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Found 10 results

  1. (just seeing if you're paying attention) Hello Everyone, I wanted to say Welcome!, and to thank you for stopping by. Please click on "Register" and become a member - it's quick, it's easy, and it's free (and always will be). As a member, you'll be able to post, search topics, contact other members, attend fun events, make new friends - even get to try a piece of ventworm cake (click here)! There's really no reason not to register, so please do! Please forgive my slowness in getting the topics populated with some of my older writings - I'm trying to get this forum up-and-running in my spare time, and it will be a couple more weeks before things are fully functional. When other people begin posting I'll be moving my initial postings out and/or down into the threads, if for no other reason than because I don't want to see my name everywhere. I'm determined to use a light touch to moderate this forum, and wish to remain discrete and as behind-the-scenes as possible. Each and every individual here is more important to me than the site itself, and I hope you'll feel welcome in joining and nurturing a vibrant, dynamic community. It's not going to be about the food; it's going to be about people. Welcome! Rocks Nagging Denmother Stuff - When you register, our Membership Goddesses will send you an email to confirm the address. Please make sure to check the box that will allow us to email you! When you reply, please give her your full, real name (your information will remain private and not shared with anyone, ever), and then you'll be validated and ready-to-post. This is important: PLEASE MAKE SURE EMAIL FROM DONROCKWELL.COM DOESN'T GO IN YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Otherwise, the confirmation email will be lost forever, and you won't be able to confirm your membership. After a lot of thought, I decided not to make real names a requirement in posting, but having observed and learned from experience, anonymous criticism about restaurants (i.e., peoples livelihoods) will be gently discouraged, so if you don't use your real names in your postings, please be responsible in your writing. And please do consider using your real name, either as your username, or in your signature file. Industry professionals: please disclose your affiliations, if not in public, then at least in confidence to goldenticket or Pat. Thanks! You may as well begin hating me now because I'm a Title Dictator. Please just assume that the titles of new threads might be reworded or changed, that posts may be moved to other, more appropriate topics, and that I'm a nitpicky little ninny that is fully worthy of your scorn, wrath and condemnation. However, your postings themselves are NOT going to be edited without your express permission - they are your intellectual property, and by posting, you are giving us a copy for our unlimited and unrestricted use. In rare cases where a post must be deleted, it will be sent back to you so you can resubmit it. Why would I ever delete a post? Personal insults, copyright violations, excessive profanity without corresponding literary merit, or something so off-topic that it cannot possibly be of interest to the general readership. Please also note that "deleted" posts are not actually deleted; they're moved to a separate holding area and they can always be recovered. I consider deleting postings a big deal - sometimes it's necessary, but it's still a big deal, at least to me. Click here, and you'll be registered less than one minute from now. It'll make me happy to have you here, so just do it! What sez you? And here's a link to the yearbook! -----> Click! <-----
  2. First Post ever.... Hello to all. A brief introduction- I'm Kathryn Hull- recent addition to the staff at Corduroy. I am interested in learning more about this city through other people that work at other restaurants. A " dining tour guide " of sorts, I am in search for- the more the merrier. Anyone interested in filling this position or at least giving me some direction is well appreciated. It seems that HH at FF is the place to go to get started- but any other suggestions I would love as well.
  3. There have been several short-term cancellations for organized events lately, and it is entirely my fault for not having come up with a policy. So here it is, effective 11 PM, July 27th, 2005: 1) For any organized event, you must cancel at least 72 hours (three days) prior to the event. Otherwise you need to pay 100% of the cost unless there's a waiting list and your seat(s) can be filled. 2) Anyone not doing 1) can't come to any more events. I know that sounds a bit harsh, but Hillvalley has been putting a great deal of time into organizing these events, and that time needs to be respected, as does the revenue that restaurants count on when reserving tables for us. From this point forward, everyone is starting with a clean slate, and no harm has been done. I take the blame for any infractions up until now. Thank you! Rocks.
