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  1. Goodies Frozen Custard, previously only in the great-looking restored old ice cream truck, Saturday opened a kiosk on American Way. We went there specifically for it, as I had long planned to chase down the truck but hadn't done it yet. Superb custard, and they've got Sprecher's sodas for floats.
  2. I can't find a thread for Timber Pizza Co., so I'm starting a thread for the first time! The bf, two friends, and I tried Timber (in Petworth, on Upshur St.) about a month ago, shortly after it opened. For a place that had just made the brick-and-mortar leap from a truck-hauled oven, Timber was impressively strong out of the gate. It was crowded on that Sunday night, and we were wary when we saw that you order at the counter and then hope to find space at the communal picnic tables. (Unless you manage to grab seats at the small bar in the back, where you can apparently order from the bartender.) Luckily, our hovering paid off and we snagged a table before our pizzas arrived. (If we lived in the neighborhood, we'd be doing regular take-out.) Everyone was super friendly, and the woman at the counter was helpful in recommending how much to order. We went with empanadas, three pizzas, a sharing-sized salad, and two large-format cocktails. It turned out to be a pretty ideal amount of food; we ended up with a few leftover slices to take home. (Which definitely didn't make me sad.) I really enjoyed the corn, sweet red peppers, spring onions empanadas, because how can you go wrong with that vegi combination in a crisp pizza dough shell (especially with the spicy pineapple chups, which I used for my pizza crust as well). The friends like the pork ones too. The JMD salad (sugar snap peas, spearmint, salad greens, radishes, lemon-honey vinaigrette) was lovely, a bright, crisp contrast to all the dough we were consuming. With our friends deferring to our pescatarianism, we settled on the Asher (tomato sauce, smoked mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, roasted corn, hot peppers, smoked paprika, micro-cilantro), the Munday (olive oil, provolone, mozzarella, squash blossoms, sugar snap peas, honey ricotta, garlic chips, spicy honey), and the Ty Brady (crab, corn, potatoes, Old Bay). The crust had nice char and chewiness, and I loved the creative topping combinations. All were delicious, and we disagreed on how to rank our favorites, which is always a good sign. (I was particularly pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the spicy honey on the Munday.) We didn't linger so that others could have our seats, but luckily the Twisted Horn is just a few doors down and has excellent cocktails (if too many mosquitos on their outdoor patio that night!). But we'll be back.
  3. Though we were generally operating in the Fish Tales-type space, Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli was easily the best meal had this week. Two eggs any style (5.95) were perfectly over-easy with a chewy, tangy, dense bagel and potato latkes that contrasted a crisp exterior with fluffy interior. Sit outside in the morning and watch the Coastal Highway traffic slowly come to life with sea breezes to accompany--this may be the most comfortable and sated you will be all day. I went back two mornings later, wanting to leave the City on a high note, had a two eggs bagel sandwich (5.95 + 1.00 for Swiss cheese), which performed as well. Coffee came from a very industrial-looking burner but was of pleasantly moderate strength and temperature. The person behind the counter was warm, cared about the business she was getting, and had none of the indifference seen at nearly every other establishment visited.
  4. Not for long. District of Pi, the DC branch of St Louis-based Pi Pizzeria, launches their food truck this month, and opens their Penn Quarter location in March on Pi day. Their specialty? Chicago deep-dish. The First Pizza Eater created something of a stir last fall by declaring it to be the best deep-dish yet, to the consternation of his hometown.
  5. You folks are too rich for me. But I enjoy my vicarious gratification while munching my pretzels. Is there a thread on Chik-fil-A?
  6. If you are in Frederick, Howard, AA Co. keep an eye out for Mike's Gelato. Mike runs a food truck with his gelatos, and they are fantastic. He came to our neighborhood one night and now we are hooked... our favorites are pistachio, hazelnut, lemon raspberry crunch, and chocolate. https://my-site-108372-109500.square.site/ He posts his locations on fb and instagram. He also does delivery, but we haven't tried that. He is doing scoops again, but we have just been bringing home pints at $10 each. This is our affordable indulgence of this stay at home time. HIGHLY recommend. Pro-tip: If you are more than 15 min away, bring a cold pack to bring it home. Though they refreeze really well.
  7. http://www.jerkatnite.com/food.html No affiliation with the former Ball or Nothing, to my knowledge. This take-out/catering/food truck operation is located on H Street NE. I've passed by several times in the last couple weeks, and there is always a line for the food truck there. And people down the street further sing the praises, too. Anyone ever try it before?
