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Found 13 results

  1. How about Equinox? Who has been there and what were your thoughts? I have searched this forum and haven't seen mention of it.
  2. I decided to finally try out Kaz Sushi Bistro (1915 I Street NW). More to the point, this was the first Wednesday I could make it there to get the Maki and Nigiri lunch combo, after learning of it's existance. The combo consisted of a spicy tuna roll, a California roll, and a piece each of maguro, sake, and ebi nigiri. Right from the start, I knew I was on to something good: the little cup of soy sauce was taped to the top to prevent spillage in transit, there were two packets of those little M&M-like mints, and the gari was clearly home-made. Trivial touches, yes, but they're obviously thinking this lunch-special thing through. I like that. It bodes well. On to the main event, the sushi itself was visually very nice, and clearly carefully made. The tuna in particular was the most beautiful shade of deep red. I can say very easily that this was the best sushi I can recall having, in the U.S. and in Japan (Granted, I never went for a hard-core Edomae dinner, but there you go). Incredible. Even the California roll was good. Even the soy sauce was good. They are absolutely not trying to cut corners with the lunch special, and if they are, the stuff right at the bar must be positively mind-blowing. I don't mind saying I was having a pretty insane day at work to this point, but after this lunch, everything seemed good and right with the world.
  3. I saw the application for a liquor license across from the newly opened Elephant and Castle on 19th Street (b/w I and K St) for a new restaurant called Cities. They are supposed to have sidewalk seating and a garden. I wonder if this is the place from the owners of Teatro, or a reincarnation of the spot that used to be in Adams Morgan. Anyone know anything about this? I am excited for the edition to my neighborhood!
  4. Has anyone tried the food there? I popped in to check out the menu when they first opened. The prices seemed high for a fast casual place. I didn't end up eating there. They never seem busy when I pass by.
  5. "A Brit would say that we’re “Bang On” – excellent, just right." This quote comes from the 2003 annual report of the Canadian company that owns Elephant and Castle pubs, one of which looks like it's about ready to open at Pennsylvania and 12th, NW, in the old TGI Fridays space. (If it hasn't already. I walked by about 2 weeks ago and it looked close.) "We completed a strategic review of the brand in early 2003 and used this to design and implement a series of brand enhancements, ranging from the look of the menu to the staff uniforms. We are proud to offer timeless pub comfort – but timeless certainly doesn’t mean static – and we must continue to be ‘Bang On,’ relevant to an increasingly sophisticated and demanding guest base." I wonder if their servers will need to wear "flair?" Red phone boxes and photos of the queen do not make a great pub. And I'd sooner be tied to a maple tree and molested with moose antlers if I thought this place would serve ANYTHING close to a cask conditioned ale LIKE THEY DO IN AUTHENTIC BRITISH PUBS! "We will continue to evolve the brand to not only retain our current guest base, but to attract new guests. We need to remain “Bang On”, fresh and competitive. It will be our goal to maintain and build upon our status as the premier authentic British pub concept in North America." So they're going to be like Sine and Bennigans...only British! It's bad enough that Americans have to Disney-fy everything and send it all over the world. Now the Canadians are doing it? Actually, it serves us right to get it sent right back at us. /rant
  6. Who knew that Savino Recine was a magician? I do have a question: On Primi Piatti's main page, down at the bottom, there's a 2-minute video of Chef Recine. At the :18 second mark, I can't tell if he's saying "cooking" or "cocaine." Oops. "Personally, I couldn't care less - it's a slow news day ... must be the snow OOPS. <Knock, Knock!> "Who's there?" "It's the devil, Don. I've come to take you to Hell now." "OK, just gimme two seconds to finish this line OOPS." The internet is the devil's work. It, and Hell, are for all eternity. GalileoWashPost.pdf Buone Feste.
  7. I've never considered Cafe Asia's sushi anything other than mediocre. CA's a better meet market than restaurant. When the resident sushi 'chef' is from Myanamar, I wonder...
  8. [posted on eGullet 2003-2004] The Grill at Galileo gets a lot of attention here (justifiably so), but Breadline doesn't get enough. A "turkey sandwich" ($6.90) might sound unimaginative, but the one at Breadline reestablishes just how great and important a restaurant this is. The turkeys are roasted daily, and must surely be brined, because the meat is flavorful like Palena chicken is flavorful, and is offered up in thick, generous handcarved slices (a perfect mixture of white and dark meat) on the best focaccia roll in town. The sandwich is at its best topped simply with lettuce and mustard (tomatoes are not available off-season), and it stands as one of the truly great lunch items in all of Washington. And it's healthy, too! Gobble one down and see for yourself, Rocks.
  9. The Best Sandwich Place is in the first floor of 1801 K, a building you can enter on either K or L Street. (It's right next door to the Borders bookstore that looks like it's rising out of the ground.) I used to work in that building, and the proprietor and his friendly staff could count on seeing me a few times a week. While I worked in the building, the shop just about doubled its size, adding a seating area. Their turkey sandwiches are fantastic -- as someone posted elsewhere, it's fresh roast turkey, sliced right off as you order, that I would often top with fresh avocado. Yum! Haven't found a sandwich as good near my new office, but that's par for the course -- I think all of the lunch options near 18th and L are better than those near Metro Center... Also good are their egg and cheese sandwiches at breakfast. I don't remember them having fresh baked bread, as someone else posted, but it's been a few months since I've been there, and things may have changed.
  10. I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this place already. I'm no deli expert, but I enjoyed my order of the Park Avenue - corned beef and pastrami on twin rolls with Russian dressing. A great sandwich for the indecisive. The corned beef was good and plentiful, but didn't really wow me. Meanwhile, the pastrami was solidly smoky and flavorful. I also really liked the small very eggy rolls that they arrived on. I'd definitely go back for more of the pastrami.
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