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Found 18 results

  1. I saw on Delleicious that Bakeshop DC is opening in Clarendon in the spring. Also here's the news on Bakeshop DC's website. The website says their cupcakes and cookies are available at Murky's. How are they?
  2. I confess. I love cupcakes. I especially love cupcakes from Magnolia in New York. I know what everyone says that the cake is dry and the frosting is too sweet. They make me happy. I've been trooping to the tiny Bleecker and West 11th location of Magnolia since it opened in 1996. But it is a pain to get to, the hours are lousy and the staff isn't friendly on the best of days. So I discovered Billy's Bakery in Chelsea. The cupcakes taste the same, it isn't nearly as crowded and the staff is slightly warmer. And even in the midst of the DC Cupcake craze, I make a stop for cupcakes when I'm in NY. The DC cupcakes just don't make me happy in the same way the NY ones do. Last visit, I brought a slice of cake from Billy's and let the 4 year old try it. After a few minutes his eyes grew wide and he asked if we could go to New York soon to get more cake. So New Year's Day we took a detour from our usual route home from the in-laws in CT and stopped in New York City. Billy's was closed but the Columbus Avenue location of Magnolia was open. Street parking was available right out front. There were places to sit! And no crazy lines. It was nirvana. We ate cupcakes, bought many to bring home and the 4 year old is already asking when we can go back to New York. The staff seemed to be not on the ball, but I'll chalk that up to being up way to early on New Year's Day. If there had been an open pizza joint nearby, it would have been perfect.
  3. If one were going to open a cupcake and ice cream joint in DC, could there be a better location than the same block as 2Amy's and Cactus Cantina? Carved out of what used to be half of an antiques store on Macomb St., Something Sweet is the latest contestant in DC's cupcake pageant. It's brought to you by the same people behind Jetties in Foxhall and the still-humming-along Surfside in Glover Park. In addition to the cupcakes, they also serve ice cream, though I only tried the cupcakes yesterday. Given their location, Something Sweet could probably serve turdballs as their cupcakes and still succeed with the hordes of young children dining on that block (whose parents don't realize that there's more to 2Amy's than the pizza). Luckily, they are not actually serving turdballs, but the cupcakes are unfortunately disappointing. We tried a variety pack ranging from carrot cake to mint chocolate (the special of the day on Saturday) to plain old vanilla to chocolate-on-chocolate. The cake ranged from dry (vanilla) to gummy (carrot cake) with none of them hitting exactly the right note. The icings were consistently underflavored or just poorly flavored. If you're going to charge $3 for a cupcake--roughly the going rate in the high-end DC cupcake market--I think it should be better than this. If I pay $3 for a cupcake from Baked and Wired or Georgetown Cupcake, at least I feel like I'm getting a good product. As I said, we didn't try the ice cream, and that seemed to be more popular on this day. In particular, a gaggle of teenage girls was taken with Something Sweet's version of the chipwich--a choice of ice cream flavors slathered between two large chocolate chip cookies. I'll have to go back to see if the ice cream and cookies deliver something more satisfying than the cupcakes. Something Sweet is still new, so we'll certainly be back. I'm a fan of both Jetties and Surfside, so I'm hopeful that they'll get this shop headed in the direction. I just hope they don't take their built-in market for granted.
  4. My queries aren't making the cut on Tom and Todd's respective chats, so I'll pose my question here: Where in the District can one find a good cupcake? And by good, you can presume that I don't mean the chilled, dry, overly-pasty-buttercream iced vareity sold up on U Street. I'm looking for bakeries, restaurants, or any other kind of retailer, provided they are in the District or are accessible by Metro. NYC has Magnolia, Baked, Billy's, Buttercup, Crumbs, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and so many more. Surely we must have a hidden gem somewhere. Reference: New York Magazine on the NYC Cupcake Wars Cupcakes Take The Cake --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Curbside Cupcakes (SeanMike) Crumbs Bake Shop (DaveO)]
  5. My vote goes to Baked & Wired on Thomas Jefferson Street - although you ought to call ahead if you want to be certain they have them in on any given day. You can also custom order them.