  8. Frankly . . . Pizza! is a mobile, wood-fired brick pizza oven run by Frank Linn, who makes pizzas at the Kensington Farmers Market (Saturdays 8-12) and other spots around the Kensington area (listed on his Twitter feed). It's not a truck, but a stand with a pizza oven on wheels. He uses high-quality, fresh ingredients to produce tasty, artisan-style pizzas. A worthy addition to the ranks of pizzaioli making pizzas in the Neapolitan style in the area, I've had the classic Margherita and the Mushroom (crimini mushrooms, mozzarella, Gruyere, porcini oil), which are both delicious and amongst the best Neapolitan style pizzas in the area. They're also a couple bucks cheaper than similar pizzas in the area, given the mobile set-up, so that's a bit of an added bonus. He usually offers around six or seven selections any given day. The pizzas re-heat nicely in a 400 degree oven for 5 minutes. For those into the details, the crust has a nice char, the cornichione has a nice crusty bread quality with a pleasing crumb (though sometimes has a bit too much width), the toppings are nicely balanced and good quality. The Margheritas tend not to have much of the drooping/soggy center problem folks often object to with Neapolitan pizza, the Mushroom has a bit if it sits long enough, but I don't have a problem with that. web site: http://www.frankly-pizza.com/
  9. I went to a trapeze show up in baltimore that had some free snacks like homemade hummus and my own homemade carmelized onion dip but afterwards I was feeling hungry so I hit up the taco Truck near the corner of New Hampshire and East West Highway. I had a fun time ordering food from them since I don't speak much spanish and they didn't speak much english but I tried the Pupusa de Loroco having no clue what a loroco is (turns out it's a vine like flower plant, tasted a bit like spinach) and that came with salsa and coleslaw. A total steal for 1.50
  10. Enjoyed roughly my 10th (or so) visit to Habit Burger a few days ago, and it was its same sensational fast-food experience. I think Habit Burger would be a hit if it were to expand to the east coast, but with the distinct disadvantage that outdoor eating would not be the same....all year around in Los Angeles, but only a few months a year in most east coast locations.
  11. Thank the (somewhat undersized) scallop entree at the (somewhat overpriced, somewhat underrated) Church Street Cellars for sending me and my young dining companion on a dessert hunt, lured by the scent of a sign in the alley leading to the (somewhat underrated) Rose Restaurant, and allowing us to stumble, completely randomly, onto The Pure Pasty Co., opened just last week. What's the difference between a pasty and an empanada? An enthusiastic Michael Burgess was manning the register, having sold out of Sausage Rolls ($3.75), and having just three pasties left in the case. Me that I am, I bought one of each (Traditional, Slowdown Veggie, and Cornish Masala, each $6.00), and the Cornish Masala was very good. As the website touts, "It's all in the crust," and that's what I was thinking while scarfing it on the way home. Especially with the addition of a food cart, this could be a successful operation - it's super simple, no frills, grab-and-go, and carryout only. I've never had a Pasty before today, and they're worth trying. To date, I think I'm the only person in the world to do a daily double of the (somewhat over-catered) Max's Kosher Cafe and The Pure Pasty Co. Thing is, I was so emotionally drained by my meal last night at our 4th Best Restaurant that I needed to ground myself in simple street fare. Drained not by the meal itself (I've had worse meals, even this week), but because I've been toggling back-and-forth between issuing a methodical trashing of what was, at best, a banquet-quality dinner, and more accurately, something no better than you'd get when ordering room service; and exposing, for the sake of the Greater Good, a friend for being an incompetent megalomaniac because, you see, it's not J&G's fault that restaurant writing in this town has largely devolved into a bipolar star-fucking crisis of self-absorbed complacency, coexisting with a plastic, Ikea-bought bowl filled to the brim with cold, squiggly, noodles of nothingness. Cheers, Rocks
  12. 2 new BBQ places opened in the Heights over the past few months (Willow's and Victorian), and I finally got around to trying one. Scott Sandlin wrote a glowing review over on Houston Food Finder, and I largely agree with him. We got a couple 2 meat plates, with brisket, ribs, and turkey. The brisket was nicely done, moist, with well-rendered fat. Assertive pepper bark, just as I like it. The ribs were similarly seasoned, and juuuuust a little on the tough side. Not "tough," just not quite as tender as I'm used to. The turkey was very well done - juicy and so, so deliciously smoky. Sides were pretty good, and all had a bit of spice to them. Creamed corn had bits of jalapeño, but when I want creamed corn with BBQ, I still think Killen's. The potato salad is mustardy, with a bit of creole spice. Charro beans are chock full of diced chiles. The "Flaming Lips" slaw was not quite as spicy as I'd been lead to believe, but was a nice counterpoint to the richness of the meat, and a nice alternative to a mayonnaise-based slaw. Overall a solid choice, and though we got it to go (I'm still struggling through the flu, and have no business being out in public), I think the best way to enjoy this is with a couple beers outside at Big Star.
