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Found 7 results

  1. "Houston Restaurants Have a Hard Time Restricting Cell Phone Use" by Diane Cowen on chron.com
  2. Well, here's a story where a restaurant was able to strike back at the most arrogant of current customer behavior backed by the threat of a horrendous yelp review. A Boston restaurant was entirely abused by two arrogant "customers". The restaurant "niced them to death" and managed to get their pictures. The two threatened horrendous yelp reviews. To date no review has surfaced on yelp from these two ingrates...but if one does, not only should they be "outlawed from restaurants" they should be outlawed from ever reviewing again, imho.
  3. Im really sick of this idea people have. You beg for a reservation and dont show up. I understand the excuses (real ones) but do you not have the guts at least for a phone call to cancel the reservation ? Im sure alot of people in this business will agree with me. Dont wanna come , reach the phone.
  4. Would you please explain this? I'm not criticizing or anything, I'm just unfamiliar with Japanese dining customs, and curious. Sashimi after sushi is a faux pas?
  5. [back out NOW. Do NOT read this. I'm telling you this for your own good.] It is, but let me get it back on track: I remember exactly where I was, chatting with Member Number One in a restaurant, when all of a sudden she let out a muffled shriek. "What's wrong?" "I don't want to tell you." "Tell me!" "It will ruin your meal." "Tell me!" "Look at the person to your right when she takes a bite of her food." I stole a glance over my right shoulder and saw fork being raised to lips, when, like a viper, darting directly underneath the fork, came projecting out of the mouth approximately four inches of tongue. Yuck! Unfortunately, now that you've been presented with this, you will notice that a large percentage of diners in restaurants see fit to using their tongues as an insurance policy - a barbaric catchpan - for anything that might be in danger of falling off the utensil. Doing my part to combat global obesity by inducing mass nausea, Rocks.
  6. Inspired by the last two Sietsema chats and a recent postings on DCist re: a Colorado Kitchen review, I'd like to start something of a Diner/Dining Staff Etiquette Guide. Just a few suggestions... For Diners: 1. Never move tables, chairs, or yourselves (to another table) without FIRST gaining permission to do so. 2. Notify the chef/managment of food allergies and special needs BEFORE you sit down to order. 3. If there is a problem...with the food, with the service, with the bill, whatever...speak up while you're still in the restaurant! If you can't for logistical or tempermental reasons, attempt to contact the restaurant before you take your complaint "public." For Dining Staff: 1. Don't play the disappearing server game! If there is a delay or a problem, keep your patrons up to speed. They'll appreciate the heads-up. 2. Stop posing as Joe Public on Tom's chats. It's embarassing, obvious, and turns savvy readers off. If you're going to plug, plug shamelessly! 3. I may be young and poor now, but I won't always be. And not all of my friends are. I'll remember the restaurants who treated me like royalty when I skipped a course or ordered water. My money's green, I'm a nice person, and I always talk up great restaurant experiences.
  7. Please read the following Q&A *carefully* before responding, noting the back story and circumstance (Jay Comfort is a known area chef who was, among other places, at Poste). What should have happened? I gave my opinion on Facebook, but I'd love to see some discussion here.
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