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Found 22 results

  1. Ron Johnson, aka "Smokin' Jarhead" is a former marine, now offering some of the best barbecue I've ever eaten, and absolutely some of the very best barbecue you can find in the Washington, DC area. A couple months ago, I bought three Full Racks of Ribs ($24) from Ron, and he delivered them to my front door, where they were waiting when I got home. Between me and my son, one of them didn't survive the evening; the second didn't last the week, and the third is still in my freezer, waiting for Matt to come home from college in a couple of days - the ribs freeze, reheat, and are 90% as good even after being frozen and reheated - all the more reason to stock up. Ron doesn't have a brick and mortar location, and he doesn't have a "food truck" in the traditional sense of the word; he has this huge smoker that he puts on a trailer, and brings over to catered functions anywhere in the DMV - extra delivery charges begin after 40 miles, which easily covers all of DC and the Maryland and Virginia suburbs. Ron will smoke anything from ribs, to brisket, to pulled pork, and just about anything else, and he'll bring the food to your door with a minimum order. Let me emphasize again: These are as good as any ribs I've ever had in the DC area, and that includes places like Johnny Boy's, Buz & Ned's, Chubby's, and The Pit Stop - in other words, the Best of the Best. It's unusual for me to be raving about a place that doesn't have a brick and mortar shop, but I did the same thing about Pupatella, eventually going on to declare them the best pizza in the area, which they were for a time - it's the same thing with Smokin' Jarhead: Just because there's no storefront means nothing when he'll bring your order to your door for you. If you're having a Memorial Day cookout, or a 4th of July barbecue, or any other type of house party, he'll arrive at your house with his smoker in tow, and everything will be cooked right there - no grocery store, no cooking, no cleanup - everything is done for you, and his prices are rock-bottom low. I really don't know what else to say: On short notice - one, perhaps two days, you can have the best barbecue in the area delivered right to your home. Call on a Tuesday for a Friday delivery, and the ribs will be waiting on your doorstep when you get home from a long week at work (this is exactly what I did; I've never actually met Ron - I paid him through PayPal, and the ribs were on my front porch when I got home the next day). If you're having guests over for a party, get him and his smoker over there too. I recommended this to one of our members once, who has since turned into a repeat customer, and this is a quote from him: All you need to do is write Ron on his Facebook page or contact him via his business card (below), and tell him what your needs are, regardless of the size of your order. He'll give you a quote that's reasonable enough that you'll wonder why you waited so long to do this. Ron should be in constant demand, and have a two-month backlog - that is how good his product is. Here are some facts about his meats: As a rule, he uses inexpensive cuts because the true flavor comes from his dry rub and the smoking process, but he will use whatever meats you request, so if you have a favorite butcher who makes a special cut of ribeye, or a favorite fishmonger who sells wonderful oysters, (I'm making an assumption here) he'll go there, purchase them, and smoke them for you - either at your premises or at his, followed by a delivery or drop-off. Things like hams, chickens, sausages, and turkeys are no problem, and he'll be more than happy to cater to vegetarians as well - the smoker has obviously seen meats in it before, so it would be impossible to keep kosher-vegan, but that's about it in terms of limitations. Some more factual information from Ron himself: The only other thing I want to emphasize is that supporting Smokin' Jarhead will be supporting a former Marine who was placed in harm's way to help defend our country - if you're looking to support our nation's veterans, then getting your event catered by Smokin' Jarhead is a win-win for all involved. One last thing: This is Ron's full-time job; not some hobby he does on the side. He's a professional in every sense of the word, and will bend over backwards so that you're happy. If you trust me as a food critic, I'm happy to put my reputation on the line by recommending Ron Johnson - it will be one of the safest things I've done. Support this great man - email him him right now while it's on your mind, even if you're not ready to place an order. Look at this smoker! <--- This