  6. The cupcake invasion continues...store signage has recently gone up for Hello Cupcake on Connecticut Ave (1351 Connecticut) just south of Dupont...at the SEIU building across from the Krispy Kreme.
  7. Article in the post today. Not only is he going to host a new show on Food Network, but he is expanding and opening up another Cakelove in Silver Spring. Had anyone had anything good from either of his current places lately? The last time I was there, many moons ago, I was unimpressed by the dry cupcakes with heavy frosting.
  8. There doesn't seem to be a thread yet on this cute pink cupcake truck. Their website is here. Link to their twitter page with updates on their location is here. Writeup in Washingtonian here. I haven't been in the same neighborhood yet to sample a cupcake. What do folks think of them?
  9. I'm surprised I couldn't find a forum for this place which I think has been there for years. Today was my first time actually tasting it though and it was great. I tried the cinnamon oatmeal cookie ice cream which tasted just like a cookie but instead opted for a scoop of my other taste cardamom almond. This basement place has a really nice selection of ultra cream ice creams in your usual flavors and some more unusual ones like the ones I tried. It isn't cheap though at $4.90 (with tax included) for one good sized scoop but it wa delish. They also have several types of fancy cupcakes, good looking baklava and a 5 layer coconut, chocolate brownie wedge that looked really good for some serious indulgence.
  10. The Sweetbites cupcake truck people have opened a bakery/cafe in McLean recently. They serve Illy coffee and had a nice variety of baked goods. The lemon bars, pina colada cupcakes and the double chocolate chip cookies were big hits. They now serve lunch items, but we have not tried them yet.
  11. The Karat Cakery food truck (@karatcakery) sells carrot cake, carrot cake cupcakes and ice cream with carrot cake. So if you don't like carrot cake, don't bother! If you do, however, the carrot cake cupcake with pecans is really divine. They put the cream cheese frosting on the cupcake right after you order it. The truck was at Farragut North yesterday (Wednesday) although I don't know their schedule.
  12. I don't post much on cupcakes since they're not really my thing. I'll laugh at even lame jokes about the cupcake explosion here and elsewhere. I'll nod appreciatively when people who know much more than I do about baking share why they appreciate cake, bread and the like more than cupcakes. All that aside though, I do have a passing interest in cupcake places for two main reasons aside from enjoying one very infrequently. 1. As small businesses with generally low overhead, I like that they offer opportunity for impassioned new food entrepreneurs to start a business and maybe succeed with it. That's always a very good thing since hard to do. 2. In theory, a place serious about cupcakes might also be serious about coffee. So I'll sometimes stop into a cupcake shop for that reason. The best example of this in town is Baked & Wired in Georgetown, who make great cakes and have a wonderful coffee program. Coffee aside though, I confess (perhaps earning some scorn from hardcore cupcake types?) thinking the Georgetown sisters make a good version. Passing through Adams Morgan today, I noticed a small, lower-than-street-level bakery on the west side of Connecticut Avenue. It had a big sign proclaiming itself "Sweet Themez Cake and Cupcake" and a red neon "Open" sign. I had a few minutes so headed in perking up my nose for the smell of coffee. No coffee was available today. They do sell it normally (maybe not on Sundays or maybe something happened today-not sure) but the friendly young woman staffing the counter couldn't tell me what it normally was. There's very limited seating. Just one very round, hightop table by the window looking out onto Connecticut Avenue and a few seats along the south wall of the small shop. Evidently, they do all kinds of custom cakes and have popular "cake pops." I can't speak to any of those. I did get a single lemon cupcake though. It was very good. I'd go as far as saying on a lemon-to-lemon basis, it was better than Georgetown's version. The cake was moist, coherent, and with a good sweetness. The element that puts it ahead of Georgetown for me was the frosting. I think it was a denser-than-normal butter cream or maybe cream cheese frosting? Whatever it was, it was excellent with a consistency almost like a tangy custard. It was about the same (smaller) size as Georgetown's cupcakes which I find optimal. The shop is owned by a married couple with Maurice running the business and often staffing the front and his wife, Adrienne, the baker. I was told they bake early every morning as any good shop will. I learned Adrienne has been baking since childhood and was taught by her grandmother. Though my sample is very limited (just the one cupcake), I'd say Adrienne pretty clearly knows what she's doing. This is a lovely small local business. I'd normally be a bit concerned about them given the narrow product focus and limited marketing. But they're already into their second year so the location, nice products, reasonable pricing and some word-of-mouth are probably helping. If you're a cupcake person, give this shop a try. They're nice and serious about quality products as best I can tell.
