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Found 13 results

  1. I love that the menu has allergens/ food avoidances simply listed. Because the actual Leon website is annoying as hell, I link to Eater which has a copy of the DC sample menu. About 2 blocks away, there's a fast-casual taco place on K street that won't be there long...
  2. The best-kept secret in town, but not for long - unconfirmed opening date is August 25th, with a soft opening before that. I'll let others fill in the details, but this sounds like a fairly ambitious effort. At the Jefferson Hotel on 16th and M Streets: Plume. Here is a press release from March. Cheers, Rocks.
  3. Sophie's Cuban Cuisine has been open for about a month now in the old Singapore Bistro spot on 19th St NW, between L and M. There's carryout with fairly extensive steam-table offerings (as well as empanadas and the like) on the first floor, with table service offered upstairs. I've just been there once. The waiter pushed the Mariscada ("Seafood in Cuban Sauce"), which sounded good on a raw, wet day. I swear it hit the table less than 60 seconds after I ordered it. Maybe 2 minutes tops, seriously, and predictably the seafood (shrimp, mussels, squid, and some sort of white fish) was tough and overcooked, having all clearly been simmering in the tomato-based broth rather than cooked to order. I don't want to judge a new restaurant on one dish so I'll be back next time I'm in the area to try other things, but unfortunately I can't recommend the only meal I've tried so far.
  4. Tom Sietsema breaks the news here. Congratulations, Mark, and welcome back! (For those of you new to the area, click here for a chat we had with Mark almost four years ago when he was at Breadline.)
  5. Chef Dennis Friedman is opening a fast-casual concept called Newton's Noodles later this month. Lots of better writing than mine: - the Post - Eater - PoPVille has the official presser - WBJ has the business concept After making private sacrifices that I shall not reveal*, I managed to get an invite to the soft opening. I never get to feel fancy, so this is BIG for me. This is their press event, and Chef said pictures and cameras are no big deal. (Nobody will notice me and my camera in the corner.) Cheers! * - mostly, we eat at Newton's Table a lot. We might have made doe-eyed sad faces.
  6. Wedged between Public Bar and Shake Shack, in the nebulous area between Dupont Circle and Downtown, is the month-old Sauf Haus Bier Hall, the hottest, noisiest place I've been to in years. Read on ... If you got a knock on the head, and woke up inside of Sauf Haus on a busy night, you might briefly think you were at Eighteenth Street Lounge. I passed a young customer-counter outside, then walked up long flight of stairs to get there (it's on top of Shake Shack), and immediately got in a three-person line for what turned out to be a surprisingly nice unisex restroom. As I reached the front of the line, a rather desperate-looking young girl asked me if she could go in and quickly wash her hands, and I said of course (props to her because she really was in there for about fifteen seconds, giving me a thankful nod on the way out). But it's odd to me why someone here would want to wash their hands because this place is a *dive*! There is but one plausible explanation which I shall address in a moment. Sauf Haus was packed, and I mean Eighteenth Street Lounge packed, so I was stunned to see one, single barstool available, and nabbed it pronto (thus not seeing the rooftop patio and bar). It was very hot in there, perhaps eighty degrees, so a cold beer was starting to sound awfully good. This was a very young, boisterous crowd, probably averaging in their late 20s, and with very few people over 40. Umm ... Which is why I was so surprised - no, make that shocked - to see their beer selection. All-German, and 16 taps pumping out ice-cold half-liters and liters of some very worthy beers - names like Stiegl, Franziskaner, Weihenstephaner, Hoffbrau, and Spaten (which my auto-correct just changed to Spittoon). Honestly, I thought I counted 18 taps when I was there, but everywhere I fact-checked online says 16, so we'll go with that number for now. Not immediately realizing how German this place was in spirit, I ordered a "pint" of König Ludwig Dunkel Weiss ($8), and got served my beer perfectly poured into a Weizen glass. Yes, it was served too cold, but it was hot enough in the bar where you wanted your beer nice and frosty. I'm not sure how many decibels were flying around Sauf Haus last night, but have you ever seen those conversion tables? The ones where 30db equal a quiet library whisper at 6 feet distance? Well, this would have come out somewhere between a motorcycle and a sandblaster - I was also shocked to see the sign that said "60 Maximum Capacity," although the room was not all that large, so 50 people bouncing their shouts off the walls can make a lot of noise. They have sausages on the menu here which, I believe, are locally sourced, but the thing that attracted my attention (recall now the young girl washing her hands) was the large, blue, circular plastic tray on my left which contained the single largest pretzel I've ever seen. This pretzel was so big that if you unraveled it, it would probably be about a yard long, and it had the thickness of a russet potato, or a girl's arm. Looking at the menu, I saw these pretzels in addition to the sausages, and they sell three sizes: 1) two little ones, 2) a one-pound pretzel, and 3) a two-pound pretzel. Yes, a two-pound pretzel - for twenty dollars! Apparently, these are baked at Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe, and having been to Heidelberg dozens of times before, I believe it. I'm assuming the pretzel on my left was the two-pounder, but quite frankly, I'm surprised it only weighs two pounds. I finished most of my beer, then hopped off my barstool, headed back down the stairs, and went out into the night.
