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Found 10 results

  1. I wouldn't be surprised if BA is the best restaurant in McLean (I only frequent Palisades), but have you been to the (very small) Fahrenheit for Sichuan? Just had an excellent meal there.
  2. Had dinner here (Penn Quarter location) twice this past week. Originally enticed by Restaurant week offerings, and lured back because the dinner was good enough to simplify and try their burgers. Ricotta gnocchi truffle cream, was some of the best I have had. Literally cut the gnocchi into halves to make it last longer in order to mop up the truffle cream. Chicken pot pie braised chicken, baby portobello mushrooms, pearl onion, cheddar biscuit top - the cheddar biscuit top was more of a flakier, dumpling consistency than a more traditional pie--type of crust. The braised chicken and broth all finished well; not a piece left at our table of 4. Caramel banana bread pudding brown butter ice cream, banana rum caramel - cannot describe it any better than that - enough said. Atmosphere was lively, bar was hoping before the dinner crowd picked up both nights. The circa 1950s black/white themed dining area was comfortable and sounds reasonable. You could talk at a normal tone without shouting as is often the case in open-air type restaurants. Service never missed a beat, and from water service to clearing our tables efficiently everything flowed seamlessly. Overall dining time ~1 hour 15 minutes with 2 rounds of cocktails from the bar. Bar drinks were quick and pretty consistent. Nightly specials are static and looked good; hence why we came back for the Burger Royale Thursday night. Burgers were very good, and the fries made all of us clean our plates.
  3. We tried City Tap House last night, the new DC incarnation of a Philadelphia beer bar, and walked away reasonably satisfied. The service was fine--the server informal but knowledgable about the menus (beer and food). The beer menu wasn't bad, but there were about 5 interesting beers that were on the menu but not available, which was surprising for a list that looked like it was printed daily. But we found enough interesting beers to put together a few rounds for each of us. I might be wrong, but it seems like the beers here are just a touch cheaper than several of the other beer-centric restaurants in DC. The food was good. My pork flatbread was nicely baked, with flavorful chorizo and a few other pork types that were less interesting. The roasted shishito peppers were also nice. The bacon popcorn looked good on the menu, but was less interesting than we'd hoped, and in retrospect, hasn't popcorn approached the realm of trite foods? My friends' entrees--the rabbit bolognese and the pulled pork sandwich, were both fine according to them. The space is nice, perhaps a bit loud, but this would be a fine spot prior to a Capitals game--it's head and shoulders better than RFD, which is the other close-by beer option (though there are probably others by this point--there seem to be so many worthwhile places to drink beer in DC right now).
  4. I found myself out in Berryville, VA last weekend and stopped in to a relatively new burger shop on W. Main street called Charlie's. Charlie's is a family owned casual restaurant serving burgers, fries, hot dogs and milkshakes. The beef is local (though no source is listed on the menu) and ground in house, and the shakes are made with organic ice cream. We ordered a few burgers and a hot dog, along with an order of regular fries and sweet potato waffle fries. The burgers were cooked to order and to temperature, and can be topped with a fairly wide array of free toppings, plus the usual upcharges (cheese, bacon, etc). Both the sweet potato and regular fries were previously frozen and not made in house, but were fried to order. The burgers were all cooked as requested - one quibble from our group was that a double burger should have two slices of cheese on it, but that's very minor. Shakes were also excellent, and a wide variety of flavors were available (we had vanilla and banana). Service was a bit slow, but as mentioned everything was done to order and the owner's entire family was in the restaurant serving customers. We were given an extra helping of sweet potato fries to make up for the slowness of getting burgers out - a nice but unnecessary touch. There's not a whole lot in Clarke County, and one could do much worse than stop in and support this family owned establishment serving up good, honest fare. We aren't "over the mountain" much, but will be sure to head back in when we are.
  5. I've always had a food-snob disdain for Cleveland Park Bar & Grill. But on this Sunday, the chicken wings were pretty darn good. Nice and meaty, good crisp outer crust, appropriate Buffalo-style hot sauce. Celery and carrot sticks. The dressing was either really bland blue cheese or chunky ranch, so that needs to be fixed(ie: better blue cheese). 8 wings $10. The beer list could be better, I'd like to see a stronger line-up of local beers. But a Devil's Back Bone IPA worked out alright. The upstairs deck is probably an under-appreciated spot. Bonus points for them showing Euro 2016 on a majority of their many TVs, with the sound over the PA speaker system. And this was during a Nats game. So, I'm just going to say it: for grabbing a beer, eating a plate of wings, and watching a game on a weekend afternoon...you could do worse. Seriously.
