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Found 18 results

  1. "Burger King Confirms Deal To Buy Tim Horton's For About $11 Billion" by Eric McCarthy on online.wsj.com
  2. another option would be capital grille, it is on the same metro line and is about 1/2 block from a station. i would reccomend you sit at the bar as you might be pressed for time. items i would encourage you to try: the smoked salmon is some of the best that restaurants in this city are offering, the lobster crabcakes, and their very fun and spicy calamari. those three apps and you might not even need an entree.
  3. I have never been to Carraba's and after reading this thread will ikely never go, but I have a funny Olive Garden story. Every year for Christmas my aunt, whom I adore, gives me an Olive Garden gift card (which I don't). My family lost our home in a fire last year, and even my Calphalon and Le Creuset cookware was destroyed - but what survived? You got it - those 3 Olive Garden gift cards were still clinging to the kitchen bulletin board. After that, my kids decided we had no choice but to use them. We ordered many different things to try, none of which we can recall, handed the 3 cards to the waitress, and she returned and announced that we still had $42 remaining. Anyone want a smoky $42 Olive Garden gift card? We continue to seek good, classic Italian cooking in the close-in Virginia suburbs.
  4. Happened upon the newest food, grocery, condo block or two in Sterling, Virginia recently - had been to the CAVA there several times, but missed this place as it was not open. Lunch was not particularly busy but the way this complex is set up a block off Leesburg Pike (Route 7) it is a destination. There is a Harris Teeter and several other restaurants (Chuy's) in the immediate area. I saw signs for a Coal fired pizza coming soon as well. Miller's Ale House is tucked in the middle so if you blink you could miss it. There is green space in front with some kids games and benches so it appears to be used regularly. Lunch was great. Have a decent mix of salads and sandwiches, I opted for a burger as their description sounded pretty good and it was. Service was spot on and drinks refilled promptly. Atmosphere is more of the contemporary bar/restaurant feel with high exposed vents and gray ceiling acoustic tiles. The booths and bar area were nicely spaced and they had plenty of seating. I am sure the place will fill up and get busier as the condos there sell and the immediate population increases. They have outdoor seating as well, but due to the heat, I think everyone preferred the AC. After you enjoy a meal there walk out the front door directly across the courtyard to Colada Shop for a great coffee. Heard their Cuban sandwiches are great, but have not been back to try one yet. Anyplace that has Cafe con Leche and Cuban coffee is worth a stop.
  5. In-laws are visiting for the 4th of July. They are not adventuresome eaters, everyone in the family gets car sick if we go more than 10-15 minutes from their hotel and in desperation we have taken them to Bonefish in the Kentlands twice now. They love it. So we're going again... I, on the other hand, have yet to have an edible meal there. Part of the problem is that I am frozen when it comes to ordering fish out. I can remember that Chilean Sea Bass is endangered or over-fished and not to order it and that wild salmon is good and farmed salmon is generally bad. Beyond that I'm lost. Has anyone had a decent meal with a sustainable, not endangered, not contaminated out the wazoo fish??? Thanks!
  6. "Sushi Chain Coming to Clarendon?" by Ethan Rothstein on arlnow.com I've been dying for a great sushi place in Arlington, especially Clarendon. I suspect this is not it. But I'm open to being wrong if anyone knows the brand!
  7. Ruth's Chris Steak House near the convention center. Excellent company. OK food. The person organizing it was known to the house, so we got especially attentive service. I was surprised at how good my ribeye (cooked medium rare as requested) was. I also got a wedge salad. Not the best I have ever had but worlds better than the one I had not long ago at M&S. I had only bits of other foods, so I can't comment much. Crab stuffed mushrooms were okay. Au gratin potatoes tasted too strongly of something but I'm not sure what. Couldn't manage any creamed spinach because I was too full, but the dessert offering of berries and cream and raspberry sorbet was way too sweet.