  7. Washington Deli, which has AMAZING pizza, also has some impressive options on their site (although I've never had anything other than their pizza).
  8. I am between lower dupont and upper farragut. Want something very tasty with a decent wine list. I"ll need seating for 4-6. Walking distance is good but not vital. I like Vidalia but have been often recently. Ideally ok with a dairy allergy.
  9. What is going on here? At 12:30 AM, there is new signage, crowds galore, and police. I've only been to Bravo! Bravo! once, 2.5 years ago, and know very little about it other than that it's surprisingly large inside.
  10. Java Green Organic Eco Cafe 1020 19th Street, NW (between K and L St) 202-775-8899 Website here Eve Zibart writeup here This place is all vegetarian with sandwiches, wraps, salads, noodle bowls, rice bowls, much of which are Korean. It's also very "green" in its practices (e.g., purchasing 100% wind power and biodegradable serving ware). I had the boolgogi and kimchee rice bowl, which I enjoyed. It came in a bento box with fermented flavorful kimchi, good jobche (or japchae) noodles, fake meat boolgogi, a red (kinda burgundy) tinted rice with what looked like wild rice type grains in it, and Korean hot paste (kochujang) that was thinned out into a sauce. The boolgogi was a pretty good vegetarian version though of course it didn't taste just like the beef version because the seitan gives it a different flavor. I also tried a side of the popcorn chicken -- little chunks of fake chicken – that were good dipped in the hot sauce that came with my bento box. I'd definitely go back.
  11. Okay, quick turnaround - friend is in town for a conference, and the only time she has to meet up is tonight after about 8:30 PM, so she suggested drinks/dessert. She is staying at the Marriott on 22nd Street (West End area), but she will be coming directly from the Corcoran, and we will be coming from and going back to NoMa, so red line access is a plus (but we could walk a bit to get to Metro). I was going to suggest the bar at Vidalia - who doesn't love a glass of wine and a piece of chess pie? - but they appear to close at 9:30 PM, so I feel like that is cutting it a bit close. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't think we'll be needing a place that is open till midnight, but we certainly don't want to feel rushed. Thanks!
  12. The new McComic and Schtick and Jimmy’s Harborside collaboration - downeast surf and Kansas City turf concept place opens in downtown DC (at 1700 K St. along with Caribou Coffee) and nary a peep from JG – can that possibly be? Their website says they are using “Old K.C. Branded Kansas City Custom Dry Aged Beef ... sourced straight from our nation’s heartland.” Most of us could guess the menu without looking: lunchtime Kobe (how very KC!) beef burgers, calamari, crabcakes, turkey clubs; dinnertime strip steaks and cowboy steaks, halibut, salmon, creamed spinach, and of course, the surf and turf consisting of one 12 oz. filet and one-pound lobster tail (for a modest $79). Who writes this stuff?
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