  13. Houston is a taco-rich environment, and I had come to believe that at a certain level of goodness, all tacos kind of play at the same level, without stand-outs. I was wrong. The tacos at Tierra Caliente are the truth. These are the Platonic ideal of taco. They are the essence of taco-ness. I sampled 3: lengua, pastor, and barbacoa. Both the corn and flour tortillas are excellent, each spending a little time on the griddle before getting wrapped with the meat and a generous sprinkling of onion and cilantro. Both red and green salsa tasted fresh and bright, with a little bite, but not so spicy as to overwhelm the other ingredients. My only quibble was that the pastor veered a little on the sweet side for my tastes. (I prefer the version I had at Taqueria Tacambaro the next day up in the Heights.) Grab your tacos, head over the the Ice House and grab a beer or Topo Chico. If anyone else can think of a place that consistently tops (or even meets) what Tierra Caliente is putting out, I want to hear about it.
  14. It's a rather open looking yellow cart. I'm not sure how it's going to handle the winter weather. There are two food options - bulgogi and chicken teriyaki. Both are made on the spot in woks. All choices come on rice with a side of iceberg lettuce with a soy sauce-based dressing and kimchee. You can also ask for sriracha if you want. The bulgogi was decent - not anything spectacular, but compared to a lot of what I've had within DC pretty good and a good deal at $6.75. The kimchee wasn't too fermented, so the cabbage was still light and crisp. I'm not sure if that will change the longer they're in business. They have some sundries - chips, Doritos, sodas and Gatorade. I wish they would have more Korean-type sundries, but at the same time I don't know how successful that would be for the area. But for a first foray into ethnic food cart, I'm pretty satisfied. It will certainly satisfy the Korean BBQ jones when I don't feel like driving out of the city.
  15. Lemongrass Food Truck Banh Mi is lackluster. The roast pork has the red sheen that Asian roast pork typical has, but I'm going to assume its just food coloring, because otherwise the pork has little flavor. The pickled carrot and daikon just tastes sweet. The roll is supermarket quality similar to something you can buy at Giant or Safeway. At least the cilantro is fresh. At $8 it's not worth the money. Sorry for the crappy photo.
  16. Hello Everyone, I am exploring catering options for an event for my condo. We want to do a summer party and will have around 50 likely attendees. I was hoping to do some fun, summery food perhaps bbq or etc. We can't have a grill on our property, due to Arlington Code, but my condo has culti sacks where roads end on either side and we might be able to get a permit to use that space and if so would meet the setback requirement. I am also not opposed to a food truck or just normal catering, but I want the food to be something to attract people to want to come to this event (it is really hard to get people in your condo bldg to show up for events). District Taco will no longer bring carts to events. I am getting a proposal from Rocklands and Cava. It has been hard to get good catering proposals because our date is up in the air because if we have enough budget left over we would like to have live music or another fun activity. I wanted to see if you all had suggestions on a potential caterer. (Any caterers on this site, please feel free to DM me if this looks like something of interest.) I know there was a ribs gentlemen on another post that I had thought about ordering from and now I can't find that info to see if this would be up his alley. We would need options for vegetarians and gluten free options just to make sure everyone has something they would like. We can provide all tables, plates, flatware, chairs, booze and drinks, etc, needed other than food.
  17. Two words: toasted brioche. One3five is a food truck that sits where the old Alibaba Falafel truck was before they got kicked out, by the Women's Cooperative Market on WIsconsin and Willow Lane. Unlike other food trucks they don't really roam. These guys are consistently making the best sandwiches I've eaten in Bethesda. My favorite so far is the ironically named Knot Kosher, which is roast pork, bacon, slaw, and chipotle mayo on butter toasted challah bread. The Turkeylicious is also great: it's your standard bacon turkey sandwich except on brioche with avocado and cranberry mayo. They also have great soups. I've enjoyed the clam chowder and the squash soups. A combo with a sandwich, side soup and soda is $10. If you're ever in Bethesda for lunch and don't want to spend too much, then give these guys a try. http://www.one3fivecuisine.com
  18. Café Rue is a new place that opened up in the strip mall on Route 1 next to CVS and Myong Dong (Oriental Noodle). It replaces the Vietnamese restaurant which used to be there. Their specialty is Chicken and Waffles, which they do well. I had the classic version, which was three pieces of nicely fried chicken breast on top of a fluffy waffle. The chicken ran a little bit on the dry side, but it was still tasty for white meat, which I usually avoid. Hot sauce and maple syrup came on the side. Next time I'll definitely try one of the specialty versions, which include Red Velvet Chicken and Waffles and a Sweet Sriracha Glazed version. The rest of the menu has a lot of interesting items that I'd like to try. I had the Sautéed Kale Greens with Honey & Balsamic Vinegar, which had chewy bacon bits and was sweet and tangy. It was a little heavy on the sauce, but still delicious. Other things that caught my eye were Crispy Lobster Mac&Cheese Bites, Truffle Fries, and Rue Tableside Smores. There's definitely a French influence to the restaurant, including beignets and macarons on the menu. There's even a waiting area with a couch and food-related books ranging from the French Laundry cookbook to Kitchen Confidential. The restaurant itself is is a little rough around the edges, but service seemed friendly. I wasn't able to get through by phone to order takeout in advance. The hours are also limited, from 12-8 W-F, and 10-3 on weekends. Still, there's not many (any?) restaurants near Beltsville serving interesting food like this, so I can live with these minor quibbles.
