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Found 5 results

  1. This restaurant opened up about 3 weeks ago, and not a review on Yelp or DR or anywhere that I can see. I went in a week ago to look at the menu. They had standard north Indian fare, a Sri Lankan menu, and oddly enough, a few Thai dishes. So, yesterday, I had not eaten all day and went over there to pick up some take out. It was only two of us, so we didn't get to try much, but I'll definitely go back to try more dishes. The place inside isn't much different than when it was Po Siam. I think some of the same decorations are up. I'm sure it will take some time. The bar area remains, but the alcohol does not. Wondering what their plan is going to be for that... I ordered off of the Sri Lankan section. Dhal Vede - "the quintessential street food of south India and Sri Lanka" (not my words, I just googled it). It's a small patty made of split yellow lentils, chilies, curry powder or leaves, chickpea flour. About 2-2.5 inches, circular. They are tasty and a nice snack. 3 in an order for $4. Eaten with tamarind sauce and cilantro sauce. Mutton Curry - deep brown color, meat on the bone, flavorful. My dining partner has some issues with spicy food, so we went with medium spice level. It was rich and I enjoyed it. It was $11-12 and not a very big portion. There was a fair amount of meat. Eggplant dish - I forgot the Indian name. Not too different than baingan bartha. It was good, but skin was on, and I don't always like that. Sorry, not super descriptive - feel like takeout is super hard to get a hold of. I liked it. I'm going to try as many of the other dishes as I can. Since Bombay Curry Company seems like it will never open, this is what we have for South Asian in the Del Ray area. At about 615p, it was nearly empty, save for one other person who came in for take out. She tried ordering a Thai dish. I hope people give it a chance.
  2. A new carryout place just opened in Shepherd Park. It's on GA Ave between Geranium and the library. They did a soft opening a couple weeks ago and we tried stopping in but chose the one night they closed to work out the kinks learned during the soft opening. We happen to have some friends who have done extensive traveling in Nepal and benefited from them getting some carry-out tonight and bringing it over for dinner, we live just a couple blocks away from the restaurant. Our friend went in hoping to speak Nepalese with the owner and found that the owner is Pakistani, but was told all the other staff were Nepalese, though none were there at the time. They ordered pork, beef, chicken, and vegetarian dumplings, though for some reason, one of the chicken orders was switched to beef. Our guess was that they ran out of the pork as the dumplings are probably made ahead of time and reheated as ordered. They also got two orders of chicken curry which came with rice and chickpeas. The dumplings were all good with nice seasoning, more than one gets from most Chinese dumplings. Even though a little spicy, as noted by the kids, they still loved them. The fillings are predominantly meat, without a lot of other filler. I personally, prefer a little more vegetable mixed in, and these were really filling. They provide three different dipping sauces, a spicy sauce, more traditional (so we were told by our friends) tamarind sauce, and then a light sesame dressing sauce. I used a mix of the spicy and tamarind sauces. Our friend's assessment was that the dumplings were authentically Nepalese style in taste and of average quality. The curry and chickpeas was pretty much what you might get in any of the Indian restaurants around here. The rice though was a blend of rice and various other seasonings and additions, not plain white rice. It was flavorful enough to stand on its own. Unfortunately, since we didn't pay for the food, I have no idea about the price. We will definitely be going back on our own as it's just a couple blocks away. Probably not something to make a special trip for, but if you're in Silver Spring and want to make a little detour for carry out, might be worth a try. It is definitely a nice addition to the area which seems to be oversaturated with Ethiopian restaurants and I think given the option of dumplings here or McDonalds across the street, my kids might actually go with the dumplings. One warning if you are taking the food far, with the new regs on carryout containers they use a cardboard based carryout container that does not hold up to the curry at all. When we opened up the bags, the curry containers were close to total deterioration. The dumplings came in tin containers that probably should be used for the curry as well. Moh-Moh-Licious Facebook Page
  3. I hit the lunch buffet at Ghar-E-Kebab for lunch today, and my friend and I were favorably impressed. The choices are limited, but as Jeff said, it's fresh and they put out fresh stuff constantly. The raita and chutneys could be better, however, and it would be nice if a pickle or two was offered at lunch. They offer free delivery within five miles, so we'll definitely try some of the regular menu offerings. Price point is lower than Tiffin.
