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  1. Oddly enough I guess I never added this place to DR's - if you are at the WooBoi Chicken place Weird Brothers is to the left if facing Dunkin' Donuts or coffee or whatever they are calling it now. Weird Brothers is small, only a few tables to sit at, but the coffee is great. If you want something a lot more small-town than most of the coffee shops it is a great place. They roast their coffee in plain site, and the brother who runs the place (the other is deceased) is there quite a bit. The staff friendly, and they have an assortment of pastries and sandwiches they stock from local sh
  2. I'm told this is located where The Weiner's Circle used to be in Herndon. Heard about this "Hot Chicken" place through friends. Stopped by before work and got 3 Hot Chicken Sandwiches for my coworkers and myself. We all agreed it was the best chicken sandwich we had ever had. The chicken is at 5 levels. If you order it at a 4 or 5 you have to sign a release. Don't know if that's real or theatre, but I can tell you that a level 2 heat was pretty damn hot. One of my coworkers was sweating. The sandwiches are chicken breast, toasted buns, vinegar based slaw and unbelievably tasty
  3. There is this good Indian restaurant across from the Tortilla Factory in Herndon that has a nice "spread". I apologize but the name is not remarkable but the food is! On weekends you get bread baskets of hot naan at your table. They have a chaat bar with the little crisps, chickpeas/potato blend, yogurt & tamarind sauce and the fixin's.... also salad! I love a good CHAAT bar can't find any down here yet. They usually have Lamb/Goat (I always confuse the two - don't ask!) a spinach dish, a vegetable dish such as okra with tomatoes or potatoes and peppers and other delicious stuff!
  4. Located in the Worldgate Shopping Centre, just of the Dulles Toll Road and Elden Street - Anatolian BIstro, is tucked away on the upper level close to Starbucks and Panera. Open for lunch and dinner, their menu from start to finish features authentic Turkish and Mediterranean treats. The best part is they serve Doner Kabob daily, made fresh, and when it is out, they do not have anymore that day. Interior is simple and quaint, with applicable music playing in the background. The service was excellent and quick. Their Doner Kabob is served over rice with a roasted pepper, tomato and yog
  5. Nunu's Thai dishes located in Herndon (formerly the KMart Shopping Plaza), is new, but owner has been involved in area Thai places for many years. He will welcome you when you visit and wish you back upon departure. The food flavorful, and servers accommodate requests easily. The place is relatively small, but is usually pretty busy. They offer daily specials (lunch includes soup and a main course), for less than $15. Have been here several times and it is consistently good. When in the area and craving authentic Thai food - worth a strong consideration.
  6. Charcoal Kabob House at the KMart shopping plaza in Herndon off of Elden Street is their main location. Been there for years. They are one of the few who actually use charcoal to cook their selections. This place is great! They recently updated the interior and added nicer seats and basically updated it. Reasonably priced and great chicken, Koobideh. The restaurant is run by brothers, I think 3, who are all very gracious and appreciate your business. The sides are always good too. The consistency of the clientele is a testament to their quality and value. The shopping center has quite
  7. The next time your always-late sister causes you to have some time to kill in the Herndon area, duck into Aditi Spice Depot on Elden Street. You'll find they have fresh curry leaves (score!) and a new idli steamer to replace your tired, post-apocalyptic stage prop that has become your old device. On the way out, ask the cashier where in Herndon is worth checking out for Indian cuisine. He'll recommend, among other places, Paradise Indian which is "just up the street" (he'll point to the left). When your sister finally arrives, and you realize the restaurant she chose is not open for
  8. I went Matasuke last night for dinner with a group of friends, specifically to try their hibachi. I found the experience to be kind of meh. My whole group ordered hibachi, everyone's dish was in the 23-25 dollar range and came with soup, salad and shrimp appetizer but the fried rice was an extra 2.50. To me this felt pretty expensive for the quality of food served to us. The miso soup was heavily salty. The salad greens were wilted and limp and drowning in dressing. The brighter side the fried rice was pretty decent, as was the vegetables. The steak was cooked to perfection but my chicken was
  9. I think I found a gem! It's been a while since I last had Ethiopian cuisine. I always enjoyed it, but this joint was a cut above anything I had before. My dining partner and I must have said some variation of "wow, this is good!" twenty times last night as we dove into a platter of veggie sambusa, stuffed jalapenos (sinig), kitfo, lentils (misir wot), yellow peas (kik wot), collard greens (gomen), cabbage (tikil gomen), chickpea stew (shiro), potato stew (dinich wot), and of course plenty of injera. We found it impossible to figure out which was the weakest dish. Each ingredient in
  10. My seven year-old daughter won't eat anything "exotic" except Pad Thai, so we checked this joint out Friday night. Service was friendly, but it took a long time for our food to arrive even though the restaurant still had a few empty tables. I ordered the Spicy Beef Salad to start and the Slow-braised Pork as my entree. The salad was disappointing with its browning root ends of iceberg lettuce. I wouldn't say the beef, which I'm pretty sure was flank, was gamy, but perhaps it was a heavy hand on the fish sauce that overpowered the beef flavor. I started off enjoying the pork, but with each
  11. I first heard about this vegetarian Indian restaurant back in April but never had an opportunity to check out the place until today. This place is located in Herndon off of Fairfax County Parkway. If you are on the toll road you can take the exit for Fairfax County Parkway. There was a steady stream of customers during lunch time. I decided to go with the masala dosas and channa bhatura. The dosa was spot on. Probably one of the better dosas I have had in the DMV. I was not that impressed by the Channa Bhatura. I think the version at Punjabi by Nature is better. If you are veg
  12. so, did anyone ever start a thread for Mellow Mushroom? We had a craving for pizza last night, Pete's wasn't picking up their phone, and so we bundled up and sat at the bar at Mellow. And it is, in fact, mellow. Decent beer list, TVs on but quiet, not slammed. Yes, all of the pizza names are hilarious if you're easily amused. I had the Kosmic Karma, which was a red-sauce pizza with pesto, tomato, spinach, mozz and feta-- though I had them hold the feta. The crust is brushed with dried cheese, as well. Nick had a calzone. This is not couture pizza, it's college-town pizza. Really nice bartender
