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Found 22 results

  1. So I am trying to think of meals that I can make to stock my SIL's freezer as she and my BIL are having a baby soon. I freeze a lot of items- mainly when I have an excess of items, but don't necessarily freeze a lot of whole meals, as I don't have a huge freezer. What are your favorite frozen meals you make for you, or take for others? I was trying to think of things that were satisfying, but I could also make somewhat healthy, these are the ideas I came up with: Tamales, chicken and veggie enchiladas, lasagna, whole wheat waffles, green mac and cheese, stuffed shells, soup- maybe like
  2. Ok, so an odd question- I was maybe a bit, uhh, ambitious in my purchase of frozen Bao Buns at the Lotte. I now have quite a number. And I have found, when I put them in the instant pot for the number of minutes they say to steam them- that when they come out, they are of course annihilate your mouth hot, but when they cool to the point you can eat them, I feel they have lost some of their texture and the skin becomes too firm on the outside due to drying, and I feel like there should be some way to temper this. I am looking for a solution as I would like to make the rest of them for my fam
  3. You know those times when you are invited to a party and you just feel like showing off just a little... not a lot, not like this took REAL effort, but just a little, like an oh I just whipped this up. What do you make? (I am going to a neighborhood block party Friday, and it will be the first one we have ever gone to in our new neighborhood, and I feel the need to just be a bit... extra. Not over the top, just a resounding, yeah I can cook kind of dish. I am trying to decide- do I make some homemade bread and then a simple spread for it, do I make a dip (I really like this roasted
  4. People who love to Eat are always the Best people , Katt Hull In an effort to connect all the dots, I have included a link to a page I manage on FB. The interaction on that platform isn’t as nearly interactive as I would like, but rather a peak inside my adventures in food. I chose to name the page after a quote that completely resonates with me. People who love to eat are always the best People. I knew from an early age , I was different from the rest. I watched cooking shows instead of cartoons. I sought out cookbooks in old bookstores and found a sense of home in those dusty pa
  5. I got some butternut squash "noodles"/ spirals. I was planning when I make pasta for hubby to use them instead of pasta for me. I assume I should steam them. I bought a cheap spiralizer previously, but it didn't make good ribbons, but now they are easy enough to buy at the grocery, and my kitchen is so small- I don't worry about it. How do you prepare and use vegetable noodles? Do you have recipes that you like? What are good flavor combinations?
  6. So I have some extra serrano chiles. I bought a big package to make salsa verde, which I did. I am going to use two of them to make a chicken curry. But I still will have about 6-8 of them. I could go get more tomatillos or some tomatoes and make salsa. Anything else I should do with them instead? I don't cook with serrano much.
  7. Cute article. Made me tear up a bit. I think most of us Indian-Americans can relate very closely to this. Same for me - only fast food til I went to college. Hated Indian food. And then .. suddenly came home, and it tasted so good. And haven't stopped dining/cooking/eating it ever since.
  8. So the SO and I like to cook a lot at home, and we'd like to get into grinding our own spices as needed. However, I haven't had much luck finding someone locally (I don't mind an online retailer if it's reasonably priced). Any recommendations? Also, if anyone can recommend a reasonably priced manual burr grinder, that is also of interest to us. Right now we're using the electric blade grinder, and it's somewhat inconsistent.
  9. Hello fellow DR'ers, My BIL is getting married, and my MIL is having an engagement party for him and his bride-to-be in Charlottesville on Labor Day weekend. There are going to be about 40 people. She has asked me to help with all the food, which I think I an perfectly capable of doing. I will have a few days to prep and make food with some help from my MIL and I can also make my hubby and SIL help too. I kind of/sort of have a menu that my MIL and I are conceptualizing. I need some help on quantities, other menu ideas, and if there are better places to source certain things, tips on
  10. I have looked at numerous recipes and I can't quite seem to figure out what condiments are put on a bahn mi, some people seem to put a fish sauce mayonnaise mixture, others put a fish sauce mixture, Charles Phan who I like his food does mayo on one side, soy sauce sprinkled in the sandwich. What condiments do you use for your sandwich dressing?
