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Found 10 results

  1. While searching for a place to eat with a small group before a show at Lisner Auditorium, I turned up District Commons near Washington Circle, but no mention of it on Don Rockwell. Sounds like it might be nice. Does anyone know anything?
  2. I haven't seen this new venue mentioned in any other thread. I believe they opened yesterday. Looking forward to trying them out and would love to hear from anyone who has. "First Look & Taste Test: Soi 38" by Farrah Skeiky on brightestyoungthings.com
  3. Good omen of things to come...to be added to the list of worthwhile burgers in DC. Soft opening for BTS and despite the line and crowd, burger and fries were quite tasty. I prefer my burgers to be medium rare, but at a soft open with a line, I wasn't about to be picky and thought I'd see what I got. Burger was medium and loosely packed, with a nice char and grill flavor. Not greasy or "juicy" but I actually liked it that way, so I could taste the butter on the bun. And the home made buttered bun is the perfect accompaniment. Jeff Tunks handing out menus to those in line, was commenting on how they didn't know how many buns to make since they had no idea how many people would stop by. Well, better make a lot more, 'cuz judging by the crowd today, I expect it's only going to get busier! (And once it becomes common knowledge that they are open...)
  4. Who knew that Savino Recine was a magician? I do have a question: On Primi Piatti's main page, down at the bottom, there's a 2-minute video of Chef Recine. At the :18 second mark, I can't tell if he's saying "cooking" or "cocaine." Oops. "Personally, I couldn't care less - it's a slow news day ... must be the snow OOPS. <Knock, Knock!> "Who's there?" "It's the devil, Don. I've come to take you to Hell now." "OK, just gimme two seconds to finish this line OOPS." The internet is the devil's work. It, and Hell, are for all eternity. GalileoWashPost.pdf Buone Feste.
  5. The answer about Donald Kreuzer: He works at Watergate Dental Associates which is inside the Watergate building, so hopefully he's still enjoying life in his old townhouse. Apr 14, 2006 - "Foggy Bottom Dentist Loses 'Blockbusting' Suit against GWU" by Bill Myers on washingtonexaminer.com
  6. Rice 'N Noodles at 22nd & G, NW, is closed, done in by some sort of real estate deal. In terms of economic and social mix, it was the closest I've seen in these parts to Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros. Construction workers, business people, hospital personnel, GW students, professors and even President Trachtenberg were liable to be sharing your formica. Cheap eats from seven or eight cultures were available, including Central American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino and African American. Everything was available hot -- and HOT (i.e., caliente y picante). I particularly liked the seafood soup, the rice & beans, and various permutations of gyoza. The language behind the counter was Spanish; behind the cash register, Korean. Mixed populations tended to talk to each other. It never busted your wallet. I don't know another place like it around DC.
  7. If you had to pick a restaurant near the Kennedy Center for dinner before the opera and you hadn't planned far enough in advance to get a table at Notti Bianchi, would you try Dish or go farther afield? Has any one been there lately? I can't find any mention of it in this forum. Circle Bistro is fine, but have been there a few times this year already. Marcel's is good too, but a bit expensive.
  8. I'm on a bit of a mission to get more threads started for DC's growing quality coffee shop scene. I know there's a coffee shop thread but great coffee, like great wine bars and, of course, great restaurants, deserve more focused treatment IMO. Filter is the best coffee house in upper NW. I'm defining "upper NW" as red line from Farragut North up to the Maryland border and including Foggy Bottom/West End/Georgetown. With Illy Cafe, maybe/not really Juan Valdez south of World Bank (and now Filter) the only exceptions, this part of DC is shockingly under-served with great coffee. We're over-run with Starbucks, Marvelous Markets and even worse. Filter is in north Dupont on 20th just below Florida Ave and the Washington Hilton. It's great and every bit the worthy comparison to Chinatown Coffee, Qualia, Illy, Sidamo, Peregrine, etc. Filter is not a Counter Culture house. They source their beans from Caffe Pronto in Annapolis, itself one of the very best coffee shops (and wholesalers) in the region. Filter has two coffee menus with one devoted to reserves. Had a great Panamanian from that menu recently. Further, it's a low key place with friendly and knowledgeable staff. They even have a cool Marzocco espresso maker that was custom ordered, painted orange and sports the Filter name. These folks know and love coffee. About the only downside is that the space is very small and it can be really difficult to get a table at nearly any time of day. And now I'll exacerbate that problem with this post but I feel obligated to share Filter doesn't roast onsite but that still jives with my onsite roasting theory; namely, a place that roasts on site can usually be assumed to serve excellent coffee but a lack of onsite roasting does not mean a place isn't top tier. Filter is an example of that. I strongly recommend it to coffee lovers and would love to hear what other coffee-loving Rockwellians think.. IMHO, Filter is cool, exceptionally good and very much the real deal in a bit of a real deal desert.
  9. Okay, quick turnaround - friend is in town for a conference, and the only time she has to meet up is tonight after about 8:30 PM, so she suggested drinks/dessert. She is staying at the Marriott on 22nd Street (West End area), but she will be coming directly from the Corcoran, and we will be coming from and going back to NoMa, so red line access is a plus (but we could walk a bit to get to Metro). I was going to suggest the bar at Vidalia - who doesn't love a glass of wine and a piece of chess pie? - but they appear to close at 9:30 PM, so I feel like that is cutting it a bit close. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't think we'll be needing a place that is open till midnight, but we certainly don't want to feel rushed. Thanks!
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