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Found 10 results

  1. Gin & Tonic. Such a simple drink, yet the variations in the manner of its preparation and service seem endless. I am proposing a compendium of these variants to document its history and hopefully provide a guide for those who might be seeking a truly satisfying Gin & Tonic in an unsuspecting place. Just the facts... the good, the bad, and the ugly. Does the tonic come out of the gun or a bottle? What did it cost? What is the rail gin? Aristocrat (Spirits of 76) or Plymouth (Rare Tavern)? There is a time and place for each. My suggestion is that the list be limited to examples you actually drank, and not just plucked off a cocktail menu somewhere. I'll kick it off with the GTF at Baba Cocktail Bar. Cucumber infused gin (I believe this is done in-house, but honestly I did not see where it came from). Fever Tree elderflower tonic. Rose water. Edible flower petals. Citrus essence. Lime. Glass poured with half of the tonic and you are given the rest of the Fever Tree bottle to mix to your taste. $11. A strong offering. --- Gin Recipes - Letting the Gin Take Center Stage (PoolBoy)
  2. Give me your favorite gin cocktail recipe. Something interesting and delicious that lets the gin shine through. TIA! --- The Gin and Tonic Project (dcs)
  3. Has anyone tried Monkey 47 Gin? And if so do you know of anyplace locally that sells it? Thanks!
  4. The other night I was wowed by a gin and tonic using Bar Hill Gin, a honey infused gin from a small distiller in Vermont, Caledonia Spirits. If you favor cocktails with infused honey this is flavorful, light, nicely balanced, and a real treat. I've long been a fan of alcohol either honey infused or cocktails with a honey syrup. In fact at a well reviewed restaurant this was my favorite part of the meal. Before posting I checked and didn't see mention of this gin version, which clearly falls into the Old Tom Gin classification. Prior to posting I also read through this review and series of comments from the Gin is in blog. I found only the scantest taste of Juniper, as the honey element was far stronger but not nearly overwhelming. A very nice blend from my perspective. Meanwhile a gin and tonic loving cousin did not find it representative of the G & T's she likes and is used to...so I'd have a slightly different take on it from some of the review comments via Gin-Is-In. Another way to put that is I'll have to try a few more cocktails to see if I can pull out the Juniper elements-- Its for sale in the region. I for one will probably hit that bar again for a Bar Hill Martini and possibly some other experiments before buying a bottle. Look forward to it.
  5. Didn't see a thread going for these guys yet. The City Paper is reporting that their first offering -- Green Hat Gin-- should be ready for release in October.
  6. Starting our cocktails at home adventures again. My wife recently had one of these and really enjoyed it, so we're trying it at home. She has tended to veer towards gin based drinks of late, while I tend to prefer ones with darker elements and bitters. This one is right up her alley, but I have to say, the one we tried was refreshing and delicious. We'll report back after we make them. Wish us luck!
  7. I haven't been much into gin lately, but the good people at PX turned me onto Citadelle Gin out of France a few years ago. It is priced at about $20, and gets the job done. I'd call it a pretty mild tasting gin. I think it is closer to 90 than 80 proof, but not overpowering in cocktails.
  8. Is anyone able to tell me why this gin is so bad? 94 proof, perhaps, as opposed to the otherworldly, 86 proof Jensen's London Dry Gin? These aren't "botanicals"; these are "medicinals." I made the fatal error of opening a bottle of this tonight, giving it one more chance, thinking it might make for a good "mixing" gin. I was wrong. It overpowers *everything* with an almost eau-de-vie like scent - I really shouldn't use the words "scent" or "aroma" when "smell" is a much more appropriate descriptor of what this nose is. This gin is just plain gross. I hate it. Perhaps this is a "stylistic" preference - the first time I ever had the disgusting, 94 proof Death's Door, I had the same reaction. Some bartenders love the stuff; I can't imagine a worse clear fluid that doesn't begin with a "V". Jensen's London Dry Gin is the greatest gin I've ever tasted - for my palate. I'm willing to accept criticism such as "Yeah, Don, well, you just don't *like* the style of gins that smell like drain cleaner, and you're searching for a more "˜bland,' 'British' style." Fair enough. I have about 730ml left of my bottle. Would anyone like it? Free of charge.
  9. Although the berries are mainly sourced in bulk from Eastern Europe where the disease has not yet spread, the recent emergence of a new strain of parasitic fungus phytophthora austrocedrae threatens much of the surviving juniper tree population in the UK. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthnews/10130525/Juniper-tree-disease-threatens-GandT.html
  10. Months ago, the Gin Joint at New Heights Restaurant got wind of a start-up, indie gin distiller in Brooklyn and, ever since, has been looking for a chance to visit and taste. By coincidence, over the weekend the Gin Joint received an email from the distillers, Breuckelen Distilling Company, asking if they could bring their “Glorious Gin” in early this week for sampling. One thing led to another and soon the two parties had agreed to an impromptu public tasting event this Tuesday, February 28, at 6:00 PM. Short notice but a momentous event for both parties since Tuesday's tasting at the Gin Joint signals Breuckelen Distilling's entry to the DC market. Breuckelen's non-London-dry-style “Glorious Gin” is produced entirely from scratch, starting with organic wheat grown on a small farm in upstate New York. The grain is distilled once, then separately with each gin botanical (juniper, lemon, grapefruit and ginger) then again as a blend with the botanical enhanced spirits. The result is a spirit similar in character to a genever-style gin but different too in that “Glorious Gin” contains no malt. For the event, the Gin Joint will sell a customized gin cocktail based on Breuckelen's “Glorious Gin” (featuring rosemary and lime infused ice cubes and the Gin Joint's own ginger tonic) and will offer gin lollipops. Chef Ron Tanaka's kitchen will also serve complimentary hors d'oeuvres. The Breuckelen Distillery “Glorious Gin” tasting takes place Tuesday, February 28, 2012, starting at 6:00 PM. Breuckelen's distillers will lead the tasting and talk shop with the Gin Joint's devoted giniacs. For additional information, please contact Kavita Singh at 202.234.4110.
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