  4. Just so people can have a rough approximation of star ratings, here is our ranking system, along with the percentage of all hotels that would meet the category - note that 50% of all hotels in the world would get 3 stars. Our members tend towards being educated and affluent, so restaurants and hotels are often focal points of vacations. Our younger members, even though they're just starting out, often take some extra time to find hotels of charm or utility, even though they might not be expensive. In other words, many of our readers skew "higher" than the norm in terms of finding nicer hotels and dining at interesting restaurants. Price doesn't factor into the star ratings, although it should be mentioned prominently in your reviews. There are plenty of overpriced, 4-star hotels in this world, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve 4-stars; just make sure and mention that they aren't a good value. "The Truth" is usually complex, and our members are intelligent enough to understand that - make sure to write for an intelligent audience. 1 = Avoid at all costs. Insects, filth. (Think: Motel Hell) 5% 2 = Would not stay again, but not Armageddon bad. (Think: A run-down Motel 6, slight odors of rodenticide, etc.) 20% 3 = Your average, clean business hotel. (Think: A clean Econo-Lodge up to a moderate Hilton or Hyatt with a restaurant, a gym, and other nice amenities - half of every hotel in the world fits into this category) 50% 4 = Lovely, Distinctive, and worth going out of your way for a stay (Think: A *really* nice corporate hotel, or any independent with a high to very high level of charm) 20% 5 = The best of the best, and a destination in-and-of itself (Think: A resort in Bali) 5% This is a 10 x 20 matrix-graphic of how many of each rating should exist for every hotel in the world: 5 4444 4444 4444 4444 3333333333 <------------------------ You can see from this that a 3-star Hotel can be very good! 3333333333 3333333333 3333333333 3333333333 <------------------------- There is a very wide range of leeway and error in 3-star Hotels. 3333333333 3333333333 3333333333 3333333333 3333333333 <------------------------ You can see from this that a 3-star Hotel can be quite mediocre.. 2222 2222 2222 2222 1 4s and 3s will probably account for 90% of our ratings, given the level of income and education of our members. 4s should be considered as "telling people they should really, *really* think about staying here." 3s should be considered as "perfectly fine, perhaps very good, but not memorable - might stay again, but not the focal point of the trip." 2s should be considered as "warnings." Note: An honorable, clean, inexpensive hostel for students would get 3 stars, not 2. 1s should be considered as "notices to the health department." 5s should be considered as "resorts for people who collect yachts." Only people who have actually stayed at the hotel, or who have intimate knowledge of it, should issue star ratings. If you have family or friends who operate a hotel *that you're familiar with*, please feel free to write about it - just disclose your affiliation. People will appreciate your honesty, and welcome your recommendation - as long as you're forthright: I can't stress how important that last clause is. Hotels for individual cities we cover can be found within those cities. All other hotels can be found here in our Hotel Index. Pictures speak a thousand words, and before you unpack your bags, please take pictures of your room. Example.
  5. This is for absolute novices, and I'll write it in the simplest possible terms for computer-phobes (it's okay - we all were at one time!). I'll also build this primer slowly, so I don't have to think of everything at the same time. Terminology (From Biggest-to-Smallest) "Website" or "Community "- Each and every thing you see on www.donrockwell.com is part of the Website. The word "Community" refers to our members; not the actual software. So, both terms are talking about the whole thing, but "Website" is more computer-oriented, and "Community" is more people-oriented. "Category" - Each "box" on the home page (with a blue strip on top) is a category. "Hamtrak," for example, or "Marketplace" - it's just a convenient way of dividing things up to make it easier to read (You don't need to know this, because the term is never used.) "Forum" - There are several Forums in each Category. "Washington DC Restaurants and Dining," for example, is a Forum. "Subforum" - A "Forum within a Forum." For example, "Help Needed" or "Coffee Shops and Roasters." This is the smallest thing that you can see from the home page. "Thread" - A topic within a Forum. If you click on a Forum, you'll see up to 50 Threads per page. Each restaurant, for example, has its own Thread - it's a synonym to "Topic." "Post" - One individual's comment within a Thread. When you write something here, you're writing a Post. If you click on a Thread, you'll see up to 50 Posts per page.
