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Found 5 results

  1. One Block West - A wonderful dining experience. While the service had some hiccups and the wine pairing pours were barely enough to scrape through the course, I would absolutely return and do the tasting menu again. It was $65 plus $45 for the pairings. First: salmon three ways - tartar, smoked and roe. A little over olive oily. I do not eat sushi but ate the tartar and smoked pieces nonetheless. Quite tasty. Second: drum over crisp razor thin bean slices with a sweet potato puree. OMG this was phenomenal. The whole combo just worked wonderfully. Third: Rabbit wrapped in prosciutto with feta and spinach over squash puree. Not a big feta fan, thought it was a bit overwhelming, but this was also very good. Fourth: Sausage with a sauerkraut eggroll. It really wasn't an eggroll, but it was wrapped in cabbage. (My wonderful german mother who fed us pork and saurkraut every new years day as what I thought was punishment for coming home drunk the night before would flip if she heard me say this) The saurkraut was amazing! It was not vinegary, which is how I grew up hating, I mean eating, it, but very sweet. Went tremendously well with the sausage. (edited to add this correct description of the dish) Fifth: Bourbon sorbet. Yum, yum, yum. Sixth: Lamb. Tender, flavorful, delicious. Seventh: Dessert. I didn't write it down, so I don't remember. I do remember eating the whole thing and being pissed b/c it was so good but I was full but I couldn't stop eating it. (edited again - clearly should have looked at the website before I wrote this. This was f-ing awesome. This place is absolutely worth the trip from DC. We stayed at the Wyndham right there in town. 2 blocks from the walking district, very convenient and only about 120 bucks. (although based on the aforementioned pairing pour sizes, I certainly would not have been nervous about driving back if it was required). I read great things about One Block West and am happy to report that the food was incredibly good. Oh, they had a person playing accoustic guitar in the dining room during dinner, which was quite nice. I wish this place was closer to home. We also walked around and stopped into the pub (Union something I think). Friendly people and staff, excellent beer selection and wines by the glass.
  2. Stopped in 50/50 Taphouse recently. Large place near the south end of the pedestrian mall, bar area was doing decent business at a Saturday lunchtime. The deal here is that they have 50 taps (more than 50 now, actually), and 50 burgers. The beer list tended towards high-ABV stuff that I wasn't in a position to drink at the time, so I went with an Avery White Rascal, which I'm not sure I'd ever had on tap before and had a noticeable alcohol character that I don't remember from the canned version, and a Civil Life American Brown, which I liked. Both were about $1 cheaper than standard DC-area prices. The "50 burgers" thing sounded gimmicky given that any place with a standard list of toppings will have more than 50 permutations, but they do in fact have 50 burgers that aren't just combinations of the same small group of toppings. The 50/50 Burger ($11) was a little busy (cheese and cheese sauce together?) but an okay bar burger. They have a few "extreme" burgers on their menu that get up to $20. Friendly bartenders. Not knowledgeable about the Winchester dining scene at all, but I'd rate this a solid beer and burger joint. Speaking of beer, the Wal-Mart in Winchester had a nice display featuring Virginia craft beers--I never go to Wal-Mart locally, is this a standard thing? Picked up a six-pack of Brothers Good Adweiss (Hefeweizen) for the hot days to come.
  3. Meeting an old friend for brunch on Sunday and I would like something nice where we can catch up. She loves French Toast - so I guess plan b is where have you had the best French Toast? Is Volt brunch worth it? Anything closer that would fit the bill?
  4. So I'm browsing maps for roadfood (as is my wont) and casually notice that Google tabulates this country restaurant's customer review scores as 29/30. Even normalizing for the Frederick County countryside reviewer, this suggests some solid "modern Southern" cooking might be going on. The menu isn't groundbreaking, and I'm not expecting an Ashby Inn sort of experience, but everything seems to be either well-sourced or made in-house. At the least, it seems like an interesting alternative to Monocacy Crossing. Has anybody been? http://www.alexander....com/restaurant http://www.frederick...?StoryID=139406
  5. Welcome! Why not start a new thread and tell us about some of the restaurants in Winchester? --- The following posts have been split into separate threads: One Block West (lggl) eM Restaurant (pizzler)
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