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Found 16 results

  1. The following posts have been split into separate threads: On The Fly (Miami Danny) Fojol Brothers (goodeats) Korean Food Cart (Yellow) (synesthesia) Korean Food Cart (Flames) (SVT) Food Chain DC (squidsdc) Ali Baba's Falafel Food Cart (stickmoon) Metro Halal Food Cart (cheezepowder) Korean Food Cart (White) (B.A.R.) Choupi Crepe and Waffle Cart (cheezepowder) Sauca (monavano) Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck (goodeats) Eat Wonky (goodeats) Bada Bing (goodeats) Pepe (Bart) NY Express Food Cart (daveo) Fasika (Tweaked) Urban Bumpkin BBQ (Rhone1998) Rebecca Ethiopian (hoosiereph) Burgorilla (squidsdc) The Orange Cow (Pat)
  2. Here's something to look forward to-according to the City Paper, the wildly popular 'Red Hook Lobster Truck' might be rolling into DC this summer.
  3. Here's what we've had to say on the LA food truck scene in the past (from the original Dining in LA thread):
  4. I've been meaning to post about Borinquen Lunch Box for quite some time. It is a fantastic Puerto Rican food truck run by a husband and wife team that serves the Northern Virginia area. Their everyday menu includes a a list of sandwiches including a Cubano. I have found that Cubano fans can be quite particular, so I'll let others judge it. I had it once and thought it was very good. What I would very much recommend is their daily special -- whatever it is. Over the past month, the specials have included Masitas de Cerdo (sauteed pork), Fricase de Pollo, Pernil (pork shoulder) and Arroz con Pollo. Each has been delicious, and served with a generous portion of rice and sometimes red beans. Free tip -- ask for the hot sauce. It's an herbaceous, oil-based concoction that goes especially well with their pork dishes. I also love their empanadas. There is usually a chicken and beef option, as well as a vegetarian (which is usually pizza). One of the first things I do on Mondays is check their Twitter feed to see if they're going to be nearby that week. If they're close, I go. They're also typically at Port City Brewery on Friday nights, where the line for them forms quite early. (PS -- They also traveled to Puerto Rico last year to feed people after the hurricane, but I don't think they have any publicists...)
  5. I heard from Satay Sarinah. They're renting out commercial kitchen space to prepare food for their trucks while looking for another permanent space for their restaurant - signs like this are usually an indication that ownership is serious about reopening, so this is good news. In the meantime, supporting these trucks is the same as supporting the restaurant, so if you enjoyed the restaurant, keep an eye out for Saté Truck (and note the variation in the spellings of Satay and Saté). They also told me that if you enjoy authentic Indonesian food, to follow not only @SateTruck on Twitter, but also @SambalDC.
  6. I've got very mixed feelings when it comes to food trucks - one was virtually inedible, others are middling, okay in a pinch (District Taco, Pure Pasty), and one delicious (Red Hook Lobster). While not quite as delicious as the Lobster Truck, Willie's Oyster Po Boy was good, definitely in the upper echelons of Food Trucks (damning with faint praise) and I'll be back. Loved the breading on the oysters - better than Ray's - although the oysters were not quite as plump. Oysters were fried to order and super hot. Sandwich comes with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and some mustard mayo sauce unless requested otherwise. More info here.
  7. Did I miss a mention of the how-can-you-miss-the-BIG-Kansas-City-BBQ-place depicted below? I was driving along New York Avenue & 7th NW (or 8th?) and it was just staring at me like a mega Mack. Oh, wait, it is. Anyone have any info on it?
  8. Just had a lousy lunch at one of the many Indian food trucks in the area (Punjab Curry House). I've eaten at about half a dozen others, a few which were good, most which weren't, but I can't remember which were which. Anybody want to help jog my memories?
  9. Just figured I'd start to gather info on food trucks in the Baltimore area: We have the Kooper's Chowhound Burger truck There is now a cupcake truck that tweets from mostly Baltimore county - Iced Gems There is the taco truck on broadway in Fells point. Last night, I passed an ice cream/milkshake and sundae truck called Miss Twist. So far I only know she's at the Locust Pt fire station 9pm most nights. The ice cream is soft serve, no dipping, but I had a nice black and white.
  10. I've been gone a bit from DC, but I noticed at least one new street vendor-type downtown, the 'On The Fly' electric vehicle near 8th and G Sts., I believe. Photos Has the program to bring in new vendors with different offerings that people really want worked out? I remember they surveyed the public, then they issued some new permits. But I only saw this one vendor. Are there more?
  11. Along route 7 in Sterling right over the border of Fairfax into Loudoun there is a BBQ stand that sets up shop in a Shell station. The first thing I noticed was their gigantic rig. They are only open on weekends which is typical for most BBQ stands around Loudoun it seems. The BBQ is good, but not great. I tried the spare ribs, beef short ribs, and brisket. Spare ribs were well smoked but tougher than they should have been. The short ribs were excellent. Tender enough and beautifully smoked. The brisket was served in small cubed up pieces, which was a little different but I didn't care for it. I think my biggest bone to pick is that I wish they would leave the meat on smoker for a longer. There is a very prominent smoke ring on all their meats, its just way chewier than it should be in general. Could have been a bad day, which with BBQ can happen. It was all served dry rub style, with sauce on the side. I really did not like the sauce, it was too out there to me with a taste of raspberry or something. All in all good, and clear they know a bit about BBQ, but not quite my cup of tea at least the first time out. I'd like to give them more chances, try the pork and chicken out. Their Facebook page has much more info about them if you want to know more.
  12. A number of local residents have worked to try to bring some evening food trucks to the neighborhood. So far Fojol Bros, PORC, Pleasant Pops, and DC Empanadas have confirmed. Even if it is raining Fojol and Pleasant Pops will be there. Please come out and show that our neighborhood wants more, better food! Thursday, April 26th, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. Around Lamont Park We have some of DC's favorite trucks rolling up to cater to our foodie wishes and mobile-dinner dreams! Bring dinner home for your family, housemates, partner or pets! Or stay and eat al fresco and follow up with a beverage at one of our fine drinking establishments!
  13. I've had many great meals and snacks in LA this week but I have to say Kogi Taco is not among them. Far from it. At first I thought it was really good then I noticed the grease pit left where my food had been. I also think flour tortillas would be better. For the record I've had Korean tacos at Hankook, a knock off of Kogi in Atlanta. Those were much better than what I just ate. I'll post my great meals when I have time. ETA: name of place in Atlanta and that my bad impression has been validated by many since yesterday...
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