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Found 18 results

  1. Federal Donuts is the doughnut, coffee, and fried chicken place from chef Michael Solomonov and his business partner, Steven Cook (Zahav, Abe Fisher, Dizengoff, Percy Street Barbecue). Federal has four locations, plus a stand in Citizen's Bank Park. We went to the Center City location and only got the doughnuts, but they were excellent. Federal only serves cake doughnuts, and this location had six rotating varieties of pre-made "fancy donuts" and three sugar coated ones that were cooked to order (or, at least, served hot). All of the doughnuts except the chocolate use the same batter, so the primary difference is the topping/coating. Here's a story about the chicken, which also talks a little more about the doughnuts.
  2. The Bantugs purchased Scoop Beauregard's, and reopened it as Toby's on March 1st. While the shop has a slightly more organized feel, it's still mostly the same product as before: ice cream, and M. E. Swing's coffee. Scoop's had it own charms, but always felt a little amateurish to me; my instinct tells me that Toby (with whom I talked this morning) has an updated outlook on running the business. Their website is here. Congratulations to both of you! Cheers, Rocks ETA - Ha! I had completely forgotten Toby was a member here until just now, when I went into the Scoop Beauregard's thread. P.S. Mabuhay!
  3. "DC Pastry Chefs Launch a National Bake Sale to Support 'Black Lives Matter'" by Daniella Byck on washingtonian.com
  4. bdoughnut.com Portuguese style malasadas & doughnuts by Brian and Pin Chanthapanya at the Mosaic in Merrifield. I stopped by for the first time and enjoyed a quick treat with crab dip bagel doughnut and chocolate creme malasadas. Very tasty!
  5. On the very-contentious topic of donuts: I have now gotten them a couple of times from Zombie Coffee and Donuts (address 3100 14th St., but really it's on Irving Street between 14th and 15th). The first time I was amazed at how good they were. The second time they were nearly as good. What is especially good about them is that, unlike so many donuts, they have the crunch of having been fried. (I would call them, basically, "cake" donuts rather than "yeasted" though I am not an expert.) They have that good crisp exterior and a nice greasiness. They offer various "glazes" (including none, basic sugar glaze, chocolate, vanilla, maple, strawberry, lemon) and various "toppings" (including shredded coconut, cereals, candies, and even the absurd bacon). Then they are fabricated to order. Even with those additions they are not as absurdly cloyingly sweet as some (I'm looking at you, Fractured Prune). Check it out.
  6. I had fun ending my trip stumbling upon the Doughnut Plant in Chelsea before heading to Penn Station to board my train. I wish, wish, wish there was a doughnut store like this in the DC area. Doughnut Plant offers both yeast and cake doughnuts--I grew up eating yeast doughnuts, so cakey ones are too much of a foreign concept for me. They are super good fresh, and I love the fact they have bite-sized ones (see "doughseed" on their site), but despite putting them in a ziploc baggies as soon as I got home yesterday, it was not as good this morning, compared to Country Donuts-days back in Illinois. They are also more expensive than Country Donuts (starting around $2.75, I think, but the doughseeds are less). I tried the following flavors: Creme Brulee ($3+. I loved the sugar shell crunch. It should be a regular doughnut size for the price charged, but I would buy this again.); Valrhona Chocolate glazed ($2+. This was the one I tried in the morning. Fail on my part for forgetting glazes fall apart overnight. Doughnut bite not as soft compared to one above.); Doughseed (PB and banana filled. Too odd for me, but portion size just right for one and a half bites.); and Churro (Yes, this is not a doughnut, but how can one refuse a churro? They had a good mix of cinnamon:sugar on the churro, but it is different than the Chicago churros of my memories. A bit hard/chewy for my churro-tastes.) However, if I had to rank bathrooms in eateries across the nation, this would rank pretty high in my book. I even attached a picture as proof. What are other doughnut faves for locals?