  13. The cupcakes at Crumbs Bake Shop in Clarendon are so good it might be the most important thing to help Clarendon since first the car and then the Metro.
  14. There's a new cupcake place in Old Town Alexandria. Alexandria Cupcake at 1022 King Street (between Henry and Patrick St). The website says they opened this month. I haven't been - anyone tried it?
  15. For the 4th year I am organizing a charity event called CupcakeCampDC. This year we'll be benefiting Becky's Fund, a local non-profit organization that raises awareness about domestic violence. The event is a cupcake tasting event and we need bakers (and tasters, when we get more bakers!). There will be free cupcakes, $15 unlimited mimosas, live DJs, a judging competition, raffle prizes, a custom jewelry bar, and a silent auction. Come on out to the Brixton on October 5th for a good cause! VIP admission starts at 12 and General Admission starts at 1pm. (Baker check-in/setup is 11AM) Even if you cannot attend, please help us spread the word. More information here: http://dc-cupcakecamp.blogspot.com/
  16. I stopped into the Sweet Lobby one afternoon, because it was such an unassuming storefront -- in the sense of, you almost don't even notice it -- that I had to see what was going on. Turns out a brother and sister team from a francophone country* were peddling, in order of increasing interest to me, delightful-looking cupcakes, colorful and creative macarons, and beautiful, perfect madeleines. Raspberry-rose? Orange and ginger? Green tea pistachio? Yes, please, to all of those. (It's possible I've read too much Proust.) I haven't tried the cupcakes, which nonetheless look lovely -- not the behemoths you see elsewhere, with a nice glisten to the cake in the case, but not oily-looking, and fresh enough frosting (appears to be traditional buttercream base) that it won't remain absolutely perfect over varied weather conditions. But the macarons reminded me on first bite of Ladurée: not overly tooth-rottingly cloyingly sweet, with as much reverence given the cookie as the pastry cream. And the madeleines...well, let's just say that at this point the girl working the checkout -- which is an iPad, I kid you not -- recognizes me and when I joked I should get a "Frequent Madeleine Buyer "Call Me Proust"" card, she agreed ... OK, look, I'm eating the frakkin' green tea-pistachio ones right now and I'm thisclose to running up to 8th Street to get another four-pack. Can't recall pricing of macarons or cupcakes, but $5.50 for a four-pack of madeleines? Oui, mes amies, and je vais vous rendre visite bientôt.
  17. Hi Everyone! For the third year in a row, I'm hosting CupcakeCampDC. Basically it's a free event (with suggested donation of $5) where you can come and eat cupcakes. First year we had it as a free for all, which didn't work so well since people were bringing tupperware containers and hoarding cupcakes or taking one bite of every cupcake and throwing them away, while others didn't get to try any! Last year we adopted a system similar to "tasting events", where your donation gets you a certain number of tickets equal to that number of cupcakes and that seemed to work much better. This year it is at Continental in Rosslyn, with free games! (wii, board games, darts, skeeball, shuffleboard, pool, hoops, arcade games) It's Saturday, September 8th at 4pm and I'd love to see you there! --> http://dc-cupcakecamp.blogspot.com/ Thanks, Nicole
  18. Hey, this might be "why we are fat," but it looks like nothing short of a smart business move to me. (Functionally, what's the difference between this, and a grab-n-go sandwich from the refrigerator at Sweet Magnolia? Okay, the quality, but ... what about that *nasty* vending machine in south Adams-Morgan?)
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