  13. A two-year old post on CH said Jimmy's in Herndon had poutine. Thanks, Kevin
  14. Is it possible that there's anything approaching Jin River out near Reston?
  15. Not sure if this should be its own thread or not, but the location in Herndon is now this: http://www.pieroscorner.com/. "Piero's Corner." The fried calamari used more of the whole body of the squid, rather than the ubiquitous evenly-sized rings, and the marinara sauce was surprisingly spicy (in a good way). The chicken parm was artfully presented, and used full, thick, and juicy breasts rather than pounded cutlets. The red sauce on the pasta was garlicky and bright. I got the "valtellina" pizza: speck, tomato, mascarpone, and arugula. The flavors were incredible: the tomato sauce was deep,
  16. I was driving in unfamiliar territory today, and decided I'd go random ethnic. It's too bad I did, because there's apparently this website called donrockwell.com that has favorably reviewed a restaurant called Hyderabadi Biryani Corner which I literally walked right by, looked at the menu, and then continued two doors down to Chutneys Vegetarian. It was biryani versus dosa, and I was in the mood for healthy and vegetarian, so I went to Chutneys. Let me come right out and say that this place is a *dive*, and if you have any problems with perceived hygiene in restaurants, this is not the place
  17. When we moved from Arlington to Herndon, I was afraid my wife's heart would break from losing Me Jana/Lebanese Taverna market and the other local places to get a quick shot of shawarma when needed. In one of Herndon's many strip malls of ethnic delights on Elden (this one has four Indian places of various styles and regions, a halal grocery store, a Russian deli, a German place where the owner's Thai wife snuck some things on the menu) is Granada Cafe, which beyond doing excellent Lebanese staples such as shawarma/fettoush/kibbeh etc. has some Syrian and Iraqi dishes, including something whi
  18. We had a delicious supper at Uptown in the K-mart plaza yesterday! This place is very unique and different for a pizza place which has a fancy ordering computer where you touch the screen to select what you want and what quantity or type. No "sit down style" waitress/waiter service when we were there. You order and they bring the food to your table and you get your own utensils, papergoods and drinks. We just wanted a quick supper We shared the New Yorker Pizza Medium (and took some home) I ordered Lobster Ravioli, hubby spaghetti and meatballs and we both ordered cannoli's for dessert. The p
  19. Check out Sorrento Grill on Waxpool Rd. Despite the name, it's not Italian. It's more of a pan-mediterranean kind of place. The food is good and fresh and pretty cheap.
  20. John who owns Herndon Plumbing is a Master plumber. His family has been in the business since the late 1950's. I cannot rave enough about him. Unfortunately, we have needed him a half dozen times over the past five or so years. But he has also done a great deal of work in our neighborhood for a long time and is known well. In our case it has not just been a clogged drain. We have had a pinhole leak (which can mean breaking through drywall to get to it), water pipes underneath the ground and pipes in the wall in our bathroom (behind marble which he was able to reach without having to break t
  21. This nondescript storefront, next to a Goodwill store, sits in the armpit of a Herndon shopping center. We stopped in tonight, partly because we were starved, partly because everyone of the 20+ seats was filled at 10:00PM. We spent ten minutes reading the menu which, while in English, had very little meaning to us. Finally, I told the person behind the counter I was adventurous and loved "flavor." He asked me if I was "used to" hot food? I said a manly "yes" and asked what he thought we should order which would be a good representative of Hyderabad Indian cuisine. He suggested the veg
  22. I had a good soup for lunch today at SBC Cafe. I would have sworn there was a topic on SBC Cafe around here somewhere, but that must have been in a previous life. So I'll bring things up to speed so my post has a little substance and to "expand the literature" on SBC. This little spot in a strip mall in Herndon got a bit of attention a few years back, early in its life after a rave from Sietsema and has been a favorite stop of mine for a nice lunch. When the owners left to open 21 P, they sold SBC along with the recipes. The new owners have done a lot of work sprucing the spartan interior u
  23. Euro Bistro is on Elden which is basically Baron Cameron as it goes into Herndon for those who are newer to the area, like I am! Jeff and I went to supper here tonight and had many delicious tasting dishes. We started with a nice shrimp bisque each - it only needed fresh pepper but since none was offered we used the table pepper, it tasted perfect after that. Next we shared a nicely presented goat cheese and proscuitto plate and some hot bread. We had some soft drinks, but they have an extensive wine/beer list. Then we ordered the main course hubby got one type of veal dish which was
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