  7. Arlnow.com reporting this - so when will the parking garage be built there? I do not know the brand - is this a good thing? "Duck Donuts To Open Fairfax and Arlington Locations" by Tim Regan
  8. This week starts the soft open of Astro Doughnuts... they are open from 8am to sold out, which apparently only took 90 minutes this morning. They reopened at noon with limited doughnuts and buttermilk fried chicken. I did not attempt to go get doughnuts today. Astro Doughnuts 1308 G Street, NW Washington DC 20005
  9. On a hole-y unrelated note, Pernod-Ricard - a French conglomerate no less - just sold Dunkin Donuts for an eye-popping $2.43 billion.
  10. There really aren't any. I happen to live right next to the original DP, and they just expanded into the storefront next door, while keeping the old space to increase their production capabilities. They sell a lot of doughnuts! --- Doughnut Plant (goodeats) Dough (mtpleasanteater) Dumont (JLK)
  11. Stopped by Red Light during their soft opening (I think the official open is the 27th?); a friend wanted to meet up for dessert for her birthday. Can give give an unabashed Yes! to the beer-based doughnuts and chocolate on the menu; there is enough chocolate to go around for all of the doughnuts, with a bit left over to lick off your fingers... or smear on the slightly-too-sweet marshmallows that came with the mexican chocolate tart. (there, i fixed it.) Also tasty, a goat cheese tart with sorbet. Inside it's all dark grey and moody; I'm pretty in love with the lamps in this place. Will be interesting to see how they handle the load once the patio opens "”I suspect its going to get crazy. But those doughnuts! I'm going to have to go back and get more doughnuts.
  12. I have no idea how the pizza, sandwiches, or salads are, but they donuts tasted like childhood. WaPo's John Kelly's take.
  13. In that case, if you're going to be near Linden, stop at the Apple House and get an order of apple butter donuts. When they're hot and fresh, they're the best donuts ever.
  14. You give us Alain Ducasse; we give you The Fractured Prune. "Fractured Prune Launches National Expansion ...." by Lorraine Mirabella on baltimoresun.com "The 37-year-old chain now has 13 locations in Maryland, including Ocean City, Parkville, Halethorpe, Frederick and Salisbury, and in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Later this month, a Fractured Prune will open in Utah, with more planned for New York City, Philadelphia, northern New Jersey, Arizona, California, Florida, Nebraska, Nevada, Idaho, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, Brinton said." The name sounds ridiculous until you read about its backstory - it's actually kind of sweet (pun intended).
  15. The Washingtonian has a blog post about the new Cool Disco Donuts that's having a soft opening this Friday and grand opening next Friday in the old Tangysweet space on P Street. Owner is Aaron Gordon of Tangysweet. The picture on the blog post is ultra cheesy, and the doughnut trend is already verging on trite even though all these doughnut places haven't opened yet, but the name Cool Disco Donuts made me laugh (thinking of seeing the Cool "Disco" Dan graffiti and some personal memories of times when I was in DC when the graffiti was around.)
  16. [posted on eGullet 2003-2004] (Sing to the tune of Polly Wolly Doodle) Well I went for a walk And I walked around the block And I walked into The doughnut shop I pulled two doughnuts Out of the grease And I gave the man A five-cent piece He looked at the nickel And he looked at me And he said this nickel's No good you see It has a hole in the middle And it's all the way through I said there's a hole In the doughnut too! During a recent 48-hour binge, I blimped my way through the Hole-y Trinity of DC Doughnuts: Amernick, Komi and Colorado Kitchen. Amernick offers raised versions, a cinnamon-sugar coated and a honey-glazed. These big, bad yeasty boys are a dollar each, and a well-balanced accompaniment to the outstanding, breathtaking rosemary and goat-cheese focaccia offered on weekends (the rosemary qualifies as a vegetable). Amernick's olive-pizza focaccia is a medalist for best pizza in the city as well (don't bother with the perfectly adequate slices from Vace next door when you can get this far superior item instead). But my last visit featured an extremely disappointing "cream cheese" focaccia instead of the sublime goat-cheese version. Don't confuse one with the other: the former is not worth ordering; the latter is one of the single best food items in the city. P.S. don't miss the caramels and the small almond cookies she calls "macaroons." I'm not a big fan of the chocolate-chip cookies, but the "black and white" cookies are quite good, and are delicious even straight out of your freezer where they will keep indefinitely if wrapped well. Komi was slammed last week as you