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Found 62 results

  1. Pho Nom Nom, out Rockville Pike is a bit of a drive but so worth it. Best Pho around!
  2. The former ABC Canteen spot in Fairfax has been replaced by a new Korean Fried Chicken branch: Choong Man Chicken.
  3. People don't usually want Fast Casual when they're out to dine, but the best option in University Mall may now be The Halal Guys (I realize that isn't saying much).
  4. Words on the internets talk of a new Hunan place in Fairfax called 100 Degree Chinese Cuisine aka 沸 騰 湘 江 (which Google says is 'Boiling Xiang River'...makes sense if Hunan). The menu is available here, though the internet seems to indicate they aren't doing the full menu yet. There's also talk of made-to-order dumplings as well. (They also have a tea time...odd that. Any insight from more knowledgeable people?) I'm thinking it'll be hard to pass up the chance for some good Hunan this weekend. Preserved pork with dried radish? Mmm... If this place checks out as good (from other members, &c.) it might be a good place for a DR lunch or something once they're past the soft open and clicking. (ETA: Aww, nuts. This is my first start of a restaurant page. Can a mod make the title/subtitle a bit more consistent with the rest of the board?)
  5. Was able to grab a quick lunch today based on a friend's recommendation. The Espositos is located adjacent to the entrance to Fairfax HS, directly across the street from PJ Skidoos. If you are looking for a very casual approach to fresh Italian food, try it. The owner welcomed me to their restaurant when I arrived and and took a moment to thank me when I left. The server was great and recommended the Chicken Francaise, I got a side of spaghetti with meat sauce so I could try their fresh pasta. The chicken (2 thin breasts) was extremely flavorful, as was the sauce. The side pasta with meat sauce was good by itself. She offered me their house, spicy (but not too much), olive oil with a basket of fresh bread - also another nice complimentary touch. Atmosphere is nothing special, as I mentioned before, it is very casual. The people were nice, food was excellent and I will be back.
  6. i think it only seems natural that i'm the one to start this thread, eh? in any event, Laura Hayes profiled French Quarter Brasserie recently. gone are the most comfortable bar seats in all of history. in is a spin-off of a Cajun-inspired Fairfax spot.
  7. I will accept your thanks in advance as I am now full and can't breath. I caught wind of this place on the cesspool that is Fairfax Underground and decided to check it out on my way back from DC today. The old Fairfax institution Arthur Treacher''s has gone the way of the dinosaur. Gone are the days of frozen deep fried fish and chips. Instead lets say hello to the days of fresh deep fried fish and chips. I showed up at 1 this afternoon and there were about 5 tables filled. Since this was a scouting mission, I jumped on the grenade and over-ordered. See the things I do for this community? Fish and Chips - Fries - a solid 6, but nothing special. The fish. A solid 8 +. Light batter and the fish was fresh and firm (that's what she said...) They use Cod. Tarter Sauce is homemade and good. Hushpuppies - two gripes - they should throw a couple of these in an order of fish and chips. Also, these would be better with some kind of butter or honey butter which was not offered. Regardless, I got the appetizer and they were actually good. Crispy, fluffy and not greasy. Of course, they sell tacos so I got two of those. Come on. I dare you to name a single fish and chips joint that does not also sell authentic mexican street tacos.... Anyways, I had the Carnitas and Barbacoa. Both were actually very good and the fresh tortillas were nice as well. The Carnitas had a good flavor and were not dry. The Barbacoa was spicy and tender. They also do chicken, chorizo and fish. Now I am full thanks to you guys. I would write more but I am going to hit the treadmill to see if I can regain some of my self esteem. In the meantime, if you are in the area and need a cheap lunch - skip Chipotle and check them out. When I go back, I don't know what I will get because everything I ordered was a standout.