  11. Good Morning everyone, For the past few years, many of you have asked me when I was going to demonstrate a class. Well I am happy to announce my latest project. The Stratford University School of Culinary Arts have asked me to teach a monthly based cooking class at their school. And after a phone conversation with the dean of the university, I am happy to announce that I will be holding my first cooking class on Valentines Day. Please sign up to learn how to cook a 5 course dinner menu featured with wine tasting and followed by music and social hour at the University's banquet room. I only
  12. With apologies if this topic already exists but couldn't find it with a search using highly complex and proprietary methods Great shop owned by a wonderful European couple which has been open almost two years. Just a few storefronts north of La Tomate, the store has a wonderful and thoughtfully-chosen selection of a wide range of products from Greece, Italy and around the Med. Vinegars, cheeses, pastas, coffee, some refrigerated lunch or dinner items and some really wonderful honeys including one (Stayia) from a small Greek producer only available here and at Bread Furst, who get it from
  13. This weekend is my family reunion. I am going to make banana cake and pepperoni rolls for eating there at the reunion. BUT the second part of our reunion we have an auction to raise money for a scholarship for the family. I am going to take canned pickles (dill and b&b ) and a can of salsa. I am trying to think of other things I could either buy or make that might be a hit at the auction. My family is full of pretty good cooks, and they also like to eat, so I think something I make could raise a little money. I have also thought about buying some neat things and putting them into a b
  14. Having an discussion and would love to hear educated guesses by this educated group viz the following questions: 1) What percent of people who "cook" seriously, "bake" seriously? Some people are definitely big bakers, and you rarely see them spending hours reducing a stock, spatchcocking a chicken or smoking home-cured bacon. Others -- like me -- spend a lot of time on the range top but - while they can bake competently in a pinch -- just don't see it a a primary focus. I suppose there is a third group that is culinary ambidextrous. Given a free Saturday afternoon, they're equally likely
  15. "La Meilleure Boulangerie de France" segue - hilarious. Shows from "La Meilleure Boulangerie de France" on channel M6.
  16. Good Evening Everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that my next event will be held on October 18, 2013 Please Follow the link below to RSVP Thank you and see you at my table. https://www.facebook.com/events/1421069878113869/
  17. Please Join us this Friday night. Please reserve your tables now. Follow the link below for more info, https://www.facebook.com/events/463181637122816/
  18. Hi Rockwellians! I am writing to introduce you to Arcadia's new membership program. We have some of the greatest chefs in the area (and a few from outside the area) donating their time and talents to teach Master Courses and host special dinners to benefit Arcadia. The classes are open to our members first at a discount, and then to the public. (And members get cool swag! t-shirts, high quality farmers market totes, autographed copies of Forrest Pritchard's book, "Gaining Ground," plus invites to members only pop-up events around town) Here's the link to the classes, and you can navigate
  19. I realized today that I spend an enormous amount of time in my kitchen. And I'm glad of that because good food is one of the most important things in my life. But a lot of the work that's done in the kitchen is not celebrated, it's just background noise. Like, for instance, right now I'm shelling and deveining shrimp, one of my least favorite kitchen tasks. So, I choose my shrimp recipes very carefully -- I do not want to waste my efforts on a bad recipe. I know we have threads on what we're simmering, what we're baking, what we made for dinner, lunch and breakfast. I don't think we have a th
  20. Please join me as I have designed a very cool prefix menu for Amoo's event "Culinary Journey From Tehran To Memphis". This menu is a collaboration of fine Persian Cuisine and Memphis style BBQ. Please note that a reservation is required to ensure table guarantee. See you at Amoo's!~ Please follow the link below to reserve your tables now!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/292204857588250/
  21. Good Afternoon to the wonderful community of Mr. Don Rockwell's website and happy Saturday everyone! As many of you may know that my restaurant has been getting a lot of attention lately and I feel truly blessed. I am so content with everything that has been happening to Amoos that I feel like there's not enough hours in my day to keep growing and move faster. So as my way of appreciation, I am posting my own personal sea bass recipe that we served as a special for dinner few weeks back and it was a huge hit. I also cooked this dish for a friends birthday BBQ that everyone seemed to enjoy.
  22. What's a food nerd to do for entertainment after a satisfying meal? How about watching some webinars on food chemistry, and the science behind cooking, brewing, and taste perception, brought to you by the friendly lab-coated folks at the American Chemical Society? http://acswebinars.org/food-chemistry http://acswebinars.org/category/joy-of-science/food-chemistry http://acswebinars.org/category/joy-of-science/culinary-chemistry
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