  8. Address (Sterling): 21305 Windmill Parc Dr #160, Sterling, VA 20166 - https://www.burger21.com/locations/sterling/ Address (Ashburn): 43800 Central Station Dr #100, Ashburn, VA 20147 - https://www.burger21.com/locations/ashburn/ Menu: https://www.burger21.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Sterling-2sided-Menu.pdf Yes, Rockwellians, another burger place (and a smallish multi-state chain one at that). I ate here tonight (the Sterling location) after a particularly shitty Saturday and not-much-better Sunday morning and afternoon, because well, why not. Also, I feel like I'm cultivating a ~rep~ of being our resident "Local Grubgradian" since I tend to review very casual and cheap places. Rest assured, I spend enough time around ~haute cuisine~ as well, but sometimes the only cure for a shitty mood is a big dose of carbs, fat, and protein. Okay, before you visit this place, be sure to download their app off your phone's particular store. Registering on it earns you your first *basic* burger free (~$6.49), and signing up for their email club nets you a free side of fries ($2.49). First impressions: Whoever laid out this space earned their degree in design. The dining room feels like an IKEA cafeteria without the horse meat, but they didn't jam the place full of tables to the point where everything feels claustrophobic like at any Five Guys. The condiment station and drink machines are sufficiently separated and well-laid-out, and even though it was pitch dark at the time (a stark contrast to the smart use of lighting indoors), they've got a really nice outdoor seating area. Downsides include: limited amount of booths, tiny area for a line (arguably worse than the Fairfax Smashburger), use of those highly-questionable tablet-based POS systems, and Top 40 ~muzak~ on loop. What I had, and did I like it: Well, shitty moods call for shitty life choices, so I decided to indulge and get both a "Bacon Cheesy" ($7.49) *and* a "Philly Cheese" ($7.99) with the free side of fries and I splurged and tried their "Cheese and Ale Sauce." I also asked for my patties to be medium and...I got them cooked *medium*! That in and of itself is a minor miracle - though I was there at ~8pm, and it was by no means busy. Despite the pictures you might see on Yelp, the burgers did not come out looking like Leaning Towers of Empty Calories. They were actually pretty compact and neat, about the size of a Quarter Pounder and/or one of their ~designer~ QPCs. The burgers looked like the ones a culinary Ph.D. makes for fast food commercials, and the buns were amongst the best I've seen at a fast casual burger joint, which was important for one very specific reason... ...the juice. Oh dear sweet Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Vishnu, and "Bob," the *juices*. Do not get a double-patty burger here. Just don't. The patties practically bleed boiling-hot cow juice and with a *single* patty you will find your fingers getting mildly scalded. Two of them atop one another would probably give you second-degree burn blisters. That being said, there's a nice touch in the form of a communal sink at the end of the condiment station complete with hand soap for the aftermath, which I highly recommend using. This is definitely a three-napkin/lean-over-the-table joint. So, did I like it? Yeah...as much as one can be enthusiastic about ~just another burger joint~ in this area that's positively goddamned lousy with them even after the first few rounds of 'culling.' The Philly Cheese really stood out - it really tastes like you're eating a...very small cheesesteak. The Djion Chive Mayo really gave this thing a tasty kick. The Bacon Cheesy was good, but it didn't exactly stand out after the really good grilled onions and aforementioned Djion Chive mayo - it seems this place shines when you order one of the more *atypical* burgers. Don't get me wrong, it was a really good burger, it was just 'predictable.' The beef on its own was falling apart errantly into small specks that'd periodically drop on the tray, which is a good sign they don't use pre-packed patties from Costco. The miss(es)? The Cheese and Ale sauce. It just wasn't worth the buck forty-nine (even with a few extra flecks of bacon in it), and when you see the condiment station you'll know why. They've got a ton of free/better alternatives available. That also being said, the fries were nothing really special - standard shoestring fare, but the condiment station I believe had Toasted Marshmallow Cream for the Sweet Potato Fries. I've a feeling that will not stick around for long once enough kids find it. Verdict? I got a FAR better burger here than I did at the Tilted Kilt, and it's easily the best current semi-cheap option burger-wise in the vicinity of the Dulles Town Center (Bungalow Lakehouse probably gets the nod for a pricey *froo froo* burger), save the Sterling BGR and *maybe* The Habit Grill in Landsdowne, but you go there for a designer version of a Whopper - you come to this place for the variety. There's also The Counter at Reston Town Center if you feel like ~$15 per person plus parking. Oh, and since it wasn't that busy, their ~Chef du Cuisine~ would occasionally come out and keep an eye out and generally survey the dining area and ask you how everything is. It's a nice touch that makes this place feel a bit more 'homey' than a Five Guys or Smashburger. Check it out if you're in the area. P.S. If I hadn't gotten my fries for free and hadn't splurged on the Cheese and Ale sauce, I'd have paid ~$25. That being said, Quarter Pounders are something like $4.19 now, so spend the extra $3 and eat this burger instead. Oh, and at least at the Sterling location, you have to take a picture of your receipt to use their digital punchcard which, after buying seven burgers (a minimum of $45), nets you...*drumroll*...$5 in credit, and multiple burgers on one ticket doesn't net you extra 'punches.'
  9. Dan Marino has increased his equity ownership in Anthony's Coal-Fired Pizza, a Florida chain in numerous Eastern Pennsylvania locations. This is not just lip service - Marino is personal friends with Anthony Bruno, and even invested in the very first Florida location (needless to say, these are also found in Pittsburgh).
  10. So the even worse counterpart of Bloomin' is Darden, where ... Fleming's = Capital Grille Roy's = Bahama Breeze Outback = Longhorn Carraba's = Olive Garden Bonefish = Red Lobster Yuk...!