  8. Website & Menu: http://freddysusa.com/Menu/FullMenu/default.aspx Location: 10030 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA (next to the Fairfax Outback Steakhouse) Serious Eats review of another location: http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2012/04/chain-reaction-freddys-frozen-custard-and-steakburgers-review.html Impressions: Much less claustrophobic than the Fredericksburg Steak & Shake (and sure as shit easier to get to), and far more "roomy" than the Smashburger down the street. There's likely a good reason for this, however, in the fact that directly behind the restaurant is a communal practice field and playground, and directly adjacent is the Fairfax Outback. That's excellent news for their bottom line, but I could see both factors weighing heavily on interior congestion, service time, and *parking*. Other than that, this place is a near-carbon-copy of Steak & Shake. The chief difference between the two is that Freddy's does frozen custard along with their grillworks. Other differences come in the form of Freddy's not having the wait staff of S&S, instead opting for a number-call system. This isn't a negative insomuch as the wait staff, at least at the Fredericksburg S&S, contributes to more traffic on the floor. Two big notable *minuses* have to be the location of the condiment/drink station *right next* to where you pick up your order as well as *only two registers* for the interior. It also feels decidedly "cheaper" and much more kitschy than Smashburger, so if you prefer a more "adult" atmosphere, I'd advise you go a bit further down/up the road. Layout: Roomy, considering it used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken. I visited right around 5:45pm on 3/23, and people had plenty of room to move around, but a game taking place on the aforementioned practice field and the looming dinner rush of the Outback might've made eating there an hour or two later untenable, though I'd imagine only about 1/4 of those originally going to Outback would be tempted to "downgrade" their dining experience to fast-casual when presented with a lengthy wait time. There are also, thankfully, no distractants to keep people in their seats longer than they need to be there. No TVs showing sports or cartoons discourages loitering, and I didn't see any mention of "Free Wi-Fi." Wait Time: No more than ten minutes, but it wasn't very busy, either. Order and Taste: One double Bacon and Cheese (#7) and one single "California Style" just to taste. The patties are smashed almost paper-thin (again, a la Steak & Shake) and if you get a single, you're liable to taste more of the toppings and condiments than the protein. This is perfectly fine if you're looking to save on fat and calories, but not especially recommended if you're trying to sate your hunger. The standard burger uses only mustard as a condiment, and if you're a fan of that, you'll love these burgers. The "California Style" is their take on In & Out, and having never been to one, I can't tell if their "spread" hits it dead on. It's pretty much just that predictable "Thousand Island" taste. As for the beef itself, if you like crust, this place does it better than Smashburger. The big winner had to be the toppings. I barely tasted the bacon, but the winner on both burgers had to be the white onion and pickle. Unlike Smashburger, whose onions tend to catch in your teeth and pull out with each bite, this onion was crispy and yielded quite nicely with each bite, markedly contributing to each one taken. The fries aren't really anything special. They're shoestring-style and palatable, but fundamentally no different than a half-dozen other places around here who do it the same way, and only earn a slight kick in the form of their "Fry Sauce" which is simply that, a yellowish-beige light seemingly mayo/mustard-based sauce that has visual flecks of what appears to be cayenne pepper or curry powder or the like inside of it. Even after two of their burgers and a handful of their fries, I still wasn't "full," which should also speak to the viability of this place as anything more than just a "light lunch/dinner." They even seem to know this themselves, as each booth/table's napkin dispenser advertises their frozen custard as the "perfect end to every meal," and they sure got me to fish for that in the form of their PBC&B (Peanut Butter Cup & Banana) concrete. The custard itself is on par with and perhaps a bit superior to Milwaukee's (especially considering there isn't a frozen custard place in Fairfax yet), and the blending of banana and candy at least gives you the *impression* that you're eating something vaguely nutritious, despite my counting only about 4-5 slices of banana in my "regular" sized cup. Verdict: Worth a try if you're within 20-30 minutes of it, just be sure to not go during a dinner rush, and if you see anything being played/practiced on the field behind, eat quickly lest you be drowned in an avalanche of sweaty, amped up little youth soccer munchkins. It's also not *cheap*, with each combo costing in the range of 7-8 bucks plus whatever else you decide to tack on. Also, evidently it was good enough for "Blago" to make it his last meal as a free man for the next 14 years: http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2012/03/blagojevich-eats-last-meal-before-prison-at-freddys-frozen-custard-and-steakburgers.html
  9. ClosedChef Driss Zahidi is opening Le Mediterranean Bistro, hopefully in April, in the old Sabzi space at 4008 University Drive in Fairfax. This will be a French Bistro (remember, Driss was the opening chef at Bistro Vivant), with Moroccan dishes as well, as Chef Zahidi is from Morocco. This should mean there will be lots of dishes from Provence and the Côe d'Azur. A sample opening menu can be found here (note the Octopus Kebab). As far as I'm concerned, we cannot get enough good southern French restaurants in this area. Congratulations to the whole team.
