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Found 15 results

  1. This index is ordered by profession - the forum itself is populated by questions needing help with regards to Professionals and Businesses, and (hopefully) responses from our members.
  2. Discussions - Backpacks // Making a Short Flight Connection // Flushing in Other Countries // Jewish Deli on I-95
  3. Do a "Find" on whichever keyword you may be looking for, e.g., Bargains, Birthday, Dulles, Mexican, Quality, Teen, Vegetarian - when this index is complete, you'll find the discussion which you seek. Pollo a la Brasa in Alexandria // Bargains, like Corduroy's $30 Bar Menu // Bread and Pasta on the Green Line // Watching the Capitals in Tysons Corner // Child-Friendly Dinners, Staying near Mount Vernon Square, Visiting the Smithsonian // Upscale Carryout Wanted for Anniversary Dinner (during COVID-19) // Chinese Carryout and Delivery (during COVID-19) // Dining between Dulles Airport and
  4. Due to poor planning and downright laziness I found myself, late Thursday morning, trying to throw together something to take to a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. I absolutely refused to go to the store on Thanksgiving so I was forced to use what was in the house. I scoured the Internet and decided on spinach ravioli lasagna. After reviewing several recipes "“ taking a bit from this recipe, a tad from that recipe "“ I had the ingredients to pull this off. Well, almost all of the ingredients. All the recipes I found that used ricotta also called for an egg. The only thing I was missing was the eg
  5. A couple of years ago I was thrilled to find paccheri (scroll down & forgive source), a kind of wide tubular pasta, at Giant in Tenleytown of all places. (Large enough to stuff, which is my intention.) It was when the store was going upscale and trying for sophistication in a special store brand. In what is now my local Giant, product lines are dumbed down. I am thinking of going to Litteri, though for just one item... Sometimes you'll find the stuff at TJ Maxx or Marshall's, but I am wondering if anyone has seen these guys in a more mainstream location in DC--like a Giant. Mille grazie!
  6. [This is not something I originally wanted to have in this forum [The Washington, DC Restaurants and Dining Forum], but too many people have chimed in for me to remove it at this point. Go ahead and keep this thread going, and I'll eventually move it to another forum. Please limit the out-of-area stuff until I catch up and figure out what to do with threads like this one. I'm still way behind in membership, populating threads, technical issues, etc. (This site was not supposed to be this big, this soon, and it has blindsided me.) Cheers! Rocks.]
  7. Ok, so just to start this topic off on the right note. I know Paleo isn't really how caveman ate. I also know this is a tiny bit silly. But my very best friend eats fairly different from me and wanted to do the Whole 30 diet. She asked me to come along for the ride as it isn't that different from my everyday diet (although life without diet coke and lactose free cheese, is that really life?). Considering I have been so busy I haven't been able to make my normal gym schedule, I said ok. So this thread is for what you make when doing a similar no carb, no added sugar, etc. I will post my
  8. This weekend is my family reunion. I am going to make banana cake and pepperoni rolls for eating there at the reunion. BUT the second part of our reunion we have an auction to raise money for a scholarship for the family. I am going to take canned pickles (dill and b&b ) and a can of salsa. I am trying to think of other things I could either buy or make that might be a hit at the auction. My family is full of pretty good cooks, and they also like to eat, so I think something I make could raise a little money. I have also thought about buying some neat things and putting them into a b
  9. In preparing for our move, we have a bunch of strollers, baby toys both large and small, and high chairs that we don't want to take with us. Does anyone know of a place that takes donations of these items? Preferably something in the Arlington area where I can drop everything off. Thanks
  10. May have an hour or two to kill waiting for a train, and I figure no neighborhood can be worse than that around Penn Station for dinner. Maybe a bar seat at a decent/intersting spot where I can hurry up or go slow as circumstances permit?
  11. A friend and I are brainstorming for a friend's birthday next month. No major blowout, but we were thinking some fun fancy cocktails with 6-8 of the ladies in DC. Small plates would be nice too, since we're probably not going to meet up until 7ish, and on a Wednesday night, moving on from drinks to dinner would make it too late a night. We'll also need a place where we can make a reservation or where our group can walk in and have a reasonable chance of finding a seat (so probably no to Estadio). I thought of Quill, but that might be a bit too expensive for a few of the guests. The Gibson mayb
  12. I need a plumber for our place in Alexandria - Fairfax County, just south of the beltway. I have two or three minor things that have accumulated. Does anyone have a recommendation? Getting it right the first time is important, getting it right and being affordable is perfect.
  13. We're cruising from NYC on Sunday 9/2. Need some place that serves lunch (not frou frou brunch with all you can drink mimosas) for a party of 8. Can't be too formal as we'll have our infant and 2.5 year old. Italian, Portugeuse, Greek, Spanish, French, or interesting Asian joints? What about Lincoln? Maybe a Boulud joint? --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Lupa Osteria Romana (dcs)]
  14. I need help! My husband is retiring from the military and is having a retirement ceremony...with approx 150 people attending. I need a way to feed all these people on a budget (hey, he'll be retiring, so we need to save our pennies!). Ceremony will be in Arlington, at the National Guard Readiness Center (ie, indoors, so no place to roast a pig or anything). I'm thinking BBQ or Italian may be the way to go, but certainly open to any and all ideas and suggestions. Am even considering going to Costco at this point and piling up on deli and veggie trays... Thanks for any and all ideas!
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