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Found 15 results

  1. I'm spending the night at Admiral Fells Inn just to check this place out. The menu looks as creative as Del Campo when it first opened, but slightly cheaper. Will report back later.
  2. Couldn't find a thread so here goes, peters inn is located on the corner of eastern and Ann street, they have a weekly changing menu and are closed Sunday and Monday, bummer for chefs. This week on the menu stands out whats sold as onion soup with short rib and gruyere toast, what you got on the other hand was a massive perfectly(seriously money)braised short rib sitting on a pile of caramelized onions with two gruyere crostini and a strained out onion soup in a little jug next to it. Coulda been and entree and was 15.50. I freaking love Baltimore, it was just an honest plate of food, oh and the house salad with garlic bread is always fantastic. The desserts don't always shine, I had a broken pot de Creme once. But over the years place has stayed consistent and delicious. Seriously, professional grade braised short rib to be had. At a steal.
  3. I do have a tendency to like the hole in the wall ethnic places in Baltimore. I would recommend for great tacos on fresh delicious corn tortillas going to Tortilleria Sinaloa in Fells Point. The place has this large corn tortilla machine churning out corn tortillas that is packages in paper and sold to locals as well as some local restaurants. In terms of tacos, yeah, they have chicken and beef, but I would recommend the carnitas(pork), lengua (tongue), and chorizo tacos. On occasion, they have even had chicharron (pork skin) and cabeza (brain) tacos. The tacos are served authentically with a guacamole sauce, onion, cilantro, & side of lime. They have 2 types of salsa- both pull no punches- a verde and another orange-red salsa. I would also heartily recommend their menudo soup which has great flavor. They also have pretty delicious tamales. Everything is reasonably priced and made to order. You can also get some jarritos- mandarin, sangria, or tamarind flavored sodas. 1716 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231
  4. Lady KN and I were in the Fells Point area and decided to hit Thames Street Oyster House on a Friday afternoon. In fairness, we only had access to the raw bar, as we arrived between lunch service and dinner service. No problem, as we tucked into Malpeque, another local Maryland oyster, two varieties of Virginia oysters and a dozen large shrimp as a cocktail. Everything was fresh and good, and I am definitely going to return to enjoy some of that enticing menu....
  5. Papi's Taco Joint On an unseasonably cold spring Sunday, with temps dipping below zero, we engaged in some culinary counterprogramming with street tacos and Coronas for dinner. This was my first visit and and my friends' n-th time there. It's a cute place. Full service bar area as you walk in, a small dining room is adjacent (maybe 20 seats) and a covered patio (even smaller) with heat lamps. Collectively we've only ever tried the tacos, which you order from a small printed menu pad on each table, wherein you check off your selections like a sushi menu. They come in orders of two ($5-8.50). I went with braised short rib (probably their most popular) and the ground beef - both with soft shells, with cilantro, onion, radish, lime wedge. Incredibly flavorful meats and fresh veggies. Complimentary chips/salsa are clearly made in house but the former were cold and otherwise unremarkable. Service is quick and attentive. For < $15, I had a very filling meal plus an adult beverage. Just one order of two + chips may be plenty for lunch. I'll definitely be back. Warning: the habanero-based sauces on the table (one red, one green) should be approached like like Caps fans entering the playoffs (with cautious enthusiasm). Anyone been to either of their sister restaurants: Alexander's Tavern (also in Fells) or Huck's American Craft (Canton)?
  6. Water for Chocolate is an ever-popular brunch spot in Upper Fells Point. It's a pretty tiny neighborhood cafe that reportedly gets very crowded on weekends. When I went for a Thursday lunch, it was pretty quiet. The menu is full of classic comfort food staples with some slightly elevated touches, like shrimp and parmesan grits, risotto fritters, and mac & goat cheese. I had the Italian sausage meatloaf with jalapeno cornbread and roasted seasonal vegetables, and finished with sweet potato bread pudding. Everything was prepared excellently, and the portion sizes were substantial. Definitely a spot that deserves all the popularity it gets.
