but it has all been really good. The palak paneer haunts my dreams with large pieces of paneer and creamy spinach. The channa masala and other veg entrees have been delicious as well. There is a menu for 2 that also includes naan, soup and pakora for $40 a really good deal considering entrees are about $15. The meat version is a little bit more. The staff are also very nice.
  2. "Lupa, Restaurant that Replaced Petit Louis in Columbia, To Close this Weekend after a Year in Business" by Sarah Meehan on baltimoresun.com This was in the former Red Pearl space, which was in the former Jessie Wong's Hong Kong space.
  3. I'm always on the lookout for the remote, mysterious, and dangerous parts of our world and the Darién Gap between Panama and Columbia is certainly one of them. I heard about this on NPR: Jun 22, 2016 - "Via Cargo Ships and Jungle Treks, Africans Dream of Reaching the U.S." by Carrie Kahn on npr.org Refugees from Africa are making their way through the impossibly rugged terrain and braving confrontation with FARC and drug lords. I had never thought of South/Central America as a destination for refugees from so far away. I also didn't know about the 19,000 mile-long Pan-American highway that's interrupted by this area. Anyway, check it out.
  4. Any recommendations that are new and interesting in Columbia? Went to Iron Bridge, which was lovely. Looked at the Dining Guide, but it hasn't been updated (there are repeats on the list, Iron Wine and Bangkok Garden listed twice) recently. Anyone have any suggestions? Casual-ish? Victoria still any good? S --- Victoria Gastro Pub (dracisk)
  5. Never even heard of this place until Sunday night, when I was taken there. It's a combination wine store/bar/restaurant in Columbia off Rt. 108 in a pleasant location across from a huge field. They have a menu of small plates items (with a few almost entree size things too), most of which we tried were very good. However, the main draw is, of course, the wine. Glass prices were about on par for this area, but the real deal is the bottles. Any bottle from the wall shelves around the restaurant (this is basically the entire wine list) are only $5 corkage. Prices and selection are pretty nice. After sampling a couple of glasses, we had a Torbreck 'Woodcutter's' Shiraz ($22 + $5= $27) at our server's suggestion that I thought was quite good. A couple of highlights from the small plates we tried were a pancetta and asparagus tart and a marlin steak with a chipotle-corn-cream sauce. Definitely something to consider if you're out that way for Merriweather-- or even worth a trip if you aren't.
  6. Attending the Preakness Stakes in Pimilco with family on Saturday. Looking for a post-race dinner at around 8:30 pm somewhere in the vicinity or on the way back to DC. Woodberry Kitchen is booked solid, as expected. I've never been to Mt. Washington Tavern or Nickel Taphouse. Ellicott City might be an option with Tersiguel's or the new Portalli's. But I'm a little concerned about whether French would be too upscale after spending all afternoon outside. I don't know much about Portalli's. I know parking anywhere in this area is difficult. Iron Bridge Wine Company would be nice, but it's a little out of the way and they don't have reservations available until much later at night. Something like the Kings Contrivance or the Elkridge Furnace Inn would probably be a little too stuffy for us. I've never been to G & M Restaurant, but it may be too casual on the other end of the spectrum. Any other ideas for some lively atmosphere or a somewhat historic setting near Pimilco or in a small town suburb not far from 295/95 on the way back to DC?
  7. That place is such a treat! Going to high school in Kings Contrivance, I probably ate there 4 out of the 5 weekdays for lunch! ABSOLUTELY the best Italian coldcut I've ever had! High quality meats and they heat the roll in the oven before they construct the masterpiece.
  8. This is the 6 year old reincarnation of what used to be the Last Chance Saloon, in the Oakland Mills Shopping Center on the east side of old school Columbia. It is a neighborhood pub. It is homey. Food is acceptable, but not creative. Food can be hit or miss though. Service is ok. Fairly inexpensive. Usually have 10 to 12 beers on tap. A rotating selection of maybe 50 to 100 bottled beers is good. It's cheaper than Victoria Gastro Pub. It serves booze as well, possibly unlike Frisco Taphouse. It has ample parking, unlike those two other places. Is it someplace I would seek out to dine? No. But if I want a burger, or fish & chips or a fairly decent pile of onion rings and get some good beer to catch up with friends as a sort of midpoint between Laurel and Baltimore? Sure.
  9. New kitchens come on little Gat feet. They come cooking beside Route 100 starting with lunches and then dinner's on. With apologizes to CarlS, we can announce that Robert Gadsby has unveiled a new restaurant in the heart of Howard County. His team is doing it quietly. You might say they're creeping in like the fog. The new menu kicked off today at lunch. The restaurant is Gadsby's Bar American. It's in the space that used to be -- and still has signs for -- Greystone Grill just off Rte 100 in the Columbia 100 development near Centre Park Road. You can still get directions from the Greystone Grill Web site. The transition appears gradual. The new name and new lunch menu started today. I ate a pit beef sandwich, and I loved the horseradish sauce and the raw onion. I'd never put raw onion on a sandwich, even at pit beef stands where it is a basic condiment. I love when a kitchen shows me that I'm wrong. The onion and horseradish were crunch and bite on the thin-sliced beef, and I may never eat pit beef without onion again. I'm sure it will take time for Gadsby to turn the restaurant into his own place. The bartender and a bunch of the servers seemed like long-time folks. I assume the dinner menu and signs will change over time. But even the first lunch menu says that Gadsby is going to try to do something notable. The menu looks upscale American -- starting off with burgers, po' boys, pulled pork and other standards offering tweeks and specials like my horseradish sauce. Then, it runs through more-posh items like a warm potato salad with smoked salmon, a pasta with house-made fennel sausage, and slow-cooked lamb shank with mashed potatoes, carrots and wilted greens. I ate from the nice selection of $8-9 sandwiches that makes Gadsby's an option for anyone. But they had an three-course lunch option that looks like fun -- $21 for a soup/salad, a pasta and a main plate. In the same vein, my server talked up the persimmon in one of the salads, and the lunch menu has five desserts and 14 wines. That's a place that wants to be special. It wants you to come for everything from a quick lunch at the bar to fancy meals for business or pleasure. Give 'em some time to get the place working. My sandwich was absolutely worth the visit. There will be big expectations -- especially for a $21 lunch or its equivalent. I'd love for this to be a Restaurant of Big Shoulders.
