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Found 14 results

  1. "The Trump International Hotel's Next Restaurant Will Be Sushi Nakazawa" by Becky Krystal on washingtonpost.com If only this were not in the Trump hotel. They are trying to distance themselves from Trump though.
  2. Signage is up for Del Frisco's Grill, taking over the old Les Halles space on Pennsylvania Avenue. Looks to be a more casual off shoot of Dallas-based Del Frisco's steakhouse. Steaks, cocktails, burgers, sandwiches, seafood, big salads, flatbreads, and yes truffled mac and cheese....you know the drill. But I suppose, realistically, only something corporate and chainy can afford that space.
  3. To quote The List. Are you on it?, a churrascaria or rodizio is coming to DC proper. Note: don't invite Waitman for it is a chain.
  4. I looked for a while but can't find a thread on this place, which seems inconceivable to me, so I'll assume the error is mine. I just want to put in a plug and say that if you're looking to get a drink downtown (specifically near my office) you can do a lot worse that the bar here. It feels old school Washington, and for the past couple of years they have a put in a really good bar program. It's not cheap, but they use good ingredients (and fresh ingredients) and they know what they're doing with their cocktails. You can typically get seats at the bar or one of the bar tables, which you can't always say about Old Ebbitt, you can have a conversation, and they won't do something ridiculous like shake your Manhattan (like Old Ebbitt). I thought it deserved mention.
  5. Hoping for you as well, but I can't think of any reason why it would be. But this prompts a good question: what are your best bets in that little corridor for a pre-theater (or pre-event) bite? I don't go to National Theatre often, but I do end up at JW Marriott for receptions and Warner Theatre is right there too - what are one's options? Occidental? Central? I'll quibble with @The Hersch's suggestion. Not the "Jaleo, with spectacular food" part, but it's just too far for this purpose - strictly speaking that's a full mile roundtrip. Am I being too precious? Maybe. But consider given the occassion(s), I'd be wearing a suit or at least a jacket, my companion likely in heels and a dress. And the sticky weather months are already upon us. Assuming we'd want to park once (and NOT drive to the theater + cab two ways), 0.3 mi. is probably the maximum walking radius. Thoughts?
  6. This is a new restaurant which appears to be under the Warner Theater. Although it boasts a Pennsylvania Avenue address, although that esteemed Avenue is a block further south, it is actually located at Thirteenth and E, NW, with the entrance on Thirteenth. You go down a nice flight of stairs into a well-decordated room. I took my goddaughter there last week and the fifteen year old enjoyed a clam chowder that was actually full of clams. I opted for the fried chicken that the Post food critic had recommeded. I liked the chicken very much as did goddaighter who had one of my pieces and pronunced it as better than Joe's where she had chicken last month. She finished off with chocolate chip cookies and milk and, when she had one cookie left, they put it in a neat little box for her to take home. I will go back, of course, and I do wonder why these new restaurants are not reviewed more frequently. Boss is a nice place and certainly better than Chef Jeff's across the street. Perhaps the entrance is too hard to find.
  7. "A Brit would say that we’re “Bang On” – excellent, just right." This quote comes from the 2003 annual report of the Canadian company that owns Elephant and Castle pubs, one of which looks like it's about ready to open at Pennsylvania and 12th, NW, in the old TGI Fridays space. (If it hasn't already. I walked by about 2 weeks ago and it looked close.) "We completed a strategic review of the brand in early 2003 and used this to design and implement a series of brand enhancements, ranging from the look of the menu to the staff uniforms. We are proud to offer timeless pub comfort – but timeless certainly doesn’t mean static – and we must continue to be ‘Bang On,’ relevant to an increasingly sophisticated and demanding guest base." I wonder if their servers will need to wear "flair?" Red phone boxes and photos of the queen do not make a great pub. And I'd sooner be tied to a maple tree and molested with moose antlers if I thought this place would serve ANYTHING close to a cask conditioned ale LIKE THEY DO IN AUTHENTIC BRITISH PUBS! "We will continue to evolve the brand to not only retain our current guest base, but to attract new guests. We need to remain “Bang On”, fresh and competitive. It will be our goal to maintain and build upon our status as the premier authentic British pub concept in North America." So they're going to be like Sine and Bennigans...only British! It's bad enough that Americans have to Disney-fy everything and send it all over the world. Now the Canadians are doing it? Actually, it serves us right to get it sent right back at us. /rant
  8. ISO recommendations. I'm going to finish an appointment in the vicinity of 13th and K NW around 4:15, then need to be at the S. Dillon Ripley Center (near the Smithsonian Castle) by 6:30. Need something approximating dinner in that time. Happy hour snacks at a bar would be fine. Will be on foot so wherever it is, I need time to walk to the Ripley after. (It takes me about 15-20 minutes from, say, the Partisan). Don't mind catching a cab if I must but would rather trust my own two feet. It doesn't help that the national xmas tree lighting is tonight (oy), so I'd really like to stay away from that event horizon. Help?
