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Found 1 result

  1. I got to thinking as I do from time to time about the things that formed me as a person. From how I view life in general and more lately thinking about what formed the paradigm through which I see food. I thought it'd be interesting for all of us to exchange stories about what made us love food first. What memories do you tie to specific people and times, good or bad, funny or somber. Share them all. Let's all get back to what this community was founded on. Good food, good conversations about said food and meeting people who like the same shit you do. Everybody chime in and let's find out how similar we are. I'll start with two particular memories: 1) the love I have of fresh off the vine, perfectly ripe and warm tomatoes and cucumbers, washed and slice. Dressed simply with salt, vinegar and pepper if you wish. The tomatoes so juicy that it makes its own sauce with the vinegar. The salty bursting through in pockets, the cucumber so crisp, a quick pickle in its simplest. 4-5 things top all perfect. Love it. 2) I always associate bryers ice cream with my Grandfather Luther. My Granddaddy. Well when I was just a wee lass, my Grandaddy used to take me to the store and let me pick out a half gallon of icecream. In the beginning it was Pine State which was awesome and then later it got to be Breyers cause it's what replaced Pine State at the store. I always got to pick the flavor although sometimes he'd hint at something. It was usually chocolate or mint chocolate chip. Every night of my vacation to the farm, after my bath, he'd sit me on his lap next to the freezer in the dining room. It'd just be me and him by the light filtering in from the kitchen, eating ice cream, taking turns feeding each other and rapping about life. So that's the kinda stuff I'm talking about. You wanna share life shattering stories about some restaurant you visited that changed your life? Fine I guess but..snooze alert. I don't care about that stuff, we wanna know the real you. The online real you anyway. Share away peeps...
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