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Found 10 results

  1. Wanted to announce that we just opened Crane & Turtle on Upshur Street in Petworth. CRANE & TURTLE is a chef-driven, neighborhood restaurant that celebrates the marriage of Chef Makoto Hammamura's great passions"”Japanese and French cooking. Chef worked with Eric Ziebold for 6 years at CityZen and we are excited to be able to showcase his talents. We are open Tuesday - Sundays starting at 5pm. See you all in Petworth! Paul Ruppert Owner, Crane & Turtle www.craneandturtledc.com
  2. After a spectacular sail last Friday we docked at Ferry Point Marina to explore their restaurant the Point Crab House. At 3pm happy hour was booming as it was one of the first really nice days out and they open garage doors onto the water. We each had a "Backyard Lemonade" to go as it was so crowded we decided to retreat back to the boat for snacks and return for dinner. Drinks were really good and I can see why many folks were downing these as well as the many types of crushes they make. At this time the parking lots was a zoo and a line was forming for the privilege of waiting to eat and drink. Arriving by boat is much better. We were seated outside for dinner and were entertained by folks thinking the pilings are optional to hit when docking their boat. Usually no boat damage but bruised egos from folks who should know better. We each had Crab Cakes and they were spectacular. All lump with no discernible filler. I'm a crab cake lover and one was enough. Certainly compares favorably to Cantlers and Mikes and I think the Point had the best crab cake.
  3. Looks like the old Thai Peppers restaurant in Alexandria (on King Street near the metro) is going to be an Ernie's Original Crab House - at least according to the permits/notices posted in their window. Anyone ever tried Ernies'? I think there used to be one in the Fairlington area on Fern Street, but that was years ago.
  4. Two friends and I went to Quarterdeck last night in Arlington. A 30 minute wait around 5:30 pm and lots of reservation flags on several tables. The Quarterdeck is nowhere near water and when all the SUVS and other cars pull up you can't see the Washington Monument or Iwo Jima either. The restaurant itself is warm and cozy and a feels like a throw-back to days long gone. The jukebox in the bar was stacked with 50's and 60's hit and had about 100 credits on it so I loaded it up with Jackie Wilson, Gene Chandler and the like. We down a pitcher or two of the $10 Miller Lite pitcher waiting for the table. No fancy brews here but some foo-foo frozen daquiris on the menu. A few forewarnings about Quarterdeck. First, if anyone at the table has all you can eat -- then everyone at your table has all you can eat. My friend asked if two more friends could join us later and sit just for drinks. The server explained that the friends would be charged for AYCE if they sat at our table otherwise they would have to sit in a different section with a different server. A bit off putting indeed. In fairness when we called ahead we were told about this policy. The AYCE crabs come only with baskets of fries, no hushpuppies, no corn, no potatoes. No corn or hushpuppies available, period. Also, Old Bay is not used to season the crabs, a salty, chip-like knock-off version is used instead and IMHO was not as tasty. The crabs however are wonderful. Several tables around us ordered Jimmies and they were huge. So big I did a double-take several times questioning whether or not these were Maryland crabs. They were and they were beautiful. Our AYCE crabs were small but delectable. The meat was warm, juicy, flavorful, fantastic. We ordered a dozen at a time and stopped at three rounds. It was fun to watch the families, couples, military folks, etc. around us. A little girl got scared when a bee swarmed around the table and jumped back. Her father smashed the bee with the mallet and then all surrounding tables laughed when he commented about whether or not he would use it to finish his platter. The AYCE price was $30/person. I regretfully did not get the price for crabs by the dozen. All in all wonderful crab, quite lacking on ambience, service and frills. A decent place for those without a car looking for somewhere local in the city. We were torn between here and Dancing Crab and decided to give a new place a try.
  5. Hey Guyz, Has anyone been to Cappy Crabs yet?? It seems Johnny Spero from Minibar is the chef?? How was it??
  6. not wanting to schlep all the way out to Annapolis yesterday we gambled and went to Steamer's crab house in Bethesda - when we walked in the place was empty and no staff were visible - just as we were about to leave the sole waiter/manager hustled upstairs apologizing profusely so we decided to stay.....and boy are we glad we did......prices were $50/60/70 for medium large, x-large respectively and we decided on a dozen large....they were huge and heavy, the meat was sweet and plentiful, so much so that by the time we were done I was stuffed to the gills, something that hardly ever happens when I eat crab....I've never really heard of this place but it was worth every penny yesterday
  7. Lady Kibbee and I dined at The Narrows on Friday night. We went mostly on the recommendations concerning their crabcakes, and those recommendations were spot-on. But there was much more to like. This is a very good seafood restaurant too, not just a crab house. For starters, Lady Kibbee had the mussels and i had the gazpacho with crab meat. The mussels were one of the down notes of the meal, somewhat fishy and gritty. But the gazpacho was excellent, with a generous pile of crab in the middle. The bread basket was fresh and warm, and one of the selections was a sweet brown bread with nuts and raisins that was really nice. The mains included the aforementioned crab cakes, and The Narrows had decided to make available a crab cake, a sauteed soft shell and a pile of fried oysters, all of the specialties of the kitchen, on one platter for $44. I went with that, and Lady Kibbee did the swordfish special. I really loved the crab cake, although it was slightly smaller than some of the signature crab cakes in this area. But it was all lump crab and seasonings, with no filler. The soft shell was also good, but the fired oysters were heavy on the oil. Next time, I'll stick with the crab cakes and eschew the distractions. The sword fish was fresh and cooked competently, so I surmise that the kitchen knows a thing or two about seafood cooking. I ordered a bottle of Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay '08 for $40. Out came an '09 but I didn't balk. Service was very good. Overall value was so so, but I suspect Kent Island is on the pricy side of the spectrum. I wouldn't call this a destination or worth a detour, but if I'm on Kent Island again in the future, this is where I'll have another meal.
  8. Louisiana crab cakes have nothing in common with Maryland lump crab cakes like the Narrows, etc. Perhaps interestingly Angelina's in Baltimore, for years (perhaps decades!) was considered the home of Bawlmer's best crab cakes. They actually published the recipe on their website (www.crabcakes.com). I was going to link it as part of this post but it's gone! Gone! Angelina's has new owners and not only has the food gone to Hell (I was there a couple of months ago and will not return...) but now they no longer want people to know how to CORRECTLY make the crab cakes they no longer make. Anyway, the best crab cake on earth is at the Narrows in Kent Island. I'm not a fan of G & M (actually, really dislike this place!), do like Faidley's, Stoney's in Broome Island, Captain's Galley in West Ocean City (Crisfield closed), Suicide Bridge, Waterman's (Rock Hall) and a few others. But nowhere in Louisiana for crab cakes.
  9. I need suggestions for crab shacks/houses/dives/restaurants on the water within an hour and a half of DC. Cantler's is obvious but given that it is commission weekend I am going to assume it will be crazier than normal. Capt. Billy's in Pope Creek, Md., my usual go to, only has smalls and mediums this week. What's left? --- Harris Crab House (DeanGold)
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