could (and should) be your backyard at your next party! And what emerges from that smoker? Have a look: I'm proud to have a chance to support our country's veterans like Ron Johnson, but you can rest assured that if I didn't believe in his product, I wouldn't be writing this review, which is obviously a rave - that's why I included the pictures, so you can see for yourselves that I'm not just, erm, blowing smoke. Here's Ron's business card - I urge you to give him a try, even if it's just for a single rack of ribs (get dry rub - there are pictures on his Facebook page of pre-sauced ribs, and I got my order of sauce on the side so I could use exactly how much I wanted, when I wanted. It's really good sauce, too, but you don't want your ribs pre-sauced - whatever he uses in his rub is fantastic). PS - Ron, I have a suggestion: Like food trucks do, use Twitter to announce which days of the week you'll be making deliveries in which parts of the DMV. Tuesday can be Montgomery Country, Wednesday can be Arlington, etc. I'm not sure how you'd handle the specifics, but it's a thought, and one that may have some merit. That way, you won't have to run around all over town like a yo-yo. Maybe contact the owner of Food Truck Fiesta - feel free to tell him I referred you. You're also welcome to use this website to announce your deliveries (just try and keep it to "about twice a month," which is the standard we use for all businesses). Who knows? You might come up with something like this as a regular thing as your business grows. I really hope people don't simply read this post and forget about it six hours later - we have a diamond in the rough, and suitable occasions come up *all the time* (think about how many times *all you want* is some decent food in front of you, without having to trudge out to get it) - the fact that drop-off service is available is invaluable, and the fact that your meats freeze and reheat so well is also crucial. Next time I order from you (which reminds me ...), I'm going to buy in bulk like I did before, except given my track record of not having *anything* in my fridge, I may order even more next time. I hope your dry-rub is a success - that's how you'll acquire real wealth, but we're all benefiting from this early stage of your career (I have no idea how long you've been doing this, but if you play your cards right, you could be a rich man one day; it won't come from running around town dropping off orders of smoked meat). I look at this phase as a necessary evil to develop your name and brand, and something that everyone should be taking advantage of while it's still available. Keep grinding it out, but think *BIG* while you're doing it. Fall, 2016 picnic, anyone? One final word: It's not too late to remember Operation Honor Our Heroes this Memorial Day weekend - they *desperately* need both money and volunteers), Contact Christi-Ana Crews (my personal assistant) and help however you can. *Please read that post*!
  2. Ok, so Hubby and I were supposed to be going to Connecticut for my birthday, but that didn't pan out. Trying to figure out an alternative for this Saturday night. I was thinking either dinner and then cocktail bar, or kind of a leisurely crawl to a couple different venues that have good cocktails and snacks. But of course I only have one week notice, so reservations are probably going to be a little tricky. I know for sure there will be at least 6 of us, but there could be more, at least for the drinking part. I was thinking Shaw/U St/ Convention Center as areas in which to peruse choices. If you wanted to go out with your friends and have a good, but civilized evening, where would you go? Ok, so to edit- for instance, I haven't been to Dino's Grotto yet, but don't know could you have a group there? I thought about it, Baby Whale and Mockingbird Hill, but I haven't been to any of them- so this could potentially be silly. Another thought was The Gibson and a restaurant in that area. Or perhaps Hogo since it is their last night, but would it be too crazy? Birthday Tiki sounds particularly good. Where else would you eat, drink or snack in those areas?
  3. Looking to celebrate a birthday with 4 adults on an upcoming weeknight. Not too many constraints, just need great food at any price -- but must have a la carte options (no tasting-only) and must take reservations. Places we love but might hit too often for this occasion: Central Michel Richard Chez Billy Sud Le Diplomate Blue Duck Places we've been and enjoyed that might fit the bill: Mintwood Place Corduroy Vidalia Zaytinya Red Hen Places we've never been that sound intriguing: Ghibellina Rural Society Kapnos Cork Estadio Fiola Thoughts?
