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Found 12 results

  1. Greetings Rockwellers, Just got off the phone with Patrick Bazin, the former executive chef at Occidental in D.C., who is poised to welcome guests to his new namesake restaurant tomorrow evening. Bazin has about two dozen dishes on his debut menu, including items like a Southwestern chicken soup with black beans and grilled radicchio, ricotta ravioli in a Meyer lemon sauce and a "double thick" Iowa pork chop served with vanilla sweet potatoes and braised Swiss chard. Most appetizers appear to be under $10 and the entrees top out at $26 for the crab cakes. The restaurant is located at 111 Church Street NW in Old Town Vienna and doors open at 5 p.m. for dinner. Just thought you'd like to know.....
  2. We went to the Rincon center branch of Yank Sing for dim sum yesterday. If you've never been there, it's a restaurant located in the food court section of Rincon Center. Their main location is at Stevenson Street. There were so many people there just for the dim sum service that tables were set up outside of the restaurant in the court itself. We had the following: Curried chicken satay. At left are shrimp dumplings. Chive pastries with sesame sauce. Crispy sea bass Pork dumplings Mushroom dumplings Soup dumplings Potstickers Braised chicken feet. Not good - they were covered in a gloppy sweet sauce. Disappointing. Peking duck. One of these days when we go to Yank Sing, I'll be able to have some. We had missed this cart; by the time it came out again, we were leaving. There were additional things we ordered not shown above - melon balls, egg tarts, mango pudding. Bill came out to a little over $200 for four people.
  3. We had brunch earlier today to make up for a disastrous dinner last night at a local Vietnamese place in the Castro (Jasmine Garden, (708 14th Street (Church Street)). The waitstaff didn't hear that I had ordered chicken pho even though I repeated my order a few times. As a result, I never received my entree. The steamed bass that B ordered was somehow mixed in with glass noodles and a thick cloying sauce. Strike another local place off our list which we won't be returning to anytime soon. Brunch was much better, in spades. Monsieur Benjamin 451 Gough Street (Ivy Street) http://www.monsieurbenjamin.com/ It's a beautiful glass enclosed space with an open kitchen, a marble counter, one communal table, several two- and four-tops and an outdoor seating area. The room can get loud. At the time we were there, it was half-full and eventually became three quarters-full. Lots of wooden surfaces, glass surfaces, hard edges and square corners mean that there's no sound absorption. You can hear your partner if he or she is sitting next to you but you might have to speak louder than normal in order to make yourself heard by the staff. That is a valid criticism that we have, so take it for what it's worth. Butter lettuce salad with fines herbes and radishes. Very lightly dressed. B loved it, even with the minute amounts of tarragon that were present in the vinaigrette. Fried frogs' legs en aigre doux, with garlic and lemon. Expertly fried, and greaseless. Great attention to detail. It made me sit up and take notice - this is a place we should return to, for dinner. Oeufs en meurette (eggs poached in red wine), with duck confit, spinach, mushrooms, potatoes and sauce au poivre. Well-made, although the sauce was a tad oversalted. Tarte au chocolat, mint sherbet, shortbread cookie. Was perfect. Can't say much more than that. Total bill came out to $114 ($57 per person). The restaurant adds a 20% surcharge which replaces the need to add a tip.
  4. 45. Moonlight Cafe Incredible.Charming.. Courteous.Warm. Delicious. These are are just a few words to describe my new fav place to eat. I knew I was in for an great meal when I was seduced by the aroma of sauted garlic as I was parking my car. Moonlight Cafe is a tiny cafe in Dover, Pa that probably seats roughly 40 people at one seating. The size of the dining room is propably smaller than your average Doctor's office waiting room. The kitchen is open,so if you are lucky enough to be seated close to the kitchen , take it. Two whirling dervishes, disguised as highly proficient cooks knock out rapidly incoming tickets like a well oiled machine. Everything is prepared a la minute. I ordered the Veal Piccata, and watched the chef dust the veal and saute it just minutes before it arrived to my table. perfection. Briny capers dotted all throughout the dish with the brightest lemon sauce coating perfectly a dente spaghetti. But wait, what did I start off with? I know its well past summer ,but I could not resist ordering the Caprese salad. The star, the mozzarella. I was expecting buffalo mozzarella, but was pleasenty surprised by what I got instead. If I didnt know any better, I would say they used ricotta salata. Mozzarella ++ as I refer to it. It had a saltiness to it, that I found to be yummy. Rather gourmand term for crazy delicious. The plate was finished off gluttonously with torn basil, and drizzled with a sweet Balsamic reduction. Superb! the desserts naturally delivered a sweet ending to a rather perfect, rustic Italian meal. A slice of Limoncello spongecake. The only missing detail would have been to finish with an Americano. But I do not think they had a Cappucino machine. all in all a most pleasant meal. Ill be back, many times over. Bueno Appettito!!! kat I would have included a photo, but max mbs wont permit it. --- Edit: Im not sure how I missed it, but they do in fact serve espresso based beverages! Perfection!!!