  10. I'm excited, since I'm something of an Fairfax City cheerleader. I've only been able to find a few reviews online, but they're all raves. I tried Sweet Life (the former occupant of the historic Moore House) once for dinner and it was sorta 'meh'/hit-or-miss, so I'm not surprised they didn't make it. Choices by Shawn seems to focus a lot on gluten-free baked goods, and they even have a few vegan offerings. The web site is here. Has anyone tried this place? Any thoughts?
  11. I just realized that I should add this-An excellent Vietnamese restaurant in old town Fairfax (right next to Havabite Eatery, old school Italian/Greek/homey, also very good). We went here last Sunday w/ a group of 6, since it was cloudy & cool, we went for pho. 1 beef, 3 chicken, loads of spring rolls (don't judge) & chicken & veg for my Mom who is doing a whole 30 (& driving me mad w/ her queries about the miniscule amount of sugar in sauce?). i think this is the 3rd or 4th time I've eaten here & it is wonderful-great food, great service. This is the first time we ended our meal w/ sticky rice pudding topped w/ coconut cream & sesame seeds, & mango slices (gratis). It was the perfect choice for a celebratory lunch & I look forward to more meals here.
  12. It's ironic that I received a citation this morning, and I'm writing this about the person who wrote it, but this world needs more officers like John Alford. I'd just had a minor medical procedure, and was hell-bent on getting home, so I made a BS turn, and wouldn't you know it: Even though I was "certain" that I had renewed my registration, and simply lost the decal, my registration had actually expired. Officer Alford pulled me for the turn, and found out about the expired registration. I told him that just ten minutes before, I was having a device removed from my spine, and he believed me (thank goodness, because it was true). However, I'd been driving with an expired registration for awhile now, and he (justifiably) wrote me a citation for it. Please note: I'm going to pay the ticket, and not go to court, so this isn't some lame effort to get out of a traffic citation. Apr 17, 2012 - "McLean Police Officer Honored for Outstanding Service" by Regina Garcia Cano on patch.com --- I've been pulled over numerous times in my life, and I knew that Officer Alford was a good person, and a good officer, from the way he handled this. He showed compassion by understanding that I had just left the physician's office, but common sense in writing a citation for the expired registration, which had happened several months ago. But commending Officer Alford isn't the reason I'm writing this - I looked him up on the internet when I got home, and discovered that he is an amazing man: He runs a 501(c)(3) charity for fallen police officers, and it's one that deserves your support. --- Jan 3, 2013 - "John Alford Honors Virginia's Fallen Officers, Firefighters" by Whitney Wild on wjla.com Mar 1, 2015 - "Arena Racing Police Officer Honors Fallen Heroes" on vivatysons.com --- "About John Alford" on 911racing.com <--- This is the charity's website. @91-1Racing on Twitter --- Don Rockwell
  13. Went there twice this weekend. Big, hearty Italiamerican fare. Best pizza I've had in DC outside my own kitchen (although I haven't been to 2 Amy's yet). The chicken parm subs ooze with red and white goodness. The pizza crust is exceedingly light, but with ample structure to not bend under the weight of the rightly measured toppings.
  14. I was out in Fairfax so I finally stopped in Nanjing Bistro (in the same shopping center as Chuy's). It's supposed to be authentic Nanjing cuisine. The menu I received has lots of pictures, so if you didn't get an authentic looking Chinese menu with pictures, you should request it. I had a cold spicy chicken dish (the sauce is surprisingly sweet with a hint of fishiness, probably from some kind of fish sauce), a bean paste fish filet, and some stirred fried veggies. None of them knocked my socks off but the food is pretty good.
