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Found 18 results

  1. Last night I got takeout from a new Chinese spot in Glover Park called Dumplings and Beyond. It opened recently in the old Shanghai Tea House space. I was seriously blown away. The dumplings were clearly made in-house and were top notch, the sichuan boiled beef in fiery sauce rivaled (or possibly exceeded) Sichuan Jin River, and the garlic eggplant was out of this world. I wish I could have tried more dishes. A huge plus - I asked for both entrees to be extra spicy, and they actually did it. The only gripe I had was that the ratio of authentic dishes to Americanized food was pretty low. (Actually the total number of dishes in general was quite low for a Chinese restaurant) But everything I had was just unbelievably good. They also had some intriguing Chinese casserole dishes with pork rib and meatballs which will definitely be next on my list. I would highly recommend trying this place.
  2. Casolare opened a month or so ago, in the Kimpton hotel that is on Wisconsin Ave in Glover Park between Calvert and Davis (?). Apparently the "name" behind it is Michael Schlow, who has James Beard award(s) though I confess I don't know the name. It is a very pleasant warm place, bustling on a Friday early evening - mostly, apparently, neighborhood folks rather than hotel guests. Current menu is here and is self-explanatory - mostly Italian-ish. Everything we ate was well made - not revelatory but good to eat. I mean, it's a hotel restaurant, but one that we will happily go back to, and sit again at the bar, and talk to nice people and eat some good burrata. Park on Davis and check it out if you are in or near the neighborhood.
  3. Not wanting to travel far due to car being in the shop, the wife and I stopped in to Shanghai Teahouse, mere steps from out apartment and found a new fav. I'm not going to say it's the best Chinese I've ever had, but after this first visit I rank it right up there with my favorites, Joe's and A and J. We ordered alot for two people as I usually do, but the leftovers made a nice midnight snack We had: Edamame Mini shrimp springrolls: fantastic, seemed like a whole shrimp in each roll, very crisp and wonderful in every way. Scallion Pancake: somewhat of a litmus test for me: this one was better than any i've had. Other versions are thick and can be very greasy and more so when cool. This version was thinner, crispy and well pan fried in that it absorbed very little extra oil and after 30 mins was still crisp and delish. Beef and Celery dumplings, pan fried and steamed lamb dumplings: mixed bag here. wrappers were house made and soft and wonderful when steamed but the dumplings lost their juicyness when panfried, so def not worth the extra dollar for pan searing. Also, while the steamed lamb dumplings were lucious with the right amount of juice and fat and had a great lamb flavor, over all they were bland. Both lacked the depth that great dumplings have. The pork steam buns: steamed pork soup dumplings: best rendition i've had in DC proper. Perfecty juicy having not lost any from poor handling while steaming, very well done. Shrimp Wonton Soup: had scallions and wakame with a good amount of sesame oil in it. I loved this soup. I love sesame oil so for my taste it was perfect, some might think the sesame to much. Lions Head Meatballs: four pool ball sized meatballs with dried (rehydrated) shitakes, baby bok choy and carrots, slivered ginger in a star anise flavored broth. Very rich and delish, meatballs made with ham and other pork bits, very light and had mushrooms and cabbage mixed in. First time I've had these anywhere but would be interested in how they compare to those that used to be served at Bob's. (Hint Hint: Dean, let me know. ) My largest complaint is that they use portion controled sauces ie: hot mustard, plum sauce. I would like to see better sauces to go with these things but it's a small thing compared to the quality of what we ate. Total damage for two was $88 after tax and tip and included two bubble teas (don't bother) and we were STUFFED. Could have probably cashed in at $35-$45 and had a great meal. It makes me very happy to have found this place. They do a lunch special for >$7 iirc. The entire time we were there (7pm-8:30pm) we were the only dine in customers, one guy came in for take out and one other for a bubble tea. I thinks it's a much better alternative to other Chinese choices in DC proper but unfortunately they do not deliver. It seemed to be a young man (server, cashier etc) and his mom (cook). Highly recommended.
  4. Anyone got some G-2 on this spot? Just found out that my brother, Tym, is working behind the bar there a couple of nights a week. Here's a Young & Hungry piece I found through Google:
  5. Thanks for the reminder! Every so often I think about going there, but it always slips my mind. I may have to put that on the agenda for this weekend. Suggestions on dinner selections?
  6. There is a new sign at the Glover Park location that says, "Heritage Asia Thai Bistro," as well as a Thai menu on their website. (The Indian restaurant is still there, as far as I can tell.) I was just driving by so didn't stop to check it out but was planning to walk by this weekend out of curiosity. Does anyone know what this is about, and has anyone tried the new menu?
