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Found 18 results

  1. I have to say, though I love hardshell crab, I don't care a bit for the softshell variety. It's mostly a texture thing. The not quite soft shell and the somewhat mushy interior is really off-putting to me.
  2. Brought two of my younger colleagues to dinner here last week. We were looking for a casual spot that was fairly lively and had good food. One of my colleagues read somewhere that the Mermaid Inn on MacDougal was something of a "baby bernardin", so off we went. First of all, the notion of comparing the Mermaid Inn to Le Bernardin, baby, toddler, adolescent or full grown version is crazy. Totally different set up and vibe. This is a casual restaurant with a bustling oyster bar that makes a solid effort to turn out good seafood dishes at a fair price. Our group started with "escargot style" lobster knuckles, charred Portuguese octopus and blue crab tostada. The lobster knuckle escargot were really interesting - the kitchen used a very deft hand with the garlic so as not to overpower the knuckles. I'm a sucker for any charred octopus, and this rendition was good - the hot peppers in the dish were reminiscent of Peasant's "Polpo en Purgatorio", although Peasant's version of charred octopus is superior. The tostadas were a miss - for whatever reason we didn't find a whole lot of flavor in them. My main was a yellowfin tuna with sauce gribiche - seared rare as requested and served with some local asparagus. My colleagues also enjoyed their meals, but the details have been lost toi time at this point. No dessert, but with the three entrees, three appetizers and two bottles of sancerre (blanc et rouge), we had a great time and spent well less than expected for a "nice-ish" dinner out in NY, especially for a menu featuring seafood. While our experience was at the MacDougal location, you could do worse than happen by here or one of the other locations for a quick oyster fix or casual meal.
  3. After a spectacular sail last Friday we docked at Ferry Point Marina to explore their restaurant the Point Crab House. At 3pm happy hour was booming as it was one of the first really nice days out and they open garage doors onto the water. We each had a "Backyard Lemonade" to go as it was so crowded we decided to retreat back to the boat for snacks and return for dinner. Drinks were really good and I can see why many folks were downing these as well as the many types of crushes they make. At this time the parking lots was a zoo and a line was forming for the privilege of waiting to eat and drink. Arriving by boat is much better. We were seated outside for dinner and were entertained by folks thinking the pilings are optional to hit when docking their boat. Usually no boat damage but bruised egos from folks who should know better. We each had Crab Cakes and they were spectacular. All lump with no discernible filler. I'm a crab cake lover and one was enough. Certainly compares favorably to Cantlers and Mikes and I think the Point had the best crab cake.
  4. The Cheshire Crab is like that too - driving past houses, take a right at the small sign. It is connected to a marina - last time I was there, I parked in the boat yard beneath two boats, one above the other on those giant racks, the ones that look like cubby holes but big enough for boats. My Mini Cooper looked like it could be crushed at any second beneath the hulking hulls. Have fun on your quest!
  5. In the ice rink plaza over in Ashburn, Ford's Fish Shack is the third restaurant in the same space. Food-wise, of my first try, it's already blown the previous two out of the water. One of my coworkers had gone on and on about how much he liked the fish and chips. A buddy of mine and I went there for lunch. I had the lobster roll ($17), and if you use Mark Slater's definition of how trite it may be from another thread, well, this one is NOT trite. It was DELICIOUS. The lobster was nice and firm, the roll buttery, the combination with the just right amount of dressing fantastic. It came with shoestring fries that I could've eaten pounds of. My friend got a fried fish sandwich ($9.50) - it was huge, and his only complaint a bit too heavy to combine with a beer and then go back to work on a Friday afternoon. I'm going to have to go back here a few more times to, uh, make sure the quality stays up...yeah, that's it....
  6. Trying to organize a group dinner, and got too big. Wanted to do crabs, which seemed possible to have a walk-in group of 12, but now it's 20, and don't want to risk not getting seated. Any ideas? I don't love Chart House or Blackwall Hitch, but it seems like those will be the easiest to reserve 10 days out. Thanks S
  7. I've always thought Bethesda Crab House was fabulous in-season, but I've never tried to go out-of-season. Might be worth giving them a call.
  8. "Don't Eat Dungeness Crab, California Health Department Warns" by Nanette Asimov and Paolo Lucchesi on sfgate.com
  9. Looking to pick-up some live crabs this weekend to cook at the house - maybe 2 to 3 dozen. Any good sources in the area (Bethesda) to pick some up. We used to get from Cameron's in Bethesda but they are gone.
  10. I'm writing a piece for DCist on Dungeness crab, inspired by the one I bought at whole foods on Sunday. I spoke to several distributors in Oregon and CA, who noted that everything on the east coast right now is from Alaska, since the CA, WA, and OR season is delayed and is just underway. Of the three options for buying them-- frozen, fresh, and live--the safest bet, according to them, is frozen or cooked fresh, then shipped, since the live ones allegedly need to be cooked right away so they're not listless, turning the meat bitter. Where have you bought fresh (cooked where caught and shipped, not frozen) or live in the DC area? If you have bought a live one, was the meat as sweet as you had hoped? And, do you have a weigh-in on our chesapeake crabs' flavor versus a shipped dungeness?
