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Found 6 results

  1. Sigh. Just came across this on the Eaters - Ready for Dress Code-Required Ramen? D.C. nightclub vets are assembling the fashionable noodle shop of their dreams I don't know why this is getting me so amped up, but it's probably the idea of taking ramen, a generally humble, salaryman's meal, and trying to shoehorn it into a club environment. Also, the last thing I want to do in my nice clothes is eat ramen, because there's bound to be some splashing, etc. Don - feel free to edit the thread title, but my point stands.
  2. A little bird told me this is coming soon: "Washington's Vegan Dining Scene Is About To Get a Boost" by Becky Krystal on washingtonpost.com
  3. I just got word that hiring has begun at VEDGE. Please forward resumes to careers@vedgerestaurant.com. More details to follow as I learn of them. I am so excited about this opening more than any other restaurant. Here in Lancaster, both Vedge , along with V street are a local favorite to vegetarians, and carnivores alike. Makes me kind of wish I live back in the District. Almost. Just the messenger, kat
  4. I was sure this had been talked about on this thread but apparently not. And if that's the case, the fault is mine, as I'm the person who spends the most time on here talking about taco options on or near the H Street corridor. This place opened up earlier this year in the former Grace Deli spot on the corner of 7th and H. Per Prince of Petworth, they've applied for licenses for both outdoor seating and to serve alcohol, both of which would be nice. In my opinion, right now these are the best tacos on H Street. The tortillas at Impala remain the best, but I much prefer the tacos, and really the rest of the offerings I've tried, at Fresca, although in fairness they are very different establishments (Impala is a full sit-down restaurant with a bar and patio while Fresca is a small, counter-service establishment with minimal seating). So far we've mostly stuck to tacos and tamales, and I need to work through the rest of the menu.
  5. Mythology is now (soft) open at 816 H Street NE. The concept has been in the works for years and comes from former Atlas Room GM (and Mark & Orlando's owner) Mark Medley with his business partner Todd Luongo. Mythology opened quietly last night. With little fanfare, Mythology lined up the talented Chef Joseph Harran (formerly of Woodward Table, Bistro Bis and Vidalia) to operate the kitchen. If you don't know Chef Harran (and I did not), note that our fearless leader DonRocks has described him here as "exceptionally talented" and a "Top 20 Chef in the city." Our preview meal confirmed Don's informed opinion and was quite delicious and well-executed. We particularly enjoyed the blue crab toast appetizer, the scallops and steak (w/bone marrow) entrées, and the playful "coffee and tea" dessert. The second floor lounge area and roof decks of the building and concept remain under construction, but Mythology is open for dinner now and likely to add brunch and the upstairs bar/lounge space in the coming months. Some aspects of the Mythology theme were not to our taste, but we will be back again for another very good meal soon. Mythology is an instant contender on H Street, IMHO -- Chef Harran in back and Mark in front is a very strong combination and elevates the competition for quality dining here in NE DC.
  6. The above comments stuck with me. I preferred drinks such as Manhattan's, Martini's, Negroni's (mentioned above), Boulevadiers, on the rocks rather than straight up. Once on the rocks it sort of negates the issue of shaken not stirred. But its admittedly been a long time. I scarcely drink. Somehow--somewhere age caught up with me. But I found the above discussion haunting and required a field test: On the rocks vs straight up in a martini/cocktail glass. I hit a reasonable bar, (where a grad of the bar school was behind the rail) and ordered some dinner and drinks. Two boulevadiers...(which once was par for the course--and now is probably 1.5 too many). One straight up, one on the rocks. By the way, the bartender "free poured" using a count method. While I don't pour professionally and often any more I'll get new students started with learning a count method, get behind the bar, demonstrate, and usually I'm on target. (frankly if I was doing this "professionally" / for fun and money I'd test my rhythm and count every day behind a bar. Certain bars require that on every shift--good policy.) She wasn't eyeballing as she was pouring into a metal mixer, not a mixing glass. But if your pour and rhythm is on, you should hit accurate pours virtually all the time. Anyway the question for me was on the rocks or straight up in a cocktail glass. The first was straight up. The cocktail glass was chilled for an adequate time, lot of ice in the mixing tin...and a longish shake. That conveys a lot of chill. Nice. But....I think the best part of the chill lasted about 1/2 an hour. I don't recall the room being overly warm. Its simply that the chill "leaves". I had her pour the drink into a rocks glass with ice and the chill returned. Yes, as I got to the last bit of drink it was diluted. The second cocktail was on the rocks from the beginning. The chill stayed far longer. I enjoyed it more. No I didn't finish it, but toward the end it was diluted somewhat and I could discern that. Still enjoyed it far more. Now that ended up being a tough test for me. About 1.5 cocktails too many at my stage. As to measuring vs eyeballing or free pouring. Well I hope or doubt most bartenders Don't Eyeball. I hope, when they are free pouring they are using a count method...but I know if you don't practice and stay on top of one's rhythm it goes astray. For some cocktails it shouldn't matter much...for others it makes a big difference. From an owner perspective, there are just under 34 ounces in a 1 liter bottle. Over pour all the time...there go your margins. Pour erratically, drinks come out tasting differently. I'd simply suggest measure or free pour...but if free pouring be damned good with your count rhythm. Its not difficult.