might imagine after Tom's review. I had never been before, and was surprised at just how much I liked it despite my horror at them not having valet parking. After twenty minutes, I bit the bullet and headed due east, parking on 14th and Q, before sprinting through an arctic wind back to the restaurant. I can see why people would consider Komi a poor-man's Nectar: the portions are smallish (which helps keep the prices reasonable), the place is hip and young, and it's a very real attempt at fine dining, basically an oasis in a culinary dessert (the only other restaurant I've tried in this strip is Sushi Taro which I found to be really bad). They feature homemade doughnuts as an item on the dessert menu, served with "Mexican cocoa." It's two fresh raised cinnamon-sugar doughnuts (like Amernick's, but smaller and a bit denser), served piping hot with a little tureen of warm cocoa and freshly whipped cream for dunking. This is the ultimate cure for "I've had a bad day," and even if you think you don't want doughnuts for a dessert after a full meal, I advise you to try this anyway: I simply don't see how I could have enjoyed this dessert any more than I did. Colorado kitchen offers the only cake doughnuts of the three. A sampler platter will get you three small, hot, freshly made beauties, each with a different topping (only on the top part): one had almond bits (lending literal credence to the term "dough nuts"), one had a milk-chocolate glaze (perhaps a touch too subtle) and the third had powdered sugar. Can there be a better way to begin a weekend brunch? Well, yes: the coffee they serve is just plain bad, tasting like something you'd get at a hotel. But! Colorado Kitchen gets a big, positive recommendation from me, with so many good things to like about the cooking. Man, can this lady fry! The doughnuts? Killer. Fried chicken wings with a lemon sauce? Great (and a gutsy-but-dazzling use of zest, too). Fried catfish? As well as you could ever hope for. The catfish arrived, and my friend stuck her fork into my little tin of sauce, and immediately said, "this is the best tartar sauce I have ever had in my life." This person's last name has three letters, begins with a "C", and rhymes with "ham," so it goes without saying that she knows what she's doing. Skeptical, I then tried it too just as the waitress was arriving, and I turned to her and said, "this is the best tartar sauce I've ever had in my life." Shrimp and grits? Man, as good as it gets. How much did I like this place? I went back for dinner the next day. I could quibble about certain individual items, but I won't; instead I'll say that it qualifies as a legitimate crime against humanity that Colorado Kitchen doesn't serve alcohol. Gillian Clark is one hell of a homestyle cook, but I also saw some glimpses of real refinement, and her food screams for a decent glass of wine.
  17. Wandering around H Street, we were looking for a place to have a few drinks and some snacks before indulging in 11pm ramen. The words "Pork Shoulder Tacos" scrawled on the glass underneath the image of a fruit bat stopped me mid-stride. "Nicky- Fruit Bat!" I'd made my decision. The place is pretty darn tiny, and I have to image the kitchen is the size of a postage stamp. At 9:30pm on a Friday, they were more than struggling with kitchen stock. They were out of the tacos. They were out of the guacamole. They were out of the blueberry caipirinhas. I didn't really care. The music was great, the drinks were really great, and I was enjoying a date with my husband in a cozy bar while H street thronged with people. I had an "Old School Player"- Old Overholt with orange juice, and liked it quite a lot. Nicky had something with grapefruit and coconut which sounds like an awful fruity mess but was actually really drinkable- we had two of these. And then there were the surprises. Suddenly, pork tacos showed up! I think someone ran out for tortillas- the tortillas were not at all in the same class as the pork, cabbage, and sauce inside them. But the effort was definitely appreciated. Then the bartender came by and explained that the doughnuts were taking so long because they had to make another batch of dough. Freshly-fried doughnuts sound great to me, thank you. And they were. Warm bits of freshly-fried dough on a bed of chocolate mousse with a dash of coffee and powdered sugar. We inhaled these. And then I tried to get up every last bit of chocolate with my spoon. It's got to be incredibly hard to try to run a kitchen out of there. But the place is very warm and welcoming, and I liked it a lot. Given that many dinner destinations down on H street come with two-hour waits on a friday or saturday, you could do far worse than while away your time here.
  18. Dough in bedstuy does pretty good doughnuts. I think they sell their stuff in other locations.
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