  4. For those who don't know, Kanazawa style curry is a distinct style of Japanese curry, named for the city in Ishikawa prefecture. It is defined by its rich brown sauce, so thick you can eat it with a fork. Kanazawa style curry is often served in Japanese school cafeterias, where the students lap up the flavorful roux and crispy pork katsu with religious fervor. Its defining characteristics are: Thick and gooey sauce, made with things like caramel Shredded cabbage served on the side Served in a stainless steel bowl Eaten with a fork or spork Pork cutlet placed on top of curry, tonkatsu sauce on top of cutlet Sauce covers the entirety of the white rice below, so that it cannot be seen Go! Go! Curry! is a Japanese chain specializing in the Kanazawa style and they have three locations in NYC. I love this curry in the same way a heroin addict loves shooting up. The only difference is heroin addiction can be cured. It carries a hint of spice but is mostly sweet and savory. Each bite has a rich and creamy flavor that, to the dish's biggest fans, are like little doses cocaine straight into the central nervous system. The rice is perfectly sticky, the breading of the katsu has a crunch that can be heard from across the world. I am a Japanese curry addict and everywhere I travel, there are two things I immediately look up: Where can I get a good NY slice and where can I get some Japanese curry? For the latter, Go! Go! Curry! is my only option and I wish there was a store every two feet across the entire globe. Other Japanese curry houses in America serve up painful imitations. Watery. Flavorless. Katsu whose breading is soggy. Cold, brown sludge. Inside, the store walls are covered with newspaper articles and scrawled messages from Kanazawa natives. But the first thing you notice are the posters of Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui. "Go Go" in Japanese means 55, which is the number that Matsui wore when he played for the Yomiuri Giants. He later signed on with the NY Yankees. Used to be that, before he retired, on any day Matsui hit a homerun, the restaurant would shave 55 cents off the price of the menu items for that day. On the 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month, they give you a coupon for a free topping. Speaking of, the menu has one thing: Curry. You specify how big a bowl you want and which toppings you want. You can order a plate of curry sauce over straight rice but you'd be laughed at. At the very least, you want a slice of katsu. Chicken or pork, it's your choice. But get the pork. However, if you want to be pegged as someone who really knows their stuff, ask for cheese. They apply it generously over the sauce and it melts into it. This might sound gross to you. You would be wrong. Try it and realize just how wrong. You can be in and out of the place for under 10 bucks and it's worth every penny. I know my Japanese curry. This is the best you're going to find in the entire country.
  5. I tried to go to this place a few weeks ago, but couldn't find it, so I re-doubled my efforts yesterday. I had spent a lovely morning with a friend and became quite hungry. I remembered I wanted to try here and was in the mood for something spicy and warm, due to the recent cold weather. On a side note, it's going to go down to 7 degrees tomorrow. I thought there was a reason I left Michigan. Oh, yeah, in my hometown it is going to be a high of -5. Anyway, this place is not hard to find if you know how to use a map. But, the problem is that they don't have a sign up yet (other than the poster in the window), so I missed it. It's in the Bangladeshi strip, where there are grocers and Gharer Khabar is. I parked in the back (the strip is mall is packed with cars, and it's kind of a pain exiting/entering, so maybe try the back. It's a simple place, looks sort of like a cafeteria. It smells good in there. There were two couples in there eating delicious looking curries and biryanis. I was eating alone, so I was a bit limited in what I could order. What immediately caught my eye was the 'kaachi biryani'. It is a biryani dish where the rice and meat are cooked raw together and layered with other ingredients (the spices, vegetables, yogurt). However, it is a special order dish and only available on Saturdays, if you call four hours in advance. I asked him details and if there was any left over that I could have, but he said that due to the weather, they couldn't get some of the suppliers to bring what they needed so it just wasn't available today. They have many curries (chicken, shrimp, lamb, goat). They have many biryanis. They have typical north Indian dishes (CTM, a few vegetarian dishes). The prices are lowish. I ordered the 'halim', which is stewed lentils with some pieces of goat and spicy. It is supposedly a weekend breakfast/brunch treat. He gave a lime and some chilis on the side with no instructions. It was spiced well, but I threw in some lime juice and a few cuts of the chili. It got fiery. I liked the taste. It's like dal makhni on steroids, much richer and less cream based, with a few small fatty cuts of goat. I could eat a large bowl of that a winter afternoon any time. The portion was smallish, but it also only costed $5. Then, I got the goat curry made extra spicy. It was served with basmati rice. This was bar none the best goat curry I have ever had. I have some reference, as I have had it at maybe 8 or 9 other places. It was rich, the coloring was perfect - dark deep brown. There were a lot of pieces of goat, some on bone and some off bone. It brought the heat. I absolutely loved the dish. The total with a Diet Coke was $17.67 and I saved exactly half for my lovely friend for her dinner tonight. I have to go again and try the seafood dishes, and call ahead for the Saturday dish. The young an that was serving and also the cashier was delightful to chat with, he just moved from Bangladesh 3 months ago, and it is his family friends that have hired him. They used to be located in Rockville, but said with the growth of the Bangla population on this strip of Lee Highway, it made sense to go. He very much suggested coming on Sunday, where there is "brunch buffet" with many dishes for just $8. $8, I had to have him repeat it to me. 10am - 5.30pm. The food is very delicious and authentic. I hope the owner works on the decor. With a little work, it could become Virginia destination dining like Bangkok Golden (my lunch treat for today). Probably a great spot for a group gathering. I'm curious to hear what the Don has to say about this. Tyler Cowen has spoken already. There is just one review on Yelp and it is about butter chicken. (Picture me as the guy in Sideways, "I'm not ordering the f-ckin' butter chicken!") Pic 1 is the halim, pic 2 is the goat curry, pic 3 is leftovers in a cute box. Simul
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