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Found 23 results

  1. "Burger King Confirms Deal To Buy Tim Horton's For About $11 Billion" by Eric McCarthy on online.wsj.com
  2. Hardee's, at least down south, used to have good breakfast biscuits ("good" being a relative term, of course) - their steak biscuits were really not all that bad. Most importantly, I've finally found a Hamburger restaurant to rank below Burger King in our Dining Guide. They're currently boasting about serving *Velveeta* on their Bacon Cheeseburger on their home page:
  3. "Vacationing Man Excited To Try Fast Food Franchise Not Found In Hometown"
  4. You folks are too rich for me. But I enjoy my vicarious gratification while munching my pretzels. Is there a thread on Chik-fil-A?
  5. Wat's wrong wit Del Taco? 😠 A Green Burrito is 69 cents (or was), and completely vegan, save for the cheese - this thing is de-lish. I lived off these in college, and had them as recently as two-years ago - they're my best friends.
  6. I couldn't find a previous thread on KFC, but reports of their new sandwich, the Double Down, nearly made me lose my breakfast: "KFC is now offering a "sandwich" which consists of bacon, two kinds of cheeses and sauce between two pieces of fried chicken. That's right, fried chicken as a bun instead of bread." Points for creativity, I guess. Who's up for a lunch outing when this thing shows up?
  7. Surprised that there was no thread here, but I guess most of the prior discussion occurred on The Other Boards. I had lunch on Sunday at the one in Wheaton, and have now been to all four area locations. The chicken had balanced flavors spice-wise, but was not as juicy as I remembered. The beans and plantains were great as usual. Rice and tortillas, not so much. And their horchata is better than the tamarindo. My favorite location is still the one in Bailey's Crossroads. Apparently, there is one opening at Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg next month. Having grown up in Montgomery Village, I suspect it will do quite well. There will also be one in Columbia Heights, but I don't know about its timetable. Although the comparison is largely apples/oranges, Popeye's still has better chicken IMO (and larger pieces) but Pollo Campero provides the better overall meal once you factor in the sides.
  8. This may be the most controversial, most infamous, certainly the most embarrassing of all the posts I had on CH in the five years I was a part of it. The post disappeared (as a number of my others) after my argument with Leff. Now, curiously, it is back under the new ownership. It was part of what I called my "In 'n Out Trilogy." "Without Shame: A Bite of Excess" by Joe Heflin on chowhound.com I'm convinced the best balance of meat, fromage, onions, spread, and fitting-into-mouth-ed-ness is to order a 3x3. Mmmmmmm.
  9. Both Sheetz and Wawa have very decent food. The egg salad at Wawa is *really* good. The only time you should EVER buy egg salad at a gas station. If you could somehow figure out how to shoehorn Wawas into Northern VA (specifically Fairfax and Loudoun County), you could make a *fortune*. Well, since this is now it's own thread... Here are the three closest Wawas to the DC Metro Area: 13355 Minnieville Rd Woodbridge, VA (703) 492-9984 15809 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, VA (703) 583-3584 10515 Baltimore Avenue Beltsville, MD (301) 595-2013 These are basically what would happen if a gas station-equipped 7-11 crossbred with a Subway and Whole Foods yet still stayed affordable. The coffee consistently beats anyone's, the snacks are always fresh, and the made-to-order food is always good (special kudos to the chicken and egg salad, which are freshly-made and will never disappoint). Best of all, most are open 24h, have cheap gas, and they're dotted all along I-95 between DC and Richmond, *especially* down to Fredericksburg. And also, given again that this is its own thread now - Sheetz is NOT affiliated with Wawa. Wawa is superior to Sheetz in every single way imaginable by the human subconscious.
  10. Roy Rogers Franchise Expansion in Mid-Atlantic speaking of local franchises, the Plamondon Bros. are trying to bring back Roy Rogers. Question is, how much brand loyalty is there for Roy's? Concerning 5G's with little brand loyalty except for a small cadre of DC and VA people, is their gimmick gonna keep people comin? Oh, how's my grammar - Just Kidding
  11. Evidently, there is already one in DC and there will be a second location. Has anyone tried this place out? I don't really know what to think. Is this what its coming to? Credit--Washingtonian.
  12. I was sure this had been talked about on this thread but apparently not. And if that's the case, the fault is mine, as I'm the person who spends the most time on here talking about taco options on or near the H Street corridor. This place opened up earlier this year in the former Grace Deli spot on the corner of 7th and H. Per Prince of Petworth, they've applied for licenses for both outdoor seating and to serve alcohol, both of which would be nice. In my opinion, right now these are the best tacos on H Street. The tortillas at Impala remain the best, but I much prefer the tacos, and really the rest of the offerings I've tried, at Fresca, although in fairness they are very different establishments (Impala is a full sit-down restaurant with a bar and patio while Fresca is a small, counter-service establishment with minimal seating). So far we've mostly stuck to tacos and tamales, and I need to work through the rest of the menu.