  5. Didn't want to head down to the Village, so stuck with Da Tommaso. Very happy with it...baked clams, veal parm, linguini with white clam sauce...all exactly what I was looking for. Short walk to the theater, so that worked out well too. I'll have to try Piccolo Angolo when I have a bit more time in the city to compare.
  6. Azami and I would like to give a gift certificate for a nice dinner place in or near Dale City/Woodbridge. We're thinking $50-75 pp including tax and tip. I know nothing about restaurants in that area and would prefer to avoid chains if possible. Any cuisine is fine. Any suggestions?
  7. We stayed in Easton a few weeks ago and enjoyed several fine meals. One of them was at Out of the Fire, a beautiful, high-ceilinged space in downtown, oldtown Easton. While the menu does extend beyond pizza, that was our main focu so we can't comment on the other dishes on offer. The first sign that this place might be good was the fact that the only slot for 4 they had available on a Friday night was for 8.45. We settled in and split a few salads, while choosing a nice Chianti Classico from a very reasonably priced wine list and then ordered the Mushroom, Spinach and Goat Cheese pizza and the Italian Sausage pizza with smoked mozzarella, roasted red peppers and olives. Both were delicious, thin crust and clearly made with fresh ingredients. For dessert, they were out of a bread pudding concoction that sounds delicious so the 4 of us split a pepermint fudge type thingy, and some type of meringue thingy (sorry, I didn't take notes, it was late, and, well, I was drunk) - they were good, but obviously not good enough to indelibly imprint themselves on my brain. They also have an extensive and ever changing selection of wines by the glass. Service was relaxed, friendly and excellent, highlighted by the fact that when we inquired about wines by the glass our waitress gave us generous samples of 3 different wines so we could better make a choice. Oh, and its cheap. 2 apps, 2 pizzas, 2 desserts, a bottle of good wine and 3 glasses of wine came to a little over $100, not including tip. This place is a real gem, and you can get there in about 80 minutes from DC.
  8. Rye ticks off all the boxes for the current state of New American cuisine - Bacon, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, pork belly, short ribs, pickle platter. But they do it well. Duck rillettes served in a glass jar with a thick layer of fat revealed a moist star ainse scented layer of duck served with grilled bread. Delicious. Grilled pork belly with braised red cabbage served over grits. Also delicious. Cassoulet for two was a larger platter of sausage, lamb shank, duck confit, and beans, probably could have fed three and was equally delicious. Even the token vegetarian option of ricotta ravioli with butternut squash and a mushroom broth was super rich...and delicious. A nice cheese plate and a lackluster banana split sundae rounded us out. Rye is the kind of neighborhood restaurant that any neighborhood would love to have. Rye 247 S. 1st Street Brooklyn
  9. The Birchrunville Cafe is in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Chester county and, for better or worse, has 28 from Zagat for food. The only light in the dining room at dinner is from candlelight. Has anyone been?
  10. Although this sort of thing can be debated endlessly, I was truly disappointed to see that Oliveto, one of my favorite restaurants anywhere, was not deemed worthy of a star.
  11. I forgot to add this after my recent trip, but Banana Splitter is right. Go to Aziza. Beautiful room and beautiful cooking. $42 gets you what has to be the best tasting menu value West of Komi - a lentil soup, several mezzes for the table, bisteyaa, and your choice of entree and dessert. I'm not too familiar with this cuisine, so it is hard to compare - but this was refined but very flavorful cooking. Many "ethnic" places are either a little too rustic or dumbed down. This came off as well chosen ingredients cooked with a sure hand. My advice to people coming from out of town to DC is to go to Zaytinya because it is something you can't get in a lot of places. Aziza works in the same way on a much more intimate level. I don't know know of anyone serving food like this here.
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