  11. Bonefish Grill is owned by the lousy Tampa chain, Bloomin' Brands, that also owns Fleming's, Roy's, Outback Steakhouse, and Carrabba's Italian Grill (do note my first post in that thread).
  12. AvantReston.com has the announcement of the World of Beer which will open in the 15 story Avant Apartments across from Passion Fish. Here is the link to the background page of the World of Beer. It would seem that the World of Beer (which has an Arlington location) features beer and music with food serving a purpose. Perhaps Town Center needs something like this to help the serve the market that Jackson's bar appeals to. For myself, hope of a tapas bar (or an Estadio West), a destination restaurant or simply a restaurant that I could be proud to take a friend to...has returned to the back page. World of Beer. When I first saw the name I thought it was a store that sold beer. Note: for whatever reason I am having difficulty posting a link that works for the announcement. Please google "Avant Reston blog" and you will see the link which should work.
  13. Interesting about Seasons 52. A quick look at their website reveals low-calorie meals but salt contents equivalent to dining at McDonalds. 1700 Mgs of salt in a 10 oz. vegetable soup, for example, vs 1000 for my junk fix of choice, a Big Mac (though I usually add more salt). 1100 for a filet mignon vs. 1120 for a 10-piece McNuggets. If you can't use fat, you've gotta torque the taste up somehow. The real originator of this stuff, though, of course, is Michel Guerard who won three Michelin stars with his famous cuisine minceur in the French spa town or Eugenie les Bains. Sadly, the English-language site has even less info than the French page -- you can find it if you click around -- the the French page does have pictures of what I want to eat next time I try to drop 10 pounds. Edit: Oh wait, is this off topic?
  14. Sometimes life is cruel. Root canal surgery that goes wrong. Infected dry socket. And sometimes you take a four hour Bolt Bus to New York City and have dinner at Benihana. Sometimes you have a girlfriend. And sometimes she has a friend that is turning 30. Sometimes this soon-to-be 30 year old has a weird thing for Benihana. And sometimes this soon-to-be 30 year old decides that turning 30 at Benihana would be...fun. And sometimes you just have to suck it up and be the good boyfriend. Was it bad...no not really. Was it good...no not really. The onion soup was watery with two strands of something that looked like onion. The salad was at least fresh and crisp. The shrimp appetizer was overcooked. At one point our chef put a pile of teppanyaki-ed onions on my plate for no apparently reason other than they were cooked and he needed room on the hibachi. The sushi rolls didn't completely suck. The spicy tofu was competent. And I would actually give them some kudos for their fried rice. It's a food factory, the place was packed, and I'm sure they made a lot of money Saturday night. I'll chalk it up as one of those life experiences...remember when we took the bus to New York City and had dinner at Benihana. Good times. Good times indeed.
  15. I was looking for information about it, but it doesnt now show up on the Marriott website for that hotel. Has the Shulas closed?
  16. From fastcasual.com: "Burger 21 expanding in greater Washington D.C. area" Quote: As experienced franchisees and operators with Dunkin' Brands, Ray Patel, Joseph Yu, Bubuhai Patel and Nick Patel have signed on to develop four restaurants in the Greater Washington, D.C., area -- including Alexandria, Va., Tysons Corner, Va., and Fair Lakes, Va., as well as one unit in Rockville, Md.
  17. I love good rustic fare. Apparently this chain, owned by Outback Steak House, has decided to open an outlet in Reston. Meet those authentic Italian guys Johnny and Damian. Johnny's grandmother's mother (and grandmother's mother-in-law) were both born in Italy in the 19th century. Johnny says he enjoys the rigatoni campagnolo, while Damian prefers the spaghetti and meatballs, though he astutely points out that "Italian food is much more varied than the spaghetti and red sauce that has come to represent Italian food in America." Transportation Options to Carrabba's The preferred method is the ancient horse-drawn cart, but given the restaurant's modern twist on a traditional theme, arriving on a real Bianchi Italian racing bike is always a propos.
  18. The girls wanted a steak tonight - Didn't feel like driving to Silver Spring to RTC, Plus my girls really don't belong in the bar on a Friday night so I drove up 270 to the Outback in Germantown. Really not great food and a VERY ANNOYING WAITER. This place was packed - Called ahead at 6:30 and they told me 7:15 then when I got there they said 20 more minutes (It was actually less than ten - But this place does not deserve to be crowded). My new pet question that I hate is -"Have you ever been here before?" - It is a *&^%^* Chain. Did he think the menu would be too complicated for me? Salad - Came out ten minutes after my entree Entrees - The girls wanted ribs and OMG was the sauce sicky sweet (Kids were fine but I can tell you it sucked). Had to ask three times for more butter - and then they brought out a tablespoon worth. Any ideas for a decent place in up 270?
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