  7. I couldn't find a thread for Sprig & Sprout up here in Glover Park, but I think it warrants one. S&S is a fine addition to the Wisconsin Ave. strip of restaurants, and actually is putting out some pretty quality bowls of pho and vermicelli. The pho here is what I would characterize as pretty good in a pinch if I don't have time/the desire to go to Pho Viet or somewhere in the burbs. The beef is flavorful, the noodles nicely al dente, and most importantly, the broth is satisfying and lacks that cloying aftertaste the broth at cheap pho joints has. Additionally, their vermicelli has become my go-to summer dish. Packed with really fresh veggies and a healthy dose of mint, the dish's refreshing coolness cuts through DC's classic humidity. They apparently have a strong beer list, which is unusual for a Vietnamese place, and one day, when I have a bit more time to kill for dinner, I'll work through their beer list (has some favorites from Bell's, for example). I'm happy with this addition to the neighborhood as it provides a nice, fresh option for lunch or dinner, and the space is as open and warm as the owners and staff.
  8. Koji is the chef at Sushi Keiko and it feels like old times. The Flounder Carpaccio is as good as it ever was. Koji's sushi rice has a firmness and separates in a way that is very much to my taste. I am very happy to have Koji working on Sunday nights again.
  9. I walked by Kavanaugh a few weeks ago on a Sunday and saw a sign out for "Bluegrass Brunch". Not sure what this entails, but it certainly sounds interesting. Anybody been to the brunch, or in general have thumbs up/down? I googled and searched on dr.com and didn't get many hits at all (am I misspelling it?).
  10. This place opened over the summer in the former Town Hall space. Anyone been? Going there tonight with a large group, including two small children.
  11. Saw this on the Washingtonian Best Bites Blog. Opened in Cleveland Park at 3714 Macomb Street (appears to actually be at Macomb and Wisconsin) David Ashwell and John Warner come from the Robert Wiedmaier empire. Washingtonian Website
  12. Six of us dined at Bistrot Lepic this past weekend. I wanted to share our experience...we had a late dinner, around 930, but the place was still packed with people. Few things...the AC was off, and it was very uncomfortably warm, even with the ceiling fans at full blast. I asked for a french martini, however, was told that they could not make it, because they didn't know how to, and if I wanted a "special" drink, I would have to go upstairs (even though they had a full bar downstairs). I ended up asking the host for one, and was told that in France, they are called American martinis?! I'm still confused about that part...anyway, I should've left it alone, but I ended up getting something that was no where close to a french martini. To continue---the food....we started with salads and soups. I had muscle, potato and leak soup, which was very nice, and the muscles were perfectly cooked and it had just a right amount. My friend had a vegetable soup, and she felt that the veggies were overcooked and mushy..and just too blah. No complaints on the salad side. I had salmon tartar with seaweed...I thought it was a nice dish, however, I would prefer less capers, for a nicer balance with the seaweed. My friend's veal dish was excellent, so was the tuna and the beef. We were looking forward to the scallops, which were just OK, and I didn't find myself caring for the broccoli "mush" they were served on...tasted more like baby food to me. We were informed that the kitchen was closing, so we had to hurry and order, if we wanted dessert. We ended up getting a chocolate cake with mint ice cream...again...nothing to "ooh" and "ahh" for. I wanted it to me more moist, with something busting in the middle, more french if you will....maybe again, I got the "American" brownie version. The restraunt was still full, however, the staff made sure to let us know that they were done for the night, by turning on the lights, and gathering in the corner to wipe wine glasses and count tips for the day. The people behind us were very pretty annoyed, with the bright light over their dessert of the night. Oh, and a lady had a dog on her lap, next to our table...now I dine with my dog at times...but animals inside, is news to me....
  13. I searched for a thread for Max's but was unable to find one, so went ahead and created it. Unfortunately, the occasion for the thread is an unhappy one"”Max's, which is a 30-year (I believe) institution of Glover Park, has just learned that its lease will not be renewed. This is incredibly unfortunate because thousands of kids have been weaned on Max's ice cream for years, and it is even Joe Biden-approved. As far as I am concerned, Max's is right up there with Old Europe for staying power, so to lose the shop would be to lose part of the neighborhood's soul itself. More distressing is the speculation by the owner himself that the reason the lease is not being renewed is because Rocklands wishes to expand into his space. To replace Max's with a higher output of woefully bad BBQ (I mean this is one step above slop, again, a far as I am concerned...) is a perplexing thought.
  14. More details about the program at Eater. Focus on small producers, sustainable wines. GM is Mark Krieger from Chef Geoff's.
  15. Don, you can delete the "Glover Park" from the headline because the space has quickly been turned over. It's now a place called Kitchen. Walking over to Heritage India, I thought that perhaps it was a menu tasting (the space looked unfinished to me), but no, Kitchen is open and advertising Super Bowl specials.
  16. Has anyone been to Town Hall yet? I want to try it but I am curious if anyone had a review of it yet. Also, is anyone else as excited about the opening of Acadiana as I am? After living in New Orleans for a few years..I have been craving some good New Orleans food!
  17. I thought he wasn't going to cook anymore. GOG Blog (Don, move this as you see fit.)
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