  4. One of the people whom I know is excellent is looking for a new bartending position. He is probably looking in DC. He'll do high end and/or mixology. He'll do high volume and speed. He isn't very particular now. I know him as one of the more capable, knowledgeable, and responsible bartenders. BTW: He received an exemplary review here while at Lincoln, where during a period, he headed their mixology program: Very strong bartender. DM me if you are looking for this type of person. btw: He wrote this piece, which I always liked, as it covers the topic from A to Z, speaks to bartenders and explains steps from A to Z. He is definitely a cocktail geek.
  5. My cousin's daughter is graduating from GW in May and she want's to have a celebratory dinner for her some place in DC or the Arlington/Rosslyn area. It looks to be around 17 or 18 people and she said she'd like to keep it to $20 - $25 per person. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Is that price range even possible in this town?!?!? The vast majority is coming from upstate NY and would probably prefer something "normal and basic" a opposed to "exotic and weird" Thanks! Bart
  6. Just wanted to thank Don for organizing the large number of threads we've now amassed relative to the growing local coffee market. Very cool to have these all in one place and hopefully more useful in finding and learning about new shops or which meet different needs. As for Don, pretty amazing the amount of stuff he gets done and how quickly at times. Normally, I'd guess he's caffeine fueled since we all know the guy doesn't sleep. But, as more of a wine than coffee guy, just another of the Rockwell mysteries. Coffee and Washington, DC....a market and city both on the move. Thanks again to Don, Porcupine (my fellow coffee Sherpa) and everyone for reading and contributing.
  7. The Washington Post ran an article a couple of weeks back about all of the grocery delivery services we have at our disposal in the DC area. I tried a new one yesterday, Klink - you can order wine, beer, spirits, ice, and mixers, and it will be delivered right to your door. The delivery fee is $3.97 for a $20 minimum order, which is very reasonable in comparison to some other courier services I've tried. Also, in contrast to some of the grocery services, Klink does not mark up their prices - the prices seemed to be in line with area stores (of course you can get things cheaper sometimes, but sometimes you don't have time to comparison shop). The wine selection isn't great, but I was surprised by some of the beers I was able to order. Considering that I was in the middle of a move and had to make sure I had munitions for a visit from the in-laws (and seeing that it was pouring rain yesterday), I was extremely grateful to the very friendly and courteous delivery guy. I also got a follow up call from one of the higher-ups at Klink, thanking me for the order and letting me know that he appreciated my business. Nice touch. You can order online or via app, which is nice. I feel like this service would be amazing if you needed reinforcements during a party or you were just running short on time and wanted someone else to do the heavy lifting.
  8. Hey friends! I just added an event to the calendar and wanted to let you know about it here, in the Events and Gatherings forum, too. I'm planning the 2nd Annual DC Donut Crawl and would love to have more people in the DC food community join us as we bike to the best doughnut shops in DC, all to benefit a wonderful non-profit called Food For Life. Check out the event for more info and register here if you'd like to join us. Thanks heaps! Peace! ~Erik
  9. Jessica Sidman reports on new oversight over DC farmers' markets. Apparently, when changes that were made to vending regulations to manage the burgeoning food truck scene, there were also changes made that affect vendors at farmers' markets. Eggs are among the products that might be affected.
  10. This is going to shock people: Our most popular forum, in terms of views, is not Washington, DC Restaurants and Dining; it's the New York City sub-forum in News Feeds. Sound impossible? It's true. In fact, the Baltimore sub-forum in the News Feeds forum gets more views than our Shopping and Cooking forum. As I've said before, I'm gunning for fingertips; not eyeballs, and I will remain forever loyal to our active members - i.e., those who write posts - because they give us the one thing that no other restaurant website has: a community. Cheers, The Lone Ranger.
