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Found 4 results

  1. I got this email from my MIL last night. I wonder how many Americans don't even know what Brexit is. --- Coucou Don, Nous avons traduit ce texte au cours. Intéressant non? --- And the text was this: brexit.pdf It's shocking just how little coverage Brexit is getting in the Western media, and *why*? This is *big news*, and we're hardly reading anything about it - are we that ethnocentric of a country where we can't hear news even about *Europe*? Goodness knows if something similar was happening in Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, or Australia. "Brexit Would Hit House Prices, Says Osborne" on bbc.com "U.S., Japan FX Row Overshadows G7 Meeting; Leaders Eye Brexit Threat" by Leika Kihara and Stanley White on reuters.com "G7 United Against Brexit, But Can Only Hope For An 'In' Vote" by Stanley White and Megumi Lim on reuters.com
  2. "Starting in 2021, Americans Will Need To Register To Travel to EU" by Rafael Bernal on thehill.com Back in the 1980s, Americans needed a Visa to travel to France, so I guess this isn't that much different. Still, it reflects the "Nationalization of the World," which is going on in full-force.
  3. In some of the most stunning news you will read in your lifetime, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, and Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned. Start with this article: "The UK's EU Referendum: All You Need To Know" by Brian Wheeler and Alex Hunt on bbc.com And then continue with these: "David Cameron Resigns After Votes to Leave European Union" on theguardian.com "What Happens Now the UK has Voted Brexit - and What is Article 50?" by Matthew Holehouse on telegraph.co.uk "'Explosive Shock' as Britain Votes to Leave EU, Cameron Quits" by Guy Faulconbridge and Kate Holton on reuters.com Do not underestimate the importance of Scotland and Northern Ireland voting against the majority (England and Wales). --- For some recent "historical" perspective, here's a thread from May 21, 2016: "Brexit - The UK's Potential Withdrawal From the European Union"
  4. This is interesting. "Pianist Asks The Washington Post To Remove A Concert Review Under The E.U.'s 'Right To Be Forgotten' Ruling" by Caitlin Dewey on washingtonpost.com Hell, I'd *love* for the Post to remove the article they wrote about me a few years back. The author calls the implications of the request "terrifying" (as an aside, I really like the way she wrote this article), but I would counter by saying that a private company, like the Post, being able to write essentially whatever they want to about someone, without being held accountable (short of a judge ruling it libel), is equally terrifying - of course, this has existed since the notion of a free press, but it's amplified in this age of digital media and high-powered search engines. On the other hand, we write about restaurants, and not always complimentary things, so a similar concept applies to me and everyone else here. As an aside, from what I've seen of this pianist, the review seems to describe him perfectly. But that's not the topic at hand. Perhaps most interesting of all is one of the comments in that article which says, "Search engines are rewriting the history of the world." Now *that* is interesting.
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