  15. Over by China Star is Blue Ocean. It's a rarity in the nova burbs. A Japanese restuarant run by Japanese. The result is really fresh sushi, really amazing "little plates" (most of which are on a secret japanese only menu that get carried around the restuarant and put in front of the table for those that can speak it) Real Ramen and a whole bunch of dishes I haven't seen anywhere in the area like kama meshi. I've had decent luck with getting the english name off of here http://www.blueocean-sushi.com/ala/ala_eng...ategory=seafood and asking for it. Sometmes they have it and know what I'm talking about and sometimes I get odd looks. It's worth a try though when you get things like kakuni which is the best pork roast I think I've ever had. It's right between the Trader Joes and the Chuck E Cheeses for those familiar with the area, right off of 236 on your way into fairfax city proper coming from the beltway.
  16. I had read about this restaurant in NoVA Magazine. Since the menu didn't look more interesting than the decor, I had no intention of visiting. However, today is the second day in a row that I showed up after 11 and was confronted with a "closed" sign in the door of Caribbean Corner. So I walked around a bit to look for a place for lunch. I noticed right next to Caribbean Corner is Le Mediterranean, Driss Zahidi's new joint - open but empty. Another door down is Sisters Thai. I ordered a lunch special of stir fried veggie & tofu with basil, which came with spring rolls. I added chicken curry roti to flesh out my lunch. The spring rolls were thin and crispy, filled with a little cabbage and carrots. In general I find them so-so, and the version here is typical of what I've found. The chicken curry had nice flavor but the curry was too salty; however, the rotis are buttery and light (better than Elephant Jump). I did like the small plate of stir-fried veggies - there was discernable heat in the dish without any prompting on my part. There is a board of Thai items with no translation. I'll post a picture later, maybe Fishinnards can translate!
  17. Dulce's Bakery and Empanada Shop). It offers cuisine from Yemen, and not only do I not know of any other Yemeni restaurant in the DC area, I'm not even familiar with the cuisine (North or South), so I'm kind of excited about trying it. If someone has been here (it's been open for about a month), please chime in; otherwise, I'll get to it eventually - it's open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  18. The previously mentioned Pho Thang Long, next to Micro Center (insert joke here) near I-66/Nutley, is firing on all (almost-as-good-as-Pho-75) cylinders right now. It's a hefty bowl, too, with almost too much meat. Yum.
  19. With the portions at Curry Mantra seeming to shrink every time Tom S. recommends it (and the dosa long gone from the menu), we tried Jaipur for takeout last night after seeing the (dated) comments above and were pleasantly surprised. Our ordering did not emphasize authenticity, but everything we tried was well-prepared and enjoyable. Anyone else still going here? The Crab Pudina appetizer is an Indian take on a crabcake -- lightly spiced, with potato as the filler, deep-fried, and served with a mint sauce. One order consisted of three, soda-can diameter cakes, each good for several bites and each bite with a mix of crab and potato. A half Tandoori chicken was a satisfyingly ordinary rendition of this standard, with a familiar flavor, crisp skin, and moist and smoky meat throughout. We should have ordered the whole chicken to ensure leftovers. The sauce for the Mango Prawn Curry was delicious, and there was a lot of it -- more than our order of Garlic Naan and the included portions of rice could sop up. The sauce showcased tender, large shrimp -- I'd have to guess 16 count -- although we would have liked to see a couple more, given the volume of sauce. The naan was fresh and good, although (as usual pretty much everywhere) we would opt for more garlic. A row of takeout orders were lined up near the bar, just inside the entrance, so they seemed to be doing a good weeknight takeout business. Couldn't see how busy the dining room was from that vantage point, but did see two parties with South Asian faces coming and going. It's convenient to us, and we liked everything we tried, so we'll be back, maybe even to dine in.
  20. Anyone been here before? How is it? Two Locations: 12214 Fairfax Town Center Fairfax, VA 22033 voice(703)385-8883 fax(703)385-5855 8100 Boone Blvd Tysons Corner, VA 22182 voice(703)556-DELI(3354) fax(703)288-9511 I am mainly intrested in the Tyson's Branch http://www.chutzpahdeli.com/
  21. Well, Tyler Cowen reviewed it today, so I'm guessing it's open. Looks like we need a new topic...and a group of NoVA folks to come with me so I can order many dishes.
