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Found 14 results

  1. This is NOT the result of a wide spread statistical survey or a labor study. It is impressionistic based on our observations into the restaurant (and catering industry) from the placement office at the Professional Bartending School in Arlington. This school has been providing strong bartender placement services for the past 3 + decades. We've always focused on placement services and have provided them in a variety of ways over these decades trying to service our students and employers while doing so in a manner that works for the staff and volume of graduates. Its a free service to emplo
  2. I won't go that far, but I'd say I'm batting under .500 for my career - there is *no good reason* for this, because all it does is induce worry, and that's in a best-case scenario.
  3. La Scala in Little Italy, Baltimore was very good. We hit there on a Saturday evening, with a medium-sized party (reservation of course), and were seated promptly. Their shuttle to/from our hotel was a nice touch so we did not have to mess with parking. From the Grilled Caesar salad and garlic bread to the homemade sausage, jumbo shrimp and spinach over penne pasta (made inhouse), everything was served hot and perfectly seasoned. We had Chicken Parm, fettuccine verdi alla Bolognese, Gnocchi, penne with tomato sauce; everything was available in 1/2 portions for children. Their waitst
  4. I just got back from a short vacation in Berlin. While there, I discovered (again) that one of my premier pleasures in life is sitting at a bar, whiling the time away while chatting with bartenders/bar managers who (1) are friendly and charming and interesting and fun, (2) have the time and inclination to chat back, when not busy,* and (3) know their **** inside and out, serve (or recommend) consistently delicious drinks, and -- as a bonus -- are unabashed cocktail/wine/sherry/what-have-you geeks. The kind of place where the people who work there are enthusiastic about what they do and enjoy
  5. Probably a subjective judgment. Maybe "the worst waiter in the United States" is more apt. I guess if my given name was Edsel Ford, I'd have a chip on my shoulder too... "Past steaming woks and chopping blocks and up a narrow, creaky staircase, Edsel Ford Fong -- the world's most insulting waiter -- greeted patrons with a “sit down and shut up!” Routinely, he cussed out his customers, sexually accosted female companions, and unapologetically spilled soup across laps. According to one diner, he was so malicious that he “made the Soup Nazi look like the Dalai Lama.” ' May 26, 2014 - "
  6. I recently took a two-week trip to the Solano County area of California, and didn't want to go that long without practicing piano. A friend arranged for me to practice - every day if I wished - in a spare practice room at Gordon's Music and Sound, a humble music store on Texas Street, right in the heart of downtown Fairfield, just under the famous sign in the middle of downtown: <--- So as you can see, the sign is your landmark, and there's free street parking. The first day of my two-week trip, I walked in, piano books in hand, and went up to Cliff Gordon, the owner, and asked
  7. Dean Street is the friendly and charming corner neighborhood restaurant that other cities do so well, and DC does not. Walking into the bar room, taking a seat at a round corner table awash with morning sunlight, you want to belong here, to have the staff know your name. You can just envision coming in mid-week, having a beer at the bar, chatting with the bartender, and maybe watching some of the game on TV. If every customer was within a 6 or 7 block walk, I wouldn't be surprised. Now let's not get overblown, the food was good but not great. But one doesn't really care. It's about be
  8. Recently my husband and I went out to dinner with two relatives who we don't see very often. I don't think it too unusual that, although we were at a nice restaurant, our purpose was to enjoy each others' company. The setting and food were ancillary. I lost track of how many times we were interrupted during our three-course meal. Just during appetizers, we were visited by the waiter twice, and also by three different managers. And someone refilling water glasses three times. One course, eight interruptions to our conversation. Eight! So here's my plea, and really it's for all restaur
  9. So I thought I'd solicit the opinions of the other members of this board on an experience that left kind of a sour taste in my mouth. We had reservations recently for us and two of our friends. One of our friends is diabetic and has had severe heart problems and needs to eat on a very regular schedule. I mentioned this when I made the reservation, and the very pleasant reservationist said she had a diabetic relative herself, so she completely understood. On the day of the meal, Tripewriter was stuck in traffic on the way back from work. He called me, and I called the restaurant, saying that
  10. "Police Escort Customer From Nashville Steakhouse [Morton's] After He's Forced To Remove Hat" by David Edwards on rawstory.com "A steakhouse in Nashville has responded to complaints that its staff forced a cancer patient to remove his hat over the weekend because he did not have a note from his doctor. "According to WZTV, the controversy started when a group of 16 people were finishing up a $2,000 company Christmas dinner at Morton's Steakhouse when one man, who is being treated with chemotherapy and is sensitive to the cold, decided to put on a wool cap for warmth." -- Classy. Real
  11. For me, the trifecta is interesting food, good service and fair pricing. Add in some scenery for bonus points. The Orchard in the middle of downtown Frederick hit the trifecta and then some. The Orchard is Vegetarian and Vegan friendly while offering a pretty wide selection of fish, shrip and chicken dishes. What's neat is that they aren't really tied to a particular food genre like Italian, rather they build their menu generally around fresh vegetables, then around the preparation type. So for instance, you have a few main groups, including Entrees, Salads, Stir-Fries, Sandwiches and
  12. I am putting this on the D. C. board and ask Don not to move it. I believe this is of absolutely essential importance to anyone in the restaurant industry. Tonight, my wife and I talked about a Great country inn that I first visited in the early '80's, the Wayside Inn in Middletown, VA which is just south of the intersection of I 66 and I 81. The Inn dates to the 17th century with a particular room called the "Slaves Kitchen" (i.e. stone walls, brick floor, lower wood beamed ceiling and the only dining light from candles on the tables and in wall sconces) which is one of the most atmospheri
  13. I generally think that a restaurant should not post a menu outside unless it's accurate. On the other hand, I can't identify with someone arguing over $2 for a burger, especially if that person then says the customer service is "shitty." This isn't a customer service issue per se - the restaurant is simply charging what's on its inside menu. I'm not sure that a restaurant is "bound" by its outside menu? Were there fine prints not mentioned? Why was the manager inexcusable? I was surprised that so many of Tom's chatters came out for the writer. The way he tells it (for some reason I'm
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