  6. Yesterday morning, I found out a friend passed away (see here). I went onto legacy.com, and posted a note of condolence for his family. Today, I went back to that website, only to find this: And then this when I clicked on "Restore the Guest Book": Did I do something to trigger an expiration of the guestbook yesterday? Are you really making someone pay $29.99 or $79.99 to restore the guestbook? Afterwards, I went to my mom's obituary, and found this: So, her guestbook has also expired, and someone is going to have to pay to have it restored. Profiting from the deceased. This is, perhaps, a job best left for funeral homes; it certainly isn't necessary in this day and age of the internet. It is with this spirit in mind that I am offering anyone, and everyone, with a deceased friend or relative to create a PERMANENT, FREE, POST about their loved one in this forum. Yes, you have to join the website, but it's free, quick (a two-step process that takes minutes), and private. And I promise you that I will NEVER charge you any money to keep your notes of condolence online. Search "Bill Moldoch" on the internet to see whether or not your family and friends will find your post about your deceased relative or loved one (they will), or just click this: Bill's tribute is in the "Sports" forum because he was a legitimate tournament tennis player, but all lives are equal, and they will be just as easily found here. (I will make all the titles similar, so they're found by people searching the internet, but any tributes (i.e., posts) you write will be unedited). If and when you join, please write "Guest book" as a response to the question "How did you find out about donrockwell.com?" Pat is our membership director, and I want to make her life as easy as possible. Please send me a PM (Private Message) when you join (click that little thing that looks like an open envelope on the upper-right of the screen) and introduce yourself to me by addressing your message to "DonRocks." I'm going to also need some proof of the passing, so if you don't mind, please send it along (a link to a newspaper article or an image of the death certificate is more than fine). Please understand that we MUST have at least some proof that this is a real situation due to the gravity of its nature - we're offering you a gift, and all we ask is that you respect it as such. Please make sure to say "thank you" to Pat when you join - she's volunteering her time and deserves appropriate gratitude and respect. I have run this website for over ten years, and not once did I ever think I would be running an obituaries section. Until now. My condolences in advance for the loss of your loved one - they will be forever honored here, at no charge to you. --- Attention Members: If you do not wish this forum to come up when you click on "View New Content," simply do the following: 1) Click on "View New Content" 2) On the left side of the page, under the heading "Other," you'll see an entry that's called "Filter By Forum" - click it. 3) Make sure that "Permanent Guest Book" is unchecked. 4) While you're here, you should take this opportunity to review all the forums and subforums you have checked and unchecked. Doing this will ensure that you'll get *only* the forums you have checked when you click on "View New Content" - it's quite a powerful and useful feature. Many of you probably haven't done this in a long time, if ever, and several new forums have been added (and removed) in the past few years - go ahead and take the two minutes it requires to customize this website to your liking. There's no sense in you seeing what you don't want to see when you use the "View New Content" feature. Also, file this away in your mind for future reference - you can also always write me if you forget how to do this. Cheers, Rocks
  7. Do you want to help people you care about succeed in their line of work? So do I, and that's why I started this forum. Do you have a cousin, or a brother-in-law who's great at what he does, but isn't getting enough recognition? Do you know someone who is worth you taking 30 minutes out of your life to support? Go into this forum, click on Start New Topic, and let the world know about your friends, family, and other people or businesses that you want to support. Here are the rules: 1) Positive Reviews Only 2) Each Initial Review must be 100 words, and signed with your real first and last name 3) Each Followup Review must be 50 words, and signed with your real first and last name That's it - that's all there is to it. (And no, I'm not going to sit there and count the words; that's a loose guideline - I just want the posts to be substantive and be worth something to the reader.) Does it sound too simple? Does it sound too good to be true? Try Googling: Peggy Newhall Piano (#1 on Google) Jessie Mann Porcelains (#4 on Google) Joe's Dog Walking (#6 on Google) These are just three examples I typed in. I can't promise you everything will be this rosy, but consider this:1) It's free 2) It takes 10 minutes 3) It's free 4) It can't possibly hurt 5) It's free Please support your friends and family, and write me directly if you need help: donrockwell@dcdining.com At your service, Don.
  8. Donrockwell.com is currently looking for a savvy restaurant and food lover who knows the Baltimore and Annapolis areas, can write and is kind and able to volunteer some time (donrockwell.com is free of charge) to help manage our Baltimore board? If interested, please email me at: donrockwell-at-dcdining-com. Users will find a ton of great content and information on these Baltimore/Maryland boards, BUT unlike the Washington DC board, Maryland isn't (yet) actively managed. All that means is the the "Dining Guide" (basically an index) isn't complete or especially current. Many great restaurants have threads on the board but aren't (yet) in the Dining Guide. However, you can find any named restaurant here simply with a google search by using "restaurant name donrockwell" as a search term. Or just click on one of the below Baltimore boards and browse the various threads that appear. Enjoy and thank you!