  11. I was curious about Wild Country Seafood after it was written up in the Washingtonian Kliman Chat. When I looked on the map it appeared to be at the Maritime Museum there by the Eastport Yacht Club. There used to be a restaurant attached to the museum that was a great place to get a crabcake. I believe it was taken out by Isabelle. So I wondered if something similar had reopened. It isn't at the museum, but it is very close. I will warn you I wouldn't want to drive a big car down Second Street in Eastport and the parking situation is pretty much, "be creative." But it was definitely an interesting place. The crabcakes didn't use lump crabmeat, but they were good- they probably sell the lump as you can sell it for more money. This doesn't really offend me, but I will say there are other places in Annapolis you can get a better crabcake. It was a perfectly acceptable and good crabcake, but I have had better. The fries were from a bag seasoned fries, but again good and perfectly acceptable- now if they had homemade MD boardwalk fries this place would be killer. Platters also came with slaw that was very tangy, but I like a tangy slaw. I was in the mood for a crabcake so Mom and I split a platter and got an extra slaw. This was the perfect amount of food for us. They also sold live and steamed crabs. Outside there were about 5 picnic tables with umbrellas. This was a very popular spot on Saturday and it was a bit slow only because of the sheer numbers. Mom and I managed to get seats indoors and the little countertop. Inside only has two counters, I think you could fit 5-6 people there max. But I would put this on the list as another spot in Annapolis to get crabs to take out or to eat there (when it is nice). They also had some very fresh fish and shellfish you could purchase there. It isn't a huge menu, but everything coming out of the kitchen looked good. I would go back and try some other things. If you are looking for crabs in Annapolis add this place to your list. They also seem to do a lot of catering for groups and parties, which is worth noting. http://www.wildcountryseafood.com/
  12. Casey's crabs does a pretty good fish and chips, too. Been awhile since I've had it though. Their price on lobsters at times is fantastic.
  13. I need suggestions for crab shacks/houses/dives/restaurants on the water within an hour and a half of DC. Cantler's is obvious but given that it is commission weekend I am going to assume it will be crazier than normal. Capt. Billy's in Pope Creek, Md., my usual go to, only has smalls and mediums this week. What's left? --- Harris Crab House (DeanGold)
  14. I'm doing my best to herd cats and get a bunch of friends and family together for my brother's birthday on Saturday. Someone in the group suggested Cantlers. I've always wanted to go, but I envisioned a hot day in August crackin crabs and drinkin beer. Would you go at this time of the year? Anything to recommend? Any pitfalls to avoid?
  15. I was heading down Route 50 from Arlington Landromat picking up my $1/pound Wash-and-Fold, and thinking I'd find some Pho. Instead, I turned right into what I believe is Willston Center (please PM me if I'm wrong), thinking I'd find something Latino (posole) or Vietnamese (Pho) for a medium-heavy, late lunch after a workout. I saw New Orleans Cajun Seafood (in the same general area as Mark's Duck House, and figured, well, why not?) This is a stark operation, dominated by an extremely long counter, and a loquacious, friendly order-taker who seemed as excited about this business as she could possibly be. She explained to me that Orlando customers come up and give her hugs when they find out this is in Seven Corners, and that they serve the best Cajun food in Orlando - this being their second outlet (I'm not sure if it's a branch or a franchise, but it might not really matter). I asked her what's best, and she named about five things ... oysters, shrimp, po boys, jambalaya, and a couple of others - this was enough for me: I combined two of them and ordered a Shrimp Po Boy ($8.50) and a Diet Coke ($1.00). I could tell the service is extremely anxious to get "the word" out, and my kind server was going out of her way to show me where everything was - the setup station, the hot sauces, the coffees for sale (which I may buy and try - how *is* Cafe du Monde?). When my sandwich arrived, she carried the foil-wrapped sub over to the setup station, grabbed me a fork and plate, and came over and served me. She could not have been more enthusiastic and wonderful - showing genuine excitement over this foray into Falls Church from Orlando. If only everyone in the industry was this enthusiastic! The po boy was large, and cut in half for manageability. After one bite, I could see it needed hot sauce (the choices are Louisiana Hot Sauce and Sriracha), and I went with the former which woke up the sandwich quite a bit, previously consisting of surprisingly good French bread, frozen deep-fried shrimp, mayo, lettuce, decent tomato, onions, and pickle. While eating the second half of the sandwich, I noticed something was missing, and it's because I forgot to add the Louisiana Hot Sauce, so there you have it. I finished every crumb, and the bill, with tip and tax, came to exactly $10.00. I left happy, sated, but not necessarily ready to race back. However, in the local Cajun trend, New Orleans Cajun Seafood is holding its own, and I suspect it would benefit from some bulk weekend orders in order to survive this fickle market. How was the po boy? It was a very good shrimp sub. Has anyone eaten at the original Orlando location? Prices seem to be about 5-10% lower there, but that's of course to be expected. Would I come here again? Sure.
  16. Here's extreme advance notice about NH's regional foods Chesapeake Bay “Crab Boil.” We're passing up Restaurant Week this year to give you this Blue Crab Special. A three-course dinner: Chilled Gazpacho followed by three steamed Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs, Virginia Little Neck Clams, sausage by a local charcuterie, poached shrimp, farm-fresh corn on the cob and bliss potatoes. Not crazy about crabs? Substitute Louisiana-style BBQ ribs, slow-cooked meaty baby backs. For dessert, you choose: Market Peach Cobbler with homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or Angel Food Cake with macerated berries. Beverages are also locally sourced. A “bucket o' beer” with brews from local breweries. Horton Viognier and Chatham Vineyard's unoaked Church Creek Chardonnay by the bottle and the glass, both highly touted Virginia wines. There's a perfect Crab gin in West Virginia's Smooth Ambler. For a long time, NH has had its eye on a summer food event showcasing Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs. It's here! Monday, August 13 through Sunday the 19th. The price for the three-course dinner is $38.00 per person; all beverages charged separately.
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