  19. There doesn't seem to be a thread yet on this cute pink cupcake truck. Their website is here. Link to their twitter page with updates on their location is here. Writeup in Washingtonian here. I haven't been in the same neighborhood yet to sample a cupcake. What do folks think of them?
  20. Please move this if I am wrong, but I did not see a topic for the Corned Beef King. The king has a food truck and sells full time from the Exxon station in Olney. My parents still live there and picked up sandwiches this afternoon, and I was very impressed. We split two sandwiches between the four of us and it was plenty of food for the non-famished. They aren't Carnegie deli style, but definitely ample for the $10 price tag per sandwich. The meat leans toward moist rather than lean which made it more enjoyable at the time and slightly less so later, when cool (though those who don't mine fattier meat would likely have no problem). The mustard was spicy and the slaw (a side) was sweeter and vinegary, just the way I like it. The pastrami was cut a bit thicker than the corned beef. They sell around MoCo I believe from the truck- I think it's worth seeking out in our deli-starved area. http://cornedbeefking.com/
  21. I visited Jesus' taco truck for the first time a couple days ago, and I have to say it's really good. Really really good. It reminds me a lot of the tacos I've had in Mexico which is honestly the highest praise I can give. I've tried the pastor (spicy pork), chorizo and asado (grilled beef) so far. The best is the pastor. Oh have I missed pastor tacos. Other fillings are tongue, and chicken. Have not tried those yet. I also see Res (beef) on there, I'll have to ask about that. By the way, no other options. No veggie, no fish. Its pretty cheap, $2 per (cash only), and they are open every day 11am-8pm. Win all around.
  22. This week starts the soft open of Astro Doughnuts... they are open from 8am to sold out, which apparently only took 90 minutes this morning. They reopened at noon with limited doughnuts and buttermilk fried chicken. I did not attempt to go get doughnuts today. Astro Doughnuts 1308 G Street, NW Washington DC 20005
  23. Impulsively, I bought ice cream from The Orange Cow ice cream truck today. It was parked by Eastern Market. I've seen it in the same spot before, on NC Ave. just to the east of 7th Street, and today I succumbed. There was a rabid fan of the truck and its products in front of me in line, raving about the peanut butter ice cream sandwiches they'd had at some event. It turns out they only have those for special events. Today's menu had ice cream in cups, floats, and sundaes, as well as frozen bananas, and (I think) smoothies. I went with mint chocolate chip in a cup. It was two medium sized scoops for $4, which seems reasonable. The consistency of the ice cream was good, but it didn't really taste like mint. I don't care whether the ice cream is dyed green or not (this was), but I like my mint chocolate chip to taste like mint. It didn't have a strong chocolate punch either. The chips were mini, so with each bit, I got chocolate. As ice cream it was good, but it didn't really remind me of the mint chocolate chip I loved in childhood. I guess that's my benchmark. While I used to eat a lot of ice cream when I was younger, I very rarely eat it now. Dessert at Christmas dinner was the last ice cream I'd had. Getting ice cream and not having it wow me was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I would have liked another flavor more. They seem very popular.
  24. The Karat Cakery food truck (@karatcakery) sells carrot cake, carrot cake cupcakes and ice cream with carrot cake. So if you don't like carrot cake, don't bother! If you do, however, the carrot cake cupcake with pecans is really divine. They put the cream cheese frosting on the cupcake right after you order it. The truck was at Farragut North yesterday (Wednesday) although I don't know their schedule.
  25. I liked the tofu taco--it was moist with a moo shi pork flavor. The chicken in the chicken taco was a little overcooked, though. Didn't sample the bulrogi/kimchi combo because I am a weenie. Definitely a good value for the money by L'Enfant Plaza standards, but not sure I'd stand in line 50 minutes again. Folks texting their buds into the line, and people ordering for their office added to the wait time.
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