  9. This will have you posting in less than one minute! Starting A New Topic 1) Go into the forum where you want to write the topic, e.g., "Restaurants and Dining." 2) Click on the "Start New Topic" button towards the top-right of the screen 3) Write your Title Topic Title (and, optionally, Topic Tags) in the boxes provided (Don't worry about the exact wording of these; I usually change them) 4) Write your post in the blank rectangle 5) When you're finished, scroll down and click on "Post New Topic" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Replying To An Existing Topic 1) Click on the topic. 2a) Click on the "Reply to this Topic" button towards the top-right of the screen 2b) (Alternatively to 2a, if you want to quote someone else's post, and then reply underneath, click the "Quote" button on the bottom-right of the post.) 3) Type your reply in the blank rectangle 4) When you're finished, scroll down and click on "Post" Now click here on the Please Introduce Yourselves thread, and put your new knowledge into action! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Replying to an Existing Topic While Quoting Multiple Posts (the "MultiQuote" feature): 1) Go to all the posts that you want to quote. For each, click the "MultiQuote" button (do it in the order that you want them presented). 2) The quoted posts can be from different topics. The pop-up box on the bottom-right will stay around if you bounce between threads. 3) When you're finished quoting, get to the thread you want to post in, and click on "Reply to "x" Quoted Posts" on the bottom-right. 4) You'll be automatically taken to the box where you type your post, and the quoted posts will all be there for you. 5) Continue as usual. You can edit the quoted text, and pretty much do whatever you want. Send a PM to "DonRocks" if you have any questions! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Making a "Soft Link" our of a "Hard Link" (This should ALWAYS be done - it makes my life SO MUCH easier, and it's simple!) If you have a link in your post like this: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ <--- This is a "hard link" you can turn it into a "soft link" as follows, and I'll love you forever if you do this: 1) Highlight the text with your cursor 2) Click the "link" icon (if you're editing a post, it's the top line of icons, #5 from the left, that looks like a two-link chain 3) Substitute "National Geographic" in the bottom line, the one that says "Link Text." 4) Now you have a soft link that looks like this: National Geographic NOTE - There's an easier way to do this: Just type in "National Geographic," click the icon, and when the pop-up screen comes up, type in the URL nationalgeographic.com on the top line - you'll get the exact same result. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uploading Pictures Okay, this is complicated, but if you follow these directions, it's simple. You have to be in the "Full Editor" (not that "Quick Editor" down at the bottom of the page - if you're there, click on "More Reply Options" and you'll be in the Full Editor). 1) Put your cursor down at the bottom of your text (the photo will appear wherever your cursor is - you can add multiple photos in a single post using this method, and they'll all show up where your cursor is at the time) 2) Down beneath where you're typing, on the left, there's a whole section called "Attach Files." This is where you want to be. 3) Click "Choose File" which will bring up a list of files on your own computer 4) Choose the file you wish to attach (hopefully .jpeg or .pdf, but a couple other file types are allowed also) 5) Click on "Attach This File" and it will show up (sort of) on the line above 6) Place your cursor at the point in the post where you want the photo to appear. 7) Click on "Add to Post" and it will appear in your post at full-size. 8) Double-click on the photo, and change the LEFT figure to 1/10th of its size to make a thumbnail. That thumbnail is expandable by readers just by clicking on it, and I use this method for every single photo I upload. Repeat steps 3) through 6) for any photos you wish to add (I think the limit is about 10 per post). It's a cumbersome process, but once you've done it a few times, you know it, and it's not that bad. Please let me know if I can improve this explanation. For a non-computer-person, this is something of a nightmare. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accessing The Dining Guide To access the AMAZING, life-changing Dining Guide, all you have to do is post ten times [*], i.e., follow the instructions above. Why don't you introduce yourselves in this topic right ----------> HERE <---------- Or maybe write about a recent dining experience you've had? The Dining Guide will be your index to find every major restaurant in the area - even though I'm the author, I use it myself almost every single day. If you don't have access to it yet, and are looking for a specific restaurant, the best way to do it is through Google, like this: "donrockwell citronelle" If you search on that (or whatever other restaurant you're looking for, alongside of donrockwell (with no spaces)), it will come up #1. And even if you can't find the exact topic, I'll make sure it gets in there for you - my organizational skills are supremo (except when I'm trying to find my car keys). Have at it, and welcome! Cheers, Rocks. --- [*] - Note: As of October 25, 2014, the requirement to access the Dining Guide has increased from 1 to 10 posts. The Dining Guide is intended to be a reward for active members who contribute to this community. Please PM me directly, or send me an email to donrockwell@dcdining.com, if you have any questions about obtaining this free resource.
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