  6. This place opened a few months ago and I've become a big fan. There's a sushi bar (sushi is decent but not the real star)and other Japanese dishes. There's chawanmushi (an egg custard soup) that's very tasty, as well as delicious onigiri ($2), Japanese rice balls filled with either dried plum, seaweed, or grilled, salted salmon. There's a separate room with 6 tables with grills built in for Japanese barbecue, Yakiniku. There's a choice of several types of meat (short rib, skirt, tongue, etc.) and I've tried most of them and was really impressed. Please let me know who else has been there and what you thought. Website is at: www.satsuma-jp.com
  7. The comfort food thread inspired me to post this as well as utilize my two hour early dismissal to go to That Cuban Place in Frederick for my own local comfort food. First of all, there is nothing fancy about this place, though they've improved the property immensely after years of neglect by a notorious slumlord (who still owns the place unfortunately). The cooking is also very simple, offering sandwiches and mostly slow cooked entrees that they seem to start early in the morning and serve throughout the day. But nothing speaks to their simplicity as much as the small white board behind the counter where they write the day's specials followed by their motto, "It's all good!" I can say that everything I've had has been at least decent (a mojo marinated bistec being my least favorite b/c it remained tough after slow cooking) but oftentimes things are just wonderful. Today things were wonderful. I was craving comfort food to warm up this sleet-filled day while watching my brackets collapse and surprisingly noticed they had their ropa vieja, which they only guarantee on Thursdays. Slow-cooked in the aforementioned lime-based mojo, the ropa vieja combined with the hefty portions of fried plantains, rice, and beans to hit the spot and provide lots of leftovers for just $8.50. I especially appreciate the friendliness of of the young Latino couple who own and operate the place. While I was waiting for them to prepare my order today, the owner gave me a free shot of great Cuban coffee ("Hey, I'm having some, so you have to, too") and let me satisfy my curiousity by tasting today's other special--oxtail. I hope that oxtail comes back so I can have a full order because it was extremely rich with lots of flavor-enhancing fat, the main ingredient of comfort food. The owner says that he slow boils the oxtail with lots of bay leaves and then re-uses the leftover liquid for what he considers to be the world's best fatty beef stock. Next week's special is cow tongue. We'll see if I get the guts to try that one. I think their most popular item is their Cuban sandwich made with authentic Cuban bread, though freshness can make it slide between phenomenal and ok: Before dinner they prepare them ahead of time so they can just throw them on the grill press. Panera does the same thing, but I'm coming here to avoid Panera. As first time restaurant owners and with three people at most running this small place, I'm sure they're still figuring out ways to balance quality and efficiency. They still have things to figure out but deserve to survive as they currently operate on the exact border of Frederick that transitions from the gentility of Third Street to the tatoo magnet of North Market's 300 block. Luckily the winter will soon pass and they won't have to battle the landlord over heating issues for several more months. The food and atmosphere here are quite satisfying and welcomely free of pretention. I hope they stick around. If in Frederick antiquing and looking for a quick meal, I'd resist the ease of the endless chains and fast-food joints lining Rtes. 40, 85, and 355 and head downtown to enjoy a new part of historic Frederick. 300 North Market St., Frederick, MD 21701. 301-760-7776. Pax, Brian P.S. TCP was mentioned in the Washington Post's shout out that JLK posted, but I've never had the courage to try their empanadas that sit on that rotating warming rack. Not sure even if they're homemade.
  8. I am particularly addicted to the Kafta Kebab at Byblos in Cleveland Park. Its a frozen patty instead of a freshly roasted kebab, but the flavor is good, its properly greasy and the topping are superb. Marco is a great guy as well. And if you like an old fashioned greek salad with ice berg lettuce, and a strongly vinegary dressing with loads of dried oregano in it, this is your place!
  9. Saffron - Seneca Hill Plaza 1025A Seneca Road Great Falls, VA 22066 This small restaurant has a small selection of tasty treats IMHO. Hubby and I have eaten here more than once and have enjoyed it each time. The staff spoke farsi and excellent english and were very accomodating as usual. Tonight we shared hummus with lots of pita (and they refilled us with fresh hand-made pita when it ran low) and also a plate of dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) appetizers. They gave the usual free salad type amuse bouche and yogurt with cucumbers. We both got the special #2 I believe it is... lamb cubes over rice with roasted tomatoes with some ground beef type things (I forget what they are called! LOL). We each had a drink and I ordered dessert to go having ran out of room. The price is reasonable, under $50.00 with tip for a bunch of nice "freebies" a nice platter each and 2 appetizers, 2 drinks and dessert!
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