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Found 6 results

  1. After hearing about this place on Chowhound, I decided to give it a try for a quick lunch today while running errands in the Rio Center. While this is definitely not a restaurant, I thought it was worth a new topic for those craving some quick Mexican near 370 in Gaithersburg. Its easy to find and thats about the best thing I can say for its location, since it is inside a Chevron gas station. The lot is cramped, but on the plus side you can fill up your tank and buy soft drinks or snacks at the main store while waiting for your order from the Taco Bar side retail space. The Taco Bar portions half its space to beer and wine sales, so the dining area is fairly small. They do have 4-6 small tables with chairs. Take out was very popular the entire time i was eating there. The kitchen itself is efficiently layed out, and I personally like the large window area that looks directly into the kitchen so you can see that its clean and well manned by a few Mexican women. Their best dish and the reason I went was the Pozole with Pork. To me, this is the Mexican version of Pho, a very popular hearty homestyle soup served throughout Mexico. This is a long-simmered stew made with Hominy and Pork traditionally, although I think they also had a chicken version if pork's not your thing(it really makes the stew in my opinion though). Their version includes a mild chili sauce mixed in, a Tostada(fried tortilla) for crumbling into bits and adding for crunch, and plenty of lettuce and cilantro on top.. Add in some lime and onions from their condiments bar, and you'll have a wonderful meal full of Mexican flavors for a bargain $6. I also ordered the Chicken Taquitos Platter, which came with four fried chicken tacos topped with shredded lettuce, Mexican Crema and Queso, along with Refried Pinto Beans and Yellow Rice. Their combos all include these two sides and a can of soda for $8. The taquitos were just so-so, somewhat bland, but well fried and they perked up well with some hot sauce and lime. The beans were very good, thick with a strong bean flavor that most places just don't get right. The rice was also cooked well and fine for soaking up other flavors. Finally, we had some Tacos al Pastor(pork and pineapple), Tacos de Bistec and Tacos de Suadero(shredded rib meat). These were all tasty and worth ordering, with two nice firm tortillas used for each taco. The Tacos al Pastor were my favorite, although all 3 were on the dry side, IMO. Again, adding some Pico de Gallo and Salsas fixes this as the flavors are great. Judging from the 10 orders placed while eating next to the register, their Tortas are also very popular and certainly smelled good. If you want fast, inexpensive and fairly authentic Taqueria food, this is a great place to go. I still like El Tapatio II near Shady Grove for other foods, but the pozole here is better and certainly cheaper.
  2. FWIW, I just noticed today that they've opened a location in College Park on Rt 1 about two blocks north of the UMCP main gate. (On a related note...when did gentrification hit Hyattsville?!)
  3. Both Sheetz and Wawa have very decent food. The egg salad at Wawa is *really* good. The only time you should EVER buy egg salad at a gas station. If you could somehow figure out how to shoehorn Wawas into Northern VA (specifically Fairfax and Loudoun County), you could make a *fortune*. Well, since this is now it's own thread... Here are the three closest Wawas to the DC Metro Area: 13355 Minnieville Rd Woodbridge, VA (703) 492-9984 15809 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, VA (703) 583-3584 10515 Baltimore Avenue Beltsville, MD (301) 595-2013 These are basically what would happen if a gas station-equipped 7-11 crossbred with a Subway and Whole Foods yet still stayed affordable. The coffee consistently beats anyone's, the snacks are always fresh, and the made-to-order food is always good (special kudos to the chicken and egg salad, which are freshly-made and will never disappoint). Best of all, most are open 24h, have cheap gas, and they're dotted all along I-95 between DC and Richmond, *especially* down to Fredericksburg. And also, given again that this is its own thread now - Sheetz is NOT affiliated with Wawa. Wawa is superior to Sheetz in every single way imaginable by the human subconscious.
  4. Surprised I have not seen a thread on Fast Gourmet. I travel to Latin America a lot for work, and many of my colleagues (all Latin Americans themselves) started talking recently about a great sandwich place in a gas station in DC. Since I love a good sandwich, I resolved to try it out yesterday. First, the location -- it's in the "Lowest Best Price" gas station on 14th and W -- no real signage, and from the outside you would think it's a regular exxon-type grab and go place. But, inside they have made a huge effort to make it clean, appealing, and, dare I say, cool, with a neat color scheme and a cute menu with chalk drawings. There are also tables to sit at. Still, you'll know you are in a gas station, and the crowd is funny, a mix of Latin Americans (both from the neighborhood and more upscale embassy/IDB types), hipsters, cab drivers, and a few cracked-out people wandering in off the street to buy cigars from the gas station part. The food. Oh my god, the food. The menu is a mix of regular american sandwiches (turkey, steak and cheese, etc.), salads, empanadas, and some Latin specialities. There is a supposedly good Cubano, and, in my opinion, one of the best Latin national sandwiches, the national sandwich of Uruguay, the chivito. Turns out, the owners are two Uruguayan brothers, so they know their chivitos. For the uninitiated, it is a sandwich with a thin beef steak cooked "a la plancha" on medianoche bread with mayo, ham, hard boiled egg, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. It is heaven, and, for you Spanish speakers, even though it is called a chivito it does not have goat in it. I ordered the chivito yesterday ($12, all sandwiches come with ok, but not great fries) and it was FANTASTIC. It was as good as, if not better than the chivitos I have had in Montevideo. My partner, who had never had a chivito before, ate some of mine and proclaimed it the best sandwich he ever had. The only MINOR quibble would be that there was a lot of mayo, but that is how they like it in Uruguay, and I, too, like it that way. You may want to ask for a little less mayo if you are mayo-squamish. Also note, the $12 price tag may seem high, but this is a huge sandwich, enough for two people or two meals. My partner wanted the cubano, but they were out of the ingredients until 2 pm, so he ordered the greek salad with lamb. We expected it to be a boring salad, but, actually it was great, with many large chunks of freshly grilled lamb. I highly recommend this place! They are open long hours and do delivery. I couldn't find the menu online, but I did find their facebook page -- http://www.facebook....ET/103364437659 As my partner said to me when we were leaving, this might have to be the year of the chivito!
  5. Please move this if I am wrong, but I did not see a topic for the Corned Beef King. The king has a food truck and sells full time from the Exxon station in Olney. My parents still live there and picked up sandwiches this afternoon, and I was very impressed. We split two sandwiches between the four of us and it was plenty of food for the non-famished. They aren't Carnegie deli style, but definitely ample for the $10 price tag per sandwich. The meat leans toward moist rather than lean which made it more enjoyable at the time and slightly less so later, when cool (though those who don't mine fattier meat would likely have no problem). The mustard was spicy and the slaw (a side) was sweeter and vinegary, just the way I like it. The pastrami was cut a bit thicker than the corned beef. They sell around MoCo I believe from the truck- I think it's worth seeking out in our deli-starved area. http://cornedbeefking.com/
  6. I hate to admit it but I think Sheetz has pretty good food, far better than Mickey D's or BK when it comes to breakfast sandwiches, pretty decent Subs too. What think ye? Hijacked from the 7-11 thread!
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