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Found 6 results

  1. I'm curious if anyone has compiled a running list of what I am confusingly referring to as "deals and/or opportunities", which would include things like the bar deal at Corduroy. That is, if you go to this area (i.e. bar, lounge, patio) at this restaurant (i.e Corduroy,) for a relatively low price (i.e. $30), you can get a multi-course meal (i.e. 3-, 5-, 7-) from a highly respected chef (i.e Tom Power), etc. Anyway, I realize the parameters are vague, but I would find such a list useful (and, obviously, want someone else to do the work for me).
  2. All-- My friend and I love to go out to all of the various restaurants in the area (low price to high price, DC to VA, steak joints to tapas) and we are looking for something to mix it up a bit and I wanted y'alls advice. Specifically, I need some advice on places that can do any of the following-- 1. Offer tasting menus (Restaurant Eve, Maestro, etc)--either long (9 courses) or short (a few courses) 2. Have special pricing that allow for tasting a variety of things--such as Restaurant Tosca that has a 3 course $32 special from 5:30-7:00pm, or Charlie Palmers offering Restaurant Week pricing for lunch, or some place that may have a special deal to attract people on Mondays, etc. 3. Do something whimsical akin to #1 like Minibar, Cafe Atlantico's Latin Dim Sum brunch, 2941 "tapas on the terrace", or Tallulas minibites, or some place that takes a seasonal cuisine/vegetable and makes a menu out of it (say a menu using pumpkin) 4. Have cooking classes where you get to eat interactively (Galileo, Equinox, Oval Room, etc) I am especially keen on #2, which would allow us to try more restaurants and food on a tighter budget w/o having to blow a wad on #1's all the time. I am NOT interested in half priced burger specials of happy hour specials (though they have their merit). Thanks in advance, Nashman
  3. I found SpotLuck from their demo at the Metro Cooking show and they just added Alexandria so much more likely to actually use it - silly aspect of 'wheel of fate' to where to eat (the place selected gives you the best discount) and there are bad weather bonuses and such. Seems to be all smaller non-chain restaurants so for Alexandria there is Overwood, Lost Dog Cafe, Bastille, ... Other areas Ballston, Georgetown, Capital Hill, Silver Springs http://www.spotluck.com/ (If you want a bonus spin when you sign up and I get one also use my code STA3750 )
  4. I just got an email from Amazon Local with a discount code. Of relevance here, there are restaurants selling $xx of value to spend at their establishments for some-less-than-100%-of-$xx. An example - Le Mannequin Pis - $30 of food for $15. Obviously there are restrictions, too. A way to drum up business or fill unused table inventory?
  5. This is the second article I've seen predicting/suggesting that certain brand names are on the way out in 2014. Both referenced LivingSocial. (I wonder if one article simply copies the ideas of another author and then adds a couple of other companies to make it a little different) From my perspective both articles suggested that Olympus cameras and Mitsubishi cars would cease being sold in the US in 2014. Dang. I had a mitsubishi and an olympus in the past. (these articles have me questioning my own tastes and decisions!!! ). If only because LS is a local company with a lot of local hires...I'd be sorry to see it stop operating. But frankly with so many daily deals and their variations how many different offers does one need?
  6. brr

    Lunch Deals

    As most of you know I'm a big fan of Vidalia's $19.90 3-course lunch special. I also enjoy the Proof $12 lunch entree + glass of wine at the bar special. Eve is another but not practical for lunch for anyone working in DC. Are there other attractive lunch specials I am missing in the Dupont/Downtown area for folks who are nto on expense accounts. Not interested in RW specials, but in longer running deals. Feel free to move to another forum if necessary/appropriate.
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