  9. Website Don't shoot the messenger: The Trump International Hotel is opening on Sep 12, 2016 - I had no idea it was so close to opening. "Win or Lose, Donald Trump is Coming to Pennsylvania Avenue (with His New Hotel)" by Jonathan Mahler on nytimes.com
  10. I felt like a steak tonight, and was going to go to Ray's: The Steaks, but decided instead to head to District Chophouse at Verizon Center. Long story short, there was a Wizards game, and I think President Obama might have been somewhere down there - once I finally got parking (a plum spot, right across the street from Del Frisco's), I couldn't get into Del Campo (and I mean the police were physically blocking people from even walking down that street). Then, I went to Del Frisco's where I gave up after thirty minutes of being completely ignored, and left, so ... No Steak For Me! I went instead to Black Iron Pizza, where my total bill, including pizza, salad, and tax, was $14.85. *They do not accept tips*, I was literally the only customer in the restaurant, and the people working there were as pleasant as they could be. So, thanks to Del Frisco's addled service, I'm about $100 richer (I was going to order the $59 bone-in rib-eye, a la carte, but they apparently didn't want my money), and probably had food that was every bit as good at Black Iron Pizza. Especially considering this was quick-serve pizza, Black Iron Pizza was surprising. They have a couple of things to work on, but having chatted with the chef (he didn't know it was me), I'm confident this place will do a rocking lunch business if they can really crank out the pizzas in two minutes cooking time. The crust is *nothing* like you normally see in quick-serve pizzerias - it's not this matzah-thin stuff, and the toppings (in my case prosciutto and funghi) were more than generous, and of seemingly very high quality for the price - I even took half the pizza home with me for later or tomorrow. Even the simple, $3 side salad came with a dressing that was much better than the norm for this type of restaurant. Again, they just opened, and have some issues to work on, but overall it seems promising, so I'd give them a week or two before you swarm down on them - weekend nights are the best times to come because this part of town is dead right now. Do not expect luxury here - it is quick-serve, and looks the part.
  11. I didn't see a thread during my search on the Round Robin inside the Willard Intercontinental, which in my opinion needed a thread, if nothing else, but for the excellent bartenders. They are always friendly in that appropriately sarcastic bartender way. I always like hanging out there because they take good care of you. And they make some tasty drinks. Some a little pricey, but tasty. I like their special gin fizz, mint julep and other cocktails. As a note they do have a TV, which sometimes it is hard to find a good bar with a TV. But it was nice to be able to catch a little football sipping a good cocktail before a night out. The food is decent. Stick with things like burgers or a steak sandwich and you will be happy.
  12. For several years now, I have read Tom Sietsema's restaurant reviews in earnest, taking exception with certain things, but generally in accord. However, his review of Aria has weakened the tongue of the glacier to the point of calving, and so I go, leaving in my wake offal of bergy bits and growlers in my beer hall putsch. He writes: These "rings of light" so quickly dismissed as Vegas kitsch harbor a complexity lying outside the field of the Paris scope, reaching downward from the ceiling and serving to contract the angle of the diner's perceived azimuth down, down, down and away from the hard-featured grizzly white ceiling tiles, at once forming an amalgam of the central balustrade of the dining room's circular columns with the equally circular concavity buried in the courtyard outside, echoing the annular selvage of the Rios building, and expanding, expanding their wake into the four surrounding monuments, the circle of Fort Defenses, the Washington beltway, the Chesapeake watershed, the eastern seaboard, the western hemisphere, the earth itself, the exosphere, the elliptical orbit around the sun, the Milky Way, the periphery of the heliopause, our globular cluster, the spiral arms rimming our galaxy, the Local Group, the Virgo Supercluster, and perhaps even to the edge of the visible universe itself. I call on Tom Sietsema to resign as Washington Post Food Critic. It is time for someone who cares about our galaxy to step in and lend a more appropriate fashion aesthetic to our expanding nebula of restaurants. Did I mention that I hate stars? Rocks.
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