  11. Alphonse Mellot Wine Dinner at BlackSalt Tuesday March 11, 2014 7:30 pm Kusshi Oyster Big Eye Tuna Caviar / Horseradish / Sancerre Mignonette Grapefruit / Preserved Lemon Alphonse Mellot La Moussiere Sancerre "“"“"“"“"“ Diver Scallops Surryano Ham / Manila Clam & Mussel Chowder Alphonse Mellot Edmond Sancerre "“"“"“"“"“ Skuna Bay Salmon Savoy Cabbage / Turnip / Black Truffle Alphonse Mellot Les Penitents Rouge "“"“"“"“"“ Long Island Duck Breast Duck Ragu / Picholine Olives / Potato Gnocchi Alphonse Mellot La Moussiere Sancerre Rouge "“"“"“"“"“ Filet Mignon Haricot Vert / Wild Mushrooms / Pommes Maxim / Bone Marrow Alphonse Mellot En Grands Champs Sancerre Rouge "“"“"“"“"“ Cheese $150 per person Tax & Gratuity Not Included Call (202) 342-9101 to Reserve Your Seat
  12. My husband and I are fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (through Team In Training - we will be running the Rock & Roll USA Marathon in March), and together our goal is to raise over $4,600. I am a multiple-time cancer survivor, and Jason recently lost his grandmother to myeloma, so this organization and its research/services are extremely important to us. We have been volunteering and fundraising for LLS for many years now, but this is our first training season in DC. We are looking for restaurants/bars who are willing to work with us to host fundraising events. We are open to anything, but typically we arrange a happy hour where either the restaurant/bar donates a portion of the proceeds for the evening, or we collect a cover charge and the restaurant/bar offers discounted items. In addition to the above, we would love to organize a chili cook-off (since we are fundraising/training during winter), so we are looking for a location where we could plug in some crock-pots and also offer discounted drinks to go with the chili. Bonus points if some local food personalities would be available to judge the chili! At whatever events we organized, we would also need the ability to raffle off items and/or collect additional donations. If any restaurant folks don't have the space but would like to contribute gift certificates, that is fantastic as well. Please PM me with any leads - we are early in the planning stages, but after doing this a number of times, we definitely know how time can absolutely fly! Thank you so much for anything you can do to help. Shameless plug! If anyone is interested in donating directly, the website is here: http://pages.teamintraining.org/nca/rnrusa14/bettyrh Betty
  13. I just couldn't let the Virginians have all the fun. Seriously, Jason and I have been craving some social time, and it would be great to meet up with some of our DR neighbors in NoMa, H Street, Atlas District, Trinidad, etc. Anyone up for a get-together sometime soon?
  14. I am in need of a chiropractor, and unfortunately the ones recommended so far (on DR) are too far away. I don't have many criteria, but of course I would prefer a doctor whose office location would allow me to sneak away for a lunchtime adjustment (and my office is at 18th and G NW). An interest/specialty in sports medicine would be great, but it is certainly not required. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have!
  15. A friend of mine was looking to take her husband somewhere with good food and a great bourbon selection in northern Virginia. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of a place that qualified as that. I know places with a "decent" selection... She's taken him also to Bourbon AdMo. We suggested to her also Bourbon Steak and Jack Rose. If someone was looking for bourbon specifically, any other suggestions out there? I really need to go more to places owned by people other than the Brown brothers and Bill Thomas sometimes...