  7. Baltimore Restaurant Week officially kicks off this Friday 1-12 and runs through 1-21. As someone who used work during this madness, please be kind to your the service staff, and honor the reservation. I won't lecture you all on making multiple plans at several restaurants, but please be judicious in making your plans. A great deal of planning both for FOH as well as BOH goes into executing a great restaurant week. Enjoy all that Baltimore has to offer, Hon!! Restaurant Week veteran, kat
  8. Still true in my experience, unfortunately. Our server was ostensibly charming but overbearing. The pacing was horrible. Once he took our orders, he largely disappeared. At one point, I wondered if he'd clocked out for the night. While it was a busy Saturday night and the kitchen might have been in the weeds, he did nothing to apprise us of the status of our orders. He also did not bother to course the various parts of my order, though I should have been assertive about that. It was bad to assume that he had a plan. I shied away from the entrees (starting at $35) and instead ordered a first and second course and a side dish. I'm accustomed to servers asking how I would like items to come out under those circumstances. He didn't. I should have asked about that, so mea culpa. But, really, a professional waiter should have known better. I didn't get any food (except bread) until almost an hour after placing our orders. The rest of the food came out somewhat haphazardly, in part because two people shared a first course and one person got a first and second. Even when the entrees were coming out for everyone, though, they didn't all appear at the same time but in bursts. (I was the only person who didn't order an entree.) The food (after all this) was okay. Decent. Fair. There were some bones left in the filleted whole branzini. One person who ordered crab cakes didn't like them enough even to finish them. Looking over at the Caesar salad (ordered by my husband), I thought it didn't have any lettuce in it. There was a mound of stuff in the center of a plate. It turned out that everything was covered in a blanket of grated cheese and dressing, rendering the lettuce invisible in the dim lighting of the restaurant. It did have an actual Caesar dressing on it, though, with anchovy coming through. When I finally got my food, there was barely enough room for the three large plates on the table. My favorite was the brussels sprouts with wild mushrooms. I wolfed them down and didn't really note what was in their sauce, I think a vinaigrette of some sort. (Balsamic?) The sprouts were crisp-tender and cooked to my liking. The grilled calamari was cold by the time it reached me. Other than being a little on the tough side (and cold), it had a pleasing smokiness to it and was pretty tasty. The red and yellow beet tartare at first appeared to have been cooked, which puzzled me, until I realized it was simply the way everything had been diced and formed into a cake. (Not being able to see much was a hindrance to appreciating the visual aesthetics of the food). That was bathed in what seemed to be a citrus vinaigrette and had some bits of feta mixed in. I can't comment much on the food I didn't eat. Most of the plates looked good insofar as I could see them. The plating of the filet mignon with asparagus and potatoes was especially attractive. There was also an amuse bouche, which seemed to be tuna tartare. It was served with a couple thin shavings of something that seemed to be hard cheese but had no real flavor. I still don't know what that was. No one at the table particularly liked this. The ambiance of the restaurant is pleasant enough, and I can see it being described as a romantic dining spot, if only because it's very dimly lit. The courtyard is charming. This place is impressive on the surface. We were someone else's guests, and the person paying the bill didn't notice the auto-grat, so he added in a tip on top of the total, Fortunately someone at the table noticed it and pointed it out so he could "X" out the additional tip. I'd like to think the server would have pointed it out if it came to that, but...yeah.
  9. For breakfast sort of near the Inner Harbor (Fell's Point), you absolutely can't beat the Blue Moon Cafe (1621 Aliceanna St Baltimore, MD 21231). Small place with amazing biscuits, great coffee, great atmosphere. Due to its popularity, the lines can get long, but it's well worth the wait.
  10. Has anyone been to the Baltimore location? This was a staple when I was a Student at Syracuse University in the late 90's. I loved that their menu listed occasions they cater for: weddings, divorces, etc.
  11. If you're a beer drinker, the Wharf Rat on Pratt near Camden Yards fits the bill. Pretty ordinary food, but good Bitter, several TVs, and pretty inexpensive.
  12. Had a wonderful meal here. The decor is classic tavern- dark woods, tight quarters, low light. This is a bar's bar and a tiny one at that (maybe 14 at the bar plus four 2-tops, then seating for maybe 20 more in back. The bar focus is Grand Mariner, with many drinks, a couple of "planks" (aka flights - and this is the only pirate reference inside) and a GM club that you can join, buying a bottle and locker storage and all that. Ok, cool bar, maybe a little gimmicky- but the food is really, really good. We started with filet crostini, with a tiny dab of goat cheese and vinaigrette. The cold meat was cut fairly thick but was soft like butter and delicious. I might have preferred this over a hearty bread vs a crumbly toast, but an excellent start. My wife got a trio of crab cake, shrimp and stuffed lobster. The crab cake was very nice and surprisingly delicate- no heavy spice or butter. I enjoyed a hearty Ciopinno with tender calamari, mahi mahi and other good stuff that had me digging into the deep tureen. They had a decent beer selection on tap, including brewers art "resurrection" and a few other locals. My vanilla porter was not gimicky. With a few drinks and the grand-slam touristy specials, this was an expensive night. But it was really, really memorable and we look forward to going back. The place is a block west of the Fells Point main drag and has been open 11 years- so it is no secret. Make a reservation or be there early on weekends.
  13. I will be in Baltimore (Canton) quite a bit this summer. Tonight we will be heading to Mezze, Kali's Court little sister. Has anyone been lately? I was there last summer, and even though I remember the portions being substantial, I don't remember much. It has been years since I have been to Kali's Court itself. Opinions? I also hear that the group is opening a European style eatery just down the street from Kali's. Selling Sundries?
  14. "We do what we want at The Rockwell, and so do the distillers of the craft liquors we carry at The Rockwell. They are infusing their vodka with real Maine blueberries instead of artificial flavoring. They are distilling their spirits in Chicago and Vermont and California instead of abroad - as American as rock music. And we're offering them to you at the same prices as the mainstream competitors." I mean ... just ... go. The Rockwell
  15. Voted the 2011 best new bar by Baltimore Magazine, they serve some very good pizza with a pretty good beer list. The pizza is Neopolitan style with 11" pizzas usually between $8-10 and 15" between $13-15. The appetizers/bar fare like fried edamame, hush puppies and fries are very delicious too. You aren't gonna go here for mind-blowing cuisine, just some very good pizza and bar fare in a very welcoming, busy atmosphere and drink some comforting beers with friends. I've seen children and the elderly in there as well, they are holding its own with the food. http://www.johnnyrad...JohnnyRads.html
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