  13. From the WJLA website: Orlando Brown, a former Ravens offensive tackle, will bring the first Fatburger restaurants to D.C.-Baltimore corridor. Brown plans to open 10 restaurants in six years throughout the region. The first will be in Columbia in August. The 37-year-old Brown has also selected locations in Washington next to Howard University Medical Center, and is in talks for a third location in College Park near IKEA. He also has his eye on space in Baltimore for his fourth. Brown's franchise territory includes D.C. and southern Maryland.
  14. So, a gentleman and I got a craving for ice cream last night, and instead of hauling bottom to the nearest Baskin-Robbins, we strolled up Connecticut Ave. to a new ice cream place on the next block from the Uptown Theatre called ColdStone. It's a very small place with no tables except a few on the patio, so the line inside is rather long. They have basic flavors (chocolate, sweet cake batter, coconut, peanut, coffee) as well as fancy concoctions. I ordered Cherry Cheesecake - sweet cream base with black cherries, chocolate chips and graham crackers, which was the pure, unadulterated indulgence. The most interesting part is watching them make your serving - a dollop of ice cream base gets kneaded and mixed like dough on a board, and toppings are then mixed in. The ice cream comes out with all the toppings evenly spread throughout the body, and pleasantly soft around the edges. Come on, didn't you hate having to lick your scoop until it gets soft enough to bite? The bonus for me is a nice walk between Dupont Circle and Cleveland Park and back. Takes care of whatever caloric pack you consume with your ice cream. Or so you might like to think. I would, anyway.
  15. Only the greatest sandwich shop EVER!! OK, it was the greatest sandwich shop in Evanston, IL when I was in college (and drunk). Fresh bread, great price, and they delivered free until 2:00AM or something. We knew our delivery guy by name, and he'd stop off to pick up beer for us if we asked. If you went to a large school in the Midwest (almost every Big Ten school at least) in the last 15 years or so you probably know JJ's. I literally almost crashed my car on the way back from IKEA when I saw the one in College Park. Our previous closest sighting was in Pittsburgh. Looks like there's one in Alexandria near the Eisenhower Theater now, too. Man, now I want JJ's for lunch. They would make a killing if one opened up near GW or Georgetown.
  16. "Roy Choi and David Patterson Try To Start a Healthful Fast-Food Revolution in Watts with LocoL" by Jonathan Gold on latimes.com On LocoL's website, it announces that this is to be a chain, and that they plan to open in San Francisco's Tenderloin district:
  17. Ya know... Of fast food joints, Wendy's usually was one of my favorites. The fries were bland but the only ones I'd regularly eat with ketchup. Whatever. Now they have the new fries and - blech. They are salted all to heck and back. I can't eat them. In fact, they're so salty that the burger tastes funny with them. Sigh. Just had to get that off my chest. Wendy's new fries suck.
  18. "CaliBurger To Locate HQ In D.C., Plans U.S. Expansion" by Rebecca Cooper on wtop.com In 2012 In-n-Out objected that it's "red and yellow logo and burger style copied its longtime West Coast staples." Has anyone eaten at a CaliBurger overseas who has also eaten at an In-n-Out to compare? Apparently their first U. S. outpost will either be here or in California. Remembering that In-n-Out stopped a Utah clone a few years ago I wonder how far this will go if they are really that similar.
  19. Essay by Rachel Lu "As slow-food advocates go, I'm not obsessive. My kids are familiar with fruit snacks and Kraft mac-and-cheese. Michael Pollan has his charms, but don't let him fool you with his idiot-savant persona. He has multiple best-selling books and only one child to feed. Reading his books, it becomes obvious that he does not understand that, for a harried mom of three, a McDonalds drive-thru can be an absolute life-saver. There are days when French fries are, in fact, a desperate necessity. Sometimes they aren't, though. And while I'm not bothered that Pop Tarts exist (even though I personally find them gross), I think it's borderline tragic how people are reduced to processed-food peonage by their lack of culinary knowledge. I don't say that out of high-minded moralism. It's just sad to think of how much they're missing. In so many ways we live in a depraved, modernist hell-hole, and yet the food is just absolutely incredible. Or can be, if you know how to take advantage."
  20. Could this have anything to do with the fact that ... "Franchaise Operators Wait, Watch As Quiznos Files For Chapter 11 Reorg" by Steve Raabe on denverpost.com
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