  10. Is Cafe de Paris still open? It used to be a great pretty romantic place when I lived in Columbia a few years ago. I tried calling the number on their website, 410-997-3904, to order a gift certificate for a couple moving to Columbia soon and I got nothing. Anyone know what's up? Thanks.
  11. We are meeting friends from Towson for dinner. The requirements are: somewhat halfway between, not spicy {if they want spicy foods, I know where to go}, nothing fancy or involved, nice beer/drinks wold be a plus. Nothing too heavy either. Open Mondays. There are places in the dining guide but most of the posts are old. I looked at Facci's website but it had annoying loud music and no way yo turn it off. So they are out.
  12. http://www.thealehousecolumbia.com/ With the addition of The Ale House, Columbia now has a nice selection of places really focused on their beer programs and I would venture to say that The Ale House has become my favorite. The description on their website summarizes them well: Join us for a delicious dinner, then stay for craft beers, cocktails, and live entertainment in our three indoor bars or on the spacious outdoor patio. Led by Executive Chef Juan T. Valdez, the menu offers a modern take on American classics as well as inventive new items. Equally as exciting is the impressive list of more than 50 craft beers available, including our house brand, Oliver Breweries along with a rotating selection of local and global seasonal brews. Decor is a bit commercial, but seating is ample and if you're looking to watch sports, there are a large number of flat screens placed strategically throughout. On both of my visits, the servers were friendly and for the most part efficient although there were times where our servers disappeared for periods. This last time perhaps things were a bit too efficient as our entrees were served while we were still working through our apps, but that's a relatively minor quibble. Food is good to very good, generally standard pub food but with little twists to keep things a bit interesting. Wings for instance are served with a siracha sauce that was on the spicier side our first time, and the sweeter side the second. The signature burger was well executed with an interesting twist of blue cheese, maple bacon and horseradish sauce. Mussels are available in 4 or 5 varieties. On both visits the Farmhouse mussels with pork belly, shallot, shoestring granny smith apples and thyme fennel cream were rich and nicely cooked. It's hard not to compare my experiences here with those at Victoria's and Frisco's. I can say with certainty that the food is definitely better here than at Frisco's and while it's perhaps not as creative or interesting as Victoria's, dishes are generally successful here, which isn't always the case at Victoria's when you venture outside of the well loved burgers and poutine. But the real star here is the beer program. They get huge points from me for offering all of their draft beers in either 2 or 3 sizes. Most are offered as 5 oz, 10 oz, and 16 oz pours, but a few are offered only as 5 & 12 oz pours. About half of the draft menu is dedicated to their own brews (some in conjunction with other well known local breweries like Stillwater) and for the most part are all successful. The Movember stout, which is no longer being offered (I believe I may have gotten the last pour of it this past Saturday) was a standout, as is the Draft Punk American IPA. I also enjoyed the 3 Lions Ale, a strong brown ale (not something in my normal beer repertoire) a lot on this last visit. One star from the other side of the draft list that I've enjoyed on both visits is the Lagunitas Brown Shugga. The list seems to revolve on an almost daily basis. I've been twice and on the second visit, only a week or two later, there were a lot of changes.They also have a really smart system where the next several beers that will be on tap are listed at the bottom of the menu. If a keg is kicked on a given day, it gets crossed out and the first one on the list at the bottom is automatically made available. That was actually how we ended up drinking the Brown Shugga on our first visit. One additional plus for The Ale House is the value. Prices are incredibly reasonable with most of the 5 oz pours hovering around $2.50-$2.75. The more expensive 12 oz pours seem to cap out at around $7. I can't speak to the 16 oz pours as I never ordered one and didn't pay close attention to the prices, but I did note that generally you aren't "penalized" for ordering the smaller pour of something. It isn't completely consistent, which is a bit odd, but generally the 10 oz will be twice the price of the 5 oz. This is a place you go to for the beer, but if you happen to be hungry while you're there, you can generally count on good food along with good value. Additionally service is very friendly. However, if you really want to geek out on the beers, you might be best served sitting at the bar because the real beer knowledge seems to reside with the bartenders. All in all, a place worth stopping by, especially if you live in the area.
  13. The Red Pearl has opened on the Columbia lakefront. It's a Chinese place that fills the old Jesse Wong's Hong Kong site next to Sushi Sono. I haven't been yet, but they have a Sichuan menu in Chinese and English. You may need to argue that you want authentic Chinese food. I have heard some reports that it's a pretty basic American-Chinese restaurant. But other people are getting authentic food. The menu is attached. I'd love to hear if anyone has eaten off it. REd Pearl Sichuan Cuisine-1.pdf
  14. The Thai language menu at Bangkok Garden. Thanks. I actually went to the Columbia restaurant and I was kind of disappointed -- they made a flavorful fish dish -- but it was so riddled with bones that it really detracted from my experience. That said, I'm willing to give it another go. Grazie!
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