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Found 11 results

  1. (just seeing if you're paying attention) Hello Everyone, I wanted to say Welcome!, and to thank you for stopping by. Please click on "Register" and become a member - it's quick, it's easy, and it's free (and always will be). As a member, you'll be able to post, search topics, contact other members, attend fun events, make new friends - even get to try a piece of ventworm cake (click here)! There's really no reason not to register, so please do! Please forgive my slowness in getting the topics populated with some of my older writings - I'm trying to get this forum up-and-running in my spare
  2. First Post ever.... Hello to all. A brief introduction- I'm Kathryn Hull- recent addition to the staff at Corduroy. I am interested in learning more about this city through other people that work at other restaurants. A " dining tour guide " of sorts, I am in search for- the more the merrier. Anyone interested in filling this position or at least giving me some direction is well appreciated. It seems that HH at FF is the place to go to get started- but any other suggestions I would love as well.
  3. There have been several short-term cancellations for organized events lately, and it is entirely my fault for not having come up with a policy. So here it is, effective 11 PM, July 27th, 2005: 1) For any organized event, you must cancel at least 72 hours (three days) prior to the event. Otherwise you need to pay 100% of the cost unless there's a waiting list and your seat(s) can be filled. 2) Anyone not doing 1) can't come to any more events. I know that sounds a bit harsh, but Hillvalley has been putting a great deal of time into organizing these events, and that time needs to be respect
  4. Just so people can have a rough approximation of star ratings, here is our ranking system, along with the percentage of all hotels that would meet the category - note that 50% of all hotels in the world would get 3 stars. Our members tend towards being educated and affluent, so restaurants and hotels are often focal points of vacations. Our younger members, even though they're just starting out, often take some extra time to find hotels of charm or utility, even though they might not be expensive. In other words, many of our readers skew "higher" than the norm in terms of finding nicer ho
  5. Anything and Everything is fair game as a thread in the Open Forum - from the dramatically important, to the esoterically trivial. Please don't write anything *only* to test my limits as a moderator - the restrictions will be what they've always been since this community's inception - with some more open rules: 1) No discussion of religion or politics, unless its based in an educational, historical, or sociological context, which should *always* be the case; 2) No gratuitous profanity, unless it's rooted in artistic, literary expression - no word is off-limits here, within context; 3) No on
  6. This is for absolute novices, and I'll write it in the simplest possible terms for computer-phobes (it's okay - we all were at one time!). I'll also build this primer slowly, so I don't have to think of everything at the same time. Terminology (From Biggest-to-Smallest) "Website" or "Community "- Each and every thing you see on www.donrockwell.com is part of the Website. The word "Community" refers to our members; not the actual software. So, both terms are talking about the whole thing, but "Website" is more computer-oriented, and "Community" is more people-oriented. "Category" - Each
  7. Yesterday morning, I found out a friend passed away (see here). I went onto legacy.com, and posted a note of condolence for his family. Today, I went back to that website, only to find this: And then this when I clicked on "Restore the Guest Book": Did I do something to trigger an expiration of the guestbook yesterday? Are you really making someone pay $29.99 or $79.99 to restore the guestbook? Afterwards, I went to my mom's obituary, and found this: So, her guestbook has also expired, and someone is going to have to pay to have it restored. Pro
  8. Do you want to help people you care about succeed in their line of work? So do I, and that's why I started this forum. Do you have a cousin, or a brother-in-law who's great at what he does, but isn't getting enough recognition? Do you know someone who is worth you taking 30 minutes out of your life to support? Go into this forum, click on Start New Topic, and let the world know about your friends, family, and other people or businesses that you want to support. Here are the rules: 1) Positive Reviews Only 2) Each Initial Review must be 100 words, and signed with your real first and
  9. Donrockwell.com is currently looking for a savvy restaurant and food lover who knows the Baltimore and Annapolis areas, can write and is kind and able to volunteer some time (donrockwell.com is free of charge) to help manage our Baltimore board? If interested, please email me at: donrockwell-at-dcdining-com. Users will find a ton of great content and information on these Baltimore/Maryland boards, BUT unlike the Washington DC board, Maryland isn't (yet) actively managed. All that means is the the "Dining Guide" (basically an index) isn't complete or especially current. Many great restaurants
  10. This will have you posting in less than one minute! Starting A New Topic 1) Go into the forum where you want to write the topic, e.g., "Restaurants and Dining." 2) Click on the "Start New Topic" button towards the top-right of the screen 3) Write your Title Topic Title (and, optionally, Topic Tags) in the boxes provided (Don't worry about the exact wording of these; I usually change them) 4) Write your post in the blank rectangle 5) When you're finished, scroll down and click on "Post New Topic" ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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