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Found 12 results

  1. Does anyone remember Nekot? Does anyone know why they had this name? It's "Token" spelled backwards, but that's the only thing I can think of.
  2. I didn't see a thread on oreo's. I am really a sucker for the original oreo and a glass of milk. It was my cookie of choice growing up. I haven't loved a lot of the flavored Oreo's, BUT I will give a shout out to the thin salted caramel Oreo's. I think they are really good. I wanted to try birthday cake with vanilla cookie, but haven't seen it around when I grocery shop.
  3. Can anyone recommend a bakery or restaurant that makes good gift trays of cookies, doughnuts, pastries, chocolates, or any other kind snack that a group might like to receive as a gift? I'm thinking something fresh baked to eat right away rather than a gift basket of canned goods. Downtown DC in close proximity to the Capitol would be best.
  4. I know you are probably in the District, but Mom's Apple Pie Company in Herndon makes great pies. It is all they do. I don't know if they sell at any of the farmer's markets but you may want to call them. They are seriously good. Moms Apple Pie Co.
  5. We're having a cookie party with some neighbors this weekend. Do any Rockwellians have any killer cookie recipes they'd like to share? Thanks
  6. I've had two different chocolate-chip cookies within the past week: Upon check-in, Hilton Hotels give guests warm Chocolate Chip Cookies. I don't know if these are Tollhouse or not, but boy there sure are delicious and refueling after a long, tiring day of travel. More importantly, a dear friend baked me a few traditional Tollhouse Cookies for my ride back. These were made using Nestle Semisweet Morsels as opposed to what she usually makes, with Ghiardelli Unsweetened Baking Chocolate, as I wasn't the only recipient. Are there any opinions as to what, exactly, a "proper" Toll House Cookie is? And must it involve Nestle, or did they piggy-back onto an already popular trend?
  7. I was unaware that such tyrannical wrecks roam the earth. "6 Girl Scout Cookies You Thought You were Getting but Aren't" by Rong-Gong Lin II, Jon Schleuss, and Rosanna Xis on graphics.latimes.com (the end of the video is laugh-out-loud funny) "The Crazy Truth About Samoas vs Caramel Delites" by Kelly Hanelt on babble.com Oh my God, we're on the border and subject to gerrymandering:
  8. Apparently New Yorkers go nuts for these hockey puck sized cookies. It's a good cookie, I would even call the oatmeal raisin a very good cookie. Would I line up for one? Probably not. I guess you can consider Levain to be the Georgetown Cupcake of New York City cookie stores. Levain Bakery Upper West Side and Harlem
  9. Since this past weekend was a super special weekend for me (I feel blessed Easter happened around the same time), I decided to treat myself, visit New York and explore bake shops and coffee shops (separate thread soon). For bakeries, here are my observations: Chelsea Empire Cake. I love the clean lines of the font of the storefront and interior design. I also like how they have so many different types of cake and baked goods to choose from. I only purchased one slice of their chocolate cake to sample. The cake traveled well from NY to DC, since I didn't eat it until the next day, and I loved the chocolatey goodness without it being overly sweet. The only slight downfall is that it was a teeny bit on the dry side, but I would still go back to buy their cakes and try their wares. Fat Witch. This is inside the famous Chelsea Market. I bought two mini brownies ($1.75 a piece) and one "Wicked" brownie (with green sprinkle sugar, after the musical - around $3). I haven't had these yet, but the locals I asked really love this place and I really liked the sample I tasted. The shop is really small, but I love whoever designed their logo. East Village Milk Bar. The East Village location is right around the corner from the noodle bar and right across the street from Ssam. One can walk right past it without you knowing it's there. The main design downfall is that it's tiny and no public washroom to use. The main flavor downfall is what others have posted in this forum: it is simply too sweet. I tried the chocolate cake truffles where the first ingredient listed is sugar. That should have clued me in, but nonetheless, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. And I was fussy, but of course, in a bad way. I also didn't like the cornflake chocolate chip cookie for two reasons: 1. It was too sweet as well, and 2. It was too gimicky. Sweet snacks should be simple, no fuss and delish. This place strays from all three in my book. Hell's Kitchen (Theatre District border) Donna Bell's Bake Shop. I stopped here after seeing Avenue Q at the New World Stages. The store is about 3/4 kitchen and 1/4 shop, but boy, what a shop! I wish I purchased more than the one piece of the pecan bar here--it has all the goodness that a good baker/eater looks for in a bar: proper shortbread (okay, it may have been a little too buttery), not too terribly sweet, but just gooey enough (a good use of honey in this case) with a healthy helping of pecans atop. I scarfed it down when I got back to DC. It also traveled well. I definitely can't wait to explore places others have posted in the "Mother Thread" as well.
  10. I entered my brown butter pecan shortbread cookie recipe in the 2013 Los Angeles Times Annual Cookie Bake-Off. Out of 250 entries, mine was selected to be in the Top Ten. The recipe appeared in today's Times. (December 21, 2013) crunch!
  11. We will be celebrating our youngest daughter's 2nd birthday in a couple of weeks and are doing a Cookie Monster theme. My wife is making the cake. However, we were thinking of doing cookies as a party favor. Does anybody know where I can get about a dozen cookies iced/decorated to look like Cookie Monster? We don't have the time to do them ourselves. Northern Virginia area preferred, please!
  12. I'm tempted to put this in the New York forum, but my goodness, what cookies these are. A sample pack of three chocolate chip cookies was dropped off from the Fancy Food Show preview, and these are as good as any packaged chocolate-chip cookies I can ever remember having enjoyed. It took such enormous love to offer Matt the third one from the pack that one day, I hope he looks back and realizes just what I did for him. Has anyone else tried these, and do you think they're as good as I do? I could easily and happily eat 100 of them, and they are probably 3-4 inches in diameter, so they're not that small. Fantastic, earth-shattering, and worth any possible weight gain incurred. Cheers, Rocks
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