  16. US: We are a well-known Cleveland Park restaurant that prides itself on being among the best neighborhood spots that caters to Washington's elites and Everyday Joe's alike. Recent press and longstanding community support have been very kind to us (Washingtonian Top 100, up for a Rammy, etc...). Now, after a strong and sustained period of growth, we need to add to our staff. That's where you come in. Our chefs are gifted. Our standards are solid. We are consistently growing. We love what we do. In short, it's good to be on our team. YOU: You are a professional server with at least 1 year of current experience. You take pride in what you do for a living. While some things you do/have done in the past may be a means to an end, you put a personal premium on doing everything as well as possible. You may have even thought at some point that there are no menial jobs, but there certainly are menial people. You expect a similar mindset of those you work with. You are seeking a group to professionally establish yourself within for the long haul and, hopefully, the eventual rise through the ranks into a position of trust and/or management. HOW YOU MIGHT PURSUE THIS FURTHER: Send us an email with your resume to suggestions@ardeorestaurant.com. Please tell us why you believe you are a good candidate for our restaurant in your email. If we like what we read, we will call/email you and set up an interview. You may also apply in person between 1-3PM Mon- Fri at 3311 Connecticut Ave NW. Please bear in mind that this is a full-time position that we intend to fill quickly. We will give open preference to those applicants with full availability. We will certainly accommodate notice to a current employer, but our goal is to have you up and running at full speed in about a week if notice to your current employer is not a concern. If our proposed time-frame is not possible, please let us know why in your initial contact email. (It's not a deal-breaker as such. We simply expect you to be up front with us. It's OK. We reciprocate on that.) We look forward to meeting you! Cheers!
  17. I'm eating my very first one as I type, from a food truck parked with a bunch of others, on Mass Ave near Union Station. Lots of food for $8, and pretty tasty. I think the truck is called Krazy Koshary and I got the basic with beef.
  18. I'd like to invite everyone here to a Thai New Year event we're hosting with mad momos in Columbia Heights. Apinya Thai Food Co. in a partnership with mad momos will be celebrating Thai New Year, Songkran, at a special event on April 13, 2013 from 5 to 8pm. In lieu of the Thai tradition of throwing water on passers-by, Apinya is bringing the festivities to their favorite local watering hole, mad momos at 3605 14th Street NW in DC’s Columbia Heights neighborhood. Apinya Thai Food Co. will be setting up a kiosk for visitors to sample and purchase the original Apinya Thai Chili Sauce and are tying in the event with the announcement of two brand new, Thai-inspired chili sauces to their product lineup. They will also be selling and giving away Thai key chains, Apinya brand stickers, collector’s cards, and limited-edition postcards created just for this event. In addition to their regular menu of new American and crossover cuisine featuring hand-crafted momos (dumplings), mad momos is collaborating with Apinya Thai Food Co. to offer special one-time menu featuring food and drinks that pair or use Apinya’s chili sauces. Guests will be able to try five momos with a choice of chili sauces ($4), a beer-braised BBQ chicken sandwich cooked with Apinya Thai Chili Sauce ($6), a plate of five wings with a choice of chili sauces ($4), and the mad Bloody Apinya with Apinya Thai Chili Sauce ($5). Guests are invited to come for the Songkran menu and stay for dinner and drinks. The first level of mad momos contains a full-service bar and main dining area that extends onto an outdoor terrace with sidewalk seating. The second level features more dining, a charming treetop patio, vaulted ceiling lounge, second bar, and an inviting beer deck. The restaurant will remain open until 3am following the Songkran event. You can just show up on April 13 or RSVP here: http://Apinya.Co/RSVP -Adam
  19. hi there, just wanted to drop a quick note introducing myself and my blog to these forums. first things first, it's called Food Nomad and can be found here: www.foodnomad.net i started the blog about five years ago but only started really posting about five months ago. It's just a simple blog from my point of view about places where I've eaten. it's not classically about food since I don't consider myself an expert but i do consider myself as someone who's eaten at a lot of places. i lived in the dc/nova area about 10 years ago and recently moved back about a year ago. before then, i lived in nyc for six years which i think spoiled me just a little bit when it comes to food. the blog focuses mainly on dc area restaurants but i do back to nyc quite a bit so that will be sprinkled in too (plus anywhere else i may go). anyway, please stop by and check it out again at www.foodnomad.net or on twitter at @foodnomad. if you want to contact me, please send an e-mail to info@foodnomad.net thanks a bunch!
  20. Note: HC means "will make House Calls."
  21. Note: HC means "will make House Calls."
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