  22. Pan Am Shopping Center is run by Federal Realty Investment Trust (I guess making it part of a "REIT"), and its main hub, Micro Center, has been a magnet for computer users all over the region for many, many years - I don't remember it ever not being there, although it can't be *that* old: There are currently 25 locations nationwide, and I suspect that the company must be trying to shift over to online purchasing - I wouldn't be betting the farm on walk-in computer retailers right now. Regardless, they've served a very valuable purpose for a long time, and should be remembered, regardless of what the future holds. There's also a Safeway tucked into the northeast corner of the shopping center, functioning as a secondary hub (the Safeway may actually be larger and busier, but the Micro Center is (or was) of more importance). Michael's is the other large retailer here, unless you want to include CVS. In terms of the Culinary Arts (now *there's* a term that has never been written in the same sentence as "Pan Am Shopping Center"), people have a surprising number of options, most of which are quick eats for shoppers on the go. For me, the most interesting thing about Pan Am Shopping Center is that it houses a Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese restaurant that are probably closer in proximity to each other than any other such triad in the Washington, DC area: Phở Thăng Long, Bangkok St., and Lo's: "Thăng Long" ("Soaring Dragon") was the capital of Đại Việt (during the first of its two periods) from 1010-1397, and has a long, complex, fascinating history that's worth reading about - you can literally get a PhD by studying this one sentence, if you take it far enough (well, why not?) Of particular, but fleeting, interest, seeing that there has been virtually no publicity about it, is California Shabu-Shabu, the third location of a California-based franchise (I assume it's a franchise), which just opened this past Monday: To the best of my knowledge, this is the only pure shabu-shabu restaurant in the area, although you can find shabu-shabu at other restaurants such as Tachibana. There are entire businesses whose models rely on breaking news such as this, with big, splashy, pictures and headlines; I just can't muster up the excitement. The stalwart, Greek-owned, family-centric Pan Am Restaurant has been in business for 25 years, and is typical of what you see in numerous strip malls across the Virginia suburbs (think: McLean Family Restaurant, La Casa, etc.): The sports bar and downscale restaurant franchise, Glory Days Grill, which surprisingly has a couple dozen locations nationwide (concentrated in Virginia and Maryland), unsurprisingly has one of them here: Not worthy of being photographed, but available in this shopping center, are a McDonald's right out by the entrance, and then tucked away in the relatively desolate Lee Highway side of Safeway: Baja Fresh, Starbucks, Domino's, and Subway.
  23. Having seen this post asking about purchasing a "long" winged corkscrew it got me thinking about Bars By Bud, or more correctly Bars By Bud Mepham, a very long term local store located in Fairfax. Bud Mepham, as I recall, is a craftsman, carpenter by trade who specialized in building custom bars. I think the specialization and his full business with a retail front is over 30 years old. The store is located in Fairfax in the general vicinity of Merrifield and easily accessed off the beltway. While Bud's specialty is building out custom bars....(pictures below) the showroom retail operation used to carry every single bar tool, bar accessory, wine tool, glassware imaginable, and at all price points. Admittedly I haven't been there in over a decade. Bud, is a straight shooter, very fair guy, and a small local businessperson and craftsman. He and his staff were all knowledgeable about bar accessories and extremely helpful. A classic local specialty business with tremendous staff knowledge. It was a pleasure to shop there. Bud's is still around. Also while its been years I've seen the results of Bud's craftmanship. Impressive. He has to be among the least marketing oriented people. But you can capture some pictures of Bud's craftmanship via some effort at search. It appears at the high end Bud and his team built the custom bar at the Goodstone Inn in 2012. Impressive work. Most of his custom work is far simpler, but he is a true craftsman. And if his showroom carries all the bar inventory in the world (as it used to) its a great resource for any kind of wine, bar, or glassware accessory you might be looking for.
  24. I've not seen IndAroma mentioned here. It is a small Indian restaurant/bakery in a strip mall at the Little River Turnpike-Braddock road intersection. (If you don't see it right away, it is next to the Five Guys hamburger joint.) There is a small Indian grocery store next door. It has a web page where you can find more information about it, including its menu. When you are there, go to the counter and order and pay for what you want. Sit down at one of the tables, and when your order is ready they will bring it to the table. For a recent meal two of us shared a tandoori chicken, a samosa chaat, and a chicken samosa. The samosas were very good, but the tandoori chicken was really excellent. All three dishes were spicy; you can ask for a milder version if you want. If anyone else has eaten I would be very interested in your opinion of the food. To me it ranked with some of the best Indian food I have had in this area.