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Found 7 results

  1. MrB and I will be spending a long weekend in NYC in July. We used to go to NY fairly frequently, but haven't been in a number of years, so we're not up-to-date on restaurants. Looking for dinner, lunch and brunch suggestions for casual places as opposed to fancy. Preference for restaurants that take reservations. We'll be staying in Midtown. Would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!
  2. Clementine is in a unique area of Baltimore that is unpopulated by the usual hip restaurants. This place has the feel of a general store, and they cure their own bacon and make other charcuterie. It's a great spot to bring kids; there's a cute play area off in the corner. Great assortment of sodas from rosemary lemon fizz, lime basil elixir, Cheerwine, and other drinks. We went for breakfast. The waffles are fantastic - almost fried and funnel cake like with strawberries and whipped cream. There's an Elvis version with bacon, bananas and nutella as well, which I did not get to try. We ordered catfish with grits, corned beef hash, and their regular scramble. Be sure to ask for their housemade hot sauces that come in both green and red. Catfish was cooked to the right texture so that it didn't end up tough with great grits. The corned beef hash is unlike any other hash - the meat was high quality and came in chunks, lovely chunks of squash and potato. And I'm not sure what they put in their scramble of eggs, potatoes, red cabbage, onion and duroc bacon, but yum. Definitely want to return to try their version of bi bim bap and charcuterie. This has definitely unseated Miss Shirley's as my favorite brunch spot in Baltimore.
  3. We are seeing Hamilton the day after Thanksgiving at the matinee. I do not expect us to be stuffed from the night before. In fact, I expect us to be hungry and a bit deprived. Looking for a really good lunch close to the Richard Rodgers (46th and Broadway.) Going with Mr. BLB and BL-5th grader so it can't be too fancy (mostly for the adult, not the boy...) Had thought about db Bistro Moderne but open to other suggestions. Thanks!
  4. I'm spending this weekend in Virginia (in Hamilton, which is just west of Leesburg) with some friends, and we're hoping to do some wine tasting. Can anyone recommended some places to try? None of us is a serious wine taster, but I'd still rather hit some of the better vineyards rather than the worse ones. I saw that someone recommended Hiddencroft Vineyards in Lovettsville, which seems to be not too far away from where we're staying, so I'll put that on my list. I've also seen people praise RdV Vineyards, but I see that they charge $50 for their tour and tasting, and I doubt my friends will want to pay that much (nor do I, to be honest). Plus, it's a 45-minute drive from where we're staying. Is there anywhere else in closer proximity to Leesburg worth checking out? If anyone has any restaurant recommendations, I'd appreciate those as well. I believe I've read mixed reviews of Tuscarora Mill on this site. I had lunch there maybe 6 years ago and don't remember much about it, and that's about the only place I know in Leesburg or vicinity. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
  5. Heading to NYC to see Hamilton this weekend. Due to the cost of the tickets, I have approximately $38 to spend on dinner!!!! In all seriousness, can I get any recommendations for dinner somewhere in midtown that will be very good but not break me? Thanks in advance
  6. Matt (my son) saw Hamilton three weeks ago and *loved* it. It has been playing at the Richard Rodgers Theater since Aug, 2015 I tried to get him to explain it to me, and he kept saying, "You kind of have to just see it." All I know about it is that the set design and costumes were in period, but the music is something closer to hip-hop - it sounds fascinating.
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