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Found 9 results

  1. "Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo" is available in two ways through HBO Online - either with a direct subscription, or if you enter your service provider (you'll need a name and password). This was performed in 2015 and is Amy at her crudy, raunchy best - between her and Margaret Cho, you're really in for a roller coaster ride if you watch their stand-up comedy routines. I do with both Amy and Margaret would stop criticizing (even jokingly) their bodies - I mean, we hear Louis CK doing the same type of stuff, but not to this extent. You girls both look fine to me! Stop it! Enough! Be comfortable in your own skin! Time for new material! The bit about her <ahem> doing the Charleston, dancing around with a cigarette hanging out of its mouth, was laugh-out-loud funny. One thing I notice about Amy Schumer's comedy is that it never gets boring - she doesn't stay on any one topic for very long, so if it would be a bomb, it's not long enough to explode; she just moves on, and most of her topics are at least good enough to draw a smile if not a light chuckle (and that's if you're home alone); with a group of people in the room, it's probably more laughter. Okay, during the scene when she scarfed down her scone I literally spat out my drink onto my keyboard, and I kid you not - it caught me totally off-guard, it was about 1/10th of a second long, and it was hilarious. Wow, there is some *shocking* material in here! The Obama bit even shocked me. Wacky Shirley LOL!
  2. Has anyone tried Red Rooster? I'm wondering how large the portions are and how the fried chicken compares to what the Ray's empire puts out locally. Thanks!
  3. Carmen McRae was a great jazz musician, not merely a singer. Here she sings "Round Midnight," the Thelonious Monk tune. Carmen was a life-long advocate for Monk's work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzX_4ncaNjs
  4. I wouldn't have known about the New York Renaissance if it hadn't been for this multimedia article: "Fadeaway: The Team That Time Forgot" by Dan Good on abcnews.go.com The Renaissance are also the subject of the 2011 Documentary Film, "On The Shoulders Of Giants," directed by Deborah Morales, and written by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who is quite the "Renaissance Man" himself, and who is publishing his first novel, "Mycroft Holmes," starring Sherlock Holmes' older brother) and Anna Waterhouse (who is publishing the novel with Abdul-Jabbar).
  5. The Studio Museum in Harlem is a contemporary art museum dedicated to African-American artists. Galleries span two floors with several lofted spaces. The museum runs several artist shows concurrently, the current shows end March 8, 2015 and the next shows open March 26, 2015 (so best to check their website before visiting). Suggested admission is $7 and Sundays are free. Located along historic 125th Street in Harlem, the Studio Museum is near the Apollo Theater and other Harlem landmarks.
  6. Lido is the corner restaurant which you wished you had on your corner. A place that can serve as midweek dinner at the bar, casual date night, a place to take the parents when they are in town, or to meet up with friends when you are visiting New York. Trying to cram as much in on a Sunday before our late afternoon bus back to DC, we snagged a 10:30am reservation, right when they opened. By 11am the place was full. The breakfasty brunch items skew to eggs: a hearty omelet of mushrooms, bacon, goat cheese and caramelized onions was served with a salad of lightly dressed greens and grilled bread. Poached eggs are served on top of a heaping pile of roasted potatoes and sauted spinach. A large pile of shredded braised short ribs sits on English muffins and adorned with yet more poached eggs. A side of grilled bread comes with good butter and runny jam. And the Bloody Mary was well balanced. You get the impression that the kitchen has developed dishes that they know will work, they keep it fairly straight forward, and they don't over think it. Pretty much exactly what you want on a Sunday morning at your corner restaurant. Lido 2168 Frederick Douglas Blvd. Harlem, NYC
  7. Apparently New Yorkers go nuts for these hockey puck sized cookies. It's a good cookie, I would even call the oatmeal raisin a very good cookie. Would I line up for one? Probably not. I guess you can consider Levain to be the Georgetown Cupcake of New York City cookie stores. Levain Bakery Upper West Side and Harlem
  8. This narrow slip of a coffee shop is doing things right: well made coffee (Counter Culture beans if you care about these things), tasty pastries, friendly staff, and lovely decor (pressed tin, exposed brick, antiques on the walls and shelves). It's such a cozy little place that I'll excuse the Cyndi Lauper soundtrack. Seating can be limited, taken over by the laptop set, but warmer temperatures promise a back patio. Double Dutch makes my neighborhood Firehook feel sad. Double Dutch Espresso 2194 Frederick